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Enhanced Host script for Telemate users.

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Telemate host 2.2 Beta. A host
script for Telemate 3.10 and 4.0
with a message base. Read the
"Readme.1st" for proper use.

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Enhanced Host script for Telemate users.
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BULLETIN.HST 2721 455 deflated
BYEANS.HST 1278 542 deflated
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FILE_ID.DIZ 129 105 deflated
HELP.HST 2584 595 deflated
HNOTICE.HST 180 67 deflated
HSHELL.BAT 36 31 deflated
MENUANS.HST 1339 454 deflated
MENUTXT.HST 937 268 deflated
PROTOANS.HST 1058 383 deflated
PROTOTXT.HST 727 214 deflated
README.1ST 2278 919 deflated
SCREENIO.SCR 4701 1057 deflated
TMHCFG.SCR 27037 5976 deflated
TMHOST22.DOC 6671 2537 deflated
TMHOST22.SCR 68005 15119 deflated
TRASHCAN.HST 24 24 stored
WELCOME.HST 707 270 deflated
WHATSNEW.TXT 369 241 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

Telemate host 2.2 Beta. A host
script for Telemate 3.10 and 4.0
with a message base. Read the
"Readme.1st" for proper use.

** TMHOST22 beta by Bob Wiatr **

1. You **MUST** install all files into the Telemate directory (eg. C:\TM)

**NOT** the script directory. (eg. C:\TM\SCRIPTS)

2. Under The "Options" menu in Telemate. Go to the Directory menu
and change the Scripts Directory to the to the directory
Telemate is in. (eg: C:\TM\)

In fact you could, if you want, move all the scripts to the
Telemate directory. This does make a messy Telemate dir., but
it works.

3. Run the TMHCFG.SCR (Script) next.

4. Below is the set-up I use.
Note below that "H" and "I" are the same. (The telemate directory)
Also note there are no backslashes after the directories name.

A: New USER Level : 1 K: Colour Change (If ANSI TRUE)
B: Normal USER Level : 2 General Bkground : BKBLACK
C: SYSOP Level : 3 General Text : FGCYAN
D: Detect BAUD rate : ON Hilite Text : FGWHITE
E: Initial BAUD rate : 9600 Header Bkground : BKBLUE
F: Yell time : 5 seconds Header Text : FGYELLOW
G: Yell sound : 1 seconds Special Text : FGYELLOW
H: Telemate directory : \TM Local View Box : FGRED
I: Host directory : \TM Local Info : FGYELLOW
J: Download directory : \DOWNLOADS ANSI : Yes

M: Setup or Add Message Areas - Existing Message Areas(10 max) : 2
S: Save configuration and run Host Mode
Q: Abort configuration

5. With this set-up as well with a few minor changes I did,
Tmhost22 should work. If there are any problems contact
Bob Wiatr at Mr. Skid's BBS (312)-248-4799.
***Please note the exact point in the host mode where
problems occur.***

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