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PCBoard/Telix OffLine Mail System - Automates downloading of mail packets and registered version allows reading/replying offline as well as file operations.
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PCBoard/Telix OffLine Mail System – Automates downloading of mail packets and registered version allows reading/replying offline as well as file operations.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AXSAUTO.SLC 8736 2525 deflated
AXSHELP.SLC 12568 2184 deflated
AXSMAIL.NEW 4449 1744 deflated
AXSON.DOC 149271 33317 deflated
AXSON.SLC 63814 17781 deflated
AXSPROF.SLC 59948 14993 deflated
AXSTOOLS.DOC 76305 17746 deflated
AXSTOOLS.SLC 48546 13061 deflated
FILES.SLC 52636 5296 deflated
GETPROF.HLP 838 448 deflated
INETPROF.HLP 3311 891 deflated
INSTALL.SLC 21532 4275 deflated
MAILPROF.HLP 8015 2615 deflated
MAINPROF.HLP 1151 530 deflated
MISCPROF.HLP 5249 1507 deflated
OPTPROF.HLP 3660 1182 deflated
ORDER.FRM 3545 841 deflated
PCB1PROF.HLP 5922 1808 deflated
PCB2PROF.HLP 5866 1749 deflated
PCB3PROF.HLP 1023 545 deflated
POM.HLP 3053 1058 deflated
PROFPROF.HLP 4266 1298 deflated
QMM2AXS.SLC 614 224 deflated
READ.ME 10528 3567 deflated
SYSCON.SLC 19444 5806 deflated
USERPROF.HLP 9599 3360 deflated
WHATS.NEW 8302 3257 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file


The following files are included in this ZIP:

PKZIP (R) FAST! Create/Update Utility Version 1.1 03-15-90
Copr. 1989-1990 PKWARE Inc. All Rights Reserved. PKZIP/h for help
PKZIP Reg. U.S. Pat. and Tm. Off.

Searching ZIP: AXS100.ZIP

Length Method Size Ratio Date Time CRC-32 Attr Name
------ ------ ----- ----- ---- ---- ------ ---- ----
63814 Implode 20921 68% 07-31-91 01:00 b652afb6 --w AXSON.SLC
59948 Implode 18322 70% 07-31-91 01:00 c67f1088 --w AXSPROF.SLC
12568 Implode 2358 82% 07-31-91 01:00 1a0c1db7 --w AXSHELP.SLC
8736 Implode 2718 69% 07-31-91 01:00 4f6b4a28 --w AXSAUTO.SLC
48546 Implode 15230 69% 07-31-91 01:00 c217e6d5 --w AXSTOOLS.SLC
19444 Implode 6390 68% 07-31-91 01:00 28911b86 --w SYSCON.SLC
52636 Implode 6116 89% 07-31-91 01:00 6c5f30fc --w FILES.SLC
614 Implode 251 60% 07-31-91 01:00 a721bf66 --w QMM2AXS.SLC
21532 Implode 4721 79% 07-31-91 01:00 906eb1f4 --w INSTALL.SLC
8302 Implode 3455 59% 07-31-91 01:00 471b50a5 --w WHATS.NEW
4449 Implode 1990 56% 07-31-91 01:00 d69cb893 --w AXSMAIL.NEW
Implode 07-31-91 01:00 --w READ.ME
3545 Implode 986 73% 07-31-91 01:00 46722f80 --w ORDER.FRM
76305 Implode 20487 74% 07-31-91 01:00 f3110f90 --w AXSTOOLS.DOC
149271 Implode 39029 74% 07-31-91 01:00 196cb436 --w AXSON.DOC
838 Implode 538 36% 07-31-91 01:00 35069d13 --w GETPROF.HLP
3311 Implode 1031 69% 07-31-91 01:00 7d8dadd1 --w INETPROF.HLP
8015 Implode 2810 65% 07-31-91 01:00 7bbe9930 --w MAILPROF.HLP
1151 Implode 643 45% 07-31-91 01:00 9c0fbc1d --w MAINPROF.HLP
5249 Implode 1721 68% 07-31-91 01:00 d55a14c4 --w MISCPROF.HLP
3660 Implode 1356 63% 07-31-91 01:00 30a2db4b --w OPTPROF.HLP
5922 Implode 1974 67% 07-31-91 01:00 07e6171c --w PCB1PROF.HLP
5866 Implode 1903 68% 07-31-91 01:00 2960e399 --w PCB2PROF.HLP
1023 Implode 666 35% 07-31-91 01:00 89c0ca83 --w PCB3PROF.HLP
3053 Implode 1214 61% 07-31-91 01:00 fe9132f1 --w POM.HLP
4266 Implode 1466 66% 07-31-91 01:00 6768d4c2 --w PROFPROF.HLP
9599 Implode 3572 63% 07-31-91 01:00 4600f336 --w USERPROF.HLP
------ ------ --- -------

