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National listing of BBS's with 9600 baud or better.

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02/01/93 - 9600+ bps BBS List - ASCII
BBS list of over 3,900 US BBS's supporting
9600 bps or faster CONNECT rates, sorted by
Area Code.

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National listing of BBS’s with 9600 baud or better.
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Contents of the 96-USA.TXT file

US BBS's Supporting 9600 bps CONNECT Rates

Compiled and Distributed by:
The DownTown BBS - Los Angeles, CA
(213) 484-0260
[3/12/24/96/14.4k v.32bis - Public Access]
9600 v.32/14.4k v.32bis/14.4k HST/16.8 ZyXEL Lines Available

See 96MODEM.LST for Modem abbreviations used below.

AC/Phone BBS Name City State Modem
201-228-4708 Dragon's Cave Caldwell NJ HST
201-228-7704 The Forest Fidonet Caldwell NJ V32
201-239-1484 The VIC BBS Cedar Grove NJ HST
201-261-0127 HADES BBS ..... NJ DS
201-262-6612 Heaven's Gate BBS ....... NJ HST
201-265-7855 CCSBoard Emerson NJ VH
201-288-9076 The Wizard's Tower Teterboro NJ HST
201-293-7778 Shadow Spawn BBS Montague NJ HST
201-305-9042 Edgelight On-Line Lincoln Park NJ DS3
201-307-9225 The Quantum Zone Park Ridge NJ HST
201-313-0002 Tower BBS Fairview NJ DS
201-326-9870 TMMNET Parsippany NJ TB
201-327-5775 The Arrow Tack BBS Saddle River NJ DS
201-332-5306 Syntax BBS Jersey City NJ HST4
201-335-7202 Automation Insight ..... NJ V32B
201-338-5265 The Golden*Dane BBS Bloomfield NJ DS2
201-347-2652 Danger Zone BBS Budd Lake NJ HST
201-362-5768 Hard Rock Cafe ][ Blairstown NJ V32
201-368-0912 CompuServe Rochelle Park NJ V32
201-373-1131 Millenium BBS Newark NJ 2400
201-374-2730 Millenium BBS Newark NJ V32B
201-385-2874 Menti's Bay Dumont NJ HST
201-387-7995 County Jail ][ BBS Dumont NJ HST
201-387-9232 The Rock Pile BBS Bergenfield NJ HST
201-393-0988 Merlin's Castle Hasbrouck Hts NJ HST
201-398-1133 Microcosm BBS Hopatcong NJ HST
201-398-2373 Evergreen BBS Hopatcong NJ HST
201-403-0338 Camelot BBS Caldwell NJ HST
201-420-8434 The Ogate Jersey City NJ DS
201-423-0762 The Direct Connect ][ Hawthorne NJ HST
201-437-4355 Bytes 'n Bits BBS Bayonne NJ DS
201-437-5706 The Depths of Hell Bayonne NJ HST
201-444-1822 Flash Fire RBBS Glen Rock NJ ULT
201-467-3269 MARKET Investment BBS Short Hills NJ DS
201-471-6391 The Passaic/NJPCUG BBS Passaic NJ ULT
201-473-5133 SEAboard PEP Clifton NJ TB
201-473-8062 SEAboard HST Clifton NJ HST
201-485-5705 Vocations Central ..... NJ DS2
201-487-7556 The Game's Afoot BBS Hackensack NJ HST
201-509-7324 The Gamer's Exchange West Orange NJ V32B
201-515-8557 Chessboard Parsippany NJ HST
201-535-0655 The Crime Syndicate Livingston NJ HST
201-567-6994 APFL-The BBS Tenafly NJ DS
201-568-1826 Optimum BBS Tenafly NJ ULT4
201-573-9262 Splitting Atom Rivervale NJ DS
201-612-0394 Informatix 2 Ridgewood NJ 2400
201-612-0559 Informatix 1 Ridgewood NJ DS
201-617-8054 Binary Information Network Union City NJ V32B
201-623-5666 CompuServe Newark NJ V32
201-624-8933 The Rainbow BoX BBS ... NJ DS
201-626-3550 Newport Centre Jersey City NJ DS
201-628-7287 REACT System 1 Mountain View NJ HST
201-641-5950 The Aviator Moonachie NJ HST
201-652-7349 Third Stone From The Sun Ridgewood NJ HST
201-654-0477 Files Unlimited Westfield NJ DS
201-656-5273 Happy Station BBS Jersey City NJ DS
201-663-0314 Starlifter ... NJ CS3
201-665-5992 Summit PCBoard ..... NJ DS
201-666-2013 MacIntosh BBS Westwood NJ DS
201-678-1367 UNITEX Communications Bloomfield NJ DS
201-678-1721 Rivendell BBS ..... NJ DS
201-729-0097 Zardan BBS Sparta NJ HST
201-729-1494 Chuck's Attempt 3 Sparta NJ HST
201-729-1713 The Demon Pit Hainesville NJ DS
201-729-2602 Chuck's Attempt 1 Sparta NJ V32
201-729-2606 Chuck's Attempt 2 Sparta NJ V32
201-729-2652 Chuck's Attempt 4 Sparta NJ VH
201-730-7328 Arrakis BBS Annandale NJ HST
201-731-9425 SportsBoard BBS West Orange NJ DS
201-742-1860 Trailblazer BBS Paterson NJ HST
201-765-0164 Pick's Place Green Village NJ DS2
201-772-4835 Zap Garfield NJ HST
201-791-7471 Blue Ribbon BBS Fair Lawn NJ HST
201-794-9529 Prism BBS Fairlawn NJ CS1
201-796-6890 Starship Enterprise Elmwood Park NJ ULT
201-798-0065 Computer Connections Hoboken NJ HST
201-806-8856 OuterLimits BBS Flemington NJ HST
201-808-5574 Rivendell Fairfield NJ HST
201-831-8152 The SailBoard BBS Ringwood NJ DS2
201-835-8273 Rob's Wildcat! Pompton Lakes NJ ULT
201-866-6952 Realm of Possibilities Union City NJ ULT
201-881-7421 RES-Q Paterson NJ HST
201-884-2795 End of the Universe Whippany NJ DS
201-896-8718 The Flight-Deck Carlstadt NJ HST
201-934-0861 Harry's Place Mahwah NJ DS
201-934-9632 Fantasy Island ...... NJ CS1
201-935-1104 The BillBoard BBS Lyndhurst NJ ULT
201-935-7008 The Galileo 7 Lyndhurst NJ TB
201-948-3428 Poison Pete's Branchville NJ HST
201-956-7703 Operation ANARCHY! Paterson NJ HST
201-984-5555 Atrium Way Morris Plains NJ DS
201-989-8107 The E Patrol BBS ..... NJ DS3
201-989-8323 Eureka Dover NJ DS
202-282-2723 NAVDAC BBS Washington DC DS
202-466-5353 NGC/PERMANENT/Synergy Washington DC DS
202-544-4285 RRA BBS Washington DC HST
202-863-1493 Baron Carlos's Castle Washington DC HST4
202-882-9067 The CPA's BBS ..... CT DS
202-882-9068 The CPA's BBS ..... CT DS
203-231-8700 Bruce's Bar & Grill W Hartford CT HST
203-235-5908 Meriden Adult BBS Meriden CT DS2
203-238-0462 SDnet/Works-Eastern Star Meriden CT HST
203-250-7899 Equinox Cheshire CT DS2
203-259-6770 Fast-Track BBS Fairfield CT HST
203-261-6434 Trumbull Mini-BBS Trumbull CT TB
203-263-2573 Green Acres Woodbury CT HST
203-263-4542 Gateway To Hell Woodbury CT HST
203-268-3111 Lil Frog Trumbull CT HST
203-271-1579 The Hole in the Woods Cheshire CT HST
203-274-4639 Socialism Online! Watertown CT HST
203-295-8384 Info-Link Marlborough CT DS
203-324-1115 CompuServe Stamford CT V32
203-335-7742 The Planet Earth Bridgeport CT DS
203-344-0495 Storm Haven Middletown CT DS
203-344-1991 K&T's Middlefield CT V32
203-345-2111 The Big Byte Higganum CT V32
203-375-1751 The Stratford Spitfire Stratford CT HST
203-384-9728 Pleasure Palace ][ Bridgeport CT HST
203-387-8626 New Haven Kitten/Seadog New Haven CT DS
203-389-8426 Amiga Connection Hamden CT HST
203-431-4687 Source of Magic Ridgefield CT HST
203-438-4721 The Dark Side Ridgefield CT HST
203-438-9908 Orions Nebula Ridgefield CT V32
203-444-7607 LineNoise BBS Waterford CT HST
203-445-2703 Chronicles Info Network Groton CT DS
203-445-6069 Ghandeel's Fortress Groton CT DS
203-449-8100 Chalkboard II BBS Groton CT HST
203-466-1625 Fritz BBS East Haven CT HST
203-468-6619 The Ultimate BBS II North Branford CT HST
203-481-6827 PgDn BBS Branford CT HST
203-483-0348 Fernwood Branford CT DS
203-484-4621 Hippocampus BBS Branford CT HST
203-488-1115 Alice's Restaurant Branford CT HST
203-523-1987 WGM Computer Consulting West Hartford CT DS
203-528-7181 Dean's Machine East Harford CT HST
203-531-4289 Angelus ComputerConsultant Greenwich CT DS
203-531-4780 OS-Bullet Greenwich CT DS
203-535-4284 Bits & Bytes BBS N. Stonington CT DS
203-563-6455 Hart-Metro Fido Wethersfield CT TB
203-564-5318 The Plainfield New II Plainfield CT HST
203-564-8579 The Plainfield News Plainfield CT HST
203-582-5462 First Encounter Bristol CT DS
203-582-9791 The Eclipse Bristol CT HST
203-598-3934 The Storm Front RBBS-PC Middlebury CT HST
203-620-0351 The NEW Farm at Milldale Milldale CT HST
203-621-1930 DownStairs Southington CT HST
203-621-3461 The Dragons' Lair Southington CT HST
203-628-9702 Cygnus X-I Southington CT HST
203-634-0370 The SDN Project Meriden CT HST
203-663-1147 The Hub Killingworth CT HST
203-666-5685 The Daily Planet Newington CT V32
203-669-2089 Star of Life BBS ..... CT DS2
203-688-0675 The Twilight Zone Windsor CT DS
203-727-8708 CompuServe Hartford CT V32
203-738-0342 HH Info-Net BBS New Hartford CT DS
203-740-7249 The Far Side Outpost Brookfield CT HST
203-743-4044 The Creative Edge Danbury CT DS
203-746-4826 Electro's Den New Fairfield CT HST
203-749-6103 Death's Domain Enfield CT DS
203-753-8351 A Place in the Sun Waterbury CT HST
203-763-3485 The Earth Network Enfield CT HST
203-779-2683 Doc's BBS East Killingly CT HST
203-779-3173 Mystical Madrigal Killingly CT HST
203-779-3320 The Club Danielson CT HST
203-791-8532 Treasure Island Danbury CT DS
203-791-8838 Rocky Road Danbury CT DS
203-794-1653 The Abyss Danbury CT HST
203-799-7454 TeleTalk Orange CT HST
203-826-1153 Phone Henge New Britain CT DS
203-846-3522 NORAD Opus Norwalk CT HST
203-854-9716 T.S.C. Norwalk CT DS
203-874-1919 Fr. John's BBS Devon CT HST
203-875-7071 The Water Hole BBS Ellington CT DS
203-878-6355 Mission Ctl II Milford CT HST
203-878-6768 Excalibur IV Milford CT HST
203-889-5422 Divorce Court Bozrah CT V32
203-924-5603 The Soft Parade Shelton CT HST
203-928-4212 The Help File BBS Woodstock CT HST
203-932-6236 Ascii Neighborhood West Haven CT DS
203-933-2690 The Library West Haven CT HST
203-934-6159 Twilight BBS West Haven CT HST
203-934-9852 Ascii Neighborhood II West Haven CT TB
203-949-0375 Ultimate BBS Wallingford CT DS
203-963-7015 Brain Damaged Pomfret CT V32
205-238-0012 The Golden Club Anniston AL HST
205-260-9904 The Com Port Montgomery AL DS2
205-262-3735 The Speed of Light Montgomery AL V32
205-271-3545 The GATEWAY Montgomery AL DS2
205-277-3882 The Idea Board Montgomery AL HST
205-277-6502 YABBS Montgomery AL V32
205-279-7313 StarScan Montgomery AL HST
205-281-6902 Late Night Entertainment Montgomery AL HST
205-323-6016 MATRIX ..... AL DS2
205-340-9440 Just For Fun Decatur AL HST
205-341-5055 On-Line After Late Night Mobile AL HST
205-345-0998 DataWorks BBS! Tuscaloosa AL HST
205-353-3278 Tom's Swap Shop Decatur AL HST
205-354-2622 The Corn Cobb ..... AL DS2
205-355-2983 Byte Swap Decatur AL HST
205-435-1480 Alabama-On-Line Jacksonville AL DS
205-435-2477 Alabama-On-Line Jacksonville AL 2400
205-452-3897 ProTech Chickasaw AL DS
205-458-3449 MATRIX ..... AL V32
205-534-5193 Rocket City's ...... AL CS1
205-539-2710 Motherboard BBS Huntsville AL HST
205-556-5417 Spectrum WWIV Tuscaloosa AL V32
205-569-1333 The Unicorn Slapout AL HST
205-598-6656 The Flight Line BBS ..... AL V32B
205-663-6015 Central Quest BBS Helena AL HST
205-664-5589 Joker's Castle Alabaster AL DS
205-671-0092 Computer Works Dothan AL V32B
205-671-0468 The Southern Pride Dothan City AL HST
205-680-9680 Abject Poverty BBS Pinson AL CS1
205-739-1469 Frontier Cullman AL HST
205-745-3989 SmorgasBoard Opelika AL HST
205-745-4515 The Lightning Board Opelika AL HST
205-791-0421 Infinite Probability ..... AL V32
205-792-1802 Datalink BBS ...... AL CS1
205-796-5957 Exchange of Bytes Cullman AL HST
205-822-0956 The DUCK Pond Hoover AL DS
205-837-2871 The Aim High BBS Huntsville AL HST
205-852-1100 The Trading Pos Huntsville AL DS
205-871-3356 Programmer's Shack Birmingham AL HST
205-878-2176 Shareware City BBS ...... AL CS1
205-880-7723 Gateway Huntsville AL HST
205-880-8031 NASAU Beach CBIS Huntsville AL V32
205-881-0889 The Bird's Nest Huntsville AL DS
205-881-8619 Power Windows BBS ..... AL V32
205-882-3454 Courtyard ...... AL CS1
205-882-6886 Publishers' Paradise BBS Huntsville AL DS2
205-883-1308 Occam's Razor ..... AL DS
205-969-0007 Little Kingdom Birmingham AL DS
205-974-5123 Cyclone Moulton AL HST
205-985-1725 The Outer Limits Birmingham AL HST
205-995-6590 ISA-BBS Birmingham Birmingham AL HST
206-222-6224 Pascal Alley Snoqualmie WA HST
206-242-8028 Mac-A-Mania Nut Seattle WA HST
206-242-9992 CompuServe Seattle WA V32
206-244-9661 BECS Tandy Heath Seattle WA HST
206-248-7647 Cyberspace BBS Seattle WA HST
206-253-9770 Pacifier BBS Vancouver WA DS
206-254-5071 Taboo BBS Vancouver WA DS
206-263-1117 Country Computing BBS ...... WA CS1
206-277-1689 Starfinder I Renton WA HST
206-282-3065 Bumbershoot BBS Seattle WA HST
206-283-5978 Programmers Info Exchange Seattle WA HST
206-322-0814 Northwest PC Link Kent WA DS
206-322-6725 Capitol Hill BBS ..... WA DS2
206-338-3168 Silver Lake Too Everett WA DS
206-338-3723 Silver Lake Everett WA DS
206-338-9361 Mark's Point! BBS Everett WA 2400
206-347-3286 Tin Pan Alley 2 Mukilteo WA HST
206-352-2782 The Fireside ...... WA CS1
206-353-6966 ProVision Mukilteo WA DS
206-361-0866 Western Games & Grafx ..... WA V32
206-367-9131 Pony Express Seattle WA V32B
206-373-6723 The Tradesman BBS 2 ..... WA 2400
206-373-6726 The Tradesman BBS 3 ..... WA CSP1
206-377-0907 Ground Zero Bremerton WA HST
206-377-6084 The Tradesman BBS 1 ..... WA V32
206-377-8151 Merlins Castle BBS ..... WA V32B
206-379-8739 The Termination Zone BBS ..... WA V32B
206-391-1425 NW Images BBS Issaquah WA V32
206-391-2330 Real Batchin' Board Issaquah WA DS
206-391-2339 Futzer Avenue PCBoard Issaquah WA HST4
206-392-5037 NW Images BBS Issaquah WA V32
206-438-6716 Squad Room BBS Olympia WA CS1
206-438-9714 OlyCom II BBS ...... WA CS1
206-451-1274 BECS Opus Bellevue WA DS
206-451-1905 The BIN BBS ..... WA V32B
206-452-2012 Evergreen Micro Net Port Angeles WA DS
206-456-6073 Dimension 23 Olympia WA HST
206-464-5222 The Four Horsemen Seattle WA DS2
206-486-0160 Crystal Cavern Bothell WA HST
206-486-2415 Mark's Point! BBS Seattle WA DS
206-524-4811 Letters RBBS Seattle WA HST
206-524-8037 Games BBS Seattle WA HST
206-526-7143 Westways Seattle WA DS
206-528-1941 Grey Matter BBS Seattle WA V32B
206-532-9220 Techline BBS Aberdeen WA HST
206-565-9740 ArcticNet Steilacoom WA HST
206-566-1155 AmoCat BBS Tacoma WA HST
206-573-8503 Illuminatus! Vancouver WA V32
206-578-1157 Darkstar System Longview WA DS
206-582-3212 Group Medical BBS Tacoma WA HST
206-582-5579 Awakening Tacoma WA HST
206-584-7895 The Cat's Paws Tacoma WA HST
206-628-0427 The Resource Bremerton WA DS
206-631-6185 The Files Depot Kent WA DS
206-637-2398 Seattle Software Exchange Bellevue WA DS
206-641-6767 Pacific Macintosh Bellevue WA DS
206-653-4881 The Quest Marysville WA HST
206-675-4234 The Files Bank Oak Harbor WA HST
206-682-3552 CIS Independant Studies Seattle WA HST
206-694-5661 End Times BBS Vancouver WA V32
206-694-6974 Utopias BBS ...... WA CS1
206-698-1044 The Jimby BBS Brownsville WA DS
206-725-6629 SEA/MAC Seattle WA HST
206-742-7782 Tin Pan Alley 1 Mukilteo WA HST
206-745-6340 Puget Sound TBBS Edmonds WA DS
206-756-9689 North End Skyscraper Tacoma WA HST
206-762-7294 Real Batchin' Board Seattle WA DS
206-771-1730 French Connection Edmonds WA HST
206-786-9248 Columbia Crest ...... WA CS1
206-820-4771 10 Forward BBS Seattle WA V32B
206-822-4615 SeaEast PC Exchange Kirkland WA DS
206-822-7498 Silicon Harvest Kirkland WA DS2
206-822-8520 SeaMist SDS Archive Kirkland WA HST
206-830-9319 My Electronic Dungeon Bremerton WA DS
206-840-2357 The Eagles ...... WA CS1
206-848-9232 Puget Sound Gateway Tacoma WA HST
206-850-0809 The Wee Hoose Kent WA HST4
206-852-4364 Northwest PC Link Kent WA CS1
206-854-5646 Northwest PC Link Kent WA DS
206-854-8714 The Wee Hoose 2 Kent WA DS2
206-859-6200 Memory Alpha ...... WA CS1
206-863-5877 The Racer's Edge Sumner WA V32
206-869-4152 The Four Horsemen Seattle WA DS2
206-869-4430 The Four Horsemen Seattle WA DS2
206-878-1096 NorthWest ENTER-Tainment 1 Des Moines WA HST
206-883-2203 Horsefeathers Kirkland WA HST
206-888-9249 Sno-Valley S/W Exchange North Bend WA DS
206-922-1207 Pacific Computer Support ...... WA CS1
206-937-5800 Alki Express Seattle WA HST
206-939-6337 NorthWest's Best BBS 1 Auburn WA V32B
206-939-6813 NorthWest's Best BBS 2 Auburn WA V32
206-939-7876 Racer's Edge Sumner WA ZYXEL
206-941-3124 The Boardwalk Auburn WA HST
206-943-1513 Radio Point BBS Olympia WA HST
206-957-1124 Norseman Conqueror BBS Bellevue WA DS2
207-363-6584 Montreal Express York ME HST
207-363-8774 Ocean BBS York Beach ME HST
207-429-8019 N. Maine Educators Bridgewater ME HST
207-439-5466 The Grove BBS Kittery ME HST
207-490-3624 The Hobbit Hole Sanford ME HST
207-693-3810 Nix Pix East BBS Naples ME HST
207-725-8533 I-95 Hub Topsham ME HST
207-727-3065 Addiction Bulletin Board West Buxton ME CS1
207-727-5989 Addiction Bulletin Board West Buxton ME HST4
207-773-5791 Wolf's Moon BBS Portland ME HST
207-799-2374 The Lyons Den So Portland ME V32
207-799-4088 Maine PC COnnection 3 Westbrook ME VH
207-833-6597 Dataease BBS Harpswell ME VH
207-854-1015 Maine PC COnnection 2 Westbrook ME VH
207-854-3928 Maine PC COnnection 1 Westbrook ME HST
207-941-0805 The Lobster Buoy 1 Bangor ME V32B
207-942-7803 Bangor ROS Bangor ME HST
207-945-9346 The Lobster Buoy 2 Bangor ME DS2
208-322-5227 Greater Boise BBS Boise ID HST
208-356-8522 Lions Lair ...... ID CS1
208-362-6068 The Idaho Root Cellar Boise ID HST
208-368-0644 Medieval Times BBS Boise ID V32
208-939-6478 Watchworks ...... ID CS1
209-225-6824 Dark Side of the Moon Fresno CA DS
209-226-7162 Fresno Amiga eXchange Fresno CA DS
209-239-5133 Hornets Nets Manteca CA HST
209-297-8790 Stingray! II Clovis CA HST
209-298-9461 Stingray! Clovis CA HST
209-299-3734 Take-Two Clovis CA HST
209-383-6417 The Merced Wildcat ...... CA CS1
209-439-6921 West-Net 1 Fresno CA HST
209-477-9502 Software Silo Stockton CA DS
209-551-2227 Flight Line of Dbase Modesto CA HST
209-577-3081 MJC Info Net Modesto CA VH
209-582-5177 Murr Barn BBS Hanford CA DS
209-599-7435 TurboCity Ripon CA HST
209-661-5355 West Coast Pyro Board Madera CA DS
209-667-0848 Logarithmatic Jello ...... CA CS1
209-732-6394 Midnight Express BBS Visalia CA HST
209-823-0093 Bertha Board Manteca CA HST
209-823-1415 The Fast Lane! BBS ..... CA HST4
209-823-6133 FreeAccess OnLine Manteca CA HST
209-825-3103 Cross Roads Manteca CA HST
209-826-8107 Wild Bee's BBS ...... CA CS1
209-924-8902 NCOA BBS ...... CA CS1
212-274-1243 The Invention Factory ..... NY CS1
212-274-8390 The Invention Factory ..... NY HST
212-289-3965 AmerIServe New York NY CS1
212-371-5462 Granny's BBS New York NY HST
212-397-1576 The Beginner's BBS New York NY HST
212-431-1194 The Invention Factory ..... NY 2400
212-431-4508 The Invention Factory ..... NY VH
212-477-7072 The Braintree Bookshelf New York NY DS
212-496-7946 DataCom Software New York NY HST4
212-496-8324 Aardvark BBS New York NY DS2
212-579-2869 Fordham Jesuit BBS Bronx NY DS
212-597-9083 Metro Area M.U.G. BBS Bron NY HST
212-645-8673 Communication Specialties New York NY HST
212-727-3213 AMAGINATION New York NY HST
212-734-1090 ACE BBS New York NY DS
212-766-2080 CompuServe New York NY V32
212-777-8282 The File-Link BBS Manhattan NY V32B
212-824-5512 Patch House Bronx NY HST
212-831-4920 Boom Boom BBS New York NY DS
212-842-2033 The Tardis BBS Bronx NY HST
212-876-5885 AmerIServe New York NY DS
212-924-1138 The Red Phone Info Net ..... NY DS
212-964-8090 NYC Fire Dept. New York NY HST
212-995-0059 Manhatten Transfer New York NY HST
213-223-9285 PhotoPro! BBS Los Angeles CA DS
213-387-5901 Little Angels PCB Los Angeles CA DS2
213-484-0260 DownTown BBS Public Los Angeles CA V32B
213-484-0287 DownTown BBS Pvt #2 Los Angeles CA ZYX
213-484-0331 DownTown BBS Pvt #3 Los Angeles CA DS2
213-484-0335 DownTown BBS Pvt #4 Los Angeles CA DS2
213-624-3730 CompuServe Los Angeles CA V32
213-653-4077 12 Steps BBS Los Angeles CA HST
213-654-7337 Charlatan's Cabin Los Angeles CA DS
213-665-5332 Rediffusion Los Angeles CA HST
213-666-6937 Hollywood Christian Los Angeles CA HST
213-778-6450 Southside Info Exchange Los Angeles CA V32B
213-779-3414 Collaboration BBS Los Angeles CA V32
213-874-9484 Expiring Mind W Hollywood CA HST
213-935-9600 Metropolis On-line Los Angeles CA ZYX
213-962-1428 The Crow's Nest Hollywood CA HST
213-962-2902 BSC BBS Los Angeles CA DS3
214-221-8931 Mainframe Exchange Coppell TX HST
214-222-2510 Amiga LANd Dallas TX HST
214-231-3841 Nibbles & Bytes Dallas TX HST
214-234-4952 Rabbit and Snake's BBS Richardson TX V32
214-235-5288 Lunatic Fringe Plano TX DS3
214-235-7973 The Hitching Post Richardson TX DS2
214-238-1168 Master Control Richardson TX HST
214-239-7607 The Chai Way Dallas TX DS
214-250-4479 Mac Savvy BBS ..... TX V32B
214-250-4508 Mac Savvy BBS ..... TX V32B
214-252-5120 The Fantasi Corner Irving TX HST
214-254-4775 Attitudes Irving TX HST
214-254-7664 Hambone's Opus Cop Shop Irving TX TB
214-258-1832 The Interocitor Dallas TX V32
214-288-1537 Amiga Scope Mesquite TX HST
214-307-8119 Live-Wire Dallas TX DS
214-315-0420 ACCESS Lewisville TX DS2
214-340-6393 Proximate Cause Dallas TX HST
214-392-7312 OPUS Centerville Richardson TX HST
214-394-1929 User-To-User PCBoard Dallas TX HST
214-394-4837 The KoZmiK KaTHouSe N. Dallas TX HST
214-394-9324 Mac Exchange Carrollton TX HST
214-412-9660 Optomeyes Rowlett TX HST
214-416-2162 The Diplomat Carrollton TX HST
214-422-0632 Software Mechanics Plano TX HST
214-423-6992 The P.I.G. Plano TX DS
214-436-8753 Code 3 BBS Lewisville TX DS2
214-437-0914 Verbose Ink Richardson TX HST
214-437-2734 Palindrome ONLINE Richardson TX HST
214-437-2906 Fool's Errand Dallas TX HST
214-437-3247 UTD Student Connection Richardson TX DS2
214-458-2620 The Inns of Court Dallas TX DS
214-475-3610 The County Line Carrollton TX HST
214-492-5695 User To User #2 Dallas TX V32
214-492-6565 User To User #1 Dallas TX DS
214-495-5980 Shock Treatment BBS Garland TX DS
214-517-8443 Digital X-Connect ..... TX V32
214-530-5526 The Carrier Pigeon Dallas TX HST
214-573-3649 The Blue Flame BBS Dallas TX DS2
214-594-7911 Squirrel Talk Irving TX HST
214-617-8554 The Magic Mansion Private ..... TX V32B
214-620-0192 HardWired Dallas TX DS
214-641-1136 The Chess Board Grand Prairie TX HST
214-669-2960 Turbo Opus Dallas TX DS
214-680-3155 Omniverse Dallas TX ULT
214-720-9183 CompuServe Dallas TX V32
214-771-3226 NCC-1701 Rockwall TX DS2
214-808-7801 The Magic Mansion Public ..... TX V32B
214-823-1579 JaxBBS Dallas TX HST
214-867-6630 Texas Twister Plano TX HST
214-881-2627 MY BBS Plano TX DS
214-881-2628 MY 2nd BBS Plano TX DS
214-890-0262 Llama Bob's BBS Dallas TX HST
214-923-2610 Ronin BBS Waxahachie TX DS3
214-938-2840 Ronin BBS Waxahachie TX DS3
214-988-0124 DeadHead's Grand Prairie TX DS2
214-988-1053 The Castle Grand Prairie TX HST
215-237-1281 The Seeker's Place BBS Darby PA HST
215-244-4640 Horse Talk BBS Bensalem PA HST
215-245-5926 The Ravens Nest Bensalem PA HST4
215-245-5927 The Ravens Nest Bensalem PA HST4
215-253-3001 Hit Mans' BBS ..... PA DS
215-255-0610 Landenberg Wildcat! Landenberg PA HST
215-264-1481 The Wishing Well BBS Catasauqua PA HST
215-269-1660 BusiLink (tm) USA/RBBS-PC Downingtown PA HST
