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Nice little DOS communications program. Makes extensive use of the mouse.
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Nice little DOS communications program. Makes extensive use of the mouse.
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Contents of the CLICKCOM.DOC file

Click Comm Ver 1.0

Copyright (C) 1991 Streamline Design, Ltd.
All Rights Reserved

Interactive Communications (tm)

Thomas S. Thayer
1 Herron Place.
Bramalea, Ontario
L6S 1P3

Available From
Streamline Design Company
Download From
The Support Group BBS


Click Comm is an interactive communications package. It provides the
user with many ways of operating via telecommunications. The main
idea behind Click Comm was to improve on the already existing packages
out there. This was taken into consideration during the initial
stages and therefore, you will find there is more flexibility with
Click Comm than other packages out there.

HINT: To see a good example of the flexibility of Click Comm, try
clicking your mouse on things while On-Line and moving it

Please read all of the *.HLP files, press F1, or click on HELP
whenever you have a question. All the commands are available from
within Click Comm.

You may use Click Comm for a period of 1 month before deciding upon
registering. After 1 month of use, (starting from the first day you
used Click Comm), you have not registered this software, you must
stop using Click Comm.

Please excuse the brief documentation on this package. A proper set
of documentation will follow in later versions.


- Built in Graphics Viewing protocol for interaction with the
On-Line Sales Door.
- Resizable and Moveable Windows while On-Line
- Complete Mouse Interaction with any system and all commands and
functions of Click Comm
- On-Line help Through Out the System
- Built in Zmodem, Xmodem/CRC, XModem Checksum, and XModem-1k
- Automatic Zmodem detection
- External Protocols Shelling
- Lotus Style Menus
- Hot Keys for Everything
- 110 to 38400 Baud Support (Higher Support is being worked on)
- TTY, Avatar, ANSI, and ANSI-BBS Support
- Automatic Modem Configuration for over 100 different modems
- User Definable Macros
- System Information
- Archive/Unarchive Shells
- Scroll Back Buffers
- Built in File Viewing
- Built Print routines
- DOS Shell
- Many others........

The successful operation of this program requires the

IBM-PC or 100% Compatible Computer
VGA Monitor ( Only when Using the On-Line Sales Viewing Options )

The operation of this program requires the presence of
most of the following files:

- CLKCOM.EXE : The Main executable File
MAINMENU.HLP : Help Files for On-Line functionality
- LITT.CHR : Font file for On-Line Sales Database graphic
ATT.BGI : Graphics Interface Files for On-Line Sales
Database graphic Viewing
MODEMS.SCM : Modem Initialization Instructions
FV.EXE : File Viewer for reading text files
FVSCOMM.EXE : Scroll Back Buffer Viewer
CLICKCOM.DOC : This Documentation


- SETUP.SLS : The main Setup/Configuration File for Click Comm
- EXTPROTS.SLS : External Protocols setup file
- DIALER.DBF : Dialing Directory


- Any External Protocols you wish. ie: Omen Technologies DSZ.COM


- Just run the installion program or unzip entire zip into a directory
named CLKCOM or anything else of your choice.
- Type in CLKCOM and follow the instructions. (Easy Eh?)


Since almost all of the windows can be resized and moved around while
On-Line, there are a few things you should know. The Following is
a compact list of commands and functions:

Main Screen

KeyBoard Commands

PgDn : Download Menu
PgUp : Upload Menu
Alt - C : Clear Screen
Alt - R : Read a file
Alt - A : Archive Menu
Alt - U : Unarchive Menu
Alt - D : Dialing Directory
Alt - M : Menu
Alt - I : System Information
Alt - H : Send Hang-Up String
Alt - S : Shell to DOS
Alt - P : Print a File
Alt - - : Change Mouse interaction with Terminal
Alt - 1 : Macro 1
Alt - 2 : Macro 2
Alt - 3 : Macro 3
Alt - 4 : Macro 4
Alt - 5 : Macro 5
Alt - 6 : Macro 6
Alt - 7 : Macro 7
Alt - 8 : Macro 8
Alt - 9 : Macro 9
Alt - 10 : Macro 10
Ctrl-PgDn: Change Menu Bar
F1 : Help

Mouse Commands

The Mouse is capable of grabbing Text anywhere on the screen and echoing
it out to the Modem. This done through a function called CLICK. CLICK
is basically the way the mouse interacts with the package. If CLICK is
activated it will echo out any characters or words you grab, but will not
send a carriage return. If CLICK/CR is activated it will echo out any
characters or words you grab with a carriage return.

Right Click and DRAG to the right with CLICK/CR : Echos highlighted text to
modem with a carriage
Right Click and DRAG to the right with CLICK : Echos highlighted text to
modem without a carriage
Left Click on MENU : Selects Menu
Right Click on MENU : Changes Selection Bar
Left Click on HELP : Selects On-Line Help
Right Click on HELP : Changes Selection Bar
Left Click on DOWNLOAD : Selects Download Menu
Left Click on UPLOAD : Selects Upload Menu
Left Click on EXIT : Exits Click Comm
Left Click on DIALER : Selects Dialing Directory
Left Click on CLICK/CR : Changes Mouse interaction
Left Click on M01 : Uses Macro #1
Left Click on M02 : Uses Macro #2
Left Click on M03 : Uses Macro #3
Left Click on M04 : Uses Macro #4
Left Click on M05 : Uses Macro #5
Left Click on M06 : Uses Macro #6
Left Click on M07 : Uses Macro #7
Left Click on M08 : Uses Macro #8
Left Click on M09 : Uses Macro #9
Left Click on M10 : Uses Macro #10
Left Click on INFO : Selects System Information
Left Click on READ FILE: Read a File
Left Click on ARCHIVE : Archive Menu
Left Click on UNARCHIVE: Unarchive Menu
Left Click on PRINT : Prints a File
Left Click on SHELL : Shells to DOS


Tagging and Dialing of Entries

If you wish to Dial more than one entry, simply tag each of the
entries you wish to dial and hit enter, Click on dial, or Double
Click on the last entry you wish tagged. The system will then
cycle through the entries you have selected.

