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Dialing Directory converter for Telix, Procomm, Qmodem, etc.
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Dialing Directory converter for Telix, Procomm, Qmodem, etc.
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ACER v2000 Multiple List/Dialing directory convertor 07/06/88
Featuring Telix 3.0


Acer v2000 is compatible with the following versions of terminal programs
and BBS listings:


* TheList - Version 19
* Softor - January 4th 1988 version
* ACCUList - Release 5 March 20th


* Telix - Version 3.0
* Procomm - Version 3.1.0
Procomm Plus Test Drive - Version 1.0
* Qmodem SST - Version 3.1a
* GT Powercomm - Version 13.00
PibTerm - Version 3.2
* Boyan - Version D-3

* indicates latest version at the time of creation of this document file

Any other versions of the above programs and text files are at risk of not
being compatible with Acer v2000. Note that ACCUList Release 1 is SEMI-
compatible. Some of the names and numbers will work on Telix, but when
compiling, you'll get a lot of `unknowns' and `BBS ups' in the information


TheList - Paul Nybida, Toronto, Ont.
Softor - Wayne Finlay, Toronto, Ont.
ACCUList - Greg Ipp, Toronto, Ont.

Telix - Colin Sampaleanu, Toronto, Ont.
Procomm - DataStorm Technologies, Columbia, Missouri
Procomm Plus - DataStorn Technologies, Columbia, Missouri
Qmodem SST - The Forbin Project & John Friel III, Cedar Falls, Indiana
GT Powercomm - P & M Software Co., Houston, Texas
PibTerm - Philip R. Burns, Evanston, Illinois
Boyan - Justin Boyan, Columbia, Maryland

Acer - Eugene Lee, Toronto, Ont.

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