215-269-9729 KEYSTONE Net Exchange Downingtown PA HST
215-272-6244 Farpoint Station BBS Norristown PA V32
215-279-9799 Ophiophile Maximus Blue Bell PA DS
215-287-7689 The 5th Dimension BBS Chester Springs PA DS
215-289-6940 Philadelphia Fire Films Philadephia PA V32
215-322-9193 The Datamax Warminster PA DS
215-326-9774 Cruise'in City BBS Pottstown PA DS2
215-328-3370 The WINDOWS BBS ..... PA V32
215-331-2590 Wombat's Wagon Philadelphia PA V32B
215-337-5815 GVP BBS King of Prussia PA HST
215-356-1630 HYPERLINC East BBS Philadephia PA DS
215-356-2543 Artificial Insanity ..... PA HST
215-368-5289 STINGRAY Lansdale PA HST
215-391-8951 Planet of Magrathea Trexlertown PA HST
215-425-0713 Graphics Array Philadelphia PA HST
215-426-5596 Klingon BBS ..... PA DS2
215-434-6225 The Micro Cottage BBS Whitehall PA DS
215-443-5830 Datamax/Satalink Connection Ivyland PA DS
215-443-7390 Datamax/Satalink Connection Ivyland PA V32B
215-443-9434 Datamax/Satalink Connection Ivyland PA 2400
215-446-8923 The Bazaar at Deva Upper Darby PA DS
215-469-6050 The Dying Planet Elverson PA DS
215-493-5242 Bucks Telematics Yardley PA DS
215-521-5753 CastleVania BBS ..... PA HST4
215-535-5816 Tower BBS Philadelphia PA HST
215-540-0329 ELLIOT SpringHouse PA HST
215-544-0819 Cheyenne BBS 2 ..... PA DS3
215-544-3757 Philly Gamers PCBoard Springfield PA HST
215-544-7710 Cheyenne BBS 1 ..... PA DS3
215-544-9615 Cheyenne BBS 3 ..... PA DS2
215-551-1485 Tri-Star Amiga BBS Philadelphia PA HST
215-563-3586 CompuServe Philadelphia PA V32
215-567-2417 Val'Dragonsongs Philadelphia PA HST
215-583-9784 COPY-CAT BBS Folcroft PA DS2
215-598-8122 DREAMLINE Wrightstown PA HST
215-623-6203 RunWay BBS Lansdowne PA DS
215-628-0878 The Big Board Dresher PA HST
215-631-0685 System-2 BBS Norristown PA V32
215-635-0664 First Sighting Elkins Park PA HST
215-635-2341 StarLine Elkins Park PA V32
215-637-0850 Magnum BBS ..... PA CS3
215-639-3242 SecTec Bensalem PA HST
215-641-0270 U.S.S. Intrepid Spring House PA HST
215-659-0711 Galileo's Grove Opus Willow Grove PA DS
215-675-7850 CyBoard Lobe Hatboro PA HST
215-678-9854 The File Cabinet BBS Wyomissing PA DS
215-691-0491 The Locker Room Bethlehem PA HST
215-721-0363 The Foxes Den Hatfield PA HST
215-721-4556 DREAMLINE II Souderton PA HST
215-721-7039 DREAMLINE II Souderton PA DS
215-725-9134 Walsh MicroSystems RBBS Philadelphia PA HST
215-741-6077 Sophist. S'ware Yardley PA HST
215-741-9893 The 32 Bit Bus BBS Bensalem PA DS3
215-755-0166 The Batcave Philadelphia PA DS
215-755-6052 Gates System ..... PA V32B
215-770-0774 Keystone Info-Net Allentown PA HST
215-783-6352 NPN King of Prussia PA V32B
215-788-4339 Storm Front #2 Croydon PA V32B
215-788-4662 Storm Front #1 Croydon PA 2400
215-848-5728 TRS-Link BBS Philadelphia PA DS
215-860-9724 The Newtown Express BBS ..... PA DS3
215-868-0565 The Main Sequence Bethlehem PA DS2
215-871-0394 Future Tech Philadelphia PA HST
215-884-6122 Rydal Board Rydal PA HST
215-896-9240 Kingswood TYPENET Ardmore PA HST
215-935-0596 Chaotic Entity II ..... PA V32B
215-938-1322 Opaque Prism BBS Huntingdon Valley PA DS3
215-942-3874 Threshold BBS Honeybrook PA HST
215-944-6269 Schizophrenia Fleetwood PA DS
215-948-7734 TFS Luckey Thirteen Royersford PA HST
215-968-4998 Sophisticated Software BBS Newtown PA HST
215-972-1435 Unseen Reality ..... PA HST4
215-992-1720 ONIX King Of Prussia PA HST
216-225-6130 Buggie Works Brunswick OH HST
216-273-1340 Appleholic's BBS Hinckley OH HST
216-337-0133 L & L BBS Salemv OH HST4
216-343-7717 On-Demand! Dover OH HST
216-356-1431 Nerd's Nook Rocky River OH HST
216-356-1772 Nerd's Nook II Rocky River OH DS2
216-356-1872 Nerd's Nook III Rocky River OH HST
216-466-1151 No Anchovies BBS ..... OH V32
216-466-1152 No Anchovies BBS ..... OH HST
216-494-0684 Eclectic Chair No. Canton OH HST4
216-526-9480 AMCOM Cleveland OH 2400
216-526-9485 AMCOM Cleveland OH HST
216-526-9489 AMCOM Cleveland OH DS
216-526-9490 AMCOM Cleveland OH DS
216-527-2186 The Odyssey BBS Garrettsville OH DS2
216-529-0019 NEOPC BBS Lakewood OH HST
216-534-7752 Ztron ...... OH CS1
216-544-4022 Host - State Line Niles OH HST
216-545-0093 Steel Valley II Niles OH HST
216-545-2318 Steel Valley Girard OH DS2
216-593-3446 The Mad House BBS Conneaut OH HST4
216-593-4438 The Mad House BBS Conneaut OH DS
216-623-0007 CompuServe Cleveland OH V32
216-628-4860 Patriot BBS Mogadore OH HST
216-637-8397 Love Board Cortland OH HST
216-699-1547 Tribute Test Point Uniontown OH DS2
216-726-0737 Rusty n Edie's Boardman OH DS
216-726-2620 Rusty n Edie's Boardman OH DS
216-726-3620 Rusty n Edie's Boardman OH CS1
216-752-4921 The Monstrous MAC BBS Shaker Hts OH HST
216-823-6658 Night Moves Alliance OH DS
216-837-9592 Massillon TeleNet Massillon OH HST
216-842-5911 OHIONet Express Cleveland OH HST
216-845-7948 Q$$ Parma OH HST
216-867-6984 The Buckeye Hamshack Akron OH HST
216-928-8565 Northampton Data ConneXion Cuyahoga Falls OH DS2
216-944-5639 BBS-Ohio ..... OH V32
216-949-5581 Online BBS Sheffield Lake OH DS
216-960-2019 IRMG Worldwide ...... OH CS1
216-969-1985 Dragons Den BBS Ashtabula OH VH
216-972-6504 U of Akron Akron OH HST
216-992-4774 Mystic Rhythm BBS Ashtabula OH V32
217-244-6954 The Check Source Urbana IL DS
217-328-6015 StageDoor Urbana IL DS
217-344-7773 Lucid Dream Urbana IL TB2
217-352-6168 The Workshop Champaign IL HST
217-356-0278 Alliance Champaign IL HST
217-359-6165 CappMail Champaign IL V32
217-367-8429 The Cloud Chamber Urbana IL DS2
217-384-4311 Programmer's Toolbox Urbana IL DS
217-398-2800 Wolfram Research Inc Champaign IL DS
217-422-2585 Computer Corner Decatur IL DS
217-425-7051 Smokin' Joe's Decatur IL DS
217-431-1695 The Relative Connection Danville IL HST
217-643-2396 The Satellite/SDNet/Works Thomasboro IL HST
217-789-5080 BEC BBS 1 Springfield IL HST
217-789-5970 BEC BBS 2 Springfield IL DS
217-789-5971 BEC BBS 3 Springfield IL V32
217-877-1138 2/3 Board Decatur IL DS
218-365-6907 Boundary Waters BBS ..... MN V32B
218-739-2296 Latenite's at the Lake Fergus Falls MN CS1
218-924-206 The Bertha BBS Bertha MN DS2
218-924-2060 The Bertha BBS Bertha MN DS2
219-234-7348 The NITA BBS ..... IN V32B
219-256-2255 Radio Daze BBS Public Mishawaka IN 2400
219-256-2398 Radio Daze BBS Private Mishawaka IN HST4
219-262-0648 SALT BBS ..... IN DS
219-262-1370 After Five' BBS Elkhart IN DS
219-282-1054 Michiana Computer Network South Bend IN HST
219-288-8950 The Rock Pile BBS ..... IN CS3
219-293-6465 Beta Connection Elkhart IN DS2
219-663-3107 The Bad Connection Crown Point IN HST
219-665-8767 Dark Shadows BBS Angola IN HST
219-696-3415 The Toolkit BBS Lowell IN DS
219-728-9598 Hoosier Hideaway West Decatur IN HST
219-736-9170 The Board-Walk Merrillville IN HST
219-824-5628 The Jokerman BBS Bluffton IN V32
219-882-3213 Lighthouse BBS Gary IN HST
219-884-9508 The LANS BBS Gary IN HST4
219-923-2377 Datacom of Highland Highland IN DS2
219-925-5524 The Loft Auburn IN DS
219-929-5574 Lake Effect BBS Chesterton IN HST
301-206-9162 The Flying PC AT Montpelier MD DS2
301-251-0522 Typhoon BBS ..... MD DS2
301-262-9650 Money Matter$ BBS Mitchellville MD V32
301-283-0917 Free Spirit BBS Suitland MD HST
301-294-0756 Packet Press BBS ...... MD CS1
301-322-8293 The Oriental Express BBS ..... MD V32B
301-424-3614 CannonFodder BBS Rockville MD HST4
301-428-8998 The Addict's Attic Germantown MD V32
301-460-9134 ENIAC Rockville MD DS
301-499-0896 Corp. Press Landover MD DS
301-588-0770 Generation 5 BBS ..... MD V32
301-588-0774 Generation 5 BBS ..... MD 2400
301-593-9323 SilverSoft Micro Silver Spring MD V32
301-596-1180 The Programmer's Corner Columbia MD V32
301-622-2247 Silver Bullet Silver Spring MD HST
301-627-4953 Pleasure Palace Lothian MD DS
301-630-2492 The Jhereg's Den Hillcrest Hgts MD HST
301-654-2969 Bit Stream BBS Chevy Chase MD DS
301-670-9621 3 WINKs BBS Gaithersburg MD DS
301-718-4690 Europa BBS Chevy Chase MD DS
301-735-8124 AFSC MCCR BBS Andrews AFB MD V32
301-737-1786 John's Workshop Lexington Park MD DS
301-737-1979 The Niether World California MD HST
301-831-9012 Thunder Bay Mt Airy MD V32
301-854-3076 Ed's Home ..... MD HST
301-863-5312 Combat Zone Lexington Park MD HST
301-894-8516 The Thieves Guild Suitland MD HST
301-924-0398 Perspectives BBS Greenbelt MD DS
301-935-4941 Foundation BBS College Park MD HST
301-946-2771 The Shoreline BBS ..... MD HST
301-995-1134 The Programmer's Corner Columbia MD V32
302-322-4863 Royal Castle BBS New Castle DE V32A
302-323-1604 AmigaNetwork New Castle DE DS
302-324-8619 The Hotline New Castle DE HST
302-328-3993 Hackers BBS New Castle DE HST
302-427-8093 Eastern C Board Wilmington DE HST
302-436-4780 Paradise Cove BBS ... DE HST4
302-475-1572 Motherboard Wilmington DE HST
302-633-4797 The Phantom II Wilmington DE HST
302-645-2658 Paradox BBS Rehoboth Beach DE HST4
302-645-7264 Paradox BBS Rehoboth Beach DE DS
302-652-0942 The Phantom Wilmington DE HST
302-678-0141 Mayhem Unlimited Dover DE HST
302-678-2335 Ed's Place Little Creek DE HST
302-731-1998 Black Bag BBS Newark DE HST
302-738-2026 Space Station Alpha Newark DE HST
302-738-6813 DelaMarPenn Opus Newark DE HST
302-739-2818 DelTech Engrng Labs BBS ...... DE CS1
302-934-1323 Taurus BBS ..... DE DS
302-984-2238 Singing Bear Wilmington DE HST
303-229-9719 HP-BBS (North) Ft. Collins CO DS
303-237-8575 Microlink D Denver CO HST
303-278-8369 Fantasy Mountain Golden CO DS
303-287-8267 Phoenix's Egg Denver CO HST
303-289-6864 Midrash Denver CO DS
303-320-4153 Little Byte Denver CO HST
303-320-4822 World Peace BBS Denver CO ULT
303-322-4078 CMOS-BBS Denver CO V32
303-337-0219 Right Angle BBS Aurora CO V32B
303-343-4234 Information Society Denver CO V32
303-343-4235 Information Society Denver CO V32
303-352-5013 Christian Connection II Greeley CO HST
303-360-6340 Rocky Cabin BBS Denver CO HST
303-361-6965 Fort Mac Aurora CO DS
303-367-9701 The Silver Hammer Aurora CO DS
303-373-5370 The Love Boat BBS Arvada CO HST
303-377-2371 Jaguar's Networking Labs Denver CO DS
303-420-3568 L&L Support & Sysops Xchg Arvada CO ULT
303-422-2149 RBase Users Group BBS Westminster CO HST
303-426-0623 Mojave Net Westminster CO HST
303-426-1866 TelePeople Members Only Federal Heights CO HST
303-429-2208 The CyberZone Westminster CO HST
303-431-1404 Mile High BBS Arvada CO DS
303-431-8797 ParaNet Info Service Arvada CO HST
303-433-2648 Tommy's Toys BBS Denver CO V32
303-438-1120 The Cutting Board Broomfield CO HST
303-443-8292 Adelante Boulder CO DS
303-449-5251 OnLine Consult Estes Park CO DS
303-449-7274 Chidvilas Boulder CO TB
303-450-0822 The WatchDesk Thornton CO HST
303-469-4842 The Rec Room Denver CO HST
303-469-7161 The Monkey Boy BBS Broomfield CO HST
303-469-9359 System Support BBS Westminster CO HST4
303-484-6483 The Temporal Alliance Ft Collins CO DS
303-534-4311 The Comm-Post Denver CO HST
303-595-0123 CompuServe Denver CO V32
303-642-0703 Pinecliffe HST/DS Boulder CO DS
303-651-7745 The Eighth Dimension Longmont CO V32
303-652-3595 The Dinosaur Board Niwot CO DS
303-665-6091 King's Market BBS Louisville CO HST
303-665-6092 King's Market 2 Louisville CO DS2
303-666-0304 The Circuit Board Lafayette CO HST
303-671-5976 HP Haven Englewood CO HST
303-678-8439 Knowledge Resource BBS Longmont CO V32B
303-680-0509 The Peacock's Nest Aurora CO DS2
303-752-9641 P-N-P BBS Aurora CO DS2
303-755-1681 NET UFGate Aurora CO HST
303-755-1681 Ready Room: TNG Denver CO HST
303-758-7589 WestWind BBS Denver CO HST
303-771-8107 Computer Care BBS Littleton CO HST
303-777-1357 RMGC Denver CO V32
303-790-4266 The Weyr Englewood CO HST
303-794-5065 The Byte Shop Littleton CO HST
303-797-0296 InterConnect Littleton CO HST
303-824-6331 Moffat Library&Learning C ...... CO CS1
303-831-1704 CO State Judicial BBS Denver CO DS
303-840-9862 21st Century BBS Parker CO DS2
303-841-9571 Rocky Mtn Info Exchange Parker CO VH
303-841-9572 Rocky Mtn Info Exchange Parker CO DS
303-920-1263 NixPix ....... CO HST4
303-933-0701 The Eagle's Nest Littleton CO HST
303-933-2286 Boardwatch Magazine Littleton CO DS
303-933-3472 The Discordian Society Littleton CO HST
303-933-4087 USA Today Distribution Littleton CO HST
303-935-6323 Electronic Library Denver CO HST
303-936-2791 D-Link 1 Denver CO HST
303-945-4041 Roaring Forks Glenwood Springs CO VH
303-949-3253 Master Control (NSN) Avon CO VH
303-972-1222 Regency Data Littleton CO ULT
303-972-6575 Dehnbase Littleton CO DS
303-972-9023 Chatfield Armory BBS Littleton CO HST
303-973-1002 Computer Consulting Littleton CO VH
303-973-7852 SnarfQuest I Denver CO DS
303-973-8554 Club Micro HST Littleton CO DS
303-978-9229 Microlink B Fast 1 Denver CO HST
303-978-9301 Microlink B Fast 2 Denver CO HST
303-979-9418 The Vulcan Way Littleton CO HST
304-264-0280 CASA West Martinsburg WV V32B
304-296-3649 The Back Door QBBS Morgantown WV DS2
304-429-6838 Secret Service Huntington WV HST
304-487-3558 Fantasy Sports Central Athens WV CS1
304-599-6083 The Full Spectrum Morgantown WV DS2
304-728-0884 The BitBank Charles Town WV VH
304-733-1338 JNS Software Support BBS Barboursville WV DS
304-744-9059 Aesopian Systems ..... WV ULT4
304-748-1377 The Final Frontier Weirton WV HST
304-757-0530 Miskatonic University Hurricane WV V32
304-766-7807 Project Enable Dunbar WV HST
304-768-5036 21st Century Connection Dunbar WV DS
304-776-5037 Hillbilly Haven Christian Cross Lane WV DS
305-220-8752 The Southern Cross BBS Miami FL HST
305-221-1571 Ramblin' Roots Miami FL HST
305-233-4196 The Library BBS Miami FL DS2
305-238-6390 The Weatherman BBS Miami FL DS2
305-238-8851 S.T.A.R. BBS Miami FL HST
305-245-7601 Backpacker's Wilderness Homestead FL HST
305-247-1305 TURBO-Soft Homestead FL HST
305-251-2698 CAP-BBS Miami FL HST
305-262-9325 CompuServe Miami FL V32
305-271-2146 Kendall BBS Miami FL HST
305-321-8168 PipeLine BBS Plantation FL HST
305-341-6919 Doorway BBS Coral Springs FL HST
305-360-2991 House Of Ichthys BBS ...... FL CS1
305-370-3528 The Catwalk BBS Davie FL HST
305-378-1307 The Devil's Place BBS Miami FL HST
305-378-2571 Metro Data Group BBS Miami FL DS2
305-384-0970 Freddy's Funland Sunrise FL HST
305-384-9566 2032 Fort Lauderdale FL DS
305-386-9130 The Black Hole BBS Miami FL HST
305-388-3858 Whatnow BBS Miami FL HST
305-425-4304 Rock'n Roll Harbour Deerfield FL V32
305-432-2223 Sunshine PCBoard Pembroke Pines FL HST
305-432-8210 Bitsy's Place Pembroke Pines FL HST
305-436-1085 The InterZone Cafe Pembroke Pines FL HST
305-437-1284 CYGNUS Pembroke Pines FL HST
305-444-5615 Coral Gables MEDTERM Coral Gables FL DS2
305-467-6712 Nightmare BBS Fort Lauderdale FL DS2
305-474-6429 Silicon Beach BBS Fort Lauderdale FL DS
305-474-6560 Data Center BBS Plantation FL V32B
305-480-6758 The InnerSight Connection Deerfield Beach FL HST
305-523-1717 The DrawBridge Fort Lauderdale FL DS
305-551-5868 The REDMAN BBS Miami FL HST
305-554-1114 The Boardwalk Miami FL HST
305-559-4018 The Sanctum BBS Miami FL HST
305-564-6323 The Accountant BBS ...... FL CS1
305-581-1248 The Unknown Fort Lauderdale FL DS2
305-598-3785 Micro-Link Miami FL HST
305-599-3004 The USA Miami FL HST
305-621-0103 AMS Support Miami FL DS2
305-624-6631 Home of the 135 NEC Miami FL DS2
305-628-3455 BBS1-PC! Miami FL HST
305-642-0754 The Software Cuisine Miami FL HST
305-720-3307 Unique Connections Tamarac FL DS
305-722-8037 The Pelican's Roost Fort Lauderdale FL V32
305-733-8930 Scipes BBS! Fort Lauderdale FL HST
305-739-4552 Marine&Computer Store BBS ...... FL CS1
305-754-5477 Town Crier Miami Shores FL HST
305-755-0127 Waves in the Cesspool Coral Springs FL V32B
305-757-4108 DevPalMiami Miami FL HST
305-763-7743 Fluid Power BBS Fort Lauderdale FL HST
305-785-9596 CrossFire BBS Pompano Beach FL HST
305-822-4673 Miami Infomatics Hialeah FL HST
305-827-3702 The CORE BBS Hialeah FL HST
305-828-7909 Telcom Central Miami Lakes FL HST
305-944-6271 The Jailhouse North Miami FL HST
305-948-4382 The Firehouse BBS North Miami FL HST
305-961-6916 Bits and Pieces Hollywood FL HST
305-964-1896 PROMEON Hollywood FL DS
305-964-7267 The Hughes Network Hollywood FL HST
305-971-6118 The TiTanic BBS Margate FL HST
305-978-0556 Station Tender BBS Coconut Creek FL HST
305-979-2073 The Branch Office Pompano Beach FL DS2
305-981-9927 MASH 4077 Hollywood FL HST
305-985-9605 Lost in Space BBS Miramar FL HST
305-987-7873 Midnight BBS Pembroke Pines FL HST
307-472-3615 Oregon Trail Crossroads Casper WY ULT
307-635-8366 International Computer BBS Cheyenne WY HST
307-638-1917 Cowboy Country RAS Cheyenne WY HST
307-686-0940 Black Diamond BBS Gillette WY DS
308-487-5505 Panhandle Connection Hemingford NE HST
309-346-2074 Treasure Island BBS Pekin IL HST
309-452-2838 Adventurer's Corner Normal IL DS
309-662-2017 Desktop Micro's BBS Bloomington IL DS2
309-663-8354 Midwest InforNetwork Bloomington IL DS2
309-672-4405 Hacker's World BBS Peoria IL HST
309-676-0360 The Bavarian BBS Peoria IL HST
309-688-7713 The Data Stream BBS Peoria IL HST
309-691-5416 Buzzard's Roost Peoria IL DS
309-694-7725 EPE Online East Peoria IL DS
309-755-8409 Quad City Amiga Forum Moline IL V32
309-786-2096 The DangerZone!! ..... IL DS
309-786-9518 The Ancient Mariner Rock Island IL V32
309-788-1956 The DangerZone!! BBS Rock Island IL HST
309-788-2029 The Danger Zone Rock Island IL HST
309-788-9811 The Genealogy Workshop Rock Island IL V32
309-797-0993 The Blue Note BBS ..... IL V32B
309-828-6941 Prairie BBS Bloomington IL DS
310-204-6155 Camelot Private Culver City CA DS
310-204-6158 Camelot Public Culver City CA V32B
310-207-0568 Quantum Connection Pacific Palisades CA ULT
310-208-1461 The Realm of Chaos ..... CA DS2
310-212-3472 Sabre Mail Torrance CA HST
310-273-5234 Brainex ..... CA V32B
310-274-1333 The Star Trek BBS ..... CA V32B
310-275-2344 Brainex ..... CA HST
310-306-5134 Skeleton Crew 1 ..... CA V32B
310-306-9775 Skeleton Crew 2 ..... CA V32B
310-370-3452 Cyberdyne Software ..... CA HST
310-370-4113 Long Island RBBS Los Angeles CA HST
310-370-5832 Cyberdyne Software ..... CA HST
310-371-1803 Source BBS Subscription Torrance CA DS3
310-371-1870 CrossLinked FAT Redondo Beach CA HST
310-371-3737 Source BBS Public Torrance CA DS2
310-372-2106 The Golden Chariot ..... CA DS
310-372-4800 Manhattan Transfer Manhattan Beach CA HST
310-376-2150 Kirks BBS Hermosa Beach CA DS
310-376-9567 Beach Cities RBBS Redondo Beach CA HST
310-391-1351 MicroSource Mar Vista CA HST
310-391-5302 The Mac Zone BBS Los Angeles CA DS
310-396-6011 Coastline File Exchange ..... CA V32B
310-404-9116 The TOWER BBS Norwalk CA HST
310-419-0931 PC Workshop Inglewood CA HST
310-430-0079 Ground Zero Seal Beach CA DS
310-434-0401 The Q Continuum BBS Long Beach CA HST
310-453-7038 Original Off Off Broadway ...... CA CS1
310-459-6053 DPS #1 Pacific Palisades CA ULT4
310-459-6846 DPS #2 Pacific Palisades CA DS
310-459-8220 DPS #3 Pacific Palisades CA DS
310-474-8309 Topology System Service West Los Angeles CA DS
310-493-1750 Rall Computer ...... CA CS1
310-494-8084 Batchelor Pad ..... CA V32B
310-498-6346 The French Flyer BBS Long Beach CA DS
310-518-9524 MASATEK Torrance CA DS
310-518-9701 T.U.M.S. ..... CA V32
310-532-0278 Specta Graphix Los Angeles CA V32B
310-542-0350 Source BBS Private Torrance CA DS
310-545-5146 Ursa Major BBS Manhattan Beach CA 2400
310-545-7216 Ursa Major BBS Manhattan Beach CA DS
310-549-9640 Mac-HACers BBS Carson CA HST

310-559-5333 West Los Angeles BBS Pvt Los Angeles CA DS2
310-559-5334 West Los Angeles BBS Pvt Los Angeles CA V32B
310-595-1488 Sense/Net Long Beach CA HST
310-597-2235 The French Flyer BBS Long Beach CA HST
310-634-4885 SoCalNet EC Los Angeles CA HST
310-634-8993 Target Range BBS Paramount CA HST
310-676-3534 The Great Escape Public Gardena CA DS2
310-676-4282 The Great Escape Private Gardena CA DS3
310-677-4007 RoofTop! Connection Inglewood CA V32
310-677-4389 RoofTop! Connection Inglewood CA V32
310-806-2226 The Downey BBS Downey CA V32
310-821-4471 BCS BBS ..... CA DS3
310-822-6729 StormGate Aerie Los Angeles CA HST
310-838-9229 West Los Angeles BBS Pub Los Angeles CA V32B

310-859-2453 Sleepy Hollow #2 Private Los Angeles CA DS
310-859-2454 Sleepy Hollow #3 Private Los Angeles CA HST4
310-859-9334 Sleepy Hollow #1 Public Los Angeles CA 2400
310-920-3631 The MegaByte System Bellflower CA DS
310-927-8352 Arco Products South Gate CA DS
312-201-0711 CompuServe Chicago IL V32
312-225-9711 The Bog Chicago IL HST
312-275-1785 20/20 TBBS Chicago IL DS
312-342-0015 BBS-Chicago ][ Chicago IL HST
312-376-9872 The PUB Chicago IL DS
312-561-6140 Anonymous Wonder BBS Chicago IL HST
312-581-1111 Village Adult BBS Chicago IL V32
312-583-8481 Paradise Towers ..... IL DS
312-631-2172 Equinox BBS System Chicago IL DS2
312-661-1740 LawMug RBBS Chicago IL HST
312-693-4100 CompuServe Chicago IL V32
312-736-7526 Innovations BBS Chicago IL DS
312-743-6116 Krishna Yoga Foundation Chicago IL HST
312-871-8426 ALTERNET BBS Chicago IL V32B
312-927-9534 The Monsoon Hotel BBS ..... IL DS3
312-935-6809 BIT WIZ Opus Chicago IL DS
312-973-0428 The Chicago Mensa BBS Chicago IL HST
313-228-7383 Glass City BBS Mt Clemens MI CS1
313-232-1905 The Ultimate Connection Flint MI HST
313-232-7815 Flight of the Raven Flint MI DS
313-242-3612 Computer Alley BBS Monroe MI HST
313-242-7167 Diamonds & Pearls ...... MI CS1
313-243-0944 Fast Eddie's BBS Monroe MI HST
313-244-8740 CompuServe Troy MI V32
313-247-0094 The Tool Box Utica MI HST
313-247-1838 North Sterling BBS Sterling Hts MI HST
313-264-7051 The Dart Board Sterling Hts MI DS
313-268-0028 NIGHT Gallery II Sterling Hts MI DS2
313-332-3625 Altair Business Systems Pontiac MI DS
313-338-4482 North Pole Pontiac MI HST
313-353-8445 ImageTech Tech Support BBS ...... MI CS1
313-364-5157 HomePlate BBS Marysville MI DS2
313-381-2931 The Nut House Taylor MI HST
313-385-9969 The Land of Nul Port Huron MI HST
313-391-6856 Les's Place The Mansion Lake Orion MI HST
313-398-3078 Atari Advocate Madison Heights MI DS
313-421-3254 The Abyss BBS Livonia MI DS
313-427-0223 Suburban Computer ConnXion Garden City MI HST
313-427-4727 Paradise City BBS Garden City MI HST
313-429-2150 The Falcon's Lair Saline MI DS2
313-435-5766 Son of The Royal Joke Royal Oak MI TB2
313-435-7556 The Royal Joke Royal Oak MI DS
313-465-0822 Sherwood Forest ...... MI CS1
313-468-3293 Hardtime's Ranch ...... MI CS1
313-468-3851 Hunter's Chase BBS ...... MI CS1
313-469-2261 Canman's Can ...... MI CS1
