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Install COM3 or COM4 and tell DOS that it's available.
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Install COM3 or COM4 and tell DOS that it’s available.
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Documentation for ICP.COM - Version 1.04

ICP (Install Com Port) will allow you to set the hardware address for COM Port 3
or 4 and tell DOS what the address is. This is useful if you have an internal
modem using or other hardware using COM3 or COM4 and you want to be able to
use programs that can use those COM ports but don't know they're installed.
ICP will also update the DOS equipment settings to reflect the "new" COM port.

Run the installation program (INST_ICP.COM) to configure ICP.COM for the
desired COM port and the address for that port.

If you're not sure what the address is, look at the equipment documentation for
the actual port address.


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