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Another nice program to syncronize your PC Time/Date With NIST or Naval Observatory.
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Another nice program to syncronize your PC Time/Date With NIST or Naval Observatory.
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CFG-SC.EXE 20992 10421 deflated
CFG-SC.PIF 545 133 deflated
CLKSET.EXE 16896 8884 deflated
CLKSET.PIF 545 133 deflated
GOODIES.ZIP 43465 42634 deflated
NAVNIST.ZIP 22694 21995 deflated
READ.ME 3434 1371 deflated
SC40.DOC 58299 15514 deflated
SC40P1-P.ASP 8522 2727 deflated
SC40P1-P.PIF 545 250 deflated
SC40P1.ASP 6314 2185 deflated
SC40P1.PIF 545 249 deflated
SC40P2-P.ASX 2717 2055 deflated
SC40P2-P.PIF 545 250 deflated
SC40P2.ASX 1966 1551 deflated
SC40P2.PIF 545 252 deflated
SC40PW-P.WAX 2045 1666 deflated
SC40PW.WAX 1418 1196 deflated
SC40Q-P.PIF 545 249 deflated
SC40Q-P.SCR 6972 2549 deflated
SC40Q.PIF 545 248 deflated
SC40Q.SCR 5212 1975 deflated
SC40T-P.PIF 545 247 deflated
SC40T-P.SLC 3110 1466 deflated
SC40T.PIF 545 246 deflated
SC40T.SLC 2294 1093 deflated
SEND-ME.IN 1813 517 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Set-Clock V4 Read Me and Quickstart

15 September 1992

Thanks for obtaining a copy of Set-Clock. Set-Clock is the
combination of a program and script for your communications
(comm) program. It calls the Naval Observatory in Washington
DC or the NIST Automated Computer Time Service in Bolder CO
and sets the DOS (and CMOS) date and time. (The Naval
Observatory and NIST are the homes of the nations atomic
clocks and make highly accurate time signals available in many
forms. See NAVNIST.ZIP)

This release adds the ability to call the NIST - ACTS and an
editor for the configuration file. It also supports Procomm
Plus Version 2 and Procomm Plus for Windows. Set-Clock was
originally written for use on PCs and XTs that did not have
clocks that remembered the time when they were shut off. In
that case a call to Set-Clock can be placed in the autoexec
file to set the clock first thing. If you do have a clock
that remembers then you may wish to use Set-Clock once a month
or so to correct drift.

Set-Clock supports the Procomm+, Qmodem, and Telix comm
programs. To get started you need to extract the correct
script and the CLKSET and CFG-SC executables from the archive.
Place the executables in the same directory as your comm
program and the script with your other scripts. Set-Clock
scripts are all named SC40 something. Set-Clock can use PC-
Pursuit to reach the Naval Observatory or NIST - ACTS.

Program Regular Script Pursuit Script

Qmodem SC40Q.SCR SC40Q-P.SCR

The first time it is run, Set-Clock automatically invokes CFG-
SC to create the configuration file. Follow the prompts to
correctly set yours up. You may modify your config file by
running CFG-SC by hand.

You may invoke Set-Clock automatically via the correct comm
program command line switch or by hand when you are using the
program. Set-Clock causes the program to exit to DOS when it
is finished.

Set-Clock is being distributed as Shareware. If you use the
program please register it. If you don't register, please
pass it along to a friend or another BBS. User comments are
always welcome. Print the SEND-ME.IN file, write in your
comment, and send it in. Registered users will receive a
registration certificate and instructions on how to disable
the Shareware message. As always, users are encouraged to RTM
(read the manual) when questions arise.

Terry Dutcher
P.O. Box 59458
Potomac, MD 20859

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