313-482-4388 Wyld Stallyns Ypsilanti MI HST
313-482-4436 SomeWare In Time Ypsilanti MI HST
313-483-1359 Builders Workshop Ypsilanti MI HST
313-521-0330 Facillium Detroit MI DS
313-535-1466 CompuServe Detroit MI V32
313-537-2520 One Way Christian BBS Redford MI HST
313-537-5704 Egghead's Place ..... MI DS2
313-542-9615 LAN Solutions BBS II Ferndale MI HST
313-543-2911 TRILOGY II Hazel Park MI HST
313-545-1931 LAN Solutions BBS I Ferndale MI HST
313-548-2159 TRILOGY I Hazel Park MI HST
313-548-3889 TRILOGY ]I[ Hazel Park MI HST
313-553-9274 Milliways I Farmington Hills MI HST
313-558-7689 Technician's Corner Center Line MI HST
313-563-1390 Nightmare Dearborn MI HST
313-582-0888 The Bloom County ..... MI V32B
313-582-6671 CRIMP BBS Dearborn MI HST
313-588-3487 Mike's TAG/TAGMAIL Madison Hts MI HST
313-625-9439 The Clarkston BBS Clarkston MI DS
313-626-9006 Graffiti Bridge BBS Birmingham MI HST
313-629-6967 The TigerPaw BBS Linden MI HST
313-646-5632 Death Vale BBS Birmingham MI HST
313-651-4009 The Blind Ambition BBS Rochester MI HST
313-658-1110 The Shark's Mouth Flint MI HST
313-663-3959 HAL 9000 ..... MI V32B
313-663-4173 HAL 9000 ..... MI ULT
313-665-2832 The Programmer's Pit Stop Ann Arbor MI TB2
313-685-3313 Charlie's Roost Milford MI HST
313-689-1657 The OZoNE BBS Troy MI HST
313-739-1193 UtiCom Utica MI HST
313-754-1131 Tony's Corner Warren MI HST
313-769-6346 Valhalla Ann Arbor MI DS2
313-773-6959 East Detroit Amiga East Detroit MI HST
313-775-3957 Wave ...... MI CS1
313-775-6097 The Crash Landing Roseville MI DS
313-776-1975 Legend of Roseville BBS ..... MI CS1
313-776-6082 Grand Central Station Roseville MI HST
313-776-8928 Electric Eye ][ BBS Roseville MI HST
313-776-9591 Legend of Roseville BBS ..... MI V32B
313-778-5279 Main Frame Network ...... MI CS1
313-787-0270 Diamond Club! ..... MI DS
313-791-3522 Otherside ...... MI CS1
313-795-0523 Horizons BBS Sterling Hts MI DS
313-854-5600 Russ's Corner Temperance MI HST
313-879-2318 ARTHUR Troy MI HST
313-879-7387 The Black Hole Troy MI HST
313-882-5965 Magnite ...... MI CS1
313-886-7756 The Foxgate BBS GrossePointe Woods MI HST
313-972-1446 The Christian Crossroads Detroit MI HST
313-977-5880 Access Denied BBS Sterling Hts MI DS
314-227-6885 Messianic Jewish CN1 St Louis MO DS
314-243-7542 IDP BBS ...... MO CS1
314-256-0507 Express (tm) Shareware ..... MO V32
314-272-8617 Darkside ...... MO CS1
314-281-4362 The HARTZ Foundation St. Peters MO V32
314-327-5878 OurPlace BBS ... MO HST
314-334-6576 The 'In My Room' BBS Cape Girardeau MO HST
314-343-9736 DataCentral BBS Fenton MO V32
314-367-1903 SLACC STACK BBS ...... MO CS1
314-421-5651 CompuServe St. Louis MO V32
314-434-3470 The B.S. Box St Louis MO HST
314-434-4873 Angel Station St Louis MO HST
314-436-0120 ISCBBS St Louis MO DS
314-443-2668 The Bios BBS Columbia MO HST
314-521-8290 Flight Control St Louis MO HST
314-537-9238 The Banana Republic BBS Chesterfield MO DS
314-553-4086 HELITOW(A) St Louis MO TB
314-553-6068 Optometry OnLine St Louis MO HST
314-581-6717 The Bearly Bored Mexico MO HST
314-625-4045 Travel Online Lake St. Louis MO ULT
314-635-7588 Night Shift Jefferson City MO HST
314-636-7375 Chris Byrd Software Jefferson City MO HST
314-752-3991 St. Louis WWIVnet MailSrvr ...... MO CS1
314-772-1014 Roman Empire BBS ....... MO V32
314-772-1014 Roman Empire BBS ....... MO V32
314-774-2736 Waynesville BBS Waynesville MO DS
314-774-5957 EightUp! BBS Waynesville MO HST
314-831-7469 The Wallstreet Raiders BBS St Louis MO HST
314-843-0001 EMC/80 St Louis MO DS
314-869-9330 The Countryside BBS St Louis MO HST
314-893-9166 Fun City USA Jefferson City MO HST
314-896-5393 Summit Forum BBS Holts Summit MO DS
314-897-2178 The GENESIS Project Bonnots Mills MO HST
314-928-7262 QwikCom St Charles MO DS
314-928-9228 First Capitol BBS St Peters MO HST
314-941-3672 KnightsOfTheSquareTableBBS Wentzville MO HST4
314-941-9151 Knights Square Table Wentzville MO HST
314-961-2246 Reach-Out BBS St Louis MO HST
314-965-1385 Cheswick's St Louis MO DS
314-965-5296 Cheswick's BBS St Louis MO DS
314-973-4073 Travel Online St. Louis MO ULT
314-993-5491 Delta Dental Online ...... MO CS1
315-245-0510 Kadet PCBoard Camden NY DS
315-245-3815 Kadet PCBoard Camden NY DS
315-331-1556 T.O.I.L. BBS Newark NY DS
315-337-4093 BrookSide Trader Rome NY HST
315-339-6713 Odies PCBoard Rome NY DS2
315-353-4565 Norkids BBS Norwood NY HST
315-393-6504 The Second Foundation Ogdensburg NY HST
315-451-5088 The Bassett BBS Liverpool NY HST
315-458-8602 Rivendell TAP/NA Syracuse NY DS2
315-492-8765 Digital Visions Syracuse NY HST
315-564-5700 Late Night BBS ..... NY DS
315-592-7300 Late Night BBS Hannibal NY DS
315-593-1589 Backstreet BBS Fulton NY DS
315-597-3439 Scolasticom Palmyra NY DS
315-598-8106 Gary's BBS Fulton NY HST
315-652-5367 Central Station BBS Liverpool NY HST
315-673-4894 Shockwave Rider Marcellus NY DS2
315-695-4070 Phoenix High School Phoenix NY HST
315-695-4436 Galaxia! Phoenix NY HST
316-262-1829 New World Info Service ...... KS CS1
316-529-3759 William Tell's BBS ..... KS V32
316-684-3010 MGBBS Wichita KS HST
316-686-0870 Flatlands BBS Wichita KS HST
316-687-0719 InformationLink Wichita KS HST4
316-689-3779 TWSU BBS Wichita KS DS
316-689-3890 TWSU BBS Wichita KS V32
316-721-0581 Night Flight Wichita KS HST
316-721-3773 Midwest Info Exchange Wichita KS HST4
316-788-0266 The Wild Heart ..... KS DS
316-788-1907 The GraveYard BBS Derby KS V32B
316-788-2343 The Wild Heart BBS ..... KS 2400
316-943-6030 Wichita BBS Wichita KS HST
317-251-8063 The Twin Towers Indianapolis IN HST
317-253-1573 Portable Hole BBS Indianapolis IN HST
317-257-5882 INDY PC BBS Indianapolis IN DS
317-284-0796 Muncie MicroLink Muncie IN HST
317-353-2973 The Paladen BBS Indianapolis IN HST
317-353-9981 Someplace BBS Indianapolis IN HST
317-447-9653 Napierville File Exchange Laffayette IN DS2
317-535-9097 The SouthSide BBS New Whiteland IN HST
317-547-6204 Media Net ProLine Indianapolis IN HST
317-638-8129 CompuServe Indianapolis IN V32
317-784-8401 User Friendly BBS Indianapolis IN V32B
317-831-1827 Handy Magazine BBS Bethany Pk IN HST
317-839-1333 The Shuttle BBS ..... IN V32B
317-848-1701 OPUS Pocus Indianapolis IN HST
317-849-4007 IndyServe Fishers IN DS
317-881-2743 The Motherboard Greenwood IN HST
317-889-6669 RCS BBS Greenwood IN HST
317-895-0976 The CTS BBS Indianapolis IN HST
318-222-3455 The Pit Shreveport LA V32
318-235-3207 CajuNet Lafayette LA DS
318-345-0334 Direct Online System Monroe LA DS
318-367-9916 BINAN New Iberia LA HST
318-424-9260 Dan's Den Shreveport LA HST
318-436-2992 Duffey's Tavern MJCNA#21 Lake Charles LA DS
318-436-5219 Micro Link Westlake LA HST
318-487-0800 CenLA Network BBS ...... LA CS1
318-527-0238 Maiden Voyage Sulphur LA HST
318-537-3620 Fort Polk Info Board Fort Polk LA HST
318-797-8310 Dawn Patrol Shreveport LA HST
318-798-1008 The Software Cafe ..... LA V32
318-981-3373 The Lawboard Lafayette LA DS2
318-988-1404 The Twilight Zone Lafayette LA DS2
319-234-3527 C-Shift Phoenix BBS ..... IA DS
319-277-1484 Trader's Paradise Cedar Falls IA HST
319-296-1393 Picture Gallery BBS ....... IA HST
319-335-6409 ISCA Iowa City IA V32
319-337-6723 The Computer Plumber Iowa City IA HST
319-337-9878 Icarus Iowa City IA DS
319-377-9257 WB9MCJ BBS Cedar Rapids IA HST
319-393-4588 Cedar Valley DataNet Cedar Rapids IA HST
319-556-4536 Tri-State Data Exchange Dubuque IA HST
319-752-0953 Catfish Bend BBS Burlington IA HST
401-333-3451 Modern Technology ... RI DS2
401-351-0719 The Prometheus System Providence RI HST
401-421-9614 ACME BBS Providence RI DS
401-539-8636 The Information Resource Carolina RI DS2
401-725-7863 The Bloom Beacon Pawtucket RI DS2
401-822-3060 ImageNet BBS Coventry RI DS
402-291-2896 The Atomic Dustbin Omaha NE DS
402-292-1360 EDGE Bellevue NE V32
402-593-1192 The Inns Of Court Papillion NE V32
402-593-8863 Church Chatters BBS ..... NE HST
404-228-7524 Sharp's Corner Griffin GA DS
404-256-9525 Sunrise-80 BBS Atlanta GA DS
404-279-8936 NASPA Systems SE Norcross GA VH
404-296-6038 The Swamp Stone Mountain GA HST
404-296-9681 Centurion Atlanta GA HST
404-327-3450 AMI-GeorgiA BBS Columbus GA HST
404-351-2975 Swizzle Stick Atlanta GA DS2
404-354-0817 Athens IBM-PC Users Group Athens GA HST
404-355-5625 Visions Atlanta GA HST
404-368-1652 Southern Comfort Norcross GA VH
404-381-0430 Astralite Norcross GA V32
404-413-0359 Byte Might BBS ..... GA V32B

404-424-5877 SRU! BBS ... GA V32
404-429-1714 Mainframe Exchange Marietta GA HST
404-443-0366 H.A.B.I.T.S. Marietta GA DS
404-445-5917 The Reality Mode BBS ..... GA V32B
404-446-1252 Mortgage Network Norcross GA V32
404-454-8795 Byte Flight BBS Atlanta GA HST
404-460-0325 Future Shock BBS ... GA DS2
404-471-1549 Information Overload Riverdale GA HST
404-487-5329 Midnight Madness Peachtree City GA HST
404-499-2532 Great British Take-Away Marietta GA VH
404-509-7813 The Base BBS Marietta GA V32B
404-513-2748 The Georgia BBS ... GA DS3
404-516-7150 Random Access ......... GA HST
404-532-1978 Ed's Place Gainesville GA DS2
404-535-1754 Living Water BBS Gainesville GA HST
404-548-0130 Classic City #2 Athens GA HST
404-548-0726 Classic City #1 Athens GA DS
404-561-6106 BackWoods BBS Upatoi GA HST
404-569-9651 PC Valley Remote BBS Columbus GA HST
404-636-2136 Hangar 15 Atlanta GA ULT
404-664-1075 Star Trek Atlanta Atlanta GA HST
404-671-1024 Galaxy Info System(GIS) Atlanta GA V32
404-685-1455 Adult Fun Castle BBS Ft Benning GA HST
404-687-7309 Columbus Connection Columbus GA DS
404-695-1889 Front Porch Public ...... GA 2400
404-695-1990 Front Porch Private ...... GA CS1
404-717-7835 Software Dimensions Lawrenceville GA ULT
404-739-1216 Bear Cat BBS Atlanta GA V32B
404-742-7736 Express Line BBS 2 Winterville GA DS2
404-742-8313 Express Line BBS 1 Winterville GA DS2
404-769-0318 Route 66 BBS Bogart GA HST
404-790-0671 The Lion's Den Augusta GA HST
404-793-8619 Wizard's Workshop Augusta GA DS2
404-796-2867 The Final Assault Augusta GA HST
404-798-3864 The Beehive RBBS Hephzibah GA DS
404-798-8392 CompuBee BBS ...... GA CS1
404-840-7750 Cider City*Apple// ..... GA VH
404-841-0578 CompuServe Atlanta GA V32
404-860-0367 CannonFodder Martinez GA HST
404-863-3450 Soldier's Bored Augusta GA DS
404-869-3410 Phoenix StarFighter BBS Lula GA HST
404-879-1600 R.'s Little BBS Stone Mountain GA V32
404-881-8319 Our House BBS Atlanta GA V32
404-907-4361 Abject Poverty BBS ..... GA V32B
404-920-0621 Total Recall BBS Douglasville GA V32
404-920-7711 The Library Of Trantor ..... GA V32
404-921-1186 The Data Dimension Norcross GA HST4
404-923-0792 CyberSpace Nexus Norcross GA HST
404-924-3987 INDEX Woodstock GA ULT
404-924-8414 INDEX Line 2 Woodstock GA ULT
404-924-8472 INDEX System Woodstock GA DS
404-926-0905 Woodstock BBS 1 Woodstock GA HST4
404-926-1043 Woodstock BBS 2 Woodstock GA DS
404-929-1291 Atlanta Connection Conyers GA HST
404-933-9253 Digital Wasteland Atlanta GA DS
404-955-6715 Programmer's Connection Marietta GA HST
404-957-8115 Connect One Stockbridge GA HST4
404-962-5116 The Georgia BBS ... GA DS3
404-965-7836 Lunar Photon Ringgold GA DS
404-975-7176 U.H.F. BBS Acworth GA V32
404-978-0015 The Binary Zone BBS ..... GA DS3
404-978-1153 The Binary Zone BBS ..... GA 2400
404-978-6736 Android BBS 1 Snellville GA 2400
404-978-9636 Android BBS 2 Snellville GA V32B
404-987-3972 Bare Bones Decatur GA HST
404-994-9714 Abject Poverty BBS ..... GA CS1
404-996-9957 Abject Poverty BBS ..... GA DS
405-248-9884 DarkStar Lawton OK DS2
405-277-3603 LATTICE Luther OK HST
405-321-0642 The Family Tree Norman OK HST
405-325-6128 The O.U. BBS Norman OK DS
405-329-4262 The Family Roots Norman OK HST
405-340-1139 Edmond Nochange BBS ...... OK CS1
405-354-1986 TurboLink West Yukon OK HST
405-354-6024 ModemLink BBS Yukon OK DS
405-357-2473 Bink's Barn Lawton OK HST
405-360-4391 The 49'er Norman OK DS
405-360-9622 ORPA Norman OK HST
405-366-1449 Seeing Impaired Technology Norman OK HST
405-376-0905 TallBoy's BBS Mustang OK HST
405-391-3865 Teleco USA TBBS McLoud OK V32B
405-477-0920 Dueling Dragons Inn Altus OK HST
405-478-1144 M.I.S.E. Edmond OK HST
405-482-2536 Majik Shoppe BBS Altus OK DS
405-482-3855 Blue Foxx BBS ...... OK CS1
405-482-6234 Profile BBS ...... OK CS1
405-624-0301 Amiga Frontier 1 Stillwater OK DS
405-670-1100 Will's House Oklahoma City OK HST
405-672-0326 Sagittarius I Midwest City OK HST
405-672-3973 Mach 3+ BBS Oklahoma City OK HST
405-685-4688 OmegaCom Oklahoma City OK HST
405-686-0458 OKCCC BBS Oklahoma City OK HST
405-691-3437 The Recovery BBS Oklahoma City OK HST
405-737-7565 Torii Station Midwest City OK HST
405-751-8096 The CD-ROM Electronic News Oklahoma City OK HST
405-755-8188 Oklahoma Nochange! ...... OK CS1
405-765-0167 The Aztec BBS Ponca City OK DS2
405-765-0951 The WordShop Ponca City OK HST
405-799-2043 Moore's Pro System 1 Moore OK HST
405-842-4766 Yellow Stone BBS Oklahoma City OK DS
405-842-6831 Yellow Stone II BBS Oklahoma City OK HST
405-843-3545 Fort Knox Fido Oklahoma City OK HST
405-843-5002 American Fido Oklahoma City OK HST
405-927-2541 Coalgate ...... OK CS1
405-942-7278 CompuServe Oklahoma City OK V32
405-943-8638 Okie Mavenware Oklahoma City OK HST
405-946-5222 The Nineteenth Hole Oklahoma City OK HST
405-946-6279 Engineering HQ Oklahoma City OK HST
406-257-5432 PC-Mania! Kalispell MT DS
406-423-5433 The Russell Country BBS Hobson MT DS
406-549-1318 BikeNet Missoula MT HST
406-721-6647 Micha U.S. Computers Missoula MT DS
406-756-3436 Sparky's Corner BBS ...... MT CS1
406-756-8296 MO's Back Door Kalispell MT HST
407-239-4213 The Simpsons House Orlando FL DS
407-269-2169 Space Coast BBS Titusville FL DS2
407-269-5188 TechTalk Titusville FL DS
407-277-5316 Falcore BoatWorks Remote ..... FL V32
407-291-4626 The SpeakEasy BBS ..... FL DS
407-292-3211 Debbie's Couch BBS Orlando FL HST4
407-330-7002 Village BBS Sanford FL HST
407-331-1070 The I/O Board BBS ....... FL HST4
407-365-9809 The Listening Post Oviedo FL DS
407-380-0204 Thunderdome QuickBBS Orlando FL HST
407-380-1093 Micro-Tech Solutions Orlando FL HST
407-380-6446 NCC-1701 Orlando FL HST
407-380-7680 The Generic BBS Orlando FL HST
407-383-1372 Rights On! Titusville FL DS2
407-383-4499 Mad House BBS ...... FL CS1
407-383-9372 The Bear's Cave Titusville FL DS
407-383-9820 StarShip Enterprise Titusville FL DS2
407-394-5308 S.A.R.C.A.S.M. BBS Boca Raton FL HST
407-439-0341 The FireHouse BBS Lake Worth FL HST
407-454-3779 Electric Island BBS Merritt Island FL HST
407-459-0969 Spacecon ...... FL CS1
407-483-1097 The Twilight Zone Boca Raton FL HST
407-496-7468 Brave New World Delray Beach FL DS
407-521-9886 The Caverns EBBS Orlando FL DS
407-571-1354 Robert's Roost Fellsmere FL HST
407-574-9246 Deltona Lakes BBS Deltona FL HST
407-624-5998 Cecil's Nite Owl Palm Beach Gardens FL DS
407-629-4647 The Falcon's Lair BBS ...... FL DS
407-633-5568 Strat's Asylum BBS ...... FL CS1
407-639-8228 The Abyss ...... FL CS1
407-639-9123 Programmers World Cocoa FL DS2
407-644-9712 The Abyss Winter Park FL DS
407-645-4929 Cornucopia TBBS Winter Park FL HST
407-649-4136 Gourmet Delight Orlando FL HST
407-649-9834 Electronic Arts BBS Orlando FL DS
407-671-0464 CDS Computers Orlando FL HST
407-679-6238 Big Blue Orlando FL DS
407-682-2018 The Business Altamonte FL DS
407-682-3132 The Door BBS Altamonte Springs FL DS2
407-682-3417 The Graphic Approach Longwood FL HST
407-690-0032 Energy ...... FL CS1
407-694-1008 The Court of Last Resort Palm Beach Gardens FL DS
407-699-6613 Black Cauldron Winter Springs FL HST
407-728-4131 Tech Connection ...... FL CS1
407-773-0831 The SaddleBag BBS Satellite Beach FL DS
407-773-2831 Motel Florida ...... FL CS1
407-777-1114 The Palace BBS Satellite Beach FL HST
407-778-4834 Ghostcomm BBS Vero Beach FL HST
407-783-2338 The Rapture Connection Satellite Beach FL HST
407-788-8178 The Love Connection BBS II Longwood FL DS
407-788-8552 The Q Continuum BBS Altamonte Springs FL HST
407-831-1613 The Twilight Zone BBS Longwood FL HST
407-831-2359 Ultimate S/W Tech Support Orlando FL DS
407-832-8971 Trojan Express II West Palm Beach FL DS
407-834-6466 FABulous BBS Orlando FL DS
407-862-9040 The Data Bus Orlando FL HST
407-878-9800 The Dragon's Lair Port St Lucie FL V32
407-880-4598 The DataExchange Orlando FL DS
407-880-4968 TopRock BBS Apopka FL V32
407-896-0494 The Digital Connection Orlando FL HST
407-896-6122 CompuServe Orlando FL V32
407-951-4031 Microtech BBS Indialantic FL HST
407-951-7681 The Space Coast BBS Palm Bay FL HST
407-964-8450 Econo-SOFTS BBS Lake Worth FL HST
407-994-3690 PC-Emporium Boca Raton FL DS
408-226-1052 The Haunted Castle San Jose CA DS2
408-229-0706 The Village San Jose CA HST4
408-244-0813 Excalibur! Santa Clara CA HST
408-244-4250 The Rocking Chair San Jose CA HST
408-246-7854 Crumal's Dimension Santa Clara CA HST
408-247-1717 The Micro Foundry San Jose CA DS2
408-248-9213 Club Zen Santa Clara CA HST
408-248-9704 Carl's DV Corner San Jose CA HST
408-249-7916 The Realm of Wonder Sunnyvale CA VH
408-253-3926 MacDaze Cupertino CA HST
408-257-9606 Fido's Kennel Cupertino CA DS
408-259-2223 ASM-Lang & CFS Board San Jose CA HST
408-263-3393 Amateur Action BBS ......... CA DS
408-266-3490 Collinwood San Jose CA TB2
408-294-3065 The Flying Dutchman BBS San Jose CA V32B
408-298-2740 American PECS HQ Sunnyvale CA HST
408-338-6860 House of Ill Compute Boulder Creek CA HST
408-370-3139 Award Software's BBS Campbell CA HST
408-377-6445 Fantasy Sports Network ..... CA V32
408-395-1402 Saratoga Clone Saratoga CA HST
408-432-3424 The Next Generation San Jose CA V32
408-438-8513 Seagate Technology Scotts Valley CA HST
408-438-8514 Seagate Technology Scotts Valley CA V32
408-438-8771 Seagate Technology Scotts Valley CA V32
408-438-8772 Seagate Technology Scotts Valley CA HST
408-456-0339 Gifted Urban Yuppies San Jose CA DS
408-578-5325 Wild Thang San Jose CA HST
408-578-6704 The Lion's Den San Jose CA TB2
408-626-1618 New Radio Star ...... CA CS1
408-655-1096 Nitelog BBS Monterey CA 2400
408-655-8294 Nitelog BBS Monterey CA V32B
408-655-8297 Nitelog BBS Monterey CA HST
408-662-2372 PC Force ..... CA CS1
408-683-0963 The Badlands BBS ..... CA V32
408-684-1691 Solution Source ..... CA CS1
408-685-8140 Tower of Pegasus ...... CA CS1
408-727-8113 CompuServe Santa Clara CA V32
408-732-8958 Heart of Gold ..... CA V32
408-733-3034 Mongoose BBS San Jose CA DS2
408-737-9447 Higher Powered BBS Sunnyvale CA DS2
408-738-4679 The NEBULA Sunnyvale CA V32B
408-738-4990 CompuCom HQ Support BBS ...... CA CS1
408-745-0127 Lynns Live Wire Sunnyvale CA DS
408-763-2602 Fault Line BBS ..... CA V32
408-847-2495 Garlique Graphics Salinas CA HST
408-865-1560 MicroBBS San Jose CA HST
408-866-0640 Temporary Insomniac's ..... CA DS3
408-866-4933 MaCS1ience BBS San Jose CA DS2
408-883-0744 Two Birds/One Stone BBS Marina CA V32
408-922-0988 TIPS BBS San Jose CA V32
408-922-0989 TIPS BBS 2 San Jose CA V32A
408-997-8591 The Major League BBS San Jose CA TB
409-364-2968 Muddy Creek's BBS Calvert TX HST
409-693-7832 The White House College Station TX HST
409-693-8764 Aggie Mac College Station TX HST
409-696-0982 Silent Warrior College Station TX HST
409-696-3477 C.A.M. BBS College Station TX HST
409-762-2761 DragonNet Galveston TX HST
409-764-0056 My Word 2 College Station TX DS2
409-764-0713 PhlatLiner BBS College Station TX HST
409-765-6632 Beacon Terra 1 Galveston TX HST
409-846-4480 Starfleet PCBoard College Station TX HST
409-945-4358 Fast Eddie's Adult BBS Texas City TX HST
410-239-8379 The Quantum BBS ..... MD V32B
410-252-0717 AviTechnic Lutherville MD HST
410-252-5518 AviTechnic II Lutherville MD DS
410-256-7314 PerryHall BBS Perry Hall MD DS
410-256-7638 Dave's Doghouse Perry Hall MD HST
410-263-5330 Hangar 18 ...... MD CS1
410-332-7386 Maryland Med-SIG Baltimore MD HST
410-337-0026 CompuServe Baltimore MD V32
410-343-1102 Fisherman's Cove Parkton MD DS
410-461-9943 The World of Greyhawk ..... MD DS
410-465-3891 The World of Greyhawk ..... MD DS
410-466-0949 The Science Lab BBS Baltimore MD DS
410-476-5098 Computer Consulting BBS Easton MD V32
410-488-7461 PainFrame Baltimore MD HST
410-531-5748 Polar Bear's Lair Clarksville MD V32B
410-544-4629 The Grimace BBS Ft. Meade MD HST
410-546-1508 Computer Garden BBS ...... MD CS1
410-551-9631 CENTMAR Corridor Odenton MD HST
410-561-0789 Law Line Baltimore MD HST
410-566-1336 John's BBS Baltimore MD DS
410-566-6059 Writer's Block ECHO Hub Baltimore MD HST
410-655-4708 Nerve Center Pikesville MD DS
410-666-9109 Dark Side of the Moon Cockeysville MD V32
410-686-0286 Waterfront East BBS Baltimore MD HST
410-730-2917 Ed's Home ..... MD DS

410-757-1479 The Scrap Board BBS Annapolis MD VH
410-761-2362 Other Worlds BBS Glen Burnie MD HST
410-787-8077 Kyle's Office Baltimore MD HST
410-821-8930 Castle Cafe Timonium MD V32
410-833-8933 Liberty Hall Reisterstown MD HST
410-880-0965 The Trilogy Glen Burnie MD DS
410-945-1540 Writer's Block BBS Baltimore MD HST
410-997-7204 Double Nut Board Simpsonville MD DS
412-247-4610 Behavioral Vision Project Pittsburgh PA DS2
412-264-2692 Anything Goes Pittsburgh PA HST
412-322-6548 No Gurus Here Pittsburgh PA DS
412-366-5208 NSS Satellite Pittsburgh PA HST
412-373-8612 Ecclesia Place Monroeville PA HST
412-471-6417 CompuServe Pittsburgh PA V32
412-482-4721 Info Exchange RBBS-PC #1 Butler PA HST
412-482-4722 Info Exchange RBBS-PC #2 Butler PA DS
412-621-4604 SoundingBoard Pittsburgh PA HST
412-653-7540 AutoBoss Bunola PA DS
412-682-7057 The Meeting Place Pittsburgh PA DS2
412-683-1235 Mac at Night Pittsburgh PA DS
412-745-4185 The Cyberspace BBS Canonsburg PA TB2
412-766-0732 BlinkLink Pittsburgh PA HST
412-824-6566 Astral Board Pittsburgh PA HST
412-832-8185 Marcom Engineering Access Greensburg PA HST
412-834-1128 E*COM Greensburg PA DS
412-834-7964 Post Road Inn Greensburg PA HST
412-843-5592 The Fountainhead BBS New Brighton PA DS
412-856-1420 Protool BBS @ CSE Corp. ...... PA CS1
412-856-1428 First Sanyo Opus Trafford PA DS2
412-864-2294 Pitt Xpress Pittsburgh PA DS
412-881-1749 NorthStar Pitt Whitehall PA HST
412-881-7757 DOCTOR'S Inn Whitehall PA HST
412-962-9514 Beacon Hill CBIS Transfer PA HST
412-981-3151 Mabel's Mansion Sharon PA HST
413-243-0034 JonesNose S Lee MA HST
413-256-1037 Pioneer Valley PCUG1 Amherst MA HST
413-323-8652 B-Town BBS Belchertown MA HST4
