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Qmodem batch files for up and download with external protocols.
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Qmodem batch files for up and download with external protocols.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
!HISTORY.DOC 6013 2256 deflated
!README.1ST 7253 2712 deflated
BIMODR.BAT 50 49 deflated
BIMODS.BAT 47 47 stored
CLINKR.BAT 53 52 deflated
CLINKRO.BAT 56 55 deflated
CLINKS.BAT 35 35 stored
CLINKSO.BAT 38 38 stored
CMODR.BAT 80 79 deflated
CMODS.BAT 86 85 deflated
COMPUB-R.BAT 45 44 deflated
COMPUB-S.BAT 45 44 deflated
ENDSND.EXE 3200 2347 deflated
E_SIG.COM 217 202 deflated
GCOLORS.T 58 51 deflated
GSZCOLOR.DOC 1001 437 deflated
GSZMODRZ.BAT 685 453 deflated
GSZMODSZ.BAT 625 424 deflated
JMODR.BAT 28 28 stored
JMODS.BAT 125 117 deflated
KERMITR.BAT 83 80 deflated
KERMITS.BAT 65 65 stored
LYNXR.BAT 62 58 deflated
LYNXS.BAT 136 129 deflated
MLINKR.BAT 70 69 deflated
MLINKS.BAT 48 48 stored
MPTR.BAT 30 30 stored
MPTS.BAT 107 104 deflated
NOISE.BAT 54 54 stored
PUMAR.BAT 31 31 stored
PUMAS.BAT 109 106 deflated
SUPR8K-R.BAT 161 138 deflated
SUPR8K-S.BAT 235 189 deflated
TMSADD.ANS 3006 448 deflated
TMSADD.ASC 1838 309 deflated
WXR.BAT 60 60 stored
WXS.BAT 62 62 stored
ZMODR.BAT 210 163 deflated
ZMODRC.BAT 1147 471 deflated
ZMODS.BAT 278 218 deflated
ZMODSC.BAT 1215 513 deflated

Download File XFR-QM16.ZIP Here

Contents of the !HISTORY.DOC file

*** H I S T O R Y of .BAT Files for QMODEM 3.x or 4.x ***

(NOTE: Now *ONLY* supporting QMODEM 4.2f and newer)

Since it has been so long since I first created these; I will ONLY
give general information of versions: 0.1 thru 0.3
Block Sizes are determined by (Unregisterd Versions, and Max. size)
On Registered Versions, or switches added; this will vary.

Look for future .BAT Files that will include:

BIMODEM - (new version 1.24, when working!)
IMODEM - (if I can get any info on it!)


Ver 1.6 - 09/91

Update GSZ 09/04/91 Block Size: 1024

Modified the GSZMOD?Z.BAT files for more speed
Also threw-in my COLORS.T file.
This is all minor, but may be useful to someone.
Ver. 1.5 - 09/91

Update GSZ 09/04/91 Block Size: 1024

This version now has a separate file for color settings
"COLORS.T" is the name.

Update Jmodem 3.09 Block Size: 8192
Some variables have been added for "ODD-BALL" COM ports
(when are people going to quit buying AT&T's EVEREX,
Packard-Bell or Radio-Shaft!) THERE *NOT* COMPATIBLE!

Update Lynx 3.02 Block Size: 1024
Ver. 1.4 - 08/91

Added GSZ 08/08/91 Block Size: 1024

This is a "Color Window Zmodem". You will find the default
colors are fairly PU'TRID, so I have included a file:
(GSZCOLOR.DOC) that should prove to be a more pleasant selection.
From this version on, El 'CHEEPO Internal Modems seem to be
working. I have found, however, that if 'CORRECTION' is called-
for, the display may get 'STUCK' their! I find that the .EXE
version seems to be running with fairly good throughput.
Ver. 1.3 - 10/90

Since QMODEM 4.2 is now released, I had to modify *MOST*
of the .BAT files... For some reason, FORBIN decided to
change the variable %3 (Filename), to %4. Here is a list:

Added MPT (replaces PUMA), due to legal stuff.
Ver. 1.2 - 02/90

Added Compuserv-"B" Block Size: 256

Compuserv is a well-known PAY network where people exchange
ideas and files among user/company. This protocol is a
"HACKED-UP" version of Xmodem for transfering files. Why
anyone would use it is beyond me!! But here it is anyway.

Zmodem 01/22/90 Block Size: 1024

Starting with this version is MobyTurbo(tm) to give the
same performance of transfer-speed to compressed files
as Ymodem-G does. With the -m option, it has its speed back
to 237cps average at 2400Bps. Read DSZ.DOC for more detail.
Ver. 1.1 - 01/90

Added SuperK 4.46 Block Size: 8192

This is fast, *BUT* it's somewhat cryptic like Zmodem! The
easiest way to get this up is by looking at my !README.1ST
file. Install buy running: "Superk @", then "PATSTACK".

Ver. 1.0 - 01/90

Added Cmodem 1.1 Block Size: 4096
PUMA 1.0 1024

While Cmodem is very fast, my hat goes off to: Matthew Thomas
for the incredibly beautiful PUMA, a real peace of art! This
package tells you everything you need to know in ONE screen.
For this reason, I have made a MAJOR version jump here.

Ver. 0.6 - 01/90

Added the Color ANSI INFO screen versions of Zmodem.

Don't have the authors name, but thanks for the ANSI screen.

Ver. 0.5 - 08/89

Added Bimodem 1.14 Block Size: 1024

This seems to be nice with its dual Recv/Send functions, and
the fact that you can CHAT at the same time.

Ver. 0.4 - 05/89

Added Lynx 1.0 Block Size: 1024

First version was OK, but 3.0 would lockup QMODEM.
Version 3.02 fixed this problem.

This is a cross between WXmodem and Zmodem.

Ver. 0.3 - 02/89

Added Jmodem 1.12 Block Size: 8192

This allows fast Host/Remote Synchronization

Ver. 0.2 - 12/88

Added Zmodem Block Size: 1024

This has made its way to the top quickly as being the *ONE* to
use, and at this time period, WAS the fastest thing around!
Don't get me wrong, it does more than most, especially with
its multiple Protocol simulations. *BUT* as you will see first
hand, there are those that are easier and faster to use...

Vers. 0.1 - 10/88

This included the BASIC External Protocols at that time, which
included: CLINK (SeaLink) KERMIT MLINK WXmodem

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