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Convert ASCII database lists to Telix or Telemate format dialing directories. Interesting, windows-like user interface.
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Convert ASCII database lists to Telix or Telemate format dialing directories. Interesting, windows-like user interface.
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Contents of the CONVERT.DOC file

Nuts and Bolts I (416) 631-756224 hrs
& Nuts and Bolts II (416) 631-7519Most hrs
Nuts and Bolts ]I[(416) 469-200724 hrs
All boards Nuts and Bolts IV (416) 896-354924 hrs
are 2400 bps Nuts and Bolts V BBS-DOWN
Nuts and Bolts VI (416) 465-536624 hrs

Convert. A program to convert 99% of all BBS listings to Telix and Telemate.


Hi! This program was created for three reasons:

1) I got a new GUI (graphic's thingy) code generator and just
had to try it out on something practical. This program is
the result of a Sunday afternoon of expirmenting. Made out
of Quick Basic 4.5 (believe it or not!)

2) I just got this list called Ultralist and just didn't want
to type all the numbers into my Telix Directory.

3) My board's usage graph is starting to fall and I thought I
would do something different in the way of advertising!

So, what does this do? Well, version 0.0 was to convert Ultralist to
Telix format, just a simple 'tutorial' on my part to learn this new
programming environment. Well, I thought I would kill a few more
days of my life by making it more generic...

Now, the program will take (almost) ANY bbs list, from anywhere and
convert it to Telix and/or Telemate .FON format.


As for that, I think it's pretty straight forward to use. Just type
'CONVERT' at the old dos prompt.

This program is all graphics orientated. It will auto detect your video
type and adjust accordingly. I tried on VGA, EGA, CGA and Herc. Works

It will convert almost any listing that has contains the bbs name and
bbs number on the same line.

You will find some messy parts in the final phone file. Since the
program will convert any line that has a valid phone number in it, it
will also convert any beginning introduction lines if that line has a
valid phone number. Just do a final cleanup on the output list in
Telix or Telemate if that bothers you.

COST: Free. Gad, it's (was) only an expirement. I'll let ya use it if:

1) You call Nuts and Bolts I and II, phone # above (same board,
two lines)

2) Leave a comment to the Sysop (Shawn Knight, me!) saying what you
think of the user interface. If it meets approval, I will continue
to do developement in it, if not, I will get a refund!

RULES for BBS file LISTING MAKERS (note that 99% of all bbs listings conform
to these rules already!):

1) Each line in the list must have 255 characters or less

2) Each line MUST end with a carriage return and/or line feed.

Unforuntely the maker of TNTLIST (of Toronto) figured carriage
returns and line feeds were not necessary. It has created
a lot of headaches for a lot of people (not being able to print,
edit, list). They could only 'type' it to screen. I hope
the maker of TNTLIST gets his act together for the next release.

3) The BBS name must be within the first 25 characters of each line
in the list

4) The BBS phone number must be on same line as the BBS name and must
have a dash ('-' separating the number, (as in 631-7562)). Position
of the phone number on each line is not a factor, this program will
find the phone number anywhere on the line.

Example of the rules:

(Programmer's Guild BBS listing:)

Nuts & Bolts 1631-75622400N8100-24h$00MFGNot Verified....QB

(You can put the phone # anywhere, anything else on the line, the first
thing in the line should be the bbs name).

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