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XFER v4.2 DSZ/GSZ shell with file point 'n shoot.
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XFER v4.2 DSZ/GSZ shell with file point ‘n shoot.
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XFER42.DOC 21531 7303 deflated

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Contents of the CHEAPADD.DOC file

Cheap advertisement for other RussellWare products:

LOG is a graphics program that provides extensive analysis
of the Procomm Plus call log file, PCPLUS.FON. Works only
with PCPLUS. Lots of colorful charts and graphs. Total
time online, when calls are made, time per board called,
et cetera. Shareware, $15.

PHONE is a really easy to use ram-resident phone book that
you can call up from within any program with a hotkey
combination. It's convenient, fast, and simple. Keep
all your phone numbers a keystroke away. Shareware, $25.

SPEEDMENU is the world's simplest DOS menu shell. It comes
complete with an installation utility and a quick setup
modification utility. It's not fancy and it doesn't have a
million features. It does allow you to run your programs
at the touch of a single key or on the click of a mouse
button. Shareware, $10.

SOUNDKIT is a MSC/QuickC sound toolkit that lets programmers
easily add sound to their programs. The sound routines in
XFER are a sample of the SOUNDKIT selections. Shareware, $25,
includes all source code.

CKCOM is a quick and easy to use program to check the filesize
and CRC value of COMMAND.COM at system boot up to detect a virus
attack. A simple way to protect yourself. Shareware, $15.

If you are interested, send appropriate payment to:

Russell Hildreth
P.O. Box 72431
Davis, CA 95617-2431

Please specify disk size when ordering.

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