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Patch from Mustang Software to turn commercial Qmodem 5.00 into version 5.01. This will NOT work on any shareware version.
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Patch from Mustang Software to turn commercial Qmodem 5.00 into version 5.01. This will NOT work on any shareware version.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ANSI.KEY 298 138 deflated
AVATAR.KEY 259 114 deflated
DEBUG_A.KEY 259 114 deflated
DEBUG_H.KEY 259 114 deflated
HEATH.KEY 342 157 deflated
IBM3101.KEY 316 147 deflated
PATCH.EXE 67929 39462 deflated
PATCH.RTP 209235 204865 deflated
READ.ME 4677 1750 deflated
TTY.KEY 205 61 deflated
TVI925.KEY 326 152 deflated
VT100.KEY 361 136 deflated
VT52.KEY 336 149 deflated
WILDCAT!.KEY 267 121 deflated

Download File QM5PTCH.ZIP Here

Contents of the READ.ME file


Application of this patch to a licensed Qmodem v5.0 will actually change
the code to make it identical to the new version 5.01. It does absolutely
nothing without being applied to a registered, commercial Qmodem v5.0.

It will ONLY operate on a registered commercial copy of QMODEM 5.0,
and is not a complete program. It is ONLY a patch which performs
the update to version 5.01. It will NOT work on Test-Drive releases.

It may only be used by paid licensees of QMODEM 5.0 who purchased
it directly from MSI or through a commercial store.


Qmodem v5.01 is available from Mustang Software, Inc. at 1-800-999-9619

QMODEM v5.01 is a minor update which adds a number of features and fixes
several minor problems with the original release. Complete details of the
changes follow the update instructions.

The update program consists of two parts, the executable patch
program (PATCH.EXE) and the patch data file (PATCH.RPT). The patch
data file contains all the information needed to make changes in
the old executable files and to track the application of patches,
even after multiple updates have been performed.

To perform the update follow these simple instructions:

1. Copy the patch file to your Qmodem directory.

2. Extract the patch files and new emulation files from the self-
extracting archive by typing QM5PTCH.
Note: If you have customized your emulation .KEY files
you should make backups prior to performing this step,
or refrain from overwriting your old .KEY files. If
you have not customized your emulation .KEY files,
overwrite them when prompted.

3. Before beginning the patch process, make certain that all QMODEM
executable files are present including QMODEM.EXE, QMODEM.OVR,
QSM.EXE and QMEDIT.EXE. If any of these files are missing the patch
program will not run.

4. From the QMODEM 5.0 directory and type PATCH and press .
5. A successful patch process results in the following screen
indicating that three files were patched:

----- Patch File Processing Complete -----

- Results of Application of Patch File -
File Patches Applied ......................... ( 4)

Files Modified .................. ( 4)
Files Renamed. .................. ( 0)
Files Added ..................... ( 0)
Files Deleted ................... ( 0)

File Patches Skipped (New Files Up-To-Date)... ( 0)

File Patches Ignored (Old Files Missing)...... ( 0)
Total File Patches Processed ................. ( 4)

We welcome your comments regarding this new method of providing minor
updates to some of our product line. Feel free to post a message on the
MSI HQ BBS with your feedback.

The changes to Qmodem v5.01 include:

- The ANSI Music feature was added as the key Alt-4.

- The Alt-2 key is now used to toggle between 25 line mode and 43/50 line

- Terminal emulations for VT52, IBM3101 and Heath were added, including
new .KEY files.

- The Shell function takes much less space when swapping to disk or EMS.
This change results in much faster Alt-R, Alt-M and editor usage.

- Memory usage was optimized and offers better compatibility in DESQview
and Windows environments.

- The opening screen now carries an indication that the program is a
commercial product and is not to be distributed. This screen has a
5 second delay which can be bypassed by pressing the spacebar.

Enjoy Qmodem version 5.01!


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