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Graphically display your Procomm's log activity.
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Graphically display your Procomm’s log activity.
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Contents of the README file

PCPLUS Call Log Analyzation 1.0 -------- Copyright (c) 1990 R. Hildreth

This program will quickly give you various information about the calls you
have been making with PCPLUS. PCPLUS creates a file called PCPLUS.FON which
contains some basic information about each call you make, but does not give
you the greater picture. This program uses the information in PCPLUS.FON to
tell you which boards you are spending the most time on, how much time you
are spending altogether, etc. If you have a color graphics monitor (CGA,
EGA, or VGA), you will be given graphic representation in addition to text.
If you are using a Hercules or text only type monitor, you can still get
the textual analysis.

This program provides information which is basically only of entertaining
interest, BUT there are those people who might find the information of great
value, especially those who spend a lot of time on toll service systems,
such as Compuserve, or calling long distance. If you find the program useful
please register with the author. You are also invited to offer suggestions
for additional information you might desire.

Restrictions on use: You obviously have to have call logging turned on in
PCPLUS for a PCPLUS.FON file to be created. You can access this option in
the setup menu (ALT-S). As previously mentioned, graphs require a color
monitor setup. Also, you will want to occasionally delete PCPLUS.FON or the
graphs will begin to look cluttered. There is a limit of 100 calls per BBS,
and 100 different BBS systems to analyze. I recommend running LOG once a
month and then deleting PCPLUS.FON. If you start to get garbage information
when running LOG, your PCPLUS.FON file is probably too big. (I have, however
successfully run LOG on a PCPLUS.FON file of over 25k in size, with 73+ total
hours of online time logged.)

For hardcopy of the analysis, you can use printscreen on the text output,
and a combination of GRAPHICS.COM and printscreen on the graphic output.
If there is enough demand, I will add more extensive printing capabilities
to the next version.

One final note: This program is being distributed in Zipfile format, created
with the PKZip Authenticity Verification option. If when you unZip this
archive an Authentic Files message is not displayed, do not use this program.
Contact the system operator of the BBS from which you obtained PCPLOG.ZIP and
ask that person to remove PCPLOG.ZIP from their system. The current version
of PCPLOG.ZIP will always be maintained by the author on Compuserve. Please
respect the author's original archive and do not rearchive its contents.

R. Hildreth

Sample text output:

PCPLUS Call Log Analyzation 1.0 -------- Copyright (c) 1990 R. Hildreth

Starting day: 01/01/80
Ending Day: 05/27/90

Name: Resource Calls: 12Time: 02:32:04
Name: South Ontario Calls: 50Time: 16:21:48
Name: Gentle Rain Calls: 103Time: 34:42:39
Name: Skull Calls: 11Time: 01:01:26
Name: Melvyl Calls: 37Time: 03:27:52
Name: MANUAL DIAL Calls: 7Time: 01:53:13
Name: CompuServe Calls: 5Time: 01:05:11
Name: Super Psionics Calls: 31Time: 05:57:13
Name: Rat Shack Calls: 30Time: 04:57:16
Name: Smorgasboard Calls: 13Time: 01:34:20
Totals: BBS systems: 10 Calls: 299 Time Online: 73:33:02

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