413-443-6313 VETLink#1 Pittsfield MA HST
413-443-6725 Schoolhouse BBS Pittsfield MA HST
413-445-7310 The B.A.U.D. BBS Lanesboro MA HST
413-499-1327 Berkshire Estates BBS Pittsfield MA HST
413-538-5510 Hooterville BBS ..... MA V32
413-545-4453 Physics Forum Amherst MA HST
413-562-1870 Baudville Westfield MA HST
413-568-2829 The U.S.S. Light Speed ][ Westfield MA HST
413-568-4466 PVCC User Group BBS!! Westfield MA DS2
413-586-2925 Joe's Bar And Grill Northampton MA DS
413-592-9208 Career Systems BBS Chicopee MA HST
413-684-1938 Field Street BBS Dalton MA HST
413-743-1111 Berkshire Hills BBS Adams MA HST
413-747-7937 Dan's Drive-In Springfield MA HST
413-772-1020 SpaceMet North 2 Greenfield MA HST
413-967-9541 Quaboag Valley Ware MA HST
414-231-6886 Hunt 'N Peck Oshkosh WI DS
414-251-2580 The Anonymous BBS Menomonee Falls WI ULT
414-258-3373 The BillBoard BBS West Allis WI ULT
414-271-0576 Special Times Milwaukee WI DS2
414-282-9580 Ye Olde Pawn Shoppe ]I[ Milwaukee WI DS2
414-327-4104 PC-Express Greenfield WI HST
414-332-0750 The Gate ...... WI CS1
414-351-2075 Worthwhile Unltd. Glendale WI HST
414-352-6176 Radio Free Milwaukee WI HST
414-353-1576 SciQuest BBS Milwaukee WI ULT
414-355-8065 Star Fire II ...... WI CS1
414-384-1701 Modern Pastimes Milwaukee WI DS
414-426-1306 The Back Fence BBS Oshkosh WI DS
414-427-0230 Uncle Al's Playhouse BBS ...... WI CS1
414-442-0170 PriPlanus BBS ...... WI CS1
414-445-6969 Starcom Milwaukee WI DS
414-445-7835 Penguin Point Milwaukee WI HST
414-461-4585 Hobo's Habitat BBS ...... WI CS1
414-462-2874 The Wheelchair Ramp Milwaukee WI DS2
414-462-6394 BigDaves's Place ...... WI CS1
414-476-8468 The County Line BBS 1 West Allis WI DS2
414-476-8469 The County Line BBS 2 West Allis WI ULT
414-541-6360 Bart's Bar & Grill ...... WI CS1
414-545-6178 The End of the Galaxy BBS West Allis WI DS2
414-547-0306 Crypt BBS ...... WI CS1
414-548-5143 Data Link ...... WI CS1
414-563-9361 NightOwl Connection Fort Atkinson WI HST
414-682-8679 Mystery Manor Manitowoc WI HST
414-725-7598 Homebuilt Flyer Neenah WI DS2
414-733-3882 Applegate South Appleton WI DS
414-738-1219 Applegate Appleton WI DS
414-739-8226 Foxy's Place Appleton WI DS
414-749-0010 Homebuilt Flyer II Appleton WI HST
414-762-0813 ClearWaters Oak Creek WI HST
414-764-9346 The Castle Oak Creek WI DS
414-778-1484 Thunderdome Inc ...... WI CS1
414-781-0246 Overboard BBS ...... WI CS1
414-789-4337 Exec-PC ...... WI HST
414-789-4450 Exec-PC ...... WI CS1
414-796-8408 Top Gun ][ Brookfield WI V32
414-878-5223 SourceCode BBS Union Grove WI HST
414-964-0386 Digital Future Milwaukee WI HST
414-966-3552 Sirius Cybernetics Oconomowoc WI DS
415-255-2188 RECOVERY San Francisco CA HST
415-323-4193 SPACE BBS Menlo Park CA DS2
415-337-5416 The PC GFX Exchange San Francisco CA DS2
415-337-5599 The PC GFX Exchange San Francisco CA ULT
415-340-7261 Trade Center BBS Millbrae CA HST4
415-343-5160 Run Of The Mill San Mateo CA HST4
415-349-5676 CHARISMA BBS Foster City CA DS
415-349-6576 CHARISMA BBS Foster City CA HST4
415-349-8408 Wally World San Mateo CA V32
415-359-2321 Virtual BBS ... CA V32B
415-359-6036 Chemist ComPort Pacifica CA HST
415-359-8327 My Brother's Board Pacifica CA DS
415-398-6171 The Boundary Line San Francisco CA V32B
415-431-0227 SeaHunt BBS Public San Francisco CA 2400
415-431-0473 SeaHunt BBS Subscriber San Francisco CA DS2
415-434-1580 CompuServe San Francisco CA V32
415-467-8966 Harv's Hideout San Francisco CA HST
415-469-5809 Draken's Keep San Francisco CA HST
415-474-4523 The Network 2000 San Francisco CA DS
415-494-3116 AHA Hydrogen BBS Palo Alto CA V32B
415-550-8027 The Lost Realms San Francisco CA HST
415-572-9563 PCBL BBS San Mateo CA HST
415-572-9626 PCBL TOO San Mateo CA V32
415-573-5473 HINTS BBS San Mateo CA DS
415-573-8709 The Anxiety Closet San Mateo CA V32
415-588-7907 Swizzle Stick BBS ..... CA DS2
415-595-5843 Geno's Place Belmont CA HST
415-595-5844 Geno's Place Belmont CA 2400
415-598-0398 The Micro Foundry San Carlos/Blmt CA DS2
415-621-2609 SF PCUG BBS San Francisco CA DS
415-626-7812 Gillian/Craig Asso. San Francisco CA DS
415-637-9324 Toad Hall San Carlos CA HST
415-641-9862 The Ultramagnetic Empire San Francisco CA DS2
415-681-9594 Macademe/Emma San Francisco CA V32B
415-692-7721 The Skull San Francisco CA HST4
415-695-0759 Late Night Software San Francisco CA DS
415-737-9939 VidGame BBS San Bruno CA HST
415-742-6441 VidGame BBS San Bruno CA DS3
415-751-9308 ThelemaNet San Francisco CA TB
415-756-5098 Bun's BBS San Francisco CA DS2
415-771-1788 MIDI-Exchange BBS ...... CA CS1
415-861-8290 Coconino County San Francisco CA DS
415-863-2739 Fido Software San Francisco CA HST
415-876-0299 The Dragon's Lair S. San Francisco CA DS
415-965-4097 GameMasters BBS Mountain View CA VH
415-968-7481 Unofficial HSA-UWC BBS Mountain View CA DS3
415-969-5486 Telesoft RBBS PC Mountain View CA HST
415-969-6321 Haltek Electronics Mountain View CA V32
415-989-9804 Generic CG's BBS San Francisco CA DS
415-991-2995 Bun's BBS San Francisco CA HST4
415-992-2140 Writers Block San Jose CA DS
415-992-3780 The Micro Foundry San Francisco CA DS2
417-334-3885 Branson's Remote Access Branson MO HST
417-624-3815 The PC Depot Joplin MO HST
417-624-7300 The Crawly Crypt Joplin MO HST
417-673-2283 LANStar Joplin MO DS
417-732-8720 The Entry Point Republic MO V32
417-820-3514 The Oak Tree BBS Springfield MO DS
417-866-0156 Auctioneer BBS ...... MO CS1
417-886-2563 Tele-Quest BBS Springfield MO DS
417-887-1790 Plaza Communications BBS Springfield MO HST
417-887-9616 The TriStar BBS Springfield MO TB
419-222-6676 The Black Hole Lima OH HST
419-242-5706 CompuServe Toledo OH V32
419-353-8397 The Bellfry BBS Bowling Green OH HST
419-448-1421 NorthWest Ohio RBBS Tiffin OH DS
419-475-6003 Toledo's TBBS Toledo OH DS
419-476-0389 Toledo Home Education BBS Toledo OH V32
419-535-1729 Mediccom BBS ...... OH CS1
419-826-1218 The Data Point Swanton OH V32
419-882-2697 QRV de W8GRT Sylvania OH HST
501-327-0405 Toadsuck Country BBS Conway AR HST
501-329-9419 Thunder BBS Conway AR DS
501-374-8468 Ferret Face ..... AR DS
501-376-3972 Ferret Face ..... AR CSP1
501-444-8080 NoWeARkNet Fayetteville AR DS
501-470-0624 Computer Information Assoc Mayflower AR HST
501-521-4734 Ozark Connection Fayetteville AR HST
501-532-5641 MCS1ott's BBS Blytheville AR DS2
501-532-5821 The Computer Terminal Blytheville AR HST
501-563-6829 RiverBend Osceola AR HST
501-646-5812 The Rainbow QuickBBS Fort Smith AR HST
501-735-9980 The Midnight Hour BBS West Memphis AR VH
501-753-8121 The GrapeVine BBS ..... AR DS
501-756-0335 Razorback BBS Springdale AR HST
501-862-3976 Da Connection ElDorado AR DS
501-864-0640 The U.S.A. BBS ElDorado AR DS
501-886-1701 Phil's BBS Walnut Ridge AR DS
501-931-7274 ROBBS Jonesboro AR HST
501-932-6949 JUG BBSLS Jonesboro AR HST
501-932-6961 The Wizard's Domain Bono AR HST
501-932-7355 The Gameing BBS! Jonesboro AR HST
501-932-7932 Freedom One Jonesboro AR HST
501-935-7349 The Dragon's Lair BBS Jonesboro AR HST
501-968-3910 Karate & Comics Russellville AR V32B
501-972-1156 The Cat's Meow BBS Jonesboro AR HST
501-972-8381 Total Chaos! Jonesboro AR HST
502-223-6610 Leased Squares Frankfort KY HST
502-423-8690 The Fifth Dimension Louisville KY DS
502-439-6457 Barbarian BBS ...... KY CS1
502-762-3140 Fido-Racer Murray KY V32
503-228-5866 Barristers' BBS Portland OR V32
503-233-0850 Big Larry's RBBS-PC Portland OR V32
503-238-6729 CompuServe Portland OR V32
503-245-0229 Atarian BBS 2 Portland OR V32
503-245-2006 Sadie's Swingshift Portland OR DS3
503-245-4961 Hi Tech Tools/Librarians Portland OR V32
503-245-9730 Atarian BBS Portland OR DS
503-249-6949 1st Choice Communications Portland OR DS2
503-249-6967 D'Bridge Support West II Portland OR TB2
503-269-1935 MarshField Exchange Coos Bay OR HST
503-285-9907 SMI's 3X/400 BBS Portland OR HST
503-286-2802 Sea Breeze BBS Portland OR DS
503-287-7091 Future Tech Portland OR V32
503-296-1957 Cherry City Opus The Dalles OR HST
503-297-0626 Land of the Gypsy's ..... OR V32B
503-297-8667 Trade Winds Portland OR DS
503-297-9043 Bink of an Aye Portland OR TB2
503-342-4447 PC ToyShop Members ..... OR HST4
503-342-4448 PC ToyShop Public ..... OR HST4
503-342-6581 Nightline Eugene OR HST
503-343-1483 Baudville Eugene OR DS
503-343-4520 Pandora's Box Eugene OR DS
503-345-2582 Out In The Styx Eugene OR HST
503-346-9674 The PC ToyShop Eugene OR HST
503-364-2791 Gamorian Vortex Project Salem OR DS
503-370-9739 Purgatory BBS Salem OR DS
503-386-2903 T&E Verbal Abuse Network Hood River OR HST
503-390-2014 Cows Pie Pasture BBS ...... OR CS1
503-390-9051 Chemeketa OnLine Salem OR CS1
503-393-5580 Chemeketa Online Salem OR DS
503-452-9291 Ghost Walker BBS Portland OR V32
503-461-2219 Dimension 7 Eugene OR HST
503-474-6662 Public Data Network Grants Pass OR HST
503-484-9754 ORTLAND Eugene OR HST
503-485-5860 The Boulder Eugene OR HST
503-526-9365 CADDAYS Beaverton OR V32
503-526-9365 Madd Cadd Comm Beaverton OR CS1
503-582-4860 Three R's Rogue River OR HST
503-591-5103 The Bare Bones BBS Aloha OR V32
503-629-0517 Pass-IT-On Software Supp Beaverton OR HST
503-635-8841 ET SCRIBE Lake Oswego OR V32
503-636-9562 CyBorg Systems BBS Lake Oswego OR DS2

503-640-0728 Com-Dat Portland OR V32
503-640-1241 Compulink Northwest I Hillsboro OR TB
503-642-5548 Points R Us Aloha OR V32
503-643-1891 The Omega Quadrant Beaverton OR TB2
503-643-8249 The Silver Falcon Beaverton OR V32
503-646-4312 The Bear's Den Beaverton OR V32
503-648-3976 Compulink Northwest II Hillsboro OR DS
503-649-5833 Images BBS Portland OR DS
503-650-8727 AfterBurner! Oregon City OR V32
503-659-9691 Mad BBS Portland OR V32
503-663-1459 Et Cetera Gresham OR DS
503-681-0543 COM-DAT BBS Hillsboro OR HST
503-682-1511 The Realm/AnyNet HomeBase Wilsonville OR TB2
503-687-2355 Blind Leap Eugene OR DS2
503-690-7581 SCP Services Hillsboro OR V32
503-691-0927 Spectrum BBS Tualatin OR DS
503-741-1829 Well Of Souls Springfield OR DS
503-746-5725 Cheezy Data Systems Eugene OR HST
503-747-7636 The Buffer Board Springfield OR HST
503-761-3003 Eastside Data Services #2 Portland OR V32
503-769-4394 C-King Knowledge CBCS Marion OR HST
503-771-0732 The Electric Eye Portland OR V32
503-771-4773 Busker's Boneyard Portland OR TB2
503-777-1578 Event Horizons Portland OR HST
503-777-5389 Phaze RBBS Portland OR HST
503-786-2869 Wally World Milwaukie OR HST
503-826-9290 Safe Sex White City OR HST
503-881-1733 The Dark Star System Ontario OR DS2
503-928-9535 Around The Klock Software Albany OR DS2
504-244-1417 Pontchippi New Orleans LA DS
504-273-3116 HelpNet #1 Baton Rouge LA DS
504-275-7389 HelpNet #2 Baton Rouge LA DS
504-282-0273 Grampa's House New Orleans LA DS
504-282-5753 The Dungeon New Orleans LA DS
504-283-2817 RAM On Line BBS New Orleans LA HST
504-294-5027 The River's Edge Ponchatoula LA HST
504-386-8827 The Movie Man Ponchatoula LA HST
504-387-4015 Antelope Freeway BBS Baton Rouge LA HST
504-391-2925 High Concepts New Orleans LA HST
504-436-1887 N.O.P.C. Club New Orleans LA DS
504-455-8665 Minas Tirith New Orleans LA HST
504-466-0126 Center of The Cosmos Metairie LA HST
504-466-0908 The Bowling Alley RBBS New Orleans LA HST
504-527-0022 Ozone BBS New Orleans LA DS2
504-563-2603 Players Palace Houma LA HST
504-641-4789 The Fire Scene Slidell LA HST
504-649-7101 The Flying Dutchman Slidell LA HST
504-652-7014 Tri-Parish Exchange LaPlace LA HST
504-738-7080 LA Medsig Harahan LA DS
504-756-9658 Cajun Clickers BBS Baton Rouge LA DS
504-766-4174 Southern OnLine Services ..... LA DS
504-767-0681 Hell BBS Baton Rouge LA DS
504-769-4969 Arkham Asylum BBS Baton Rouge LA V32
504-785-1848 Littlest BBS In Town ...... LA CS1
504-796-5860 NorthLake Data Exchange Folsom LA DS
504-837-8188 New Orleans MUG New Orleans LA TB2
504-851-4473 Computer Associates of LA Houma LA HST
504-851-4857 Curtain Call Houma LA HST
504-866-5765 Amiga Gateway New Orleans LA HST
504-868-1440 Databank Message Center Houma LA HST
504-878-3023 Christian Distribution Net Loranger LA HST
504-885-0118 The Generic BBS! New Orleans LA DS
504-885-5928 The Southern Star New Orleans LA DS
504-886-2157 Washington/StTammanyConnX Sun LA HST
504-888-6515 The Silver Streak RBBS New Orleans LA HST
504-926-7903 The Alternatives BBS Baton Rouge LA DS
504-947-6761 The RedLight BBS New Orleans LA DS
505-255-4119 The BlueMoon BBS ..... NM V32
505-293-0010 THe GaRBaGe DuMP BBS! Albuquerque NM V32
505-294-5675 THe GaRBaGe DuMP BBS! Albuquerque NM 2400
505-327-2623 Computer Lynx ...... NM CS1
505-334-6483 Lotta-Bull ...... NM CS1
505-434-0724 The ROCK BBS Alamogordo NM V32
505-434-3224 The Tech Net Alamogordo NM HST
505-437-2280 Fast Kode Alamogordo NM HST
505-437-8267 Casa de La Luz Alamogordo NM HST
505-479-4023 Kustom Kastle Alamogordo NM HST
505-479-4101 Magic's Nystic Meadow ...... NM CS1
505-479-4732 Foundation's Edge Alamogordo NM HST
505-523-2811 Desert Dolphin Las Cruces NM HST
505-527-7668 Dona Ana Branch CommCntr Las Cruces NM HST
505-589-0319 Randy's Basement Anthony NM DS
505-646-2868 NASW New Mexico Las Cruces NM HST
505-662-0659 Construction Net #6 Los Alamos NM HST
505-762-0116 Computer Touch ...... NM CS1
505-822-0836 Land of Enchantment BBS Albuquerque NM DS
505-822-0837 Land of Enchantment BBS Albuquerque NM V32B
505-824-0049 Abacus BBS ..... NM DS
505-891-3840 The Call Albuquerque NM HST
507-281-1989 Medical Software Exchange Rochester MN HST
507-281-8292 The Castle BBS Rochester MN DS
508-222-5875 FirePlug II N Attleboro MA V32
508-279-1552 PriZm BBS Bridgewater MA HST
508-283-5712 The Twin Lights BBS Gloucester MA V32B
508-352-7603 Rogers & Blake Georgetown MA HST
508-356-2469 The Fire Fly BBS Ipswich MA HST
508-373-0486 Joshua BBS!!! Haverhill MA HST
508-373-3845 ECIS TBBS Haverhill MA HST
508-429-8857 Cul De Sac Holliston MA DS
508-433-8540 The Hangout BBS ..... MA HST4
508-441-9215 Adventure Unlimited Lowell MA DS
508-454-0356 Space Station Lowell MA DS
508-465-3198 The MASS Hysteria BBS Newburyport MA HST
508-474-0328 Aeolus BBS Andover MA DS2
508-475-8344 Druzhba BBS Andover MA TB
508-478-7250 The Weekender ...... MA CS1
508-481-7147 WayStar Marlborough MA DS
508-481-7293 WayStar Marlborough MA HST
508-520-1516 The Apogee II Franklin MA DS
508-528-2295 Computer Confident Franklin MA DS
508-531-8416 Lost In The Supermarket Peabody MA HST
508-562-3230 The Fun Fun BBS Hudson MA HST
508-568-0957 The Imperium Hudson MA DS
508-588-2210 Tandy Tavern RBBS Brockton MA HST
508-626-2481 MSI SW BBS Framingham MA DS
508-658-8185 The Concept BBS Wilmington MA HST
508-668-7792 GNUs Board Walpole MA HST
508-682-0133 BlackMarket BBS Methuen MA HST
508-682-5279 Electric Dreams Methuen MA HST
508-682-5329 The Business Card Lawrence MA DS2
508-688-5209 Midnight Shift ...... MA CS1
508-689-4493 The Mystic Tribunal N Andover MA HST
508-697-3508 PriZm BBS Bridgewater MA VH
508-697-7771 PriZm BBS Bridgewater MA DS
508-699-9357 FirePlug N Attleboro MA V32
508-752-1227 Paddy's Place Worcester MA HST
508-753-1625 Draconian Empire ..... MA DS
508-759-9596 Bungalow Cape Cod Monument Beach MA HST
508-772-6373 Denis OPUS Ayer MA DS
508-777-2352 Danvers Software Support Danvers MA HST
508-788-1603 The SKATEboard BBS Framingham MA DS
508-791-8456 Call Again Soon ..... MA DS2
508-839-4597 Paragon STar Net S Grafton MA HST
508-840-8017 TC-Trader Leominster MA DS2
508-865-0498 Davy Jones Locker #2 W Millbury MA HST
508-865-0499 Davy Jones Locker #3 W Millbury MA DS
508-865-3290 Davy Jones Locker #1 W Millbury MA HST
508-865-7207 Davy Jones Locker #4 W Millbury MA TB
508-875-3618 Xevious BBS Framingham MA HST
508-877-0768 The Apocalypse BBS Framingham MA HST
508-877-8756 FoReM PC Framingham MA HST
508-883-0795 The PC Library Bellingham MA HST
508-897-1963 Tour de Force BBS Maynard MA VH
508-927-2537 Titan BBS Beverly MA HST
508-975-1924 Wizard's World Lawrence MA HST
508-975-2340 Amiga Attic Methuen MA HST
508-991-6058 Dreamer's BBS New Bedford MA HST
509-276-6431 TouchStone Deer Park WA HST
509-328-8770 Futurist's RoundTable Spokane WA HST
509-483-0042 The Garage Spokane WA HST4
509-487-6572 Gonzaga Law BBS Spokane WA V32B
509-534-7924 EWARG Spokane WA HST
509-545-1789 The SunDial BBS Pasco WA HST
509-545-3742 Sundial III Pasco WA CS1
509-582-9493 The Data Shop BBS Kennewick WA HST4
509-586-0104 The Hide Away BBS Kennewick WA HST
509-624-6799 Inland Empire Archive Spokane WA DS
509-663-2888 Wenatchee Area BBS Wenatchee WA HST4
509-663-3618 Apple Capitol BBS Wenatchee WA HST
509-663-5232 Electronic Library Wenatchee WA DS
509-758-6248 STARWEST-BBS Clarkston WA V32
509-766-0380 The CrossRoads BBS Moses Lake WA V32
509-783-5526 Tri-Cats BBS Kennewick WA HST
509-783-8260 Under Construction Pasco WA HST
509-884-7803 The Hartmann Medical BBS East Wenatchee WA DS
509-922-4568 Interdoor Spokane WA HST
509-943-0211 OneStop PCBoard Richland WA DS2
509-965-2345 The Yakima Atari ST BBS Yakima WA HST
510-215-7430 Firebird El Cerrito CA HST
510-235-6839 KanonTech BBS ..... CA V32B
510-373-1035 Acme 1 ..... CA 2400
510-373-1267 Acme 2 ..... CA 2400
510-373-1316 Acme 3 ..... CA V32
510-373-1458 Acme 4 ..... CA DS
510-373-6583 Windraker II Livermore CA VH
510-452-0350 ClawMarks Oakland CA HST
510-452-3551 ShadowFox/Furverts! 3 Oakland CA VH
510-458-6404 The Tiffany Touch Pittsburg CA V32
510-483-4823 The Black Circle San Leandro CA DS
510-484-0998 MacCircles Pleasanton CA HST
510-505-9047 Online Bible Reference Newark CA VH
510-522-3583 Valhalla ..... CA V32
510-582-6743 GADM Hayward CA HST
510-685-0644 Sempervirens BBS Concord CA DS2
510-687-0236 OnlineComputerResources Concord CA DS
510-689-6811 The Sinking Ship BBS Concord CA V32
510-706-0904 Cheers Antioch CA V32
510-736-8343 Windows OnLine(tm) IDS Danville CA DS2
510-741-6442 VidGame BBS San Bruno CA DS
510-754-2440 Seekers Haven Antioch CA V32
510-778-5929 Infolinc BBS Antioch CA V32
510-792-3210 The Midnight Express Fremont CA DS2
510-795-8862 MacInfo Newark CA HST
510-830-4616 Guardian's Gateway San Ramon CA HST
510-838-7687 Diablo BBS Danville CA HST
510-849-1795 BMUG Berkeley CA DS
510-849-9118 BMUG Berkeley CA DS
510-865-7115 IDC BBS Alameda CA HST
510-881-5427 Bust Out BBS Hayward CA DS
510-937-0156 Walnut Creek BBS Walnut Creek CA ULT2
510-938-5836 Walnut Creek BBS Walnut Creek CA ULT2
512-219-0737 Perfect Square Austin TX HST
512-241-1120 WireLine Corpus Christi TX HST
512-258-3643 LoneStar CBCS Austin TX DS
512-258-8831 Austin Code Works Austin TX HST
512-259-4896 Far Point Station Leander TX HST
512-285-5028 Game Street BBS ...... TX CS1
512-295-4710 Micro-Link Buda TX DS
512-298-3693 The Computer Connection Del Rio TX HST
512-322-0265 The Zen Wedgie BBS Austin TX DS2
512-323-3276 Tex-A-Caid Austin TX HST
512-327-5376 River City MailBox Austin TX HST
512-327-6805 Byte Aid ...... TX CS1
512-335-7949 Crystal Palace Lake Travis TX DS
512-338-9369 Scotts Excellent BBS Austin TX DS2
512-339-1909 Central B.B.S. ...... TX CS1
512-339-9426 Bon Appetit Austin TX HST
512-343-1612 The Bull Creek BBS Austin TX HST
512-357-6904 Lounge Lizard's Retreat San Marcos TX DS
512-383-9898 Soft World BBS Edinburg TX DS
512-385-8321 Rumours Austin TX DS
512-387-6638 SeaBat Corpus Christi TX DS
512-389-2839 The Lighthouse Austin TX HST
512-396-0252 Martin's Domain Telegard San Marcos TX V32
512-434-1557 APCO Public BBS San Antonio TX HST
512-442-6091 Button and Dietz Austin TX V32
512-443-5441 Red Wheelbarrow Austin TX V32
512-445-6000 The ACADemy Austin TX HST
512-451-0891 Future Quest Austin TX DS
512-451-4349 DataQuest Austin TX HST
512-451-4610 Pair-O-Dice BBS 1 Austin TX 2400
512-451-7117 Pair-O-Dice BBS 2 Austin TX DS2
512-454-9488 Connect America Austin TX HST
512-467-7621 GIF Land Austin TX HST
512-467-9180 Systems Consulting Austin TX V32
512-496-6550 FliegWeg BBS San Antonio TX HST
512-496-9373 The Rampant Griffin San Antonio TX HST
512-521-9307 Jim's RBBS San Antonio TX DS
512-556-2524 Tex*Star Bulletin Board Kempner TX DS2
512-590-7227 The TITAN RBBS San Antonio TX HST
512-590-9423 The Ansi Touch San Antonio TX DS
512-618-3219 InterPhaze McAllen TX HST
512-631-4714 Morgan's Corner ...... TX CS1
512-631-5841 The Dragon's Den McAllen TX HST
512-643-7858 Garfield Portland TX HST
512-643-8196 Papa Shmurf's Place Portland TX HST
512-647-8189 ACS People Connection San Antonio TX HST
512-654-8349 The Gathering BBS San Antonio TX HST
512-670-8595 Puzzle Palace San Antonio TX HST
512-684-6531 The Retreat House San Antonio TX HST
512-688-3753 B&B BBS San Antonio TX HST
512-692-0730 NUL 1 San Antonio TX DS2
512-754-7715 Jacob's Well San Marcos TX DS
512-778-6246 The Auto Control Liberty Hill TX HST
512-781-3506 Wildcat BBS Pharr TX HST
512-822-4050 Last Chance II San Antonio TX HST
512-822-7519 Last Chance TBBS San Antonio TX HST
512-827-9377 QUARK BBS New Braunfels TX HST
512-834-3564 Connections BBS ...... TX CS1
512-835-4848 Middle Earth Austin TX HST
512-836-6383 The Omicron Austin TX HST
512-837-0953 JimNet Austin TX HST
512-853-8509 Mirage BBS Corpus Christi TX HST
512-855-7564 Ye MailRoom Corpus Christi TX HST
512-882-2997 Sparklin City Corpus Christi TX HST
512-924-8179 The Playground San Antonio TX HST
512-929-3855 Sonic Boom Austin TX HST
512-929-9107 Heart O' Texas BBS Austin TX HST
512-937-8907 The Probe Corpus Christi TX HST
512-945-9304 The Ranch House ...... TX CS1
512-993-0178 Data One Systems Corpus Christi TX HST
513-224-4576 CompuServe Dayton OH V32
513-231-7013 MultiSystem TBBS Cincinnati OH HST
513-233-1200 The Pit-Stop BBS Huber Hts OH HST
513-236-0917 J&J's BBS 4 Huber Heights OH V32B
513-236-1229 J&J's BBS 3 Huber Heights OH HST4
513-236-3087 J&J's BBS 2 Huber Heights OH HST4
513-236-3448 The Darkroom Dayton OH HST
513-236-4788 J&J's BBS 1 Huber Heights OH V32B
513-237-7737 Myth Kingdom Tech Huber Hts OH HST
513-244-2255 Access! Cincinnati OH DS2
513-252-8891 The Arena BBS Dayton OH HST
513-253-2476 CURRENTS Dayton OH HST
513-256-0399 FireHouse BBS Dayton OH HST
513-258-0971 Trader's Cove Dayton OH HST
513-259-0806 D.M.U.G BBS Dayton OH HST
513-294-8064 Kettering BBS Kettering OH V32
513-298-3006 Decker's Board Dayton OH HST
513-299-8910 D'Bridge Support/OH USA Kettering OH DS2
513-376-9711 PW&M BBS Xenia OH V32
513-383-2264 D.N.R Connection Wilmington OH V32B
513-398-0928 Train Board Mason OH HST
513-429-5818 DAYHUG Dayton OH DS2
