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An enhanced mouse menu for Qmodem 4.2.
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An enhanced mouse menu for Qmodem 4.2.
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Contents of the QMDM4MNU.DOC file

This is a quick menu for Qmodem 4.2 - as I live with it, it
will be "better moused", but SOME mouse is better than NO
mouse to the true rodent afficionado!

This is based on a number of previous mouse menus for
previous versions of Qmodem. Please leave my name and BBS
number in it if you make any fantastic modifications - and
upload me a copy if you will!!

You will have to revise either the UL and DL overlay popups,
OR you will have to be as fanatical about external protocols
as I am.

Enjoy - the colors are pretty good with the "blue" setting
of Qmodem.

Bob R.
The Anonymous BBS
(414) 251-2580
Pursuitable, but 9600 V.32 or Hayes is better!!

Thu 03-16-1989 16:58:26

OK, the Alt-Q has been changed to QuickLearn, cuz that is
what it is now, and the Printer echo has been corrected to
Alt-9. Any more fixes, let me know!!

Sun 03-26-1989 12:21:26

Here is the version that Bob Wilcox modified. I pretended
to clean it up! Note that the Online Menu is for Exec-PC,
but with a few changes, can be adapted to whatever your
favorite bbs is! Here's what Bob W. had to say:

The Author (Bob R.) of this mouse menu for Qmodem 4.0 did a
really nice job. The version I got had a couple of errors
which he says he has corrected in the version he is
distributing now. After correcting my copy of the menu I
decided to add some more menus. The ones I added are:

Scroll Allows selection of scroll back options
Function key Selects function key editing options
Edit Exit options for function key editing
Learn exit Exit options for learn mode
Online Allows selection of several 1 character
responses - (kind of silly as it is
easier to type 1 character on the
keyboard, but I get used to using the
mouse - so why not???) ..
Bob Wilcox
920 N. Washington Owosso, MI 48867
(517) 725-8531

Thanks, Bob! (good name)

Fri 02-09-1990 10:24:54

OK, the function keys can be chosen with the mouse, the new
batch upload picker menu has been added, and John's little
changes that made the previous version of this menu stop
working with Qmodem 4.2 have been accounted for. The
QMODEM.DEF and .MNU should run with the default 5K mouse
driver; the only feature lacking is the moused function
keys. QMODEM_F.MNU will need 7K to run (MENU /7).

Wed 09-05-1990 14:42:21

Well, John changed the status line for the release version
of 4.2, so now I look for the [Help string for the Main
Menu. I *think* everything else should work!

Fri 12-21-1990 14:38:42

Well, 4.2d had a few *more* changes, which I think I have
accounted for. Let me know!

Now, if you love this menu, there are others on my BBS, and
I never turn down a reasonable contribution ... you
have my number up there, and the address of The Anonymous
BBS is:

The Anonymous BBS
Bob Rapp
W140 N7528 Lilly Rd.
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
FidoNet 1:154/40

$5 would help me keep my board alive and well!

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