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Telephone dialing code for various countries.
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Telephone dialing code for various countries.
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Contents of the CC.DOC file

CC.EXE Ver 1.04

(c) 1992 JPC


Legal stuff...

This program is NOT donated to the public domain. It may be NOT distributed
or copied freely. It may be uploaded to BBS's for subsequent download and
trial prior to registering.

1. This program, CC.EXE, is sold "as-is", It has been tested on various types
of DOS based machines and has shown no destructive or ill effects. The user
of this software assumes all risks. This program, as provided, will not
cause your your machine any harm as long as it is not tampered with. If
it is found to be anything other than the sizes and dates quoted below,
discard it and request a new copy of it from the author. (see item 3)
Use of a tampered version of this software will not hold the author
responsible for the use thereof. Under NO circumstances will the author
of this software be held accountable for the use of this software. This
includes misspelling country names (I apologise for that.), or the omission
of any country names from the list. If you are aware of countries that
should be on this list and are inadvertantly ommitted, please contact the
author and notify him as to the perceived problem. (No questions asked).

File Name Size Date Time
========= ===== ======== =====
CC.DOC.....4339 05/01/92 02:11 Pm
CC.EXE....17291 05/01/92 02:10 Pm

By using this software you agree to the conditions outlined in this
document. In no way will the author be held liable for any damages
incedental or otherwise arising from the use of or inability to
use the included software.

2. This program is NOT "freeware". It's "Shareware". If you find it useful
and decide to keep it on a floppy or hard disk for your personal use
beyond 30 (thirty) days, you MUST register it.

3. Registering the software is easy, just send me a check or money order
for 5 (five) dollars (payable in U.S. funds) to:

Joseph Casey
12359 Sunrise Valley Drive
Reston, Va. 22091

4. Since I am only asking for a $5.00 registration fee, do your consceince
and me a favor by sending me the 5 bucks.

5. Registration entitles you to an upgrade to the next version, when available.
(for a modest fee of $2.50 - to cover expenses)


Commercial (Company / Corporate) Registration...

6. If this program is used in a commercial environment, a commercial, and / or
negotiated site license is available for slightly higher amounts.

(VERY reasonable! Just ask!)

Upgrades for Commercial customers is limited to 1 (one) copy sent to a
central Point Of Contact (POC), unless other written, negotiated
arrangements are made and paid for in advance.

7. Use in a commercial environment is governed by the same 30 day trial
period as personal use.


Usage Info...

The program is pretty straightfoward, just type: CC "XXX" (don't use quotes),
where "XXX" can be a Country Code, Country name , or International City name.

Typing "CC *.*" will provide you a list of all country and city codes.

Pressing the "Esc" key while the program is searching the database will cause
it to stop the search and exit back out to DOS.

The output can be redirected to a printer or a file by typing something
like: CC Ireland >PRN - OR - CC Ireland >Ireland.TXT

The first example routes the output to the printer, the second example routes
the output to the file "Ireland.TXT"

Trailing spaces are ignored, if you were to type "CC AUSTRALIA ", the program
sees only the word "AUSTRALIA" and not the trailing blank space.

Typing CC without any command line parameters will result in a message on the
program's usage.


Version History:

1.0 Initial Release (Beta).
1.01 Public Release.
1.02 Optimized Code.
1.03 Optimized Code. Sped up search routine. Spell checked - oooops!
1.04 Added more countries to the database.


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