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Tagger (v3.7) allows the tagging of files online and offline with PCBoard.
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Tagger (v3.7) allows the tagging of files online and offline with PCBoard.
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Contents of the TAGGER.DOC file

TAGGER (C) E.J.BLAYER 1989,1990


Version 3.7 6/1/90
Extended Copy Features (Mouse Only)
When TAGGER is in the Foreground and IF a tagfile is available
a "c" for copy or Middle button on a three button mouse will present
an addition Menu with three options:

Filename Drag- A Point,Shoot,drag and release capture of Filename
to the internal list. Most useful for multiple
column file lists as the "AUTO" mode will only search
for the first occurance of a file name per line.

Block - Mark diagonal corners of a text block and save
to the tagfile. Messages or any text can be quickly
"cut" from the screen. Mark ANY starting corner
and its diagonal to "cut" text.
This and Screen both append to the TAGFILE.

Screen - Save the entire screen of text to the tagfile.

The captured text to the tagfile has trailing spaces removed.
if the Tagfile is not activated by the set option below (from Ver 3.6)
the "c" or Middle mouse button activates the Filename Drag function
immediately without a menu.
The new COPY menu item selection is by mouse movement only. The bottom
status line will give a more detailed "Help Info" as the items are scrolled.
The "HELP" on the status line will guide the use of the function when
selected. As usual the left mouse button selects and the right mouse button
aborts or exits all functions. The ESC key will also cancel or exit any

Version 3.6 2/1/90
ADDED - COMMENT FILE.. if the file name starts in the 1st column
the entire line is written to a user specified file. This should
satisfy requests from sysops that need the comment line to update
there own system . This option is activated by adding a "set" to
the environment.
set tagfile=c:\pathname\filename.ext
This file is appended on each session of TAGGER

Version 3.5 8/23/89
Fixup for QMODEM'S TSR Trap added, Output filenames wouldn't work.
This Also fixed same problem With PROCOMM + .

Version 3.4 7/31/89
Added EGA 43 line and VGA 50 line support ..........



This software has been tested in a number of xt,at machines
and thought to be bug free. Hardware should be 100% IBM (tm) compatible.
User Assumes the responsibility for its actions or lack thereof.


USING TAGGER -Jump start (SEE Mouse Support also)
A Utility To AID in Selection of Files ON or OFF Line With
Your Current MODEM Program to PCBOARD (tm) SYSTEMS....

Purpose is to "TAG", or capture, file names on a pcboard (tm) bbs ,
and output them at at the Zdoor or Prodoor all at once ....
Tagged file names can also be output selectively one at a time
if you are not using a batch type receive protocol.

Off Line Selection Can be done with getfiles.bat . Change to
suit your current arc,zip,??? utility ,file lister ,and modem

Basic Use:
The Modem Pgm is Run as a Child Process ...
Examples of Command lines for various modem programs:

C:> TAGGER PROCOMM ["options"]

C:> tagger c:\zcomm\zcomm "call stockton"


Options must be in quotes....

At this point you would log into your bbs as usual using whatever
normal faculties of the modem program.

After log in , list files available with normal PCBOARD(tm) commands.
Examples :

(29 Minutes Left) Main Board Command : N S 20

(28 Minutes Left) Main Board Command : f 30

(27 Minutes Left) Main Board Command : f 1

When You Have a screen full of file names ,HIT ALT-Z
NOTE: This Hot Key can be user defined if the alt-z combination
is used by the modem program.

Tagger will then be activated...
A status line will appear at the bottom of the screen and
the TOP line will appear reverse video.

Use the arrow keys to move up and down the screen ....
The keys on the keypad are used to tag file names (+)

Tag a few file names by moving to a line with the arrow keys,
and then hitting the "+" key. Each time you "TAG" a filename
a TAG count on the STATUS line will increment
Up to 20 files can be TAGGED .. Which is the limit of
number of files you can download in on call from most PCBOARD (tm)

At this point you can edit your TAG list by hitting the "e" key.

