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Script generator for GT Powercomm V 1403.
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Script generator for GT Powercomm V 1403.
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Contents of the GTSCRIPT.DOC file


Script generation utility for GT Power

version 1.00

by Steven Byrnes

December 3, 1987

Operation of GTSCRIPT
GT Script isn't a very complex program. Most of the diskspace is taken up by
the actual program itself. First, to run GTSCRIPT, you have to unARC the file
you download, GTSCRxxx.ARC, where xxx is the current version number - in this
case 1.00. You probably have got this part figured out, otherwise I don't think
you'd be reading this. Next, to get GT Script going, type "GTSCRIPT" at the DOS
prompt. If this is the first time you are running GTSCRIPT, you will be asked
to answer a few questions. Please enter all the information - the only
exception being where you want the scripts GTSCRIPT creates to be stored. If
you want GTSCRIPT to store the scripts in the current directory, simply hit

If you are not running GTSCRIPT for the first time, or once you have answered
the questions, you will be presented with GTSCRIPT's main menu. You will have
the option of 1) creating an auto log-in script, 2) creating a message capture
script, 3) creating a file transfer script, or 4) creating a auto log-in,
file transfer, message capture, auto log-off with optional timed execution and
optional exit to DOS script (whew!), C)hanging the configuration of GTSCRIPT,
or Q)uit to DOS. After you make your choice, and it is 1, 2, 3, or 4, you will
be asked for the BBS type - GT-Host, Opus, PC-Board, or RBBS (look for more to
come). You will then be asked for the name of the script you want to create -
if the file already exists you will be asked if you want to overwrite it. If
you have to answer any more questions depends on which main menu choice you
make so I won' t go in to that. Hopefully the rest of the program will be

Cautionary notes
Please note that GT-SCRIPT is a labor-saver, not a labor-eliminator.
I still recommend you familiarize yourself with GT's script language
commands, and keep a text editor (such as the Shareware program QEDIT,
or, heaven forbid, DOS's EDLIN) handy for minor script revisions that
may be necessary. BBS host software is constantly changing, and sysops
of some systems have the ability to change their own system prompts,
which means you will sometimes HAVE to customize the scripts you create

Also, I strongly recommend that you never allow a script to run
completely unattended until you have observed it in operation and are
sure that it works properly.

The specs
This program, GTSCRIPT, was written in about 2000 lines of QuickBASIC (ver 3.0)
code. It takes up about 107K of diskspace excluding space taken up by scripts.
As an option, though, the scripts can be stored on another drive/directory. The
memory requirements are about 160K (don't ask me why - just lots of overhead I

GTSCRIPT.EXE version 1.00 Page 2

Many thanks
I'd like to thank all of those that I think deserve some credit. First, many
thanks go to James Davis, responsible for telling me about this relatively
unfilled niche in GT. Next, I'd like to thank Joel Rennie, Robert Duncan,
Tony Locicero, Peter Steiger, and Eric Smith who gave me suggestions,
encouragement, and helped work the bugs out of this program. Last, but most
certainly not least, I thank Paul Meiners for making such a super
communications program, GT Power.

Bugs, complaints, hints, etc.
Even though I tried to squash all of the bugs in the scripts GTSCRIPT
produces, I'm sure some did get by me. If you have any bugs to report, or
complaints to make, or hints for future improvements (I'll be adding some more
BBS types in the future for sure), you can be sure to reach me at two
locations. One is James Davis' Retreat (at 713-497-2306, GT-Netmail node
001/000) and the other is Joel Rennie's COM Port (at 713-774-5255, GT-Netmail
node 001/015). I call these two boards fairly often, so you should get a reply
within a few days.

Alternately, I can be reached via any GT-Host BBS that carries the GT COMPANION
PROGRAM International EchoMail conference.

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