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Update Qmodem 4.3 to 4.31.
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Update Qmodem 4.3 to 4.31.
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QM-PIF.DVP 416 97 deflated
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QMODEM.OVR 251573 116119 deflated
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Welcome to Qmodem Version 4.3!

If you just HAVE to get going quickly, and have a harddisk, do these 3 simple

1. Copy the first three disks INTO you current 4.2x Qmodem directory.
2. Type "40TO42 QMODEM.FON" at the Dos prompt if you are running a
version of Qmodem version less than 4.2. (do NOT run on a 4.2 FON!)
3. Type "QMODEM" and get started!

Registrations explained
A lot of you are wondering about your registration, and how it applies to tech
support, access to the Forbin BBS, and just exactly what you paid for in the

When you register your copy of Qmodem ($30.00 being the going rate), this
entitles you to 1 year of tech support, both voice and through the Forbin BBS.
You get a registration NAME and NUMBER (which have lately been printed on very
pink paper).

This registration NAME and NUMBER will plug in to your current copy of Qmodem
making it registered. This set is also good for all future releases of
Qmodem. So, even after your subscription for 1 year has expired, you can
always download the current Shareware ver sion and apply your NAME and NUMBER
to it.

The $15.00 RENEWAL is to extend your voice and BBS Tech Support privileges.
If you need help, then you should renew. Check the label on this flyer. At
the top will be your Customer Number (not to be confused with your
Registration Number) and your current Expiration Date for tech support. Some
of you may have already expired. If so, you may want to renew to get support
for the new version.


1. You registered for version 2.00E back in 1985, and you paid $20 for
your registration. You can renew for the $15.00 fee and order Disks,
Manual or both! You are entitled to a valid registration Name and
Number. To get these, simply call the Forbin BBS, leave a comment to
the Sysop as to your past registration status, and he will upgrade you.
You then call back in a couple days and get the information off the

2. You registered a copy of Qmodem in the last year, so your current
registration has not expired. You will have already received a pink
sheet from us with your last registration, and it will have the Name
and Number on it. You can also do as in step 1 and call the BBS for
this if you have misplaced the paper or forgotten your number.

3. You ordered the 41Bto42 Special we were running for a few months. You
do not need to worry! Your 4.2 disks and manual will be shipped to you
as we receive them from the duplicators!

4. You are a current Auto Upgrade user. If you subscribed to the Auto
Upgrade plan less than a year ago (from the actual release date), then
you will get the complete package automatically! Just sit back and
wait patiently!

T-Shirts, Caps & Jackets!

Be the first on your block with an official Qmodem T-Shirt, Cap and Jacket!

The T's are Hanes Beefy T's that look as good as they wear. The colorful
Qmodem logo on one side, and the Forbin logo on the other. Sizes include
S,M,L,XL and XXL. Colors include: Black, White, Red, Silver, Teal and
Yellow. (Colors subject to change without notice. XXL sizes come only in
first 3 colors and are an additional $1.50)

The Jackets are Satin Flannel that look great and keep you warm in the cool
evenings. These are a heavier jacket that will last a long time. Jackets
also have two logos, one small one up front and one large one in back. Sizes
include S, M, L, XL and come in White and Black only. Please specify on the
attached order sheet.

The Cap is 100% made in the USA with a mesh back and solid front. These are
1 size fits all and can be had in any color as long as it is White!

Distribution Sites!

Continuing with a fine tradition, we are proud to have the following Official
Qmodem Distribution Sites along for version 4.2. Each system listed will
have the complete 4.2 release available for download in the Qmodem Conference
that is online. In addition, each system is linked electronically via Net
Mail! This is a form of electronic mail without the messy stamps. You can
leave a comment or question to use at the Forbin Project and it will be
routed to our home System. We answer the questions and the reply shows up a
few days later!

The Forbin Project PCBoard BBS
Cedar Falls, IA / John Friel, Sysop
1-319-266-0752 1200-38400 Courier HST Dual Standard (V.32/V.42)
1-319-266-0540 1200-38400 MultiTech V.32 (V.32 and V.42!)