513-436-0400 Genealogy Ohio Dayton OH HST
513-438-8376 MIDI MATRIX BBS Dayton OH V32
513-439-5021 Dayton West Chapter Dayton OH HST
513-446-3108 Barn Owl Georgetown OH HST
513-474-2985 CINTUG TBBS Cincinnati OH HST
513-528-7018 Showcase TBBS Cincinnati OH HST
513-563-6475 NGPK Shareware Board Cincinnati OH HST4
513-732-0984 Fishing Hole Batavia OH HST
513-751-4009 Peace Net Cincinnati OH HST
513-752-1055 Cincinnati Comp Conn Cincinnati OH DS
513-761-2084 Rolling Stone Cincinnati OH HST
513-762-1115 KIC Cincinnati OH HST
513-771-0592 CompuServe Cincinnati OH V32
513-821-1387 D'Bridge/North America Cincinnati OH HST
513-844-8557 The Upper Room Fairfield OH HST
513-845-2484 Bulldog Express New Carlisle OH HST
513-860-1340 MIDI Inn Cincinnati OH HST
513-860-2277 Basselope West Cincinnati OH DS2
513-860-2728 ACORN Cincinnati OH HST
513-864-1143 The Blue Byte Enon OH HST
513-898-3393 Hooterville BBS Dayton OH DS2
513-921-5568 Mountain Top Cincinnati OH HST
513-968-6900 Design & Data Systems Union City OH VH
513-987-2417 Dragon BBS Wilmington OH DS
513-987-2418 Dragon BBS Wilmington OH DS
515-255-2567 TSI BBS Des Moines IA DS
515-279-3073 ZSys BBS Bagdad IA V32
515-279-6769 Enchanted Mansion Des Moines IA HST
515-285-1190 Alternatives Des Moines IA DS
515-964-7937 FOG Line BBS Des Moines IA HST
516-321-4893 EarthNet Environmental Inf West Islip NY HST
516-325-0827 Empire BBS Westhampton NY DS
516-331-5562 The Symbolic Stack Dump Miller Place NY V32
516-331-6079 Havoc Central HQ BBS ..... NY V32
516-364-4450 Substation BBS Long Island NY CS2
516-367-6387 D2 Systems BBS Melville NY HST
516-474-1472 Take-Out PortJefferson Stn NY DS
516-481-2004 Jack & Jill's LI ConneXion East Meadow NY DS
516-536-1546 Big Apple BBS Rockville Centre NY ULT
516-536-8723 SOM Premium Info-Net Long Island NY ULT
516-561-5453 HAST BBS .......... NY DS2
516-579-7507 Utopia Technologies Ltd. Levittown NY DS2
516-581-6540 Captain Jack's Brentwood NY DS
516-626-3804 ShadowRun Old Westbury NY HST
516-689-2566 Searchlight World HQ ..... NY V32B
516-689-5833 The Realm of the Unknown Stonybrook NY DS
516-694-3623 The Expressway BBS Farmingdale NY V32B
516-731-1094 Fort Z BBS Levittown NY DS
516-736-3403 King Diamond's Realm Coram NY DS
516-737-8217 Logylink BBS Ronkonkoma NY HST
516-741-6914 The Rail Road Garden City Park NY HST
516-767-5189 ImageSoft BBS Port Washington NY HST
516-789-2911 Caufield CompuCom Support ...... NY CS1
516-791-1407 The File BBS 1 Long Island NY ULT
516-842-4259 Island Information System ...... NY CS1
516-867-4445 Intelec Online Freeport LI NY HST4
516-867-4446 Intelec Online Freeport LI NY HST4
516-867-4447 Intelec Online Freeport LI NY DS2
516-867-4448 Intelec Online Freeport LI NY DS3
516-889-3036 Your WhereHouse BBS Oceanside NY DS2
516-957-1465 MORDOR BBS Lindenhurst NY V32
517-321-0788 The Lighthouse BBS Lansing MI HST
517-332-0472 The Program Exchange East Lansing MI HST
517-332-7141 CompuServe Lansing MI V32
517-337-0624 The Lansing FORUM East Lansing MI HST
517-337-8132 Microsystems East Lansing MI DS
517-349-0743 The Gamer's Forum Okemos MI HST
517-349-9491 The Kollection Konnection Okemos MI HST
517-374-1088 Jenny's Dog House I Lansing MI HST
517-569-2332 The Hideaway! ..... MI V32B
517-641-4801 The Rec Room Bath MI HST
517-641-4802 The Rec Room II Bath MI DS
517-645-0026 The Abacus II Potterville MI HST
517-645-7343 The Abacus Potterville MI HST
517-655-3347 The Programmers Attic Williamston MI HST
517-695-6859 Flying Circus Kawkawlin MI HST
517-695-9952 Wolverine Midland MI HST
517-753-5100 CompuServe Saginaw MI V32
517-783-4005 BG's Bar & Grill ...... MI CS1
517-783-5471 The Flaming Dragon Jackson MI HST
517-792-4680 The Adult File Cabinet BBS ..... MI DS
517-797-3740 Delight The Customer BBS ..... MI V32
517-851-7762 Ron's Roost BBS ..... MI DS
517-865-6173 MicroCosm St. Charles MI HST
518-383-2282 Fantasy Land Clifton Park NY DS
518-437-1267 Computer Group Ltd 1 Albany NY HST
518-479-3879 Fact Sheet Five ...... NY CS1
518-583-2841 The Final Frontier II Saratoga Springs NY DS
518-584-8187 ALLIES BBS Saratoga Springs NY HST
518-761-0869 The Final Frontier Glens Falls NY HST
518-785-1715 Pain & Pleasure BBS Latham NY HST
518-785-6643 Pain & Pleasure BBS Latham NY HST
518-793-9574 The HOST BBS Glens Falls NY HST
601-268-8871 Camelot BBS Hattiesburg MS HST4
601-328-2278 The Wizzards Inn Columbus MS HST
601-332-9453 !PSYCHOBABBLE! Greenville MS V32
601-362-9958 Berserker BBS Jackson MS V32
601-366-1664 Big Bang Theory Jackson MS DS2
601-371-8597 Infinite Limit Jackson MS V32
601-372-6998 Electronic Dreams Jackson MS V32
601-373-0018 HyperDrive Jackson MS V32B
601-437-2108 Grand Gulf Connection Port Gibson MS HST
601-442-5978 Trinity School BBS ...... MS CS1
601-634-1625 The Southern Belle Vicksburg MS HST
601-636-1119 The Cat's Meow Vicksburg MS HST
601-638-7056 The Wishing Well Vicksburg MS HST
601-856-8337 Heliport Madison MS V32B
601-875-2355 DataSync BBS Ocean Springs MS V32B
601-896-3970 On-line Systems Gulfport MS HST
601-924-4174 Xanadu BBS Clinton MS V32
601-925-4380 Binary Bros Clinton MS ULT
601-939-2836 Bald Eagle BBS 1 ..... MS V32B
601-939-3612 Bald Eagle BBS 2 ..... MS V32
601-956-9943 The Connector Jackson MS DS2
601-957-0843 Irrelevant BBS Jackson MS ULT
601-957-3016 Cont'l Divide Jackson MS V32
601-981-1394 SkyNet BBS Jackson MS 2400
601-981-8220 SkyNet BBS Jackson MS V32B
601-992-4023 MCS Micronet Brandon MS HST
601-992-9459 MacHaven Brandon MS DS
602-235-9653 St Joes Hospital Phoenix AZ DS
602-242-3158 Answering Mach Phoenix AZ HST
602-242-4784 The Open Door West Phoenix AZ HST
602-245-2946 Hidden Cavern BBS Phoenix AZ VH
602-246-1410 BBS West Online InfoCenter ...... AZ CS1
602-247-9570 Merlin's ...... AZ CS1
602-252-1426 Mac's Place Phoenix AZ HST
602-258-8347 Construction Net 1 Phoenix AZ DS
602-264-2328 Migrant BBS Phoenix AZ HST
602-269-5192 Exodus ...... AZ CS1
602-271-2492 CHHS BBS Phoenix AZ DS
602-275-3284 The CAD-alog BBS Tempe AZ V32B
602-290-9854 Eternity! BBS Tucson AZ DS2
602-326-2999 The Hour Glass Tucson AZ DS2
602-326-9345 New Parents Network Tucson AZ DS
602-336-0702 The Looking Glass ...... AZ CS1
602-395-9726 Chalkboard ...... AZ CS1
602-458-0451 The Analog Gate Sierra Vista AZ DS
602-458-8342 The Hometown BBS Sierra Vista AZ HST
602-459-2412 The New Way BBS Sierra Vista AZ ULT4
602-459-5472 AVCOMM BBS Sierra Vista AZ V32
602-468-0285 CompuServe Phoenix AZ V32
602-488-0656 Construction Net 5 Cave Creek AZ HST
602-495-1713 AZ MAC UG Phoenix AZ DS
602-524-2032 Animal Pharm BBS Holbrook AZ DS
602-526-5805 Ramcom Technology BBS Flagstaff AZ HST
602-527-8404 The High Mountain BBS Flagstaff AZ DS2
602-548-0513 Anime Archive 2 Phoenix AZ DS2
602-571-0207 CompuServe Tucson AZ V32
602-571-9063 Comm-Post Tucson AZ V32
602-577-6393 Tucson Apple Core Tucson AZ ULT
602-578-0842 Add Net Tucson AZ HST
602-579-0869 Meridith Place Tucson AZ DS2
602-582-1549 Aslan's Roar Distr Ctr Phoenix AZ DS
602-584-7395 Sunwise Sun City West AZ DS
602-624-5125 Community Resource On-Line Tucson AZ DS2
602-692-0254 Crystal Dawn BBS ...... AZ CS1
602-730-0119 Megabytes Mesa AZ HST
602-731-4990 Twilight Zone ..... AZ V32
602-741-7851 Tucson On-Line Tucson AZ ULT
602-744-2314 Old Pueblo BBS Tucson AZ DS2
602-745-3638 Clearwater #1 Tucson AZ DS2
602-745-3639 Clearwater #2 Tucson AZ HST
602-747-1269 Dave's Mailbox Tucson AZ HST
602-747-5236 Solitude Tucson AZ V32
602-749-5968 BigFoot's RBBS-PC Tucson AZ DS2
602-750-0016 Black Dragons Lair #1 Tucson AZ DS2
602-750-8246 Rebel's Outpost Tucson AZ DS
602-750-8246 Rebel's Outpost Tucson AZ DS2
602-756-2855 Rare Readers BBS Mesa AZ HST
602-757-1125 PrimeNet (tm) Kingman AZ HST
602-780-1839 The Shire Phoenix AZ HST
602-780-9180 The Ranch Phoenix AZ DS
602-788-7144 Amiga City Phoenix AZ HST
602-789-0091 The BatBoard Phoenix AZ V32B
602-789-5088 Iasd Eng Bbs Phoenix AZ HST
602-792-3772 Nine Star Tucson AZ DS
602-814-0123 AMC Net Chandler AZ HST
602-820-6237 The Anarchy Connection Mesa AZ DS
602-840-4752 Nat'l. Congress For Men Phoenix AZ HST
602-846-4420 Land Of Nomad Glendale AZ DS
602-848-0732 Ed's Place Phoenix AZ HST
602-848-9902 InfoSpectrum BBS Glendale AZ HST
602-866-9229 Valley Of The Sun Glendale AZ TB2
602-872-9148 Broadcaster's BBS Phoenix AZ DS2
602-881-3769 Edge of Forever Tucson AZ DS2
602-885-4004 PC Consulting Agency BBS Tucson AZ DS2
602-886-7943 Bigfoot's RBBS-PC Tucson AZ DS
602-886-8650 Midnight Oil Tucson AZ DS2
602-887-1329 The Home RCS Tucson AZ DS
602-888-0819 Aztec BBS Tucson AZ DS2
602-892-3198 The Coconut Telegraph Mesa AZ HST
602-898-1603 NCC-1603 Mesa AZ DS
602-899-3386 The Hog Trough! Chandler AZ DS
602-921-1651 Flatland Center Tempe AZ DS
602-921-2410 Lamb Architects BBS ..... AZ V32B
602-926-4026 AMUG Preferred Phoenix AZ ULT
602-933-1768 TJ's Peoria AZ HST
602-937-2304 Exterminator BBS #2 Phoenix AZ HST
602-939-2134 Exterminator BBS Phoenix AZ DS
602-943-1497 Ranch & Cattle Metro BBS Phoenix AZ V32B
602-945-0869 Genoa City Tempe AZ HST
602-947-0587 AZ MAC UG 2 Scottsdale AZ ULT
602-965-3648 Construction Net 2 Tempe AZ HST
602-994-9882 Swamp Gas Scottsdale AZ HST
602-996-0078 The Tiger's Den Phoenix AZ HST
602-997-6947 Graphics Technlgy Exchange ...... AZ CS1
603-228-0705 Easy Does It Bow NH HST
603-256-6147 Emerald City ..... NH V32B
603-256-6931 The Medic's Meeting House ..... NH V32
603-335-5640 Barrington BBS Barrington NH HST
603-424-0923 VAXCat Merrimack NH TB
603-424-4915 Outer Limits Merrimack NH HST
603-429-2052 Starship's Shuttle Craft Manchester NH HST
603-433-1859 Quagmire BBS Portsmouth NH HST
603-434-5842 Gateway Communications Windham NH ULT
603-448-0198 Guru Mountain Lebanon NH HST
603-474-8915 The Nuke Zone Seabrook NH HST
603-523-7676 The Dead Pool BBS Canaan NH HST
603-524-8600 Alter-Net Laconia NH HST
603-527-0862 Alter-Net IV Gilford NH HST
603-528-2149 Alter-Net II Gilford NH HST
603-529-3395 Manchester EchoMail City Manchester NH DS
603-529-4290 Granite State Connection 2 Weare NH HST
603-547-6485 InterVision Francestown NH HST
603-595-7739 The Danger Zone Nashua NH HST
603-595-9677 The Starship Amherst NH DS

603-624-9451 Amiga Venom BBS Manchester NH HST
603-635-3738 George's Place Pelham NH HST
603-641-2017 Computer Solutions Manchester NH HST
603-647-3177 Boardtalk BBS Manchester NH HST
603-672-8041 The Ultimate Realm Merrimack NH V32
603-673-2781 Dave's Swimmin Hole Brookline NH HST
603-880-1658 Cuckoo's Nest BBS Hudson NH HST
603-881-9741 Kat(h)'s Meow Nashua NH HST
603-882-2099 The Ballpark RBBS Nashua NH HST
603-883-4466 Legal Beagle Nashua NH HST
603-886-5722 The Toy Room BBS Hudson NH HST
603-888-3840 The Outpost Nashua NH HST
603-891-1386 The Imperial Palace Nashua NH HST
603-898-2349 My House BBS Salem NH HST
603-899-3335 The Cereal Port BBS Rindge NH HST
605-232-4648 The Voyager BBS McCook Lake SD DS2
605-335-7288 PrairieNet BBS Sioux Falls SD DS2
605-336-3578 Dakota InfoNet Sioux Falls SD DS2
605-338-8333 Youth Education EBBS Sioux Falls SD DS
605-348-4113 The Time Portal Rapid City SD DS
605-923-1185 The Crows Nest Rapid City SD HST
605-923-2111 Cowboy's Corral Rapid City SD DS2
606-269-1565 PROF-BBS Lexington KY HST
606-283-2040 The ZOO Independence KY DS2
606-283-2455 Fifth Dimension Independence KY HST
606-371-0570 Hellfire Club Florence KY HST
606-376-3747 Black Angel Marshes Siding KY HST
606-586-5202 InfoNet Petersburg KY HST
606-623-7951 Digital Gallery BBS ....... KY HST
606-727-3638 DataNet Erlanger KY DS2
606-727-9666 Nobody's Here Now Erlanger KY DS2
606-781-2956 Camelot Ft Thomas KY HST
606-836-1267 The Penal Colony Worthington KY HST
607-256-0200 The Lowlands Ithaca NY V32
607-256-5466 Shark's Basin Ithaca NY DS2
607-293-6015 Silicon SysOp ..... NY V32B
607-687-6193 Walden Puddle Owego NY V32
607-722-1689 The Great Outdoor Binghamton NY HST
607-754-7743 Death Star BBS ...... NY CS1
608-256-5697 NineJackNine Madison WI HST
608-273-9894 Experimental RBBS Madison WI HST
608-274-7483 Der SaugenGrube BBS Madison WI V32
608-325-7994 The Swiss Bull BBS Monroe WI HST
608-837-1923 JW-PC DataFlex Sun Prairie WI DS2
609-228-9466 The Rook's Manor BBS ..... NJ V32B
609-232-1245 Compu-Data Turnersville NJ DS2
609-232-2258 Overland Express BBS ..... NJ DS3
609-265-1144 Bear Mountain Railroad ...... NJ CS1
609-298-3096 The Tarkus' ...... NJ CS1
609-327-5553 Union Lake BBS Millville NJ HST
609-327-9133 The Towers BBS Millville NJ V32B
609-386-1989 Capital City BBS Burlington NJ DS2
609-392-5953 Polymath One 1 Public Trenton NJ CS1
609-394-5414 Polymath One 2 Private Trenton NJ HST
609-435-4410 Dark Shadows BBS 1 Lindenwold NJ HST
609-467-3898 The Beckett BBS Swedesboro NJ HST
609-482-1336 The Next Generation BBS Maple Shade NJ V32B
609-482-6916 The Happy Hour BBS Cherry Hill NJ HST
609-482-7345 The Next Generation BBS Maple Shade NJ V32
609-482-8561 The Next Generation BBS ..... NJ 2400
609-482-8604 Maple Shade Opus Maple Shade NJ DS
609-488-4398 The Dark One's Domain Pennsauken NJ HST
609-530-1427 CentraLink Ewing NJ HST
609-538-1473 Midnight Technology ...... NJ CS1
609-546-5808 The APT To Be BBS Haddon Heights NJ HST
609-561-3377 Casino BBS Atlantic City NJ DS2
609-582-4753 The Programming Lynk Sewell NJ DS
609-582-9618 Lestershire Country Club Turnersville NJ HST
609-586-4847 Freedom InfoNet BBS Mercerville NJ DS3
609-625-2453 Dynalogic Product Support Mays Landing NJ HST
609-627-8369 Dark Shadows BBS 2 Lindenwold NJ DS
609-654-0999 RTC-BBS Medford NJ HST
609-667-8865 CompuServe Cherry Hill NJ V32
609-692-4126 Connections! BBS ..... NJ V32B
609-697-2976 Microshare II BBS Newfield NJ HST
609-751-3847 Memory Link BBS Cherry Hill NJ HST
609-771-2679 The CJCC Forum Board 2 ..... NJ 2400
609-771-3177 The CJCC Forum Board 1 ..... NJ V32B
609-784-9404 Computer Co-op Voorhees NJ HST
609-786-3475 Allen's Space Shuttle Riverton NJ DS
609-786-8601 Allen's Space Shuttle Riverton NJ V32
609-799-0628 The Switch Room Plainsboro NJ HST
609-825-1621 Holly City BBS Millville NJ DS2
609-825-4589 No Realities ..... NJ V32B
609-825-4996 Vampyre Bar ..... NJ HST
609-825-5223 The Union Lake BBS ..... NJ V32B
609-825-5223 Union Lake BBS Millville NJ V32B
609-825-5717 Towers BBS Intn'l Millville NJ CS1
609-825-6057 Union Lake BBS Millville NJ HST
609-825-7776 Towers BBS Intn'l Millville NJ 2400
609-829-1395 Marquee Systems BBS Cinnaminson NJ 2400
609-829-5601 Marquee Systems BBS Cinnaminson NJ DS2
609-859-1910 Pinelands RBBS Vincentown NJ DS
609-866-2551 The Livewire BBS Mt. Laurel NJ DS
609-875-9759 Hurricane Alley BBS Williamstown NJ HST
609-877-0703 Tomcat BBS Willingboro NJ HST
609-895-0398 The WJCC Lawrenceville NJ DS3
609-953-5612 Allen's Space Shuttle Medford NJ DS3
609-953-5621 Allen's Space Shuttle Medford NJ DS2
609-953-5623 Allen's Space Shuttle Medford NJ 2400
609-985-4750 The Armoury II Marlton NJ HST
612-252-1116 The Outpost! Sauk Rapids MN DS2
612-259-0801 The Outpost! Sauk Rapids MN 2400
612-259-5139 The Outpost! Sauk Rapids MN CSP1
612-332-5217 Telegraph Road Minneapolis MN HST
612-339-1805 CompuServe Minneapolis MN V32
612-441-6579 Elk River pcBBs 1 ..... MN V32B
612-441-6612 Elk River pcBBs 2 ..... MN V32B
612-493-4943 The Mirror Exchange Champlin MN HST
612-535-7153 The Senate Chamber Crystal MN HST
612-544-5118 FlightLine BBS Minneapolis MN DS2
612-546-9235 ExchangeNET Plymouth MN V32
612-571-6280 The Enterprise Board Fridley MN V32
612-588-3301 The Starview Connection ...... MN CS1
612-591-7767 The O-Zone BBS New Hope MN DS
612-623-0152 Terrapin Station Minneapolis MN V32B
612-624-4318 U-of-MN Libraries BBS Minneapolis MN V32
612-636-4285 Desert Oasis New Brighton MN DS
612-636-7580 DTP Exchange BBS New Brighton MN TB2
612-642-4629 Conus BBS St. Paul MN HST
612-654-8194 Granite BBS Public 2 St. Cloud MN V32B
612-654-8372 Granite BBS Public 1 St. Cloud MN HST
612-656-0678 Granite BBS Private 3 St. Cloud MN V32B
612-721-8967 Terraboard Minneapolis MN HST
612-757-2634 The Off Track BBS ..... MN V32B
612-778-1222 Caverns Of Depth St.Paul MN DS2
612-825-0592 WalkInTheShadowsOfNight Minneapolis MN V32B
612-825-0595 WalkInTheShadowsOfNight Minneapolis MN V32B
612-825-0596 WalkInTheShadowsOfNight Minneapolis MN DS2
612-825-0599 WalkInTheShadowsOfNight Minneapolis MN TB2
612-825-5231 Nightlife BBS Minneapolis MN V32
612-832-5127 Odyssey BBS Edina MN DS2
612-885-0537 The File Cabinet BBS Bloomington MN HST
612-938-1875 TC-AMS TBBS Minnetonka MN DS
612-938-8924 Dark Knight's Table Minnetonka MN DS
612-944-3358 The Freezing Point Eden Prairie MN V32
614-221-1935 PC ON-LINE! ..... OH CSP1
614-259-5822 Kitty City BBS Lucasville OH V32
614-268-1982 Ginger's Port Limited Columbus OH DS
614-335-3627 PC-Connection WashngtnCrtHouse OH HST
614-363-4204 Patriot Network System Delaware OH V32
614-374-6910 Flying High! Marietta OH DS
614-382-3534 Marion Software Connection Marion OH DS
614-387-3524 Marion Software Connection Marion OH DS
614-423-6308 MELTDOWN Belpre OH HST
614-436-2414 Briefcase BBS Columbus OH V32
614-442-6695 Utilities Exchange BBS Columbus OH HST
614-442-6696 Utilities Exchange BBS Columbus OH DS
614-457-1701 MARDUK III Upper Arlington OH DS2
614-478-3611 AveMaria Columbus OH DS
614-523-1105 Ginger's Port Westerville OH V32
614-772-5520 The Outer Limits Chillicothe OH DS2
614-773-2423 South of the Bauder Chillicothe OH HST
614-775-3370 MCINET Chillicothe OH HST
614-792-0669 CompuServe Columbus OH V32
614-837-3896 Aspencade BBS Pickerington OH DS2
614-846-1274 Compu-Link Columbus OH HST
614-855-2958 The KrackerLine New Albany OH HST
614-861-5825 The Computer Room II Pickerington OH HST
614-861-8377 The Computer Room Pickerington OH DS
614-864-0092 Pets Elite BBS Columbus OH HST
614-870-6544 The CommPort BBS Columbus OH V32
614-875-3552 MARDUK IV Grove City OH HST
614-882-4478 MARDUK Columbus OH DS2
614-885-9829 Colossus Worthington OH DS
614-891-0255 Twilight Zone Columbus OH DS
614-928-2339 The Mother Board! Buckeye Lake OH HST4
615-227-1768 Dandy Line BBS Nashville TN DS
615-245-1364 The Commo Bunker Kingsport TN HST
615-265-2629 The Old Folk's Home Chattanooga TN HST
615-297-5611 The Transfer Station Nashville TN HST
615-331-6664 The SHMC BBS Nashville TN HST
615-331-7819 ShareWorld BBS Antioch TN HST
615-333-1458 WorkBench BBS Nashville TN HST
615-353-0514 Control Systems Nashville TN DS
615-353-3476 EET BBS Nashville TN DS
615-356-0453 UltraTech Nashville TN HST
615-356-8016 The M.C. Photographers Nashville TN DS
615-366-0064 The Ace of Spades BBS Nashville TN HST
615-377-3419 Genesis BBS Brentwood TN HST
615-381-3201 Computer Concepts Columbia TN HST
615-385-4268 Dawg Byte (ANSI Club HQ) Nashville TN HST
615-385-9328 Strawberry Fields Nashville TN DS
615-385-9421 Promises Nashville TN HST
615-453-0780 C Delight Pigeon Forge TN HST
615-472-9748 Nova BBS Cleveland TN HST
615-478-2890 PC Junction BBS Cleveland TN HST
615-479-3686 Inner Circle Cleveland TN HST
615-526-3347 Cumberland BBS Cookeville TN HST
615-531-2177 Volunteer PC BBS Knoxville TN DS
615-546-5401 The Hitchin' Post Knoxville TN HST
615-552-8783 The GTR Clarksville TN HST
615-643-2820 Smalltown ...... TN 2400
615-643-7562 Smalltown ...... TN CS1
615-646-2842 The Rx Shop 2 Nashville TN DS
615-646-5550 The Fishing Hole Nashville TN HST
615-662-0371 The Humanities Forum Franklin TN HST
615-662-0632 Transformations BBS Nashville TN HST
615-671-4695 Data World BBS Knoxville TN ZYX
615-671-4696 Data World BBS Knoxville TN ZYX
615-675-3282 Data World BBS 4 Private Knoxville TN DS2
615-675-4577 Data World BBS 3 Private Knoxville TN DS2
615-675-4753 Data World BBS Knoxville TN DS
615-675-6994 Data World BBS 5 Private Knoxville TN DS2
615-675-6995 Data World BBS 1 Private Knoxville TN ULT
615-690-4716 E. TN Adult Connection ..... TN V32
615-842-9225 MAXspeed BBS Hixson TN HST
615-870-5238 The P.T. Connection! ][ Chattanooga TN HST
615-870-5876 The P.T. Connection! Chattanooga TN HST
615-875-4131 Starfire Command Chattanooga TN HST
615-889-0948 Rendezvous BBS Nashville TN HST
615-894-8825 The District Car Chattanooga TN HST
615-899-3899 Glenn's GIF World Chattanooga TN DS
615-899-5578 The Ragged Edge BBS Chattanooga TN HST
615-952-9396 Anomalous BBS ..... TN V32
615-966-3574 Data World BBS 2 Public Knoxville TN ULT
615-970-7418 Data-Comp BBS Private Maryville TN DS2
615-982-6512 Data-Comp BBS Private 3 Maryville TN DS2
615-982-6537 Data-Comp BBS Public 2 Maryville TN ULT
615-982-8723 Data-Comp BBS Private 1 Maryville TN ULT
615-983-8232 The Disk Fix Maryville TN DS
616-235-2313 RIP Grand Rapids MI HST
616-285-9002 Fort Knox BBS Grand Rapids MI HST
616-372-3547 The Amigans BBS Kalamazoo MI V32B
616-383-0337 Lightning Zone Kalamazoo MI DS
616-455-0168 Fort Knox Grand Rapids MI 2400
616-455-2252 Fort Knox Grand Rapids MI DS
616-456-1845 Ryan's Bar BBQ Grand Rapids MI HST
616-456-5342 Post Office Grand Rapids MI V32
616-534-7093 Crystal Palace Grand Rapids MI HST
616-561-5766 Out Of Sequence BBS ...... MI CS1
616-629-4354 The Freq Shop BBS ..... MI DS2
616-668-2440 Networks BBS ...... MI CS1
616-728-8347 Vision Quest ...... MI CS1
616-784-2844 Industrial Controls ...... MI CS1
616-791-2109 SuperService Grand Rapids MI HST
616-798-2464 Cinema 12 ...... MI CS1
616-896-7820 DJ's Country Dorr MI V32
616-897-4953 River City Lowell MI HST
616-897-6647 Spiteos Lowell MI V32
616-940-6026 Covered Bridge Grand Rapids MI HST
616-956-0075 CompuServe Grand Rapids MI V32
616-963-9092 The Final Frontier Battle Creek MI ULT
617-237-1511 Heath Users Group Westwood MA HST
617-286-1807 Total Confusion III Revere MA HST
617-326-4676 BINEX II Westwood MA HST
617-331-1070 Navigator BBS Weymouth MA HST
617-335-6842 The Complete Sports BBS Weymouth MA DS3
617-354-0470 Channel 1 (R) Cambridge MA TB2
617-354-3137 Channel 1 (R) Cambridge MA HST4
617-354-3230 Channel 1 (R) Cambridge MA V32B
617-354-4443 Channel 1 (R) Cambridge MA CS1
617-354-5776 Channel 1 (R) Cambridge MA ULT
617-395-4317 Total Confusion Medford MA HST
617-471-0542 Tom's BBS Wollaston MA DS2
617-472-8612 Photo Talk BBS Squantum MA HST
617-494-0565 4th Dimension BBS Cambridge MA HST
617-497-6463 Number Nine Graphics BBS Cambridge MA HST
617-547-6246 Cambridge Dataworks Kendall Square Stn MA V32
617-551-0495 Rainbows Edge Westwood MA HST
617-595-5626 NewWorld Magic1 Swampscott MA HST
617-598-6646 Baystate PCBoard Lynn MA HST
617-621-0882 BCS Info Center Cambridge MA HST
