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Comprehensive VT 100 emulator with Kermit protocol transfer.
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Comprehensive VT 100 emulator with Kermit protocol transfer.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AAAREADM.TXT 354 253 deflated
FEATURES.DOC 3875 1779 deflated
HAYES.SCR 2216 1010 deflated
MENU.DOC 7304 2964 deflated
OVERVIEW.SCR 7649 3100 deflated
PART1.CMD 230 105 deflated
PART2.CMD 205 98 deflated
PART3.CMD 234 97 deflated
SCRIPT.DOC 25500 9132 deflated
VT100.DOC 7518 3251 deflated
VTKERMIT.DOC 4708 2067 deflated
VTKERMIT.EXE 50572 31267 deflated
VTKERMIT.HLP 8410 3295 deflated
VTKERMIT.INI 65 54 deflated
VTKERMIT.MNU 904 344 deflated
VTKERMIT.SCR 504 309 deflated

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Contents of the AAAREADM.TXT file

This is VT Kermit from Tad Marshall, Bankers Trust.
It is a complete VT100 emulation in Kermit with the ability
also to handle script files. Look over the other .DOC and
.TXT files for complete documents. The supplied .EXE works for
both IBM PC and Rainbow. This program will be on the Fall 1985
DECUS RSX SIG tape in completely unpacked form.

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