A window will appear showing the files names you have TAGGED.
The arrow keys can be used to walk up and down the window.
If the "d" key is hit the presently highlighted name will be
deleted from the list.

You exit the EDIT function with ESC.

TAgger is still active and you have TAGGED all you need at this
point on this "page" of file names.
Hit the ESC or END key to leave TAGGER.

you are now out of "TAGGER" and back in your modem program.
Hit return to list more files (if more are available)

Hit alt-Z (HOT KEY) to call up TAGGER and tag more files ....
END or ESC key to stop......

After selecting (TAGGING) all needed files ..

OPen the PCBOARD's Door 1 and at the prompt enter D and ENTER
The door will then ask for file names .
To output your TAGGED file names ,
activate TAGGER with the HOT KEY (default is ALT-Z)
Then hit the minus key .....

All the file names that were TAGGED will be then be output at the
DOOR prompt for file names.
TAGGER has switched off into the background.
If you now hit the enter key the PCBOARD(tm) will commence download
of your requested files.


+ = tag this file
- = output all file names
* = clear all file names

E = edit TAGGED list
D=delete current item in TAG list
ESC= end edit

/ = Send Selected single filename from TAG list
use up dwn arrows to move to filename.
- = send current single filename.

UP and DOWN arrows to move around

END or ESC to deactivate Tag ,and return to modem pgm

100 % true blue or CLONE ,,and About 60k of memory more
than your Modem program uses.
Copy TAGGER.EXE to your working path directory.

SETTING THE HOT KEY with environment variable TAGKEY..
In your autoexec.bat ,add a TAGKEY setting to use other than the
default HOT KEY alt-z.

set TAGKEY=081c

Makes the ALT-enter key on the keypad the hot key...
1c is the scan code for that key
08 is the additional ALT key


To determine the key desired, form 4 hex digits from the following:

The First two Digits from this table;
8 4 2 18 4 2 1
1 . . .. . . . Insert locked
. 1 . .. . . . Caps Lock locked
. . 1 .. . . . Num Lock locked
. . . 1. . . . Scroll Lock locked
. . . .1 . . . Alt key is pressed
. . . .. 1 . . Ctrl key is pressed
. . . .. . 1 . Left Shift key is pressed
. . . .. . . 1 Right Shift key is pressed

therefore: 0 8 is for alt

Other 2 digits (scan code) are taken from this list:

Keystroke 83/84-Key 101/102-Key 101/102-Key
Standard Standard Extended

Esc01 same same
102 same same
203 same same
304 same same
405 same same
506 same same
607 same same
708 same same
809 same same
90A same same
00B same same
-0C same same
=0D same same
Backspace0E same same
Tab0F same same
q10 same same
w11 same same
e12 same same
r13 same same
t14 same same
y15 same same
u16 same same
i17 same same
o18 same same
p19 same same
[1A same same
]1B same same
Enter1C same same
Ctrl** ** **
a1E same same
s1F same same
d20 same same
f21 same same
g22 same same
h23 same same
j24 same same
k25 same same
l26 same same
;27 same same
;27 same same
' 28 same same
`29 same same
Shift** ** **

