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Comprehensive Norton Guide for Telix's Salt language, and RS-232 info.
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Comprehensive Norton Guide for Telix’s Salt language, and RS-232 info.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

To use this guide, copy TELIX.NG to the subdirectory in which your
Norton Guide is kept. The next time you start NG, the Telix/Salt/
RS-232 database will be an option on the menu!

Almost all of the Salt and Telix material is copyright 1986-88 by
Exis Inc. and Colin Sampaleanu. Used by permission.

Much of the RS-232 material was posted on BIX by Roedy Green of
Canadian Mind Products.

This database was assembled, edited and organized by Jon Fleming
for Telix version 3.11. The source is a pretty big chunk of stuff,
but anyone who wants a copy is welcome to it if you send a 360K DSDD
5-1/4" floppy or 720K 3-1/2" floppy to the address below. Please
address any comments or questions to:

BIX: jfleming

or C/O Channel 1 617-354-8873 2400/1200 N-8-1 MNP
617-354-6155 9600/2400/1200 N-8-1 MC
617-354-3137 N-8-1 HST

or 144 Nagog Hill Road
Acton, MA USA 01720

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