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Procomm Plus Host script (brand new as of Aug 7, 1992). Lots of new features. Use instead of interal HOST function. Self extracting file downloaded from DataStorm's BBS.
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Procomm Plus Host script (brand new as of Aug 7, 1992). Lots of new features. Use instead of interal HOST function. Self extracting file downloaded from DataStorm’s BBS.
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Contents of the HOST.DOC file

Procomm Plus Scripted Host Mode v1.0


The PCPLUS Scripted Host Mode was written to allow users additional
flexibility in using host mode. The scripted version, as supplied
here, basically mirrors the PCPLUS internal host with a few
additions. These additions are: the ability for normal users to
access multiple directories and the ability for privileged users to
change default directory without shelling to DOS. Parameters
indigenous to Scripted Host are now stored in a Host Parameter

A Host Utility program that allows the sysop to modify the Host
Parameter file. The utility program also allows the sysop to
read/delete/pack the message base.


DOS 3.30 or above
Procomm Plus 2.0x
Large Model Aspect Compiler v1.01L (Available from DATASTORM BBS)
Some experience in Aspect programming


There are five main differences between 2.0x internal host and
Scripted Host:

1. Alternate access areas for normal users, these directories
are defined by the sysop. (Using HOSTUTIL.ASP)
2. Ability to change default directory for privileged users, allows
privileged users to enter a path, which then becomes the default
directory, warns user if entered path is invalid.
3. External parameter file containing Sysop preferences, an ASCII
file that contains Sysop preferences. Editable with any text
editor or with Host utility program.
4. Extraneous utility program (HOSTUTIL.ASP) which allows Sysop to
edit the external parameter file. The utility program also
allows the Sysop to Read/Leave Mail, and to pack (strip all
deleted messages) from the message base.
5. Added an additional display file HOST.OPN, which will be displayed
to the caller BEFORE he receives the first name prompt.


HOST.ASP - Main host script
MAIL.INC > Include files for Host.Asp, needed for compiles

HOSTUTIL.ASP - Utility script

HOST.DOC - This file

ASPCOMP.EXE - version 1.01L
The large model ASPECT 2.0x compiler is
needed to compile scripts larger then 32K,
ie. Host.Asp

Note: All data files have to be located in the directory specified with the
PCPLUS DOS environment variable, if no variable exists, the current
directory is used. With the exception of PCPLUS.USR all data files
associated with scripted host have "HOST" as the filename prefix.

ie. HOST.NWS, HOST.LOG, etc.

The external files supported are listed below:

PCPLUS.USR - File containing user name,password, & access level
HOST.PRM - Host parameter file
HOST.MSG - Mail message file
HOST.HDR - Mail header file
HOST.NWS - News file
HOST.NUF - New user file
HOST.LOG - Log file
HOST.HLP - Help file
* HOST.OPN - Opening screen
* ~HOST.TMP - Temp file (used by mail)

Files marked with an "*" are new files indigenous to the scripted host.

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