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Tapcis scripts for access to ZiffNet.
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Tapcis scripts for access to ZiffNet.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

The three files you have just unZIPped are TAPCIS scripts which automate
the retrieval of three of ZiffNet's most popular features: NewsBytes
There are two ways to run them:

1. Rename any one of the scripts to FRONTEND.SCR, put it in your main
TAPCIS subdirectory, and start TAPCIS's session with an . If you
already have a FRONTEND.SCR, you can append this script to it.

2. Run TAPCIS as usual, and press to remain on-line after the
automatic session has executed; running TAPCIS nteractively will
accomplish the same result. If you are in a forum, type EXIT at its prompt
before you start the script. At the ! prompt, press and type in the
path and file name of the script you would like to execute. It will upload
and run automatically, and will return you to the ! prompt afterwards.

You can download the PC Week material and the Newsbytes material to
a file and path of your specification. To tell the script where you want
the download to go, edit these scripts and change the references to
C:\TAP\PCWEEK.NEW or C:\TAP\BITS.NEW respectively to the path and file name
you prefer.

Feel free to contact me about any bugs, problems, ideas, or suggestions
for improvements you may have. If you just want to praise the scripts, you're
welcome to do that too.

-- Mark Hessman

NEWSBITS.SCR, PCWEEKLY.SCR, and HIGHLITE.SCR written 12/91-3/92 by Mark
Hessman, Editorial Assistant at ZiffNet, for use with the TAPCIS access
program for CompuServe. TAPCIS is a product of the Support Group, Inc.

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