617-625-0381 BCS Macintosh TBBS Somerville MA DS
617-631-3304 Island Logistics Marblehead MA HST
617-661-7071 CompuServe Cambridge MA V32
617-767-2909 VI/BUG Holbrook MA HST
617-786-9788 BCSnet Telecomm OPUS Quincy MA HST
617-828-0868 American Playhouse Canton MA HST
617-969-3138 White Zone BBS ........ MA DS2
617-969-6230 White Zone BBS ...... MA CS1
618-233-1659 EchoMania Belleville IL HST
618-233-9809 Electronic Forum (TEF) ....... IL HST
618-242-9506 The Place ..... IL V32
618-346-9078 Electronic Forum (TEF) ....... IL HST
618-346-9164 Comm Central Maryville IL HST
618-397-6613 Custom Computer Services ...... IL CS1
618-548-3637 Channel Z BBS Salem IL ULT4
618-549-1129 Mac UnderGround HQ Carbondale IL DS
618-549-6918 Mac UnderGround Carbondale IL VH
618-624-6578 USS Hexum O'Fallon IL CS1
618-684-3990 Hard Disk Cafe! BBS Murphysboro IL DS3
618-744-1458 The BackChannel BBS Belleville IL HST
618-932-6927 Channel II W. Frankfort IL HST
618-993-5091 ESP BBS ....... IL DS2
619-221-0311 JBBS San Diego CA HST
619-223-7111 Know Ware BBS San Diego CA DS
619-228-1781 Electronic Universe BBS Yucca Valley CA CS1
619-240-6200 Tana BBS Apple Valley CA DS
619-243-9422 WPGS Victorville CA HST
619-270-8779 Information Exchange 386 Pacific Beach CA V32
619-272-2059 Mac Underground San Diego San Diego CA HST
619-273-0514 Lost Bytes San Diego CA DS2
619-275-6129 The RATS Nest San Diego CA HST
619-278-7086 Pacific Rim Information San Diego CA DS
619-278-7361 Pacific Rim Information II San Diego CA DS
619-279-5240 Dan's BBS San Diego CA HST
619-280-3819 Chaos San Diego CA DS
619-281-2622 The General San Diego CA CS1
619-281-5538 The General BBS San Diego CA DS
619-284-0799 Programmers Workshop ...... CA CS1
619-284-2924 Programmers Workshop Test ...... CA CS1
619-284-8729 Trader's World San Diego CA DS
619-291-0544 Hillcrest Community BBS San Diego CA DS
619-291-6746 Pea's Keep San Diego CA HST
619-345-5838 The T&L BBS Indio CA DS2
619-361-5527 The Stumps II WC! BBS Twentynine Palms CA DS
619-371-1665 Computing Technology BBS Ridgecrest CA DS
619-423-9352 Data Works Imperial Beach CA HST
619-426-4651 Racer's Edge BBS ...... CA CS1
619-440-6038 Don's House El Cajon CA HST
619-443-5664 Plan B ...... CA CS1
619-446-1316 Clinic BBS ...... CA CS1
619-447-1008 Ballyhoo BBS ...... CA CS1
619-447-5489 Suburbia? San Diego CA HST
619-461-0982 I.D.I.C BBS Lemon Grove CA HST
619-461-3415 $ound of Money San Diego CA HST
619-463-9222 Collector's Forum ..... CA 2400
619-463-9261 Collector's Forum ..... CA HST
619-464-2134 The Mouse-Trap San Diego CA HST
619-466-9505 Gandalf's San Diego CA HST
619-467-0335 The SW/SE Connection San Diego CA DS2
619-467-9508 CompuServe San Diego CA V32
619-469-1354 The Chief's Mess San Diego CA HST
619-476-0692 Investment Club BB$ ...... CA CS1
619-479-3006 Starhelm Greystaff San Diego CA HST
619-486-1201 The Yellow Jersey ...... CA CS1
619-497-0541 USS Enterprise San Diego CA HST
619-542-0906 About Town San Diego CA HST
619-560-2996 Starbase 23 San Diego CA HST
619-562-3646 Foys' Trading Post Santee CA DS
619-562-8735 The Santee Micro Santee CA CS1
619-565-1728 Plain Vanilla San Diego CA HST
619-566-0328 Classified Connection III San Diego CA CS1
619-566-1745 Classified Connection III San Diego CA HST
619-571-7791 Casa de Cricket San Diego CA HST
619-575-3310 Morning Star BBS ...... CA CS1
619-583-1626 Central City Hub San Diego CA HST
619-587-9825 Tunnels Of Vesarius San Diego CA DS
619-588-8931 DOOGER'S Place El Cajon CA DS
619-593-1341 D J M BBS La Mesa CA HST
619-632-8287 Cornucopia San Diego CA HST
619-670-3969 Bauhaus San Diego CA HST
619-670-9825 SuperByte BBS ..... CA V32B
619-689-1865 Comtech ...... CA CS1
619-695-3011 Adventure Games Of America San Diego CA HST
619-698-5715 The Morgue Lemon Grove CA HST
619-722-3621 Mr. Rick's Neighborhood ..... CA HST
619-746-1455 Time Traveler BBS #2 Escondido CA HST4
619-746-7511 Time Traveler BBS #1 Escondido CA DS3
619-775-3930 Great Escape Indio CA DS
619-946-1632 Klutz's Kastle ..... CA CSP1
619-949-4021 NOHO BBS Hesperia CA DS
619-949-4025 NOHO BBS Hesperia CA HST
619-949-4026 NOHO BBS Hesperia CA 2400
701-228-2908 The Academy BBS Bottineau ND V32
701-239-6048 Text BS Fargo ND HST
701-266-5463 The N.E.R.D. Board Rock Lake ND V32B
701-746-0441 Wild West BBS Grand Forks ND HST
701-772-5399 City Lites PCB Grand Forks ND DS2
702-253-9917 dBest In The West Las Vegas NV DS2
702-254-8601 Absolutely Temporary Las Vegas NV DS2
702-358-7233 The Danger Zone Sparks NV HST
702-359-4999 Nevada Mac Reno NV HST
702-368-0846 Shortwave-Scanner Infonet Las Vegas NV HST
702-435-0786 The Rebel BBS Las Vegas NV DS2
702-435-8407 Reservations Only Las Vegas NV DS2
702-453-5866 Software-A-America Las Vegas NV CS1
702-453-6981 Caddis BBS Las Vegas NV HST
702-454-6340 Click Me Twice BBS Las Vegas NV DS
702-463-5346 Black Rock BBS Yerington NV DS
702-463-5754 The Control Tower BBS Yerington NV DS
702-565-4800 The Late Show Of Las Vegas Las Vegas NV DS2
702-588-0315 Lightning System III Stateline NV DS2
702-597-1932 The Las Vegas Center BBS Las Vegas NV DS
702-644-1537 Nighthawk BBS Las Vegas NV HST
702-644-3289 Nighthawk BBS Las Vegas NV DS
702-647-4427 The $in City Bit Pit Las Vegas NV DS2
702-648-0639 The Bankers Hours BBS ..... NV V32
702-738-4177 The Image Club Elko NV V32
702-796-4877 CompuServe Las Vegas NV V32
702-796-7134 Dust Devil BBS Las Vegas NV V32B
702-825-3981 Evolutions End BBS Reno NV DS2
702-873-4476 The South Poll Las Vegas NV DS2
702-878-1490 Desert Dreams Las Vegas NV HST
702-882-4846 Sherwood Forest 702 Carson City NV CS1
702-882-7761 Earth Rescue Carson City NV HST
702-882-9305 M&M Computers BBS Carson City NV HST
703-241-5492 Craig's Place Falls Church VA V32
703-257-1583 The Outpost Manassas VA DS2
703-264-3962 The Coral Reefer BBS ......... VA DS
703-264-9698 Board On Boards Reston VA DS
703-323-1782 The Elusive Diamond ..... VA HST
703-323-6423 The Elusive Diamond ..... VA HST
703-323-7654 The Systems Exchange Fairfax VA HST
703-328-6915 Vivid Images Press Synd ..... VA V32
703-335-9064 Wheels & Spokes Manassas VA HST
703-339-0847 Last Frontier BBS Lorton VA V32
703-347-7953 Circuits II ...... VA CS1
703-349-0135 Santa Software Associates ...... VA CS1
703-352-1502 Brewster's Barn Fairfax VA HST
703-354-1104 The Info Exchange Springfield VA DS
703-358-9112 Sara's Outpost Arlington VA HST
703-368-5429 The Time Portal Manassas VA HST
703-370-7054 TIDMADT Alexandria VA DS
703-373-7742 Journey QuickBBS Falmouth VA HST
703-373-8215 Jack's Emporium Falmouth VA HST
703-373-9289 The Thunderbolt BBS Falmouth VA HST
703-379-2841 Weird Science BBS ........ VA HST4
703-385-4325 OS/2 Shareware Fairfax VA DS2
703-385-8450 OS/2 Shareware Fairfax VA HST
703-389-2495 Wonko The Sane's ASYLUM Salem VA DS
703-406-0073 Pencil Pusher 2 Sterling VA ULT
703-406-0074 Technical Hangout Private Sterling VA V32
703-406-0117 IDIC Sterling VA HST
703-406-0633 National Datasearch, INC ...... VA CS1
703-425-2505 The Interconnect BBS ..... VA V32
703-425-6638 Hallucination Fairfax VA DS
703-427-2138 Mountain Air BBS Roanoke VA V32
703-427-2258 Mountain Air BBS Roanoke VA HST
703-430-5824 Pencil Pusher 1 Sterling VA 2400
703-433-0824 The Mad Hacker's ...... VA CS1
703-433-6903 The MoonGate Harrisonburg VA HST
703-444-3366 The Hat's Place BBS Sterling VA HST4
703-444-6765 Technical Hangout Public Sterling VA ULT
703-471-7111 The PINNACLE! Reston VA HST
703-471-8010 HBX Herndon VA HST
703-491-5445 Milliways BBS Woodbridge VA HST
703-494-1713 The RENEX BBS Woodbridge VA HST
703-494-8331 Network Connections BBS Woodbridge VA HST
703-506-8598 Data Connection BBS ..... VA DS3
703-528-2612 NGS/CIG Arlington VA DS
703-532-7143 Arlington SoftwareExchange Arlington VA V32
703-534-0177 GreyEagle Falls Church VA DS
703-591-0461 CompuServe Fairfax VA V32
703-591-5744 The Midnite Rider Fairfax VA HST
703-591-9380 Struppi's BBS Public Fairfax VA V32
703-620-5418 Washington ZEPHYR Oakton VA HST
703-631-0561 Miller Time! ..... VA V32
703-631-8597 Insight Computer Graphics Leesburg VA DS
703-642-8704 Infinite Data Source Alexandria VA CS1
703-642-8705 Infinite Data Source Alexandria VA CS1
703-642-8706 Infinite Data Source Alexandria VA CS1
703-642-8707 Infinite Data Source Alexandria VA CS1
703-642-8708 Infinite Data Source Alexandria VA CS1
703-642-8709 Infinite Data Source Alexandria VA CS1
703-642-9882 Infinite Data Source Alexandria VA V32
703-642-9883 Infinite Data Source Alexandria VA V32
703-642-9884 Infinite Data Source Alexandria VA DS2
703-642-9885 Infinite Data Source Alexandria VA DS2
703-665-3072 The Mayor's Mansion ...... VA CS1
703-667-3530 Another Dimension Winchester VA DS
703-670-5037 Connect! BBS Dale City VA HST
703-671-9615 Vanguard BBS ..... VA V32B
703-680-5970 K4NGC BBS Woodbridge VA TB
703-680-9269 The Break ..... VA V32B
703-689-3355 The Hat's Place BBS Sterling VA V32
703-719-9646 Data Bit NETWork Private Alexandria VA DS
703-719-9648 Data Bit NETWork Public Alexandria VA HST
703-722-0810 Nixstep BBS ...... VA CS1
703-722-3398 Rapid Strike ...... VA CS1
703-722-4521 The Woodshop BBS ..... VA V32B
703-730-0950 VA Shareware Network ..... VA V32B
703-754-7392 Best o' The Best ..... VA DS
703-771-1830 Pavlov's Dog BBS Leesburg VA HST4
703-777-1690 Executive Empire BBS ..... VA DS
703-777-1920 Mouchers Haven BBS ..... VA V32B
703-777-2690 Insight Computer Graphics Leesburg VA DS
703-777-4186 Pavlov's Dog BBS ..... VA V32B
703-780-6890 My Unknown BBS ..... VA V32B
703-793-3307 Paragon Systems Herndon VA DS3
703-799-2536 RoseNet Online 1 ..... VA DS2
703-799-2537 RoseNet Online 2 ..... VA CS1
703-815-3244 Sentry Net BBS Centreville VA HST
703-823-6591 The ABySS BBS Alexandria VA V32
703-845-1162 Zonzr Fairfax VA DS
703-866-3739 CCIB Burke VA DS2
703-892-1921 The Art's Place BBS Arlington VA V32B
703-892-2189 Bob's BBS Somewhere VA HST
703-893-8160 Leviathan BBS ..... VA HST
703-893-8389 Leviathan BBS ..... VA 2400
703-899-0020 The Cracker Barrel BBS Falmouth VA HST
703-938-9738 Lumberjack SNUBBS Vienna VA DS
703-941-1416 The Flip Side ..... VA DS
703-941-4041 Warped Board BBS II ..... VA DS
703-941-8291 ShanErin Alexandria VA DS
703-951-2708 Sybil BBS Blacksburg VA DS
703-951-9461 The TARDIS BBS Blacksburg VA HST
703-953-0640 The MBT Blacksburg VA DS2
703-962-9253 The PCSS BBS Covington VA DS2
703-963-2460 The XT Connection! Richlands VA HST
703-971-1783 Indirections! Alexandria VA DS
704-251-5507 The OnLine BBS Asheville NC DS
704-282-0713 The KEYboard Charlotte NC VH
704-326-8948 Silver Bullet BBS Hickory NC HST
704-327-6350 Heffe's Place Hickory NC HST
704-352-5675 The Edderd BBS Lexington NC HST
704-358-8991 CompuServe Charlotte NC V32
704-537-7752 The Orphanage Charlotte NC HST
704-541-1180 ComStar Telecommunications Charlotte NC HST
704-544-0010 Programmers Assistant Charlotte NC HST
704-545-7076 AET's BBS Mint Hill NC DS
704-554-1496 The Funny Farm Charlotte NC DS
704-563-5857 Carolina Forum Charlotte NC HST
704-567-9513 Transporter Room Charlotte NC HST
704-567-9594 Transporter Room Pod II Charlotte NC HST
704-598-1139 Dead Letter Queue Charlotte NC HST
704-732-1852 Jacurutu BBS Lincolnton NC HST
704-744-6237 Mega-Byte BBS Lexington NC DS
704-865-3063 Echo Express Gastonia NC HST
707-257-6502 Napa Valley Fido Napa CA HST
707-263-8581 Sigma BBS ....... CA DS2
707-422-1246 Metal Zone BBS 1 ..... CA V32
707-422-4527 Metal Zone BBS 2 ..... CA V32
707-422-6057 Nordic Computers Inc Fairfield CA V32
707-422-8352 Metal Zone BBS 4 ..... CA V32
707-422-8545 Metal Zone BBS 3 ..... CA V32
707-429-9664 Jim's BETA Surprise Suisun City CA HST
707-437-5389 Aerospace Technology Fairfield CA HST
707-445-4770 Salad Bar Adult Board Eureka CA V32
707-464-3705 Wheel Chair Express Crescent City CA HST
707-465-5456 The White Hat BBS ..... CA V32B
707-485-0987 Mirror BBS Redwood Valley CA HST
707-545-0746 Sonoma Online Santa Rosa CA HST
707-552-2344 Power Station Vallejo CA DS
707-575-0636 The Outland Santa Rosa CA DS
707-664-0952 Recursion City BBS ..... CA CS1
707-677-3871 Trinidad RBBS Trinidad CA HST
707-725-5785 End of the World BBS! Fortuna CA HST
707-746-6091 DCC BBS Benicia CA DS
707-747-0306 Byte out of the Apple Benicia CA V32
707-838-7500 Aerie by the Bay Windsor CA DS
707-938-8843 The Other Woman Sonoma CA VH
708-208-0662 Grey Matter Chicago IL DS2
708-208-4716 Grey Matter Chicago IL V32B
708-291-6660 The Rest of Us MUG Northbrook IL DS
708-295-6926 MACropedia BBS Lake Forest IL DS
708-297-1591 The Chicago BBS Niles IL DS
708-298-4121 O'Hare Oasis Des Plaines IL DS
708-299-1296 Eye Resources Network Des Plaines IL DS3
708-301-2872 BBS USA Lockport IL DS
708-352-9282 Mac-I-Nations LaGrange IL DS
708-394-0071 Samson Arlington Heights IL DS
708-395-1253 RichWare ShareWare PVT Antioch IL DS
708-395-1254 RichWare ShareWare PUB Antioch IL V32B
708-398-7013 The File Master BBS Rolling Meadows IL HST
708-424-6136 The Electric Estates BBS Oak Lawn IL V32
708-439-9679 The Midrange System Mt Prospect IL DS
708-462-1508 Wheaton File Exchange 1 Wheaton IL DS
708-462-1509 Wheaton File Exchange 2 Wheaton IL HST4
708-462-1691 Wheaton File Exchange 3 Wheaton IL V32B
708-491-3892 Northwestern University Evanston IL HST
708-505-0713 SoftranBBS Naperville IL HST
708-529-1586 Elk Grove Repeater Elk Grove IL DS
708-529-3339 Black Hole BBS ...... IL CS1
708-551-9275 The Emporium System Carpentersville IL DS
708-559-0513 NezulD's DomaiN Northbrook IL HST
708-559-0514 NezulD's DomaiN Northbrook IL HST
708-620-8244 FutureSource Lombard IL HST
708-657-1113 Spectrum MACInfo Glenview IL DS
708-657-9543 Terrapin Station Glenview IL DS
708-673-2765 Nix Pix Windy City ....... IL HST
708-674-1989 TechLine RBBS Evanston IL HST
708-683-2390 The Red Star Burlington IL DS2
708-740-2072 The Black Knight BBS Ingleside IL DS
708-741-9628 The Omega BBS Elgin IL HST
708-746-0548 Flat Cat Alley Zion IL HST
708-748-4025 Space City Grafix Park Forest IL HST4
708-749-8137 W.B.B.S. Berwyn IL DS
708-759-6404 The Software Shop ..... IL V32
708-759-7908 Magrathea BBS Bolingbrook IL DS
708-790-4688 Information Station Glen Ellyn IL HST
708-799-4790 The Day of the Yuga Homewood IL DS
708-820-8344 Aquila BBS Aurora IL CS1
708-839-5054 CYCLOPS! Multi-Line TBBS Willow Springs IL DS
708-849-3343 Twisters Palace BBS ..... IL HST4
708-888-0078 The Shoppe 3 ..... IL DS3
708-888-0725 The Shoppe 1 ..... IL DS2
708-888-1162 The Shoppe 2 ..... IL DS2
708-888-4175 The Shoppe 4 ..... IL DS3
708-953-8378 MagicSoft BBS ...... IL CS1
708-964-8022 The Dragstrip Westmont IL HST
708-969-9380 Blood & Guts Westmont IL V32
708-982-5092 USR Tech Support Skokie IL DS2
708-983-4524 AL Product Support BBS Naperville IL DS
708-991-3830 Digital Dynamics BBS ...... IL HST
708-991-3894 Digital Dynamics BBS ...... IL HST
708-991-3895 Digital Dynamics BBS ...... IL HST
712-737-3960 Virtual Reality BBS Orange City IA V32B
712-758-3483 Exegete's Haven RBBS Ocheyedan IA V32
713-266-3563 The Swap Shop Houston TX HST
713-277-5465 Keith's Little S/W Shop Houston TX HST
713-292-6787 Grandmaster BBS Woodlands TX V32B
713-331-3056 Ye Olde Inn III Alvin TX HST
713-331-6719 Service Station Alvin TX HST
713-342-1174 Treeshare Genealogical BBS Houston TX HST
713-350-6284 Fulcrum's Edge Spring TX V32
713-355-6107 Data Warp Premium BBS Spring/Houston TX DS
713-355-7201 Data Warp Premium BBS Spring/Houston TX DS2
713-367-1484 The Mormon Opus Houston TX HST
713-367-4008 Nowhere USA The Woodlands TX HST
713-376-4767 Texas Father's BBS Tomball TX HST
713-385-2001 Mont Belvieu BBS ..... TX DS
713-392-2578 Black Star Houston TX HST
713-424-5456 Ye Sailors Rest Baytown TX HST
713-440-4217 The Domain BBS Houston TX HST
713-441-3080 HomeBoy's Place Humble TX V32
713-442-2811 Phoenix Net Opus Houston TX HST
713-458-7410 Fidos Partner Houston TX HST
713-460-2705 CompuServe Houston TX V32
713-461-7384 The VeriTech BBS Houston TX HST
713-463-2434 BHA & Associates ..... TX DS2
713-463-2484 Utopia BBS Houston TX V32
713-463-4434 Far Point Back Door Katy TX DS
713-463-8324 Far Point Relay Ham BBS Katy TX HST
713-470-8987 The Stargazer Opus/BBS LaPorte TX HST
713-479-2184 Deer Park Connection Houston TX DS
713-480-2686 The Black Box RCPM Houston TX DS
713-482-7080 The Roost BBS Friendswood TX DS
713-487-7638 Mail Room Pasadena TX HST
713-488-4589 South o'the Border! Houston TX DS2
713-498-3248 HAL-PC Telecom 1 Service Houston TX V32
713-520-1569 Ye Olde Bailey Houston TX ULT
713-520-5719 Prime Houston TX HST
713-520-9566 Ye Olde Bailey Houston TX ULT
713-521-0698 The Exchange BBS Houston TX DS2
713-541-3910 Software Expressions BBS Houston TX HST
713-568-6401 WCS1NET Houston TX HST
713-578-8155 V-45 Express Katy TX HST
713-579-8979 The Breakfast Club Houston TX DS2
713-584-1821 The Leaders in Control Houston TX DS
713-587-2670 The Bohemian's BBS Houston TX V32B
713-589-0308 The InterMix Chamber Houston TX DS2
713-640-2533 MacEndeavour Houston TX TB2
713-668-3849 Club Megabyte Houston TX DS
713-673-5510 Open Access Houston TX ULT
713-682-6508 Two Wheelers Houston TX HST
713-683-9776 Muscle Beach BBS Houston TX DS
713-688-1729 JW's Laser BBS Houston TX HST
713-771-2802 The Abend BBS PUB Houston TX HST4
713-771-4661 The Abend BBS Houston TX DS
713-821-4174 The END Adult BBS!! Houston TX HST
713-821-6629 Texxas Star Houston TX DS2
713-849-2659 TEJAS Houston TX ULT
713-855-4382 Cloud Nine BBS Houston TX HST
713-855-4773 Houston SwingShift III Houston TX HST
713-855-6540 The Mechanic Shop BBS Houston TX HST
713-859-6320 The Computer Shop BBS Katy TX V32
713-890-5456 The LAST Stop BBS Houston TX HST
713-890-6257 Southern Oracle Houston TX DS2
713-890-7017 Radar's Little BBS Houston TX DS
713-947-9866 The ComPort BBS Houston TX HST
713-961-1604 Sands ProBoard Houston TX DS2
713-980-9671 COMM Port One Houston TX DS2
713-984-2782 Bay Area BBS Houston TX V32
714-241-0827 PuppetComm BBS ..... CA V32B
714-249-9257 Music Terminal ...... CA CS1
714-252-1131 CompuServe Newport Beach CA V32
714-255-9508 Colossus Galactica Brea CA DS2
714-348-1755 The Barn BBS Mission Viejo CA DS4
714-361-5150 Builders Board San Clemente CA HST
714-367-1755 Electric Dreams Laguna Hills CA DS
714-432-9104 PC-Applications Costa Mesa CA HST4
714-447-4356 Hustler's Corner BBS Fullerton CA HST
714-457-0359 Discovery BBS Mission Viejo CA HST
714-457-8066 The Safety Net Mission Viejo CA DS2
714-489-1734 Electric Dreams BBS Dana Point CA ZYX
714-492-1045 The Calypso BBS San Clemente CA DS2
714-492-3035 The Calypso BBS San Clemente CA V32
714-492-8727 InfoMat BBS San Clemente CA DS
714-493-3819 The Crow's Nest Monarch Beach CA HST
714-533-9501 Car-Puter BBS Anaheim CA V32
714-535-1258 Philosopher's Log Anaheim CA HST
714-538-0614 Robot Dawn BBS ..... CA V32B
714-539-1246 12 & 12 Anonymous BBS Garden Grove CA V32
714-539-2477 The Master's BBS Garden Grove CA HST
714-539-8644 Orange Co North Garden Grove CA HST
714-539-9374 The Black Pine BBS Garden Grove CA DS2
714-545-3175 Clipboard Costa Mesa CA HST
714-552-3715 Legends BBS Irvine CA HST
714-559-6862 Beginners Luck BBS Irvine CA V32
714-563-9431 CompuServe Anaheim CA V32
714-583-1679 Digital Illusions El Toro CA HST
714-636-2667 The Kandy Shack Garden Grove CA DS2
714-638-2298 F.O.G. Garden Grove CA DS
714-638-8353 F.O.G. Garden Grove CA HST
714-639-1139 Ol' Codger's BBS Orange CA DS
714-642-0561 Bourbon St. West Santa Ana CA HST
714-643-3066 Laguna Hills BBS Laguna Hills CA DS2
714-646-6094 PC_HEAVEN ..... CA HST4
714-650-2737 Remote Designs Costa Mesa CA HST
714-650-4612 The VIEWLINK BBS ..... CA V32
714-666-9238 ChristianInfoExchange Anaheim CA V32
714-675-3947 Fire Wheel BBS Newport Beach CA DS3
714-675-9121 The Waterfront Newport Beach CA DS
714-720-1139 The Kernel Newport Beach CA HST
714-730-5739 The Club Board ..... CA DS2
714-730-6743 The Club Board ..... CA 2400
714-738-0841 PC Treasure Chest Fullerton CA V32
714-753-1068 Western Digital Support ...... CA HST
714-778-2045 The Logic Bomb ..... CA V32B
714-826-0125 The Point After BBS Anaheim CA HST
714-827-2018 NymphoZit Anaheim CA DS
714-827-3728 The Business Store Buena Park CA HST
714-830-0311 Alpha-Net BBS 2 ..... CA DS3
714-830-0402 Alpha-Net BBS 1 ..... CA ZYX
714-830-1884 System III El Toro CA HST
714-836-8650 Traveller's Outpost Santa Ana CA HST
714-837-3218 The Solar System 2 ..... CA DS2
714-837-9677 The Solar System 1 ..... CA DS2
714-838-4689 Shepherds Flock Family BBS Irvine CA V32
714-838-6539 Mount Silverthorn Tustin CA DS
714-846-4393 1139/South! Huntington Beach CA V32B
714-846-6655 Reflections #1 ..... CA DS
714-846-8257 Reflections #2 ..... CA 2400
714-854-6760 Moving & Shaking Irvine CA V32
714-858-0787 The Other One Trabuco Canyon CA HST4
714-870-4614 Online Exchange BBS Fullerton CA HST
714-870-9624 Aim Online Services Fullerton CA DS
714-879-4052 N.S.T.T.Z. Fullerton CA HST
714-939-1041 Homer Tustin CA DS2
714-952-2110 CA Self-Help Library Anaheim CA HST
714-952-8910 Pleasure Island Chateau ..... CA V32B
714-956-4878 THE NET! Anaheim CA DS
714-965-9963 C.E.S. BBS ..... CA V32B
714-971-5621 The Motherboard West ..... CA DS
714-992-0716 La Habra Connection La Habra CA HST
714-993-5311 x-Point BBS Placentia CA DS
714-994-4705 JRL Online Services La Mirada CA DS
714-996-0805 Archivist's Scroll Yorba Linda CA HST
714-996-8996 PC Exchange Placentia CA HST
715-387-1339 Promised Land Marshfield WI DS
715-435-3855 Rapid River BBS ..... WI DS
715-453-7615 Jeaux Garage Tomahawk WI DS
715-539-2950 OutLand! Merrill WI HST
715-652-2758 Twilight Zone Auburndale WI DS
715-732-4134 CompuLine/PIDS Marinette WI HST
715-748-4614 MIBBS Medford WI HST
716-225-7446 The Magic Carpet BBS Rochester NY HST
716-242-9193 Shakespeare's Theatre ..... NY DS3
716-262-2612 The Pigeon Coop BBS Rochester NY DS
716-271-6592 Data Comm Rochester NY HST
716-288-0299 Runt's Madhouse Rochester NY HST
716-288-5848 The Shack TOO Rochester NY DS
716-289-3351 Chris' Amiga Manchester NY HST
716-381-4749 The Mountains of Shadow Pittsford NY DS2
716-381-8538 The Rochester Lab Pittsford NY DS
716-396-2699 EFX Systems Canandaigua NY HST
716-426-5202 Xerox National PC-Board Rochester NY HST
716-436-9497 NightWorX Rochester NY DS
716-442-8144 I'm Crushing Your Head Rochester NY HST
716-461-5201 The Recovery Room BBS Rochester NY DS2
716-464-8574 The Asylum EGA/VGA ..... NY V32B
