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PCPursuit Access Code finder - filter.
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PCPursuit Access Code finder – filter.
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Contents of the PCHK.DOC file

PCHK10 is a filter type Phone Number Checker for PC Pursuit(r) Users.

Feed it lines of ascii which include valid phone numbers and it spits
out the PC Pursuit City Access Code and the telephone number.

Valid phone numbers are in the form NNN-NNN-NNNN.

PCHK takes it's input from the standard input, provides output on the
standard output and errors and user messages on the standard error device
which means:

1. Input can come from the keyboard (default) a file or another
device (redirected).

2. Output can be displayed on the screen (default) or sent to a file
or another device (redirected).

3. Error messages and user messages won't spoil the output if you are
sending the output to a file.

PCHK scans the input line until it finds the first valid phone number or
the end of line. If it finds a phone number it then searches its internal
directory to see if the number is pursuitable. If the number is in the
pursuit directory the program prints out the Access code and phone number
required to connect including a dialing prefix if any. It continues reading
lines until it finds EOF which you can enter with ctrl Z or F6 on the
PC Keyboard.


Given the input line:

Any or no text 602-987-1234 Any text or numeric info.

PCHK would produce:

AZPHO 1-987-1234

Note: The 1- is required for access to exchange 987 from the Phoenix outdial
address AZPHO.

An example of feeding a file:


DOS would provide the input to PCHK from USBBS.LST. PCHK would scan the
lines of the file producing an access code and number for each pursuitable
telephone number it found. Output would go to the screen.

To send the output to a file just redirect it:


I have tested the software extensively and am confident it will quickly and
reliably translate normal phone numbers to pursuit access codes and phone
numbers based on the tables coverage.txt and mnemonic.txt posted on the
exchange bbs. If you find it produces errors in any situation please
let me know via the exchange.

PCHK's internal directory is based on the files currently posted on
the PC Pursuit Exchange BBS and will be updated when they are.

If you have any comments or suggestions let me know. I plan to add
some output enhancements and make a linkable object file available if
interest is indicated. A callable routine would be about 6K.

You may use the executable code for PCHK10 free of charge through its useful

Contact me at

Steven Chandler

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