Note that these ZIP files are encoded with an Authenticity Verification number.
If you use PKZIP 1.10 or later to extract from these archives, PKZIP should
display the symbol -AV beside each filename, and should finish with the
following message:

Authentic files Verified! # VMC708 Jack Mlynek Communications


To install ACCESS/ONLINE, copy all the .SLC and .HLP files into your script
directory. From within TELIX type:


Or, from DOS type:


Enter the name you use to logon to the System you are calling:

Your Login Name: YOUR NAME

Enter the of the System you are calling. This name must match the
official of the System and cannot be more than 8 characters:

Name of The System You Are Calling: CRS

Enter the Telix Dialing Directory entries to call to connect to the System.

Dialing Directory Entries to Call:

You may:

Press to View Dialing Directory

Next, enter the hard disk Drive where the ACCESS/ONLINE files were placed:

Disk Drive to Install ACCESS:

To save this Configuration, enter "Y". If you wish to start from the beginning
of this screen again, enter "N". To abort the Installation and not save the
ACCESS/ONLINE Configuration data, enter "A":

Save Configuration? :

Congratulations! You have successfully installed ACCESS/ONLINE.

You will now have a working Profile and AutoPilot List. If you need to change
the Language Option or the Door to open, from with TELIX, run ACCESS/PROFILE
by typing "AXSON" then press . The default path for Mail (QWK
and REP files) is set to \AXS\MAIL. If you have already installed a reader,
you will have to change this in the Profile to match the path set in your
reader. These settings are all on Page A of ACCESS/PROFILE.

Make sure that your Telix Status Bar is at the Top of the screen or
ACCESS/ONLINE will overwrite it. Registered versions of ACCESS can have the
Status Bar at the Bottom.

Please read the Getting Started Section of the Manual before making any


To print the Manual, set your printer to IBM Mode (turn Epson Mode OFF) and
type the following from DOS:


If your printer does not support IBM Mode, you will have to import the Manual
into a text editor or word processor and remove the following characters from
the text:

ASCII 15, 19, 24, 30, 31.


New to ACCESS is context-sensitive Help, available at every menu where you see
. Press - Function Key F1 - and Help for the options available
at that menu will be displayed. You can print the entire Help file or mark a
block and print only the section you are interested in.


If you are upgrading from QMM/QMMSys, run the script QMM2AXS first. All .QMF,
.QID, and .QMM files will be renamed to the new ACCESS naming conventions.
Then run the INSTALL script if you wish. It will create a new Profile for you
and update your QMMSys Config. as well. To update your existing Profiles, read
them into ACCESS/PROFILE then save them. To update your QMMSys Config., press
from ACCESS/TOOLS, then save it.

The file naming conventions for ACCESS/ONLINE are:




The default Mail Directory Directory are:


Please note, there is now only one AutoPilot. The old AutoPilot is gone and has
been replaced by AutoRecall from QMM. However, it will now be known as

Registered users of QMM must obtain a key file before you can use
ACCESS/TOOLS. You can obtain your serialized key file by calling Twenty
Twenty, The ACCESS Support BBS at (416) 844-8525 2400 MNP 24 hours.

Open DOOR 1 and select BRANDSYS.SLC. Download the file and place it in your
script directory. Then, run BRANDSYS from within TELIX with the command
"BRANDSYS". Your copy of ACCESS/TOOLS will now be serialized. You must
keep BRANDSYS.SLC in your script directory permanently, since it also acts as
a key file. The file is less than 1k in size and the entire process should
take less than 3 minutes.

In case you are not allowed into the Update Door, please leave a Comment to
Sysop with your serial number. Your information will be updated within 24

If you are not a registered user you will not be able to run ACCESS/TOOLS. To
obtain a registered copy of ACCESS, fill in the enclosed order form in the

Do not attempt to run the following scripts. They are called by ACCESS and
must have certain parameters passed to them. If you do run them, a Telix
script error message will be returned:



I would like to thank the following people who have worked long and hard to
help ACCESS move from a gleam in my eye to a reality. I couldn't have done it
without you!

Peter Bailey
Keith Birch
Barry Copeland
Mike Crone
Bev Green
Don Hillman
Peter Kaiser
Bob Lyle
Gun Onen
Larry Rosen
Colin Sampaleanu
Peter Sleggs
Robert Walker
Jeff Woods

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