716-475-3044 The Garden South GSBBS Henrietta NY V32
716-482-2592 Crystal Palace Rochester NY V32
716-482-5401 The Wayward Wind Rochester NY DS
716-526-6495 W-FL Teacher Resource Cntr Stanley NY DS
716-554-5372 Interstellar Systems Vine Valley NY HST
716-594-1804 Micro Science Chili NY DS2
716-594-4227 The Oracle BBS North Chili NY DS
716-646-1114 BackScatter BBS Boston NY TB
716-685-9162 Topgun ...... NY CS1
716-688-1552 Med TechNet Buffalo NY HST
716-723-0060 Vinnie's BBS Rochester NY HST
716-865-2106 Knight Moves BBS Rochester NY HST
716-872-0128 Mike's Maze Webster NY HST
716-889-2016 Flower City Central Chili NY HST
716-895-1146 Buffalo Data Systems Buffalo NY DS2
717-243-0055 L & T's Spitfire BBS Carlisle PA DS2
717-245-2847 Micro Medical Center BBS Carlisle PA DS
717-248-5375 Juniata Valley BBS Lewistown PA V32B
717-248-2699 KB-NET Lewistown PA HST
717-323-1457 The Forrest's End Williamsport PA HST
717-354-5027 Rabbit Hutch East Earl PA DS
717-387-5000 BloomsBurg/Shigaraki Net Bloomsburg PA V32
717-397-0538 Mike and Rose's BBS Lancaster PA DS2
717-533-2865 P/T BBS Cleona PA HST
717-540-5828 LSS Nightline BBS ....... PA HST
717-561-8150 Megaboard ]I[ Harrisburg PA VH
717-588-7549 Parallax/ParaNet Omicron Bushkill PA HST
717-622-2421 Coal Cracker BBS Pottsville PA HST
717-653-9621 The BOYS Room Mt Joy PA DS2
717-657-2223 The Other BBS Harrisburg PA HST
717-686-3037 Al's Cabin Milford PA HST
717-689-3123 Brinkman's Hollow BBS Hamlin PA HST4
717-759-1693 NePa BBS Berwick PA HST
717-795-9636 The Christian BBs Mechanicsburg PA HST
717-828-9416 Jerry's Place BBS Dingmans Ferry PA HST
717-839-4055 Pocono BBS ..... PA V32B
717-840-0139 Bill and Ted's York PA V32B
717-853-3599 The Depot RBBS Susquehanna PA DS2
717-853-3999 The Depot RBBS Susquehanna PA V32B
717-876-0152 The Northeast File Bank Jermyn PA HST
717-876-5869 GROUND ZER0!!! BBS Archbald PA HST
717-938-6760 Infinity V BBS Lewisberry PA DS2
717-944-0655 Middletown BBS Middletown PA HST
717-944-6877 Dino ][ Middletown PA HST
717-948-0212 Middletown BBS ...... PA CS1
717-992-4467 The Allied Group BBS Brodheadsville PA DS
718-204-7831 Cravings BBS Long Island City NY V32
718-217-0898 PharmStat Systems Public Bayside NY DS
718-238-5399 Mega-City BBS ........ NY DS
718-251-9346 MORE BBS Brooklyn NY DS
718-252-4529 The Taste BBS Brooklyn NY HST4
718-276-0246 Design Line BBS Rosedale NY V32
718-278-2120 The WALL Long Island City NY HST
718-335-0763 NY On-Line BBS ..... NY DS3
718-337-1615 The Raven BBS ..... NY DS
718-341-3606 VIAX ...... NY CS1
718-377-0768 Moondog BBS Private Brooklyn NY HST
718-386-6010 Orphan BBS Ridgewood NY HST4
718-416-1727 The OnLine Store ..... NY DS
718-424-1696 The Greek Isles New York City NY V32B
718-444-4555 MAS Brooklyn NY 2400
718-444-5090 MAS Brooklyn NY DS2
718-456-5478 Greenwood Enterprises ..... NY HST
718-461-9487 The Corner Palace BBS College Point NY HST
718-468-6388 PharmStat Systems Private Bayside NY VH
718-494-8310 Staten Island Exchange Staten Island NY VH
718-494-9273 The Event Horizon Staten Island NY DS
718-523-7465 Weekend Rendezvous ..... NY V32
718-667-4470 Black Box BBS Staten Island NY HST
718-692-1368 Moondog BBS Private Brooklyn NY HST4
718-692-2498 Moondog BBS Public Brooklyn NY VH
718-692-2942 David's Girls BBS Brooklyn NY HST
718-698-1776 Obscured By Clouds BBS ..... NY V32
718-721-2051 C Shop BBS Long Island City NY V32
718-756-7201 L'chaim BBS Brooklyn NY DS
718-793-4796 The BELFRY(!) Forest Hills NY HST
718-793-8548 The IceBox BBS New York NY V32
718-816-7792 Night Shift Staten Island NY HST
718-845-3392 Nocturnal Emissions BBS .... NY DS
718-853-8957 Brooklyn Perverts BBS Brooklyn NY V32
718-894-2515 Final Frontier Midl Village NY HST
718-934-1843 Shadowdale BBS Brooklyn NY V32
718-939-7686 Squawk 1200 Aviation BBS New York NY HST
718-951-0074 The Round Table BBS ..... NY V32B
718-951-6652 The Round Table BBS ..... NY 2400
718-956-3874 Cravings BBS Brooklyn NY DS
718-972-6099 Star-Link Network BBS New York NY DS2
718-997-1189 NotEvenOdd ..... NY DS2
719-380-8813 Programmers Playhouse Colorado Springs CO HST
719-390-9249 Electric Locksmith Colorado Springs CO HST
719-391-1092 The Crystal Cave Widefield CO HST
719-391-8958 The Wandering Consultant Security CO HST
719-392-6631 Wildcat Orphanage Fountain CO V32
719-550-9305 CS-Depot Colorado Springs CO DS2
719-574-3304 FireNet Leader Colorado Springs CO HST
719-578-9127 Sci-Line Colorado Springs CO HST
719-578-9406 SmartNet Colorado Springs CO HST
719-579-0593 Hornet's Nest Colorado Springs CO HST
719-591-6496 The Dark Crystal Colorado Springs CO HST
719-632-2566 Cosug Colorado Springs CO DS2
719-632-2657 Goldmill BBS Colorado Springs CO HST
719-634-1115 DeskTop Central Colorado Springs CO HST
719-637-1458 Scorpion Colorado Springs CO HST
800-331-7166 CompuServe 800 ......... OH V32
800-354-2983 Idiot Box RBBS-PC #6 Tucson AZ DS2
800-US-HAYES Online With Hayes ........ .. ULT
801-261-8976 Salt Air BBS Salt Lake City UT DS2
801-261-8979 Salt Air BBS Salt Lake City UT ULT
801-269-0795 Nibbles 'n Bits Murray UT DS
801-269-9575 Score Board BBS Murray UT HST
801-373-4473 Rocky Mountain SF Provo UT DS
801-374-8080 FamTies BBS Provo UT HST
801-374-9633 Osgiliath BBS ..... UT V32B
801-451-9102 MIC Computer BBS Farmington UT HST
801-486-0929 The Iron Grid Salt Lake City UT DS
801-489-3558 Pro Executive Connection 1 Springville UT HST4
801-521-9777 CompuServe Salt Lake City UT V32
801-563-6348 The Holodeck Smithfield UT HST
801-579-7482 The WareHouse BBS Salt Lake City UT V32B
801-586-2067 BBS-Cedar City Cedar City UT DS
801-586-3935 BBS-Cedar City Cedar City UT DS
801-777-2527 Diamondback ...... UT CS1
801-944-0666 The Concrete Foundation Sandy UT V32
802-295-9303 Shareware Network BBS ... VT V32B
802-334-2057 CUS-VT New Port VT DS2
802-388-9899 Green Mountain Mac BBS Middlebury VT DS
802-425-2139 Micro Corner Ferrisburgh VT HST4
802-479-0551 Sol II System Barre VT V32
802-482-2265 VT Education System Hinesburg VT HST
802-860-1795 High-Z Burlington VT HST
802-860-1875 We Serve Your Drives Burlington VT HST
802-860-1908 Dog Dish South Burlington VT CS1
802-899-4988 The Data Dungeon! Underhill VT V32B
803-229-1747 Late Night Express BBS Greenwood SC HST
803-232-5328 CompuServe Greenville SC V32
803-236-7481 AmiSS Myrtle Beach SC DS2
803-256-3546 ParaSoft BBS Columbia SC HST
803-279-1183 Hero's Guild Belvedere SC DS2
803-279-4124 Augusta Forum North Augusta SC HST
803-299-3668 Door to the South Greenville SC DS2
803-323-2479 The Screamin' Eagle ..... SC V32
803-393-7399 Pee Dee Exchange ...... SC CS1
803-456-2747 Shareware Connection Ware Shoals SC HST
803-525-2665 The Low Country Beaufort SC DS
803-548-0900 Fort Mill BBS Fort Mill SC VH
803-552-0700 Charleston Classifieds N. Charleston SC ULT
803-552-4389 The Earth Art BBS ..... SC DS
803-556-7485 East Bay X-Change 1 Charleston SC HST
803-556-7514 East Bay X-Change 2 Charleston SC ULT
803-569-7195 The Crowe's Nest Goose Creek SC HST
803-571-1633 The NUTT House BBS Charleston SC HST
803-572-3353 The UNKNOWN BBS Goose Creek SC HST
803-576-6212 Hyperspace I BBS Spartanburg SC HST
803-577-0545 The B.I.B.S. System Charleston SC DS
803-588-2430 Beyond Reality Folly Beach SC HST
803-593-4391 The Valley Connection Gloverville SC HST
803-648-0283 Keep It Simple Aiken SC HST
803-649-5303 Aiken Transient Authority Aiken SC HST
803-649-9612 The SpeakEasy Aiken SC DS2
803-650-9022 Periscope BBS Myrtle Beach SC HST
803-732-1049 Dragon's Den Columbia SC HST
803-763-4657 Charles Towne BBS Charleston SC HST
803-768-4782 Seabrook Island Board John's Island SC HST
803-776-0323 Jesus Is Lord BBS ..... SC V32B
803-821-1363 The General Store Summerville SC HST
803-821-2745 The Agency BBS ..... SC V32B
803-859-2229 Lifeline ...... SC CS1
803-871-9771 RaceNet Ladson SC HST
803-875-2019 RaceNet Ladson SC HST
803-875-3020 Randy's House Summerville SC HST
803-951-3848 EgoMania BBS ...... SC CS1
803-957-8691 The Enchanted Realm Columbia SC HST
804-261-1819 B&C BBS Richmond VA DS
804-262-9289 Boot Factory Richmond VA HST
804-264-0035 C & C Richmond VA HST
804-264-2107 The Back Door Richmond VA HST
804-353-4160 Intercity BBS Richmond VA DS
804-436-3125 The Apex Chesapeake VA HST
804-456-2971 Pleasure Dome BBS Virginia Beach VA V32B
804-461-5354 CompuServe Norfolk VA V32
804-465-5375 Play Pen BBS Chesapeake VA DS
804-489-7450 Terrapin Station Norfolk VA DS
804-490-5878 Pleasure Dome BBS Virginia Beach VA 2400
804-491-3192 The Weyr BBS Virginia Beach VA HST4
804-495-4955 Touch of Ireland Virginia Beach VA HST
804-499-5612 Pleasure Dome BBS Virginia Beach VA HST
804-525-2358 Laser TAG Forest VA V32
804-525-9760 Bloom Beacon-Picayune ..... VA DS
804-548-1102 The Twilight Hour ..... VA HST4
804-591-0736 The Felicia BBS Newport News VA HST
804-591-8537 Brokedown Palace Newport News VA HST
804-626-0103 The No*Name BBS Norfolk VA HST
804-671-8547 The Skeleton Closet Virginia Beach VA HST
804-721-3320 TEL-COM Virginia Beach VA DS
804-744-0797 The FreeBoard BBS Midlothian VA HST
804-793-0950 The Hugman's BBS Danville VA DS
804-793-6094 Just For Fun BBS Danville VA DS
804-826-1928 Ten Bowl BBS Hampton VA HST
804-846-6518 Starbase 9000 Lynchburg VA DS
804-851-7675 The Party Place Hampton VA HST
804-857-4346 TimeLords BBS Norfolk VA DS
804-865-6848 Pier 22 BBS Hampton VA HST
804-877-3539 Virginia Data Exchange Ft Monroe VA DS
804-929-6113 The CCC BBS Madison Heights VA V32
805-252-0450 The Space Station BBS Canyon Country CA HST
805-256-6457 Rosamond Astronomical Rosamond CA HST
805-258-0413 The Night Owl BBS Edwards CA DS3
805-258-5304 Desert Connection! Edwards CA V32
805-264-1383 dCOM Support Lancaster CA HST
805-272-1812 Lighthouse BBS Palmdale CA HST
805-298-7022 The Unregistered BBS! ..... CA DS
805-322-5587 The Dew Drop Inn Bakersfield CA HST
805-323-4741 The Night Gallery ...... CA CS1
805-325-1474 Color & Motion BBS ..... CA V32B
805-327-3839 Wiz Kids ...... CA CS1
805-334-2242 MSI HQ BBS Private Bakersfield CA V32
805-334-2243 MSI HQ BBS Private Bakersfield CA HST
805-334-2244 MSI HQ BBS Private Bakersfield CA HST
805-334-2245 MSI HQ BBS Private Bakersfield CA HST
805-334-2246 MSI HQ BBS Private Bakersfield CA DS
805-334-2264 MSI HQ BBS Private Bakersfield CA ULT
805-334-2265 MSI HQ BBS Private Bakersfield CA ULT
805-334-2267 MSI HQ BBS Private Bakersfield CA ULT
805-334-2268 MSI HQ BBS Private Bakersfield CA ULT
805-334-2269 MSI HQ BBS Public Bakersfield CA HST
805-334-2270 MSI HQ BBS Public Bakersfield CA HST
805-374-7373 Conejo Info Services BBS Thousand Oaks CA V32B
805-374-7575 Conejo Info Services BBS Thousand Oaks CA HST
805-393-8012 Lawman Mailroom ...... CA CS1
805-395-0250 MSI HQ BBS Private Bakersfield CA V32
805-395-0650 MSI HQ BBS Public Bakersfield CA ULT
805-395-0667 MSI HQ BBS Public Bakersfield CA ULT
805-395-0672 MSI HQ BBS Public Bakersfield CA DS
805-398-9321 Cats BBS/The Eagle ...... CA CS1
805-399-1765 KAOS-AMIGA Bakersfield CA DS
805-482-8030 Tomcat Productions Oxnard CA HST4
805-483-1467 Surfboard Oxnard CA V32
805-488-7430 RoyaLink Oxnard CA HST
805-488-8973 The R&R BBS Oxnard CA DS
805-494-9386 Pacific Coast Micro Thousand Oaks CA HST
805-496-7320 Pacific Coast Micro Thousand Oaks CA CS1
805-498-3500 The NOMAD PCBoard Thousand Oaks CA V32
805-522-7795 The Library Simi Valley CA DS
805-526-2541 Coral Reef Simi Valley CA HST
805-581-4515 SpareTime TBBS Simi Valley CA DS2
805-582-1534 Modem ONE BBS Simi Valley CA HST
805-583-8367 Stargate Systems BBS Simi Valley CA V32
805-633-2605 Computech BBS ..... CA V32B
805-640-0120 Riff Raft Ojai CA V32B
805-652-1478 His Board Ventura CA HST
805-659-3313 805 SysOp Saticoy CA DS
805-659-4760 Wizards Window BBS ...... CA CS1
805-769-8177 OilFields BBS ...... CA CS1
805-832-6173 The Late Show! Bakersfield CA DS
805-871-5414 The Underground BBS Bakersfield CA HST
805-872-5227 MobilNet Bakersfield CA V32
805-937-6205 The Back Door BBS Orcutt CA HST
805-943-5881 CoreDump BBS Quartz Hill CA DS
805-944-2994 Hitchhikers Guide Littlerock CA V32
805-949-8151 The Researcher's BBS Lancaster CA HST
805-962-0122 Network XXIII Santa Barbara CA HST
805-964-4766 The Seaside BBS Santa Barbara CA HST
805-983-4303 The Golden Retriever Oxnard CA HST
806-747-0548 Technical Extasy BBS ..... TX V32B
806-747-0553 Technical Extasy BBS ..... TX 2400
806-792-0216 The Windmill Lubbock TX DS2
806-792-0536 The Windmill Lubbock TX DS2
806-792-5947 The Windmill Lubbock TX DS2
806-792-6116 The Windmill Lubbock TX HST
806-792-6447 The Windmill Lubbock TX DS2
806-795-0509 The Crystal Palace Lubbock TX V32
806-797-7512 Club RayD8 Lubbock TX V32
806-799-5228 Dark Side Of The Moon Lubbock TX DS
808-338-9999 PeaceKauai Kauai HI HST
808-456-8510 Ghostcomm Tele-Services Honolulu HI DS
808-528-0430 CompuServe Honolulu HI V32
808-531-1355 Musubi BBS Honolulu HI HST
808-732-6909 The Magic Castle Honolulu HI DS
808-845-7054 Coconuts BBS Honolulu HI DS
808-889-6832 Kohala 1 Aloha ....... HI HST
808-935-1748 Syscon Hilo Hilo HI HST
808-942-2508 The Computer Station Honolulu HI DS
808-956-2626 Coconut Telegraph Honolulu HI DS
809-293-6700 NAS Bermuda Computer Club ...... PR CS1
809-720-1246 Baron Carlos's Castle Guaynabo PR HST
809-724-0621 Opus Amicus BBS San Juan PR DS
809-751-7728 Mega-D RBBS 2 Rio Piedras PR HST
809-752-8713 Midi Land Carolina PR HST
809-756-8863 Cyclone BBS Rio Piedras PR HST
809-783-9542 The Island Sun I Caparra Heights PR HST
809-789-6241 The Warehouse BBS Puerto Nuevo PR HST
809-793-3923 The Island Sun II Caparra Heights PR HST
812-279-2143 The Hotseat Bedford IN HST
812-284-1321 GenevaConvention Adult BBS Clarksville IN HST4
812-284-5465 GenevaConvention Adult BBS Clarksville IN HST4
812-334-0442 The Tradin' Place ...... IN CS1
812-428-3870 Ya!WeBeCAD! ..... IN DS
812-442-5354 ATTEL BBS 1/A Brazil IN HST
812-479-1310 Digicom BBS Evansville IN DS
812-941-9427 Digital Underground New Albany IN V32
813-229-3200 CompuServe Tampa FL V32
813-237-6615 Bart's Computer Room ..... FL HST
813-262-2755 Trail-T BBS Naples FL HST
813-264-0073 Data Exchange 1 Tampa FL DS
813-264-6344 Entropy BBS Lutz FL HST
813-267-1215 The Emerald City Fort Myers FL HST
813-275-5410 Mental Floss Fort Myers FL DS2
813-278-5731 ArchonRAINBOW Fort Myers FL DS
813-289-3314 Godfather Tampa FL HST
813-321-0734 Mercury Opus St Petersburg FL HST
813-325-8972 Temple Builders On-Line ... FL CS1
813-341-2327 Lambda Unlimited BBS St. Petersburg FL V32
813-351-9358 Minas Tirith BBS Sarasota FL HST
813-371-3600 The Grapevine BBS Sarasota FL HST
813-376-6994 Mutt & Jeff's New Port Richey FL HST4
813-376-8229 Mutt n Jeff's New Port Richey FL DS
813-377-1470 The Above Board Sarasota FL HST
813-378-1077 AmericanUnitedBroadcasting Sarasota FL HST
813-392-6718 Beyond 2000 Largo FL HST
813-445-4337 CSFSO Telecomm Clearwater FL DS
813-446-7311 AquaScape Clearwater FL DS
813-471-0552 Ancestry TBBS Sebring FL DS2
813-493-7386 The Back Door Venice FL HST
813-497-7186 Crystal Visions 2 Bradenton FL HST
813-521-2925 The Jayhawk Amiga BBS! St Petersburg FL HST
813-521-3664 Jayhawk BBS! St Petersburg FL HST
813-527-5666 St Pete Programmers Xchg St Petersburg FL DS2
813-530-0799 New Age St Petersburg FL HST
813-535-8560 Computer Vision BBS! St Petersburg FL HST
813-542-5482 ENTREvous II Cape Coral FL HST
813-545-0401 Park Place Pinellas Park FL HST
813-574-2301 Tandy Tane BBS I Cape Coral FL HST
813-585-7082 FREE Largo FL HST
813-596-4999 Happy Hideaway Seminole FL HST
813-596-7034 The Pegboard BBS Largo FL HST
813-625-4740 The Southern State BBS Port Charlotte FL V32
813-625-5636 The Gold Coast RBBS Punta Gorda FL HST
813-647-3624 PC-net BBS Lakeland FL V32
813-675-8812 Byte Size Bits LaBelle FL HST
813-693-2390 The Nite Line Fort Myers FL HST
813-693-8095 AquaFlight Fort Myers FL DS2
813-745-5677 Chipper Clipper Bradenton FL HST
813-746-7788 Silicon Dreams Bradenton FL V32
813-755-0575 Jos' Lounge Bradenton FL DS
813-772-7585 The PIG Sty Cape Coral FL HST
813-785-3243 The FatherBoard Palm Harbor FL DS2
813-796-2038 Cat House BBS! Systems Safety Harbor FL HST
813-796-2486 Cat House BBS! Systems Safety Harbor FL HST
813-831-2287 Runaway BBS ..... FL DS
813-832-4133 DataCopy BBS ..... FL HST
813-855-5163 Mr. Bill's Place Tampa FL HST
813-856-7926 Gulf Coast BBS New Port Richey FL HST
813-862-1809 Studio PC BBS 2 Port Richey FL DS
813-862-7946 The Program BBS Port Richey FL HST
813-862-8850 Studio PC BBS 1 Port Richey FL HST
813-868-3999 The Lions Den Hudson FL DS
813-874-0507 The Jail BBS ..... FL DS
813-920-4704 Rivendell BBS 2 Odessa FL DS
813-920-4714 Rivendell BBS 1 Odessa FL HST
813-924-0499 ZimmComm Sarasota FL HST
813-924-4982 Grand BBS Sarasota FL HST
813-938-7386 The Fatherboard BBS Holiday FL DS2
813-939-3394 ArchonRAINBOW Fort Myers FL HST
813-949-3392 PC-Help! BBS Tampa FL DS3
813-949-4993 PC-Help! BBS Tampa FL DS
813-949-6588 PC-Help! BBS Tampa FL HST4
813-961-6242 T.A.B.B. Tampa FL HST
813-968-3213 Data Exchange 2 Tampa FL HST
813-971-2934 Tower Club Tampa FL HST
813-973-2780 Rapid Transmit Authority ..... FL HST
813-973-3346 PC Consultants BBS Wesley Chapel FL V32
813-977-5600 Bandit BBS ..... FL HST
813-977-7065 Southern Systems Tampa FL DS
813-979-7307 HealthSource BBS Tampa FL V32
813-985-0336 Temple Terrace BBS ..... FL DS
814-328-5258 The Night Owl BBS ..... PA DS
814-337-0501 Compuphile BBS Meadville PA V32B
814-337-2971 Compuphile BBS Meadville PA DS3
814-353-0566 Centre Programmers Unit BBS ..... PA DS2
814-455-9860 Lake Erie Vineyard 1 ...... PA DS3
814-456-0869 Cobra BBS ...... PA CS1
814-459-2116 Bad Attitude BBS ...... PA CS1
814-459-4631 Lake Erie Vineyard 2 ...... PA HST4
814-459-8901 Erie's WestSide BBS Erie PA DS3
814-539-6648 Cheers BBS Johnstown PA DS
814-725-2713 Hoosier Hideaway North East PA HST4
814-725-8887 Hoosier Hideaway North East PA DS3
814-756-5661 The Gauntlet Cranesville PA HST
814-774-4197 Apex ..... PA 12K
814-898-1732 The Second Amendment BBS ... PA DS
815-233-5008 The Gateway Net BBS Freeport IL DS2
815-234-2346 OverBoard BBS Stillman Valley IL HST
815-282-9248 The Eagle's Nest Rockford IL HST
815-385-5031 McHenry BBS 1 McHenry IL DS
815-385-7113 McHenry BBS 2 McHenry IL DS
815-385-7167 McHenry BBS 9 McHenry IL CS1
815-385-7906 McHenry BBS 8 McHenry IL CS1
815-385-7956 McHenry BBS 7 McHenry IL CS1
815-385-9011 McHenry BBS 3 McHenry IL DS
815-385-9013 McHenry BBS 5 McHenry IL HST4
815-385-9347 McHenry BBS 6 McHenry IL HST4
815-385-9936 McHenry BBS 4 McHenry IL HST4
815-434-4430 River City BBS Ottawa IL DS
815-443-2489 The Black Star BBS Pearl City IL HST
815-633-1558 Uncle Spikes Place Machesney Park IL DS2
815-633-6455 The Silver Dragon Inn Loves Park IL HST
815-654-9729 Outlaw Tech Zone Rockford IL HST
815-748-2539 Castle Anthrax DeKalb IL HST
815-868-2422 The Boomtown BBS McConnell IL DS2
815-886-0109 Electric Estates BBS Romeoville IL ULT
816-221-3817 CompuServe Kansas City MO V32
816-228-1719 Powertrain BBS Blue Springs MO HST
816-228-3204 BenNETt Blue Springs MO DS
816-231-3002 The Heartbreak Ridge Kansas City MO DS
816-232-2813 HOLLYWOOD Tonite!! St Joseph MO HST
816-233-1357 CMOS OPUS BBS St Joseph MO DS
816-241-8869 Transient Technologies Kansas City MO HST
816-246-5253 The Guru Zone Lees Summit MO HST
816-322-1133 Happy Hour BBS Raymore MO HST
816-322-4547 SOLO-Quest Belton MO HST
816-353-3462 Writers' Block BBS Raytown MO DS
816-356-0901 K C Central BBS Raytown MO DS
816-358-3204 The Power Board - CBCS Raytown MO DS
816-363-4673 The Gore Zone! ..... MO V32
816-364-1035 MEGA-Link BBS St Joseph MO HST
816-436-2843 Maple Woods BBS Kansas City MO HST
816-444-4960 Laser Online Kansas City MO DS
816-587-5360 Amiga Central BBS Kansas City MO V32
816-587-9936 The File Shop BBS Kansas City MO HST
816-746-4747 The BullPen BBS Parkville MO V32
816-761-0860 Infinity BBS Kansas City MO HST
816-761-4039 Rampart General BBS Kansas City MO DS2
816-765-9306 Barsoom BBS Kansas City MO HST
816-822-8233 ProBoard Plus Kansas City MO DS
817-244-7136 The Bone Box Fort Worth TX HST
817-277-9042 Emporium ...... TX CS1
817-284-1520 GeneSys I BBS Hurst TX VH
817-293-1134 The AIDS Chat Line Everman TX HST
817-326-4101 Chaparral BBS Grandbury TX HST
817-329-1614 The Dew Line Grapevine TX HST
817-367-0401 Automation White Settlement TX HST
817-367-3828 The Mail Drop White Settlement TX HST
817-370-7304 Monty's Place Fort Worth TX DS
817-381-7905 The Moose's Den Denton TX HST
817-387-5155 The Big Book BBS Denton TX HST
817-430-5131 The Dandy Tandy BBS Roanoke TX DS
817-447-1969 The ARChive Burleson TX HST
817-447-3527 The Speed Way Fort Worth TX DS
817-457-9800 CTR Company Fort Worth TX HST
817-477-4824 The Elite Circle Mansfield TX HST
817-478-0744 Gemini Arlington TX HST
817-485-9969 Laugh Connection Dallas/FW TX V32B
817-491-1516 The Alternative Adult Roanoke TX DS
817-497-4110 The Andromeda Galaxy Corinth TX HST
817-497-6325 [NEC]/[SDN] Corinth TX HST
817-526-2941 Bill's Try Killeen TX HST
817-540-3527 Spare Parts Bedford TX HST
817-547-1734 Virtual Reality BBS Copperas Cove TX DS
817-554-2515 The Land Beyond Killeen TX HST
817-560-9165 Bob's Bear Line Fort Worth TX HST
817-573-0156 Turbo AT! BBS Granbury TX DS
817-656-4282 The Back Door Fort Worth TX DS
817-656-7620 The Third Eye BBS Fort Worth TX HST
817-656-8093 The Gallery Fort Worth TX DS
817-662-2361 File Quest Waco TX DS2
817-666-5137 The Unicorner BBS Waco TX DS2
817-685-2737 CompuServe Ft. Worth TX V32
817-695-0058 The ClipBoard (tm) Arlington TX DS
817-696-9617 The ID/ST Vortex Wichita Falls TX HST
817-731-1754 Obscured By Clouds Fort Worth TX DS
817-732-6157 Shadowdale Fort Worth TX DS
817-735-1626 Bowl Of Chili! Fort Worth TX HST
817-735-8006 The BBN Fort Worth TX HST
817-738-3454 The Pulse Fort Worth TX DS
817-752-4999 Feet First BBS Waco TX HST
817-754-7758 Waco Info Net Waco TX HST
817-756-3123 The Blood Bank II Waco TX V32
817-756-7343 The Blood Bank Waco TX V32
817-756-7565 The Mule Barn Waco TX HST
817-776-0291 The Private EaR III Waco TX DS
817-776-6041 The Private EaR II Waco TX DS2
817-776-9877 The Private EaR Waco TX DS2
817-799-1570 TSTI INFO NET Waco TX HST
817-840-2140 Hello World McGregor TX HST
817-848-5840 Back Stage Waco TX HST
817-851-6909 ChessMaster BBS ...... TX CS1
817-857-4241 The Fissure Waco TX V32
817-947-8899 Comland PC-Board BBS Austin TX HST
818-240-5774 Infinity Ltd Glendale CA HST