The Executive Network PCBoard BBS
Mount Vernon, NY / Andy Keeves, Sysop
1-914-667-4567 1200-38400 Courier HST

SOM Premium Information Network PCBoard BBS
Oceanside, NY / Paul Waldinger, Sysop
1-516-536-8723 1200-38400 Hayes Ultra (V.32 & V.42bis)

MicroSellar PCBoard BBS
Verona, NJ / Mark Rapp, Sysop
1-201-239-1346 1200-38400 Courier HST Dual Standard

Gary, IN / Philip Stults, Sysop
1-219-884-9508 1200-38400 Courier HST Dual Standard

San Jose, CA / Bob Allen, Sysop
1-408-274-4084 2400-38400 Courier HST

Cheers PCBoard BBS
Memphis, TN / Bobbie Sumrada, Sysop
1-901-373-5941 1200-38400 Courier HST

Compu-Data PCBoard BBS
Turnersville, NJ / Phil Gordemer
1-609-232-1245 300-2400 Hayes compatible
1-609-232-1604 300-38400 Courier HST

Xignals PCBoard BBS
Auburn, AL / Miles Lester, Sysop
1-205-821-4664 1200-38400 Courier HST Dual's

Canada Remote Systems (CRS) (90+ nodes!)
Mississauga, Ontario / Jud Newell, Sysop
1-416-629-7020 1200-38400 Courier HST

Data Warp PCBoard BBS
Houston, TX / Mike Meyers, Sysop
1-713-355-6107 1200-38400 Courier HST

Dept. of Redundancy Dept. BBS
Salt Lake City, UT / Bruce Ackerson, Sysop
1-801-272-7056 1200-38400 Courier HST

Sound Advice PCBoard BBS
Kansas City, MO / Roy Timberman, Sysop
1-816-436-2307 1200-38400 HST Dual Standards

The Blue Flame PCBoard
Dallas, TX / Patrick Spreng, Sysop
1-214-573-3649 1200-38400 HST Dual Standard

The Kandy Shack PCBoard BBS
Garden Grove, CA / Mike Bernstein, Sysop
1-714-636-2667 1200-38400 HST Dual Standard

Ordering Information

Remember, Qmodem software and clothing make great gifts! Simply check off the
quantities of the items and fill in the amounts. Please double check your
orders. Incomplete orders will be returned.

Your order can be sent to the PO Box at the top of the order form. For faster
service, you can FAX it to us! Our FAX number is 319-266-1203.

Please, do not send cash through the Mail. We cannot guarantee receiving it.

If you are using personal checks (business checks included), be aware that
there is a 10-day clearing period before any product is shipped. All checks
must be drawn on U.S. banks. If you are Canadian and using checks drawn on a
Canadian Bank, there is an additional 2-week clearing period. Your Canadian
check will be returned if you do not specify U.S. Funds on it. Our bank drags
its feet if there is any currency exchange to be done. (remember, we're in

Remit To: The Forbin Project, Inc. Voice (319) 266-0543
Post Office Box 702 Data (319) 266-0540
Cedar Falls, IA 50613 Fax (319) 266-1203

Qty. Description Amount

____ Qmodem Registration $30.00 ea _________

____ Qmodem Disk Set (specify 3.5 or 5.25) _____ $25.00 ea _________

____ Qmodem Printed Manual $34.95 ea _________

____ Qmodem Disks & Printed Manual $54.95 ea _________

____ Qmodem Registration & Disks $55.00 ea _________

____ Qmodem Registration & Manual $64.95 ea _________

____ Qmodem Registration, Disks & Manual $84.95 ea _________

____ Qmodem T-Shirt Size ___ Color ________________ $12.95 ea* _________

____ Qmodem Jacket Size ___ Color ________________ $39.95 ea _________

____ Qmodem Caps $ 7.95 ea _________

(Iowa residents add 4% sales tax) Tax _________

All prices include shipping** Total _________

Payment Check [ ] MasterCard [ ] Visa [ ] AMEX [ ]

Name ____________________________________________________________________

Company ____________________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________________

City, ST ________________________________________ ZIP ____________________

Day Phone (____) _____________________________________________________________

CC Card # ______________________________________ Expiration Date __________

Signature of Cardholder ______________________________________________________

Note: We will ship partial shipments. Disks will ship upon receipt of
Order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for clothing and Printed Manuals.

*Note:For T's in XXL or larger, please be sure to add $1.50 per shirt.

**Note: Shipping to Canada, add $5.00. Other countries, please call before
ordering. Second day and Next day air extra, please call for quote.
Incomplete orders will be returned. Please check your order

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