\2B same same
z2C same same
x2D same same
c2E same same
v2F same same
b30 same same
n31 same same
m32 same same
,33 same same
.34 same same
/35 same same
Gray *37 same same
Alt** ** **
Space39 same same
Caps Lock** ** **
F1 3B same same
F2 3C same same
F2 3C same same
F3 3D same same
F4 3E same same
F5 3F same same
F6 40 same same
F7 41 same same
F8 42 same same
F9 43 same same
F1044 same same
F11no key -- 85
F12no key -- 86
Num Lock** ** **
Scroll Lock** ** **
White Home 47 same same
White Up Arrow48 same same
White PgUp 49 same same
Gray -4A same same
White Left Arrow4B same same
Center Key -- -- 4C
White Right Arrow4D same same
Gray +4E same same
Gray +4E same same
White End4F same same
White Down Arrow50 same same
White PgDn 51 same same
White Ins52 same same
White Del53 same same
SysReqno key ** **
Key 45 [5] no key 56 same
Enter (number keypad)no key 1C E0
Gray /no key 35 E0
PrtScno key ** **
Pauseno key ** **
Gray Homeno key 47 47
Gray Up Arrowno key 48 48
Gray Page Upno key 49 49
Gray Left Arrowno key 4B 4B
Gray Right Arrowno key 4D 4D
Gray Endno key 4F 4F
Gray Down Arrowno key 50 50
Gray Page Downno key 51 51
Gray Insertno key 52 52
Gray Insertno key 52 52
Gray Deleteno key 53 53


This Utility Shows HOW to automate the process of:

1. Un-archiving the master list such as COMPUDAT.ARC or SSCFILES.ARC.

2. Using a listing program to page through the file lists,
from which you would use TAGGER to collect file names,

3. Run your modem program and use tagger to send the collected
file names to the bbs for download.

The first time user may wish to use the following:

This will Envoke a new from a shell under TAGGER.
You can now list the bbs's master file in any way you wish.
Activate TAGGER at any time with the hot key and TAG file names.

Exit the listing program and run your modem program as usual.
Tagger is holding your file list .
Activate Tagger at the door prompt as described in the on line
procedure and output the file names.
When you exit the modem program ,at the dos prompt type EXIT
and hit enter..
This will dissolve TAGGER and remove it from memory...

Release 3.0 an up Has mouse support , If You have a mouse driver
that does not support the "SAVE MOUSE STATE" function ,the
mouse CANNOT be used ...Try to get an updated mouse driver.

The Functions are used as follows:
1. With TAGGER activated with the HOT-KEY,click
the LEFT button on a line with a filename to
add to the TAG list.

2. Click the LEFT button on any Status line function
to activate that function.

3. Click the RIGHT mouse button to EXIT the current
Function ,even tagger itself..

4. An additional Point and Drag FILENAME pickup is
available only with the mouse.
It is available by clicking Left button at the
far left of the STATUS line. Notification that
this function is active is a Flashing "*" in the
TAG name on the status line. You can now pickup
a single filename by placing the mouse cursor on
the item to be picked up and press the left button,
hold and drag left or right ,when button is released
pickup ends..
This will be most useful in picking file names up in
messages and on non PCBOARD(tm) systems where several
columns of file names exist.
This function is a one shot,your back to the standard
pickup.Activate it again to point and drag...
RIGHT button will cancel this mode if you decide not
to pickup a text block.
If the area selected is longer than a permissible
filename length ( the excess is clipped off.
See New features for ver 3.5 to 3.7 for additional
information for a mouse at the beginning of this file.

This program acts as a TSR in affect and could conflict
with other ill behaved TSR programs. Unload ALL other TSR's
and try them one at a time to locate the culprit...

Tested with ZCOMM,PROCOMM,TELIX,BOYAN and users report it has worked
all modem and communications programs available..
Of course graphic mode systems such as WINDOWS ARE NOT supported...

MEMORY .. TAGGER uses approximatly 45K.

TAGGER was Written in Microsoft "C" 6.0 and assembly.
BIOS Calls only were purposly used to maintain compatability
with ALL video systems. This results in a visual slowness
of reverse video functions, but reduced the size considerably.
As some MODEM programs are greedy on memory and will drop some
functions such as scroll back buffers if memory is insufficent,
this was the only way to go...

OS2- Works in the DOS BOX ,no problem. Possible version for protected
mode later.

Need Feedback on any problems .....
LEAVE msg on Stockton PCBOARD 609-652-4914

1008 W.BAY Ave
Barnegat,NJ 08005

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