If you wish only to dial one number just place the higlight bar
on the entry desired and press enter. The system will then cycle
through this number until you either connect or abort the

Please Note: When you tag entries the system only dials the tagged
items. It does not dial the highlighted entry unless
it is also tagged.

Multiple Dialing will present you with a dialing Box. This allows
you multiple functions as well. For further information on the
dialing box, enter into the dialing box and press F1.

Keyboard Commands

Esc : Exit Dialer
Ins : Add an Entry
Enter : Dial Highlighted Entry
Space : Tag an Entry
Alt - E : Edit Highlighted Entry
Alt - T : Tag All Entries
Alt - U : Untag All Entries
F8 : Reverse Tags
F1 : Help
F5 : Toggle Between Full Window and resized window
Up Arrow,
Left Arrow : Move Highlight Bar Up the List
Dn Arrow,
Right Arrow : Move Highlight Bar Down the List
Ctrl - F5 : Move Dialing Window
Alt - F5 : Resize Dialing Window

Mouse Commands

Left Single Click on Close Icon or Esc : Exit Dialer
Left Single Click on Ins/Add : Add an Entry
Left Double Click on Entry : Dial Highlighted or
Tagged Entries
Left Single Click on Entry : Tag an Entry
Left Single Click on Alt-E/Edit : Edit Highlighted Entry
Left Single Click on F8/Rev. Tags : Reverse Tags
Left Single Click on F1/Help : Help
Left Single Click on Upper Right Icon : Toggle Between Full
Window and resized window
Left Single Click on Right or Bottom : Move Highlight Bar Down
Scroll Bars the List
Left Click on Top of Window, Hold, : Move Dialing Window
Move to Desired Location, and Release
Left Click on Bottom Right Corner of : Resize Dialing Window
of Window, Hold, Move to Desired Size,
and Release

Item Entry Boxes

Selection Boxes

The Character 'X' Represents the Selected Item.

KeyBoard Commands

Enter : Move to Next Field
Alt - O : Save & Exit
Alt - H or F1 : Help
Alt - C : Cancel & Exit
Alt - F5 : Move Window
Home : Move Cursor to Begging of Field
End : Move Cursor to End of Field
BackSpace : Move Back on Character and Erase Character
Delete : Delete Character Cursor is sitting on
Right Arrow : Move Cursor one Character to the Right
Left Arrow : Move Cursor one Character to the Left
Tab : Move to Next Field
Shift - Tab : Move to Previous Field
Up Arrow : Move to Previous Selection
Dn Arrow : Move to Next Selection

Mouse Commands

Left Single Click on Field : Move to That Field
Left Single Click on OK : Save and Exit
Left Single Click on Help : Help
Left Single Click on Cancel : Cancel and exit
Left Single Click on Selection : Select that Item
Box Selection
Left Single Click on Top of Window, : Move Window
Hold, Move to Desired Location, and

This program is NOT public domain and is (C)Copyrighted
91 by Tom S. Thayer with all rights reserved. It may not be
distributed for personal gain under any circumstances. The
CLKCOMxx.ZIP file in its original form may be copied or
distributed through Bulletin Board systems provided no more
than a handling charge is applied for its distribution and
no modifications are made to the program files contained

User Supported Software is a way for you to review a
program on a trial basis and test its operation on your
system prior to purchasing it. Under this type of
distribution system, you are insured that the program meets
your needs and requirements.

This software is provided on an "As Is" basis without
warranty either implied or expressed of any kind. Tom S.
Thayer, the author and sole owner of this software, takes
no responsibility for loss of data or damage to equipment
thru the use of this software. Should the software prove
defective the entire burden of any and all repairs and
replacements and/or data restoration rests with the user. In
no event will the author be liable for any costs and/or
losses either tangible or intangible arising from the use of
this software.


If you have any problems or questions concerning the use
of this program you may contact me at Streamline Design Company
416-790-1997 (10:00am to 6:00pm). I would greatly appreciate
hearing from you with suggestions for improvements or other
comments. The latest version of this software can always be
obtained from within the The Support Group (416)444-7358


Until the end of January 1991, Click Comm will be available
at an introdutory price of $50.00. Anyone registering before
Feb. 1st 1991 will receive all future updates with no extra
cost. This for the help in testing this software. A registered
Click Comm will remove the opening screen.

After January 31st 1991 Version 2.0 of Click Comm will be released
and the price will become $65.00.

Send To: Streamline Design
1 Herron Place.
Bramalea, Ontario
L6S 1P3



City:__________________________ Prov:______ Postal Code:________

Phone:_________________ Date:____________________________


Please add me to the list of Registered users/owners of
Click Comm. Please find payment enclosed for each copy of
Click Comm to cover the cost of registration. Registration
provides the means to notify users of future software releases
and/or enhancements and to provide software support.

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