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A Utility for converting small programs, code and compressed files to basic code for posting as messages. - Great Idea.
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A Utility for converting small programs, code and compressed files to basic code for posting as messages. – Great Idea.
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Postit! v2.9f by Rich Geldreich 1992
Loader further optimizied by Jim Giordano
User Interface and Graphical embellishments by
Mark H Butler & Quinn Tyler Jackson
* * *
PostIt! THE Binary <> BASIC Script Creator

To enable the posting of compressed listings on a text only net.
This program takes a binary input file and converts it to a series
of small, postable files which other people can capture and run to
get the original binary file.

Just follow the prompts. You give the input & output filenames,
the page length and the number of lines you want reserved for your
stuff and it does the rest. If nothing is inputted for a prompt, a
default value will be used for it instead.

Additions by Mark Butler:
Postit! output filename now defaults to the input filename if none
is given. If the input filename is 8 characters in length the
default output filename will be truncated to the first 7 characters
of the input filename. The default output extension is now "BAS"
instead of nothing. I also added a little bit of text mode "screen
magic" to further augment Quinn T. Jackson's copyright screen and
warning screen additions. Fixed bug from version 2.8 that caused
succeeding output files after the first one to overwrite the same
filename due to the filename number suffix not incrementing. I also
caused the program to skip the opening screens if an input filename
is entered from the command line when the program is run. (I didn't
think folks wanted to see those screens *every* time they wanted to
use PostIt! Sometimes ya just want to get on with it right?)
Hardcoded a CHR$(34) (a quote character) to the end of each full
length G-sub data line in the attempt to thwart line truncation in
transit on the Net plus re-shortend G-line length to 65 characters
---> MHB

Additions and Modifications by Quinn Tyler Jackson (August 22, 1992)

Postit! now prints a warning screen, warning users of possible
abuse of binary-to-text posts. Also, instead of the old '80 DONE'
meter, this version uses a graphical bar that looks like this:

(One block=2 completion.)

I have also added a nice starting screen, giving Rich credit where
it is due! Bells and whistles, boys!

Note: The loader outputted with the encoded data has been
"compressed" in order to squeeze it into 8 lines. Each line of the
loader is less that 72 characters, so don't worry if it looks like
some lines are too long when you load it into QB. When QB expands
the loader to make it look "nicer", some lines will look like
they're too long to put on an echo, even though they aren't. What
I'm trying to say is: Only post the files outputted by this
program, don't load them into QB and resave them.

Tech stuff:
The output files created by this program should be "echo safe".
The following 64 characters are used to encode the binary file:


The script file is checked at runtime to see if all of the encoded
data is present. Also, a simple checksum is used to inform the
user if the script file was screwed or not(The file created is not
deleted if this occurs, however. If only a few characters are
garbled, then some of the output file may be still extractable.
But if the 6-bit output stream falls out of sync, then there's a
very good chance that the rest of the archive is completly

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