818-248-1087 BJ's RBBS La Crescenta CA HST
818-248-3088 HOT TIPS Private Glendale CA CS1
818-248-8974 HOT TIPS Public Glendale CA 2400
818-249-3227 The Closet La Crescenta CA V32B
818-249-8579 GAME BBS ..... CA HST4
818-284-3554 Alhambra Data Exchange Alhambra CA HST4
818-288-0573 Eclair BBS Monterey Park CA V32
818-330-1739 Medi-Call BBS 1 West Covina CA DS
818-330-5849 Medi-Call BBS 2 West Covina CA 2400
818-352-2993 Central Computer Banks Tujunga CA HST
818-352-6777 Court Jester Tujunga CA ULT
818-352-8874 Court Jester Tujunga CA 2400
818-353-2242 KnowledgeBase Of Henry Geo Tujunga CA CS1
818-353-5873 AirConditioned Nightmare Tujunga CA V32B
818-353-8891 Mysteria Tujunga CA DS2
818-366-1238 The MOG-UR'S EMS Granada Hills CA DS3
818-366-6442 The MOG-UR'S EMS Granada Hills CA DS3
818-366-8929 The MOG-UR'S EMS Granada Hills CA DS3
818-441-2625 The Continuum So. Pasadena CA V32B
818-441-8313 The DataPhile BBS So. Pasadena CA V32B
818-562-3014 The Night Shift BBS Burbank CA V32B
818-566-7912 Rambo Scan ...... CA CS1
818-569-3740 Panasia BBS 1 Glendale CA DS2
818-569-3743 Panasia BBS 2 Glendale CA V32B
818-579-3711 Programmers Exchange Monterey Park CA CS1
818-579-9711 Programmers Exchange Monterey Park CA HST
818-700-9591 Third World Chatsworth CA HST
818-752-8045 CompuServe North Hollywood CA V32
818-765-1215 Computer Addicts North Hollywood CA HST
818-766-0911 The Annex Studio City CA DS
818-769-7320 Allegory of the Cave North Hollywood CA ULT
818-772-0384 MoonBeams BBS Northridge CA DS2
818-791-8680 Infomania BBS Pasadena CA V32B
818-798-2793 Global BBS Pasadena CA HST
818-831-5072 The Fortress BBS ..... CA V32B
818-882-9058 Sweet Life PCB ..... CA DS
818-891-1344 The Tool Shop Panorama City CA VH
818-891-3772 The Tool Shop Panorama City CA HST
818-891-6780 The Tool Shop Panorama City CA 2400
818-896-4015 The Ledge PC-Board Lakeview Terrace CA DS2
818-913-6843 Learning Experience La Puente CA V32
818-951-4445 Mac Valhalla BBS Tujunga CA DS
818-953-9063 Personal Computing U. Burbank CA V32
818-955-9681 The Night Shift BBS Burbank CA DS
818-965-6241 The Drawing Board Hacienda Heights CA DS
818-965-7220 House Atreides Rowland Heights CA HST
818-969-9170 Azusa Pacific BBS Azusa CA HST
818-988-9791 CompuServe Van Nuys CA V32
901-345-0117 CornerStone TBBS Memphis TN HST
901-357-1778 The High Flying BBS Memphis TN HST
901-366-7221 Crystal Clear Ideas Netwrk Memphis TN HST
901-367-0837 The South Poll Memphis TN DS
901-372-3143 The Neutral Zone Bartlett TN HST
901-373-4188 HaditNet Memphis TN HST
901-373-5941 Cheers BBS Memphis TN DS2
901-382-0337 The Labrynth BBS Memphis TN DS2
901-386-1760 The Full Moon BBS Memphis TN HST
901-387-0929 Computer Tech Services Bartlett TN CS1
901-387-0929 Computer Tech Services Bartlett TN HST
901-398-9050 Home-Computer Users Group Memphis TN HST
901-458-3604 Worthington's Computer Memphis TN DS
901-525-5543 Sherwood Forest Memphis TN HST
901-754-9823 The NiteMare BBS Memphis TN HST
901-756-9438 Minnie's Basement Cordova TN HST
901-757-5753 Radio Free Memphis Memphis TN HST
901-761-1147 Mr. Zip BBS Memphis TN HST
901-767-2503 The Think Tank Memphis TN HST
901-837-2859 Starsend BBS ...... TN CS1
901-872-0426 Tech Line BBS Millington TN HST
901-873-0387 North End BBS Millington TN HST
901-873-2315 Minnie's Satellite Millington TN HST
901-873-2837 Buccaneer's Harbor Millington TN HST
903-432-3584 THE Friendly OPUS Seven Points TX HST
903-432-3586 OPUS USA Seven Points TX HST
903-454-8737 Kev's Korner Greenville TX HST
903-534-1049 Tyler Open Forum! #2 Tyler TX DS
903-534-1918 Tyler Open Forum! Tyler TX DS
903-593-6856 Technical Systems Tyler TX HST
903-593-7365 J'Adoube Tyler TX HST
903-593-9056 Off The Wall Tyler TX HST
903-597-1239 The Other Side Of The Hill Tyler TX HST
903-753-0485 Marty's Place Longview TX HST
903-868-0183 Forgotten Realm ...... TX CS1
903-868-2794 Electrode's BBS Sherman TX HST
904-221-9425 Medical Info Health Netwrk Jacksonville FL HST
904-224-8047 The ShadowFax Tallahassee FL DS2
904-243-8376 The Mess BBS Ft. Walton Beach FL HST
904-260-1811 The Final Frontier Jacksonville FL HST
904-282-7125 Mr. Bill's World Jacksonville FL CS1
904-292-9014 The King's Castle RBBS Jacksonville FL HST
904-322-0061 Badger Board BBS ...... FL CS1
904-332-0408 Images Unlimited Gainesville FL 2400
904-332-0709 Images Unlimited Gainesville FL DS2
904-332-2848 The Looking Glass Gainesville FL DS
904-332-4100 Images Unlimited Gainesville FL HST4
904-332-6082 Esoteric Oracle Gainesville FL DS
904-334-4798 Time Slice 1 Gainesville FL V32B
904-334-4885 Time Slice 2 Gainesville FL DS3
904-336-9785 Oubliette BBS Gainesville FL DS
904-368-6945 Smokey's Place BBS Ocala FL HST
904-372-7408 The Political Arena Gainesville FL HST
904-373-5864 Bob's Corner Board Gainesville FL DS
904-377-1325 Black ICE Gainesville FL HST
904-377-2082 The Enchanted Forest Gainesville FL DS
904-378-6403 The WARLOCK's Castle Gainesville FL DS
904-386-8693 Wingit Tallahassee FL DS3
904-387-0709 Animal Farm BBS ...... FL CS1
904-389-6125 River City Roots Jacksonville FL HST
904-389-8212 SoftWare Exchange Jacksonville FL HST
904-398-5270 The Inter-Phase Jacksonville FL HST
904-438-4803 Forty Two Pensacola FL HST
904-474-0167 The Jaded Stairway Pensacola FL HST
904-476-1270 Titan Software Solution Pensacola FL HST
904-479-2440 Titan Software Solution Pensacola FL HST
904-479-2448 Titan Software Solution Pensacola FL 2400
904-483-2498 Craig's DATA Exchange! BBS Eustis FL DS3
904-623-5512 OFFCenter Milton FL DS
904-651-8684 The *Hot Muddy Duck* Shalimar FL HST
904-656-2263 Fringe Forum Sequel ..... FL V32
904-673-3765 Alpha Centuri Ormond Beach FL V32
904-673-7931 Bag O' Tricks ...... FL CS1
904-678-3503 U.S.S. Scorpion NCC-4017 Niceville FL HST
904-678-4509 Forgotten Realms BBS Niceville FL HST
904-682-8028 The *Ugly Duckling* Crestview FL HST
904-683-3309 Into The Night BBS Spring Hill FL HST
904-688-9124 Toy Shop-PC BBS Spring Hill FL DS
904-721-7454 Huntley's CD-Room ...... FL CS1
904-730-0046 CompuServe Jacksonville FL V32
904-730-8799 Jax Online Jacksonville FL HST
904-732-0866 The Tree BBS Ocala FL DS
904-733-4750 Manpower Jacksonville FL HST
904-743-0466 Al's Garage Jacksonville FL HST
904-755-1182 The Nuclear Disaster Lake City FL HST
904-768-3854 Stan's Shack Jacksonville FL HST
904-769-9431 Computer Country Panama City FL HST
904-779-5527 The Generic BBS Jacksonville FL HST
904-786-4176 The Bounty St. BBS Jacksonville FL DS
904-789-4786 Software Pit BBS Deltona FL HST
904-789-7791 King Arthurs Castle Deltona FL HST
904-797-2554 Ancient City BBS St. Augustine FL HST
904-797-4824 Computer Store St Augustine FL HST
904-862-9817 Victoria Station Fort Walton Beach FL HST
904-863-8408 RSBBS/Oliver Fort Walton Beach FL HST
904-863-8697 The Amiga Advantage Fort Walton Beach FL HST
904-871-6536 221B Baker St Panama City FL HST
904-878-4457 The Reactor Tallahassee FL V32
904-897-3956 The Wizards' Oliver BBS Niceville FL HST
904-944-9547 FoneEmporium Pensacola FL DS
904-963-1342 Technical Connection BBS Wellborn FL HST
904-968-3687 Amiga Depot BBS Cantonment FL V32
906-228-6517 Bytes-R-Us Marquette MI HST
906-428-3250 The Intensive Care Unit Gladstone MI HST
906-428-3425 The Lighthouse Gladstone MI HST
906-482-8050 Amiga BitSwap Houghton MI DS2
906-863-8407 Phoenix Menominee MI HST
907-345-0147 The Pipeline Anchorage AK DS
907-349-1857 The Mailman Anchorage AK HST
907-452-1460 65'North Fairbanks AK DS
907-479-0197 Doug's Domain Fairbanks AK HST
907-479-8643 Chances Are Fairbanks AK DS2
907-522-2327 Confuserland Anchorage AK V32
907-561-2480 Alaska Smart Homes Anchorage AK ULT
908-245-6614 The Micro Room Roselle NJ HST
908-247-8252 EBBBS East Brunswick NJ DS
908-249-1898 Skating Rink East Brunswick NJ DS
908-249-2502 TibetNet BBS Milltown NJ TB2
908-254-8117 Cop Shop Sayreville NJ HST
908-271-5168 Gypsy Baron Bridgewater NJ DS
908-276-2581 The Club House Cranford NJ HST
908-276-3708 The Door Land BBS Kenilworth NJ HST
908-276-5494 The Bird's Nest Cranford NJ HST
908-291-0788 Selective Source BBS Atlantic Higlands NJ DS2
908-297-3723 Rail News Network North Brunswick NJ TB
908-297-5669 T&S BBS Franklin Park NJ DS
908-324-2617 The Nut House BBS Perth Amboy NJ HST
908-351-5883 Fone Link Support Elizabeth NJ HST
908-381-5682 Heart Throb Adult BBS Rahway NJ HST4
908-388-1676 NJMUG BBS Clark NJ HST
908-418-4354 The Diner Somerset NJ V32
908-463-0315 Parthenon Piscataway NJ DS
908-486-2956 CFONJ Linden NJ DS
908-494-3417 Planet Shadowstar TBBS Edison NJ HST
908-505-8420 This Notes For You BBS Toms River NJ V32
908-506-0472 The Dog's Breakfast Toms River NJ HST
908-525-9440 Central Jersey MicroConnec Parlin NJ DS
908-526-6395 Tranquil River BBS Bridgewater NJ V32
908-544-8193 The University Shrewsbury Twp NJ DS2
908-545-1751 OZ BBS New Brunswick NJ DS2
908-545-2928 OZ BBS - 2400 New Brunswick NJ 2400
908-566-8267 DZK BBS Matawan NJ DS
908-580-0486 Milky Way RBBS Millington NJ DS
908-602-0427 The SEAMCOlink Maximus Iselin NJ HST
908-632-9384 CompuServe Woodbridge NJ V32
908-637-6336 Back Lounge of the TourBus Hackettstown NJ HST
908-638-5698 Union Forge BBS ..... NJ DS3
908-657-2178 The Thieve's Guild Lakehurst NJ DS
908-665-5992 The Summit PCBoard Summit NJ DS2
908-721-3087 Group Side of the Gate Old Bridge NJ HST
908-722-2231 The Sorcery Board Bridgewater NJ DS2
908-727-1914 Hologram Old Bridge NJ HST
908-727-7514 The Phase IV BBS South Amboy NJ HST
908-730-7328 Arrakis 1 Ananndale NJ HST4
908-735-2180 Data-Base BBS 1 Annandale NJ 2400
908-735-2185 Data-Base BBS 2 Annandale NJ VH
908-735-2242 Arrakis 2 Ananndale NJ HST4
908-735-2707 Data-Base BBS 3 Annandale NJ DS2
908-735-6066 Insomnia ..... NJ DS2
908-781-5131 The Sky's The Limit Bedminster NJ HST
908-806-8779 The Missing Link BBS Flemington NJ HST
908-806-8856 The Outer Limits BBS Flemington NJ HST
908-821-8015 Kendall Park BBS Kendall Park NJ DS
908-846-7981 Somerset Central BBS Somerset NJ DS
908-872-8028 Selective Source BBS AtlanticHighlands NJ DS2
908-906-7685 Micro-Fone TBBS Metuchen NJ DS
908-920-7981 Steal Your Face Brick NJ DS
908-981-9190 IEEE-Gateway Piscataway NJ HST
908-988-0706 Castle Tabby Bradley Beach NJ HST
909-279-5458 The Board BBS Corona CA HST
909-337-3137 Tom's Mountain BBS ..... CA V32B
909-352-1905 Baddog's Domain Riverside CA V32B
909-356-5762 Bits & Bytes BBS Fontana CA HST
909-359-3189 Commnet-386 Riverside CA DS2
909-359-3230 Aries PCBoard Riverside CA HST
909-381-6013 The PC Spectrum RBBS-PC Colton CA DS
909-591-5934 Modem Madness Chino CA V32
909-591-6991 The Cloak Of Illusion Fullerton CA HST
909-593-6144 Gentle Rain Forum Claremont CA HST
909-597-7858 Sound Source Chino Hills CA HST
909-625-4920 Flash Point BBS ..... CA DS
909-657-6804 Quality BBS Perris CA HST4
909-677-9695 Nano Access Murrieta CA DS
909-678-2691 Valley Business BBS Wildomar CA HST
909-681-6221 Attention To Details Mira Loma CA HST
909-682-5940 Teleconnect BBS Riverside CA HST
909-686-0220 Windows R-Us ..... CA 2400
909-686-0221 Windows R-Us ..... CA HST
909-686-0222 Windows R-Us ..... CA V32B
909-686-0484 Windows R Us ..... CA HST
909-686-0485 Windows R Us ..... CA V32B
909-686-0486 Windows R Us ..... CA V32B
909-687-3645 The Magician's Stronghold ..... CA HST4
909-688-2658 Commu.Potential Riverside CA HST
909-689-2762 Legend Graphics Riverside CA DS2
909-689-7049 Legend Graphics Riverside CA V32B
909-689-8895 Legend Graphics Riverside CA DS3
909-689-9229 Legend Graphics Riverside CA DS3
909-735-2573 Home BBS ...... CA CS1
909-736-2072 ECTECH BBS ..... CA CS1
909-736-2955 ECTECH BBS ..... CA DS
909-736-9548 CompuStar Network Corona CA HST
909-780-5175 Executive Computer EC Tech ...... CA CS1
909-781-4066 Asian Connection BBS Riverside CA V32B
909-783-7802 MicroWave Research BBS Colton CA HST
909-785-4586 The I.H.S. BBS Norco CA DS
909-785-9176 Solid Rock BBS Riverside CA HST
909-824-3254 C.P.U. BBS Colton CA HST
909-825-4042 ieCG BBS ...... CA CS1
909-874-7255 Ice House BBS ...... CA CS1
909-882-9955 Public Inc. ..... CA HST4
909-924-7336 The Seven Seas BBS Moreno Valley CA V32B
909-927-8146 Hemet Nights BBS Hemet CA HST
909-947-7478 Diamond Bar BBS Ontario CA DS
909-986-1525 The Otter's Holt Ontario CA DS
909-989-2603 Chips Unlimited RBBS-PC Rancho Cucamonga CA HST
912-245-7655 The Fox's Den Valdosta GA HST
912-247-6977 The Bad Lands BBS Valdosta GA HST
912-328-6183 TallyBoard Warner Robins GA HST
912-353-8559 CompuServe Savannah GA V32
912-368-3393 Model-T BBS ...... GA CS1
912-432-2440 Software Designer RBBS-PC Albany GA DS
912-438-1210 Albany AstroLink Albany GA HST
912-471-1243 Dixieland BBS Macon GA HST
912-784-7273 Shorty's Corner BBS Macon GA HST
912-920-1952 The Control Tower BBS Savannah GA V32
912-922-2179 CompuServe Macon GA V32
912-927-7323 The TACRBBS Savannah GA V32
913-236-4863 Computer Specialties Shawnee Mission KS HST
913-262-3796 The Golden Key BBS Kansas City KS DS
913-271-2071 The Software Connection Topeka KS HST
913-357-0316 City Limits Proboard HQ Topeka KS HST
913-422-1025 Cosmix Station Bonner Springs KS HST
913-441-3420 NesByte BBS Bonner Springs KS HST
913-478-3229 The Green Acres Topeka KS HST
913-599-6211 3-Times-7 BBS Overland Park KS DS2
913-599-6266 3-Times-7 BBS OverlandPark KS DS
913-642-7907 South Of The River BBS Overland Park KS HST
913-651-0400 The Ham Shack Leavenworth KS HST
913-776-0111 Fox Support System Manhattan KS HST
913-776-3351 Open Door BBS ..... KS V32B
913-897-6667 Colossus ]II[ Systems Stilwell KS DS2
914-229-8483 InFiniTy I Hyde Park NY HST
914-234-1284 Stromi's Place Bedford NY DS
914-236-3265 Acorn I BBS Marlboro NY DS
914-245-2455 Amawalk Premium PCB Yorktown NY 2400
914-245-9115 Amawalk Premium PCB Yorktown NY DS3
914-255-8154 PC-Paradise New Paltz NY HST
914-271-9407 2x4 BBS Croton NY DS
914-279-2514 The Brewster BBS Brewster NY DS
914-297-0665 Rasputin Compute's Poughkeepsie NY HST
914-297-8810 The 5-K BBS Wappingers Falls NY HST
914-332-1983 TeleTech IES N. Tarrytown NY DS
914-352-6121 Mirage Network ..... NY V32
914-354-5463 10 Forward BBS Pomona NY DS2
914-354-7499 TOUP Spring Valley NY HST
914-374-3903 Dix MoJo BBS New Hampton NY HST
914-374-5123 The Wasteland ..... NY HST4
914-426-0729 Mirage Network ..... NY DS
914-485-4028 FarSide BBS ...... NY CS1
914-564-3342 Micro-Mania Newburgh NY HST
914-565-2407 APFL-Two New Windsor NY V32
914-566-0948 TINY Newburgh NY DS
914-576-6139 Smart Office Solution New Rochelle NY HST
914-621-2865 Dark Side of the Moon Mahopac NY DS2
914-628-0535 Dark Side of the Moon Mahopac NY DS2
914-631-7825 PC-Net BBS Tarrytown NY HST
914-667-9385 Joe Brown's BBS Mount Vernon NY DS
914-677-5890 Camelot II Millbrook NY HST
914-686-8091 Pub Info Exchange White Plains NY DS2
914-723-3397 Sex On The Beach BBS Scarsdale NY V32B
914-738-6857 M&M's Pelham BBS Pelham NY DS
914-747-2836 Seven Keys BBS ..... NY DS
914-753-8241 The Lanalyst's Asylum Sloatsburg NY VH
914-762-4679 Sing Sing Sing Ossining NY HST
914-783-0992 Monroe Electronic Mall Monroe NY DS
914-796-4566 Dirty Hacker BBS Rock Hill NY HST4
914-834-7830 Powerboard HQ BBS Larchmont NY HST4
914-961-8749 Hardgoods East Eastchester NY HST
914-962-9219 Noahs Ark ..... NY DS
914-964-0419 The Lost Carrier BBS ..... NY DS3
914-965-4980 Special Appointment BBS Yonkers NY DS
915-532-0332 La Cantina BBS El Paso TX HST4
915-566-9100 Trans Mountain ST El Paso TX HST
915-570-7833 Rude Armadillo Midland TX DS
915-585-3628 Palisades Park El Paso TX HST
915-590-9798 Health Professions El Paso TX HST
915-591-1090 Micro Applications El Paso TX DS
915-594-0144 The Clubhouse El Paso TX HST
915-594-7806 Sky's The Limit BBS El Paso TX DS
915-598-1987 Academy K12 Net El Paso TX HST
915-653-3396 Warrior's Path San Angelo TX HST
915-653-9077 HamNET San Angelo TX HST
915-677-5008 The PC-Express Abilene TX HST
915-779-0900 Physicians Link El Paso TX V32
915-821-3638 The Pass El Paso TX DS
915-821-5880 Ed's BBS El Paso TX HST
915-821-8952 Palanthas El Paso TX HST
915-944-1436 Tele-Port ][ San Angelo TX HST
916-265-0338 The Sunbeamers BBS Nevada City CA HST
916-272-5107 The Cosmic Connection Grass Valley CA HST
916-275-5361 Edison's Workshop ...... CA CS1
916-334-4470 Extinguisher BBS Sacramento CA HST
916-338-5227 KBBS Sacramento CA HST
916-342-9239 Time Bender-Long Chico CA DS
916-345-4253 Wildfire Chico CA DS
916-347-7330 Phoenicia BBS ..... CA CS3
916-361-1016 Camera Eye BBS Sacramento CA V32
916-362-1755 NightLine I Mather AFB CA HST
916-368-7518 Star BBS Sacramento CA HST
916-381-8788 Capitol City Gateway RBBS Sacramento CA DS
916-383-4560 Fox Propaganda Sacramento CA V32
916-383-9371 Windows BBS Sacramento CA HST
916-387-1264 Windows BBS 2 Sacramento CA V32
916-424-1727 PrimeTime Network Sacramento CA DS
916-424-1728 PrimeTime Network Sacramento CA DS
916-427-0324 City Lights PCBoard Sacramento CA HST
916-432-3179 Rough & Ready OnLine Rough & Ready CA HST
916-446-0926 Sacramento Telefinder Sacramento CA V32
916-477-9073 Logrus Grass Valley CA HST
916-482-4494 CompuServe Sacramento CA V32
916-534-5329 The TDEC BBS Oroville CA DS3
916-542-3088 The Cheshire Cat So. Lake Tahoe CA DS
916-577-4438 HighSierra Online Lake Tahoe CA V32B
916-722-1984 Channel-D BBS Sacramento CA V32B
916-722-1985 Channel-D BBS Sacramento CA V32B
916-722-7223 Channel-D BBS Sacramento CA V32B
916-725-8578 Sirus System BBS Citrus Heights CA DS
916-737-1844 Humanx Commonwealth Sacramento CA HST
916-742-5501 Amber Shadow Marysville CA DS
916-753-8788 Dynasoft Davis CA HST
916-755-1692 The Hideaway BBS Yuba City CA HST4
916-755-3964 The Hideaway BBS Yuba City CA DS2
916-791-4298 Commodore CRC Link! Roseville CA DS2
916-824-1939 Bit Stream Corning CA V32B
916-824-1953 After Hours BBS Corning CA DS2
916-872-2917 LinkaBit BBS ...... CA CS1
916-891-1920 Humanity Net Chico CA HST
916-891-3410 Gliff Chico CA HST
916-893-9019 Lazarus Chico CA DS
916-929-7511 BOBsBBS Sacramento CA V32
916-962-1952 Now and Zen Opus Fair Oaks CA HST
916-962-3964 FAO BBS Sacramento CA 2400
916-962-3978 FAO BBS Sacramento CA V32
916-965-1619 Robert's Place Fair Oaks CA V32
916-966-4923 Slammer BBS Fair Oaks CA HST
916-969-4043 Another BBS Citrus Heights CA HST
916-985-4041 Starfleet Academy HQ Rancho Cordova CA HST
916-985-4720 The Second Opinion Folsom CA DS
918-224-0005 Educational ProgrammingSpt ...... OK CS1
918-234-3617 Time Tunnel Tulsa OK HST
918-250-0936 461 Ocean Blvd. Tulsa OK V32
918-254-6618 The Truckstop BBS Tulsa OK DS2
918-272-4327 The Ham Radio Emporium Owasso OK DS
918-298-1901 MegaByte Image Center Tulsa OK HST
918-355-3113 Thumper's Den Broken Arrow OK DS
918-355-4409 Thumper's Den Broken Arrow OK V32
918-437-4229 Quantum_Leap Tulsa OK DS
918-438-2749 Software America Inc. Tulsa OK DS2
918-438-6918 Hard Drive Cafe Tulsa OK DS2
918-446-1523 The Electric Mall Tulsa OK HST
918-451-3306 Midnight Micro Broken Arrow OK V32
918-493-2137 TechNet One Tulsa OK HST
918-494-4032 Digital Studio Tulsa OK HST
918-542-3469 Bits, Bytes & Stuff! BBS ...... OK CS1
918-585-3840 Techniboard Tulsa OK HST
918-621-1036 CompuServe Tulsa OK V32
918-627-0923 The Hub! BBS Tulsa OK V32
918-627-2058 The 7th Inning Stretch! Broken Arrow OK DS2
918-663-5535 SARCO LTD Tulsa OK HST
918-665-2711 Wayne's World BBS Tulsa OK HST
918-687-8460 Muskogee BBS Muskogee OK HST
918-742-7893 Midnight Micro II Tulsa OK V32
918-744-0106 TBBS Tulsa Tulsa OK DS
918-749-9036 Hi-Tec Tulsa OK DS
918-832-1462 The Asylum Tulsa OK HST
918-835-4072 Lost Horizons Tulsa OK HST
918-835-8933 Star One Tulsa OK HST
918-838-1615 The Gunner's Mate Tulsa OK HST
919-226-6984 The Programmer's Oasis Graham NC HST
919-226-7136 The Programmer's Oasis 2 Graham NC HST
919-228-7002 Nighthawk BBS Burlington NC HST
919-245-4948 The Sandhills BBS Cameron NC HST
919-274-5760 Alert Data QBBS Greensboro NC DS
919-282-8708 The Towne of Greene Greensboro NC HST
919-286-2100 PreRapture BBS 5 Durham NC 2400
919-286-3266 PreRapture BBS 3 Durham NC DS2
919-286-3606 PreRapture BBS 2 Durham NC DS3
919-286-3962 PreRapture BBS 1 Durham NC DS3
919-286-4617 PreRapture BBS 4 Durham NC DS2
919-286-7738 Psychotronic BBS Durham NC DS
919-326-6613 NSS BBS MNML Annex Hubert NC HST
919-355-0665 The Spectrum Greenville NC HST4
919-355-8833 Precision BBS Greenville NC DS
919-362-1213 The Body Shop Apex NC HST
919-376-8432 Stardate 1990 BBS Graham NC HST
919-383-4905 Durham Center Durham NC HST
919-436-2055 The Federal Post Spring-Lake NC HST
919-444-3023 The Door Zone Havelock NC HST
919-444-3997 ASAHI BBS Havelock NC HST
919-447-2892 Jon's LateNite 1 Havelock NC HST
919-447-3321 Dungeon Quest II 1 Havelock NC HST
919-447-7211 The Right Choice Havelock NC HST
919-447-8563 2d MAW Comptroller's BBS Cherry Point NC HST
919-455-1933 QX-Connect OPUS Jacksonville NC DS
919-469-1864 Carolina TRACON Cary NC HST
919-469-4838 Mac Tonight Cary NC DS
919-471-2129 Discovery III BBS Durham NC V32B
919-490-8978 TAG Board Durham NC HST
919-553-8745 Carte Blanche BBS Clayton NC HST
919-556-6173 The CAD WorkStation Board Wake Forest NC VH
919-637-3583 Benners' BBS New Bern NC DS2
919-667-7926 The Trading Post North Wilkesboro NC HST
919-670-2846 Opus Supply Central North Wilkesboro NC HST
919-692-6138 WhiTech BBS Southern Pines NC DS
919-736-1388 The FireHouse Dudley NC DS
919-736-1389 800star Dudley NC HST
919-736-3001 386 Powerhouse Goldsboro NC HST
919-751-5085 Strike Eagle Goldsboro NC HST
919-756-2939 East Carolina Connection Greenville NC HST
919-772-0960 The Chalkboard Raleigh NC HST
919-772-1177 Forbidden Tower Garner NC HST
919-772-7806 TBBS Info/Help Raleigh NC HST
919-779-5059 Micro Message Service Raleigh NC HST
919-781-4203 Capitol Opus Raleigh NC HST
919-786-6424 Pure Energy Mount Airy NC HST
919-831-0674 The BoardRoom Raleigh NC HST
919-831-2759 Social Graces Raleigh NC DS
919-833-7435 Z-Board OPUS Raleigh NC HST
919-846-1802 Garden of Stone Raleigh NC HST
919-851-8460 InfoSYS Raleigh NC DS
919-854-7952 NC Triad Greensboro NC HST
919-856-1223 Magic Foam BBS Raleigh NC HST
919-867-0754 Bragg IDBS Fayetteville NC HST
919-872-3984 C: Directory Raleigh NC DS
919-886-8826 NC Public Safety BBS High Point NC HST
919-929-1945 Quantum Tech Chapel Hill NC DS
919-937-2785 Rebel Yell BBS ...... NC CS1
919-957-4307 The Chicken House State Road NC HST

3,913 Entries in 96-USA
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