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Program dials U.S. Navy Atomic Clock and sets your system Date & Time.
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Program dials U.S. Navy Atomic Clock and sets your system Date & Time.
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(c) 1987 by Software Associates

ACCUTIME sets your system's time and date via a telephone modem time
service. The service (202-653-0351) continuously sends the Universal time
and Julian day which is converted by ACCUTIME into your local time and date.
In addition, ACCUTIME can set your system's REAL time/date clock if you have
an IBM PCAT, PCXT-286, PC Convertible, or Clone equivalent.

To use ACCUTIME, your system needs a Hayes compatible modem which can
operate at either 1200 or 300 baud. When ACCUTIME is run, it dials the
service, then synchronizes with the transmitted time signal. Once this
occurs, your system time and date is set. ACCUTIME can work in two modes.
One mode calls the service, connects, sets your time/date, then hangs up.
The other mode calls the service, and continuously sets and displays the time
and date.

ACCUTIME needs some information about your particular system and phone
service. To use ACCUTIME, simply use the following syntax:

ACCUTIME [Port Speed Dial Timezone Mode [REAL]]

where the arguments have the following meaning:

Port The communication port to which your modem is connected. Legal
values are COM1, COM2, COM3, and COM4.

Speed The information transfer rate you wish to use. You may specify one
of two values: 300 or 1200.

Dial The dial string consists of two parts. The first part, which must
be specified, tells ACCUTIME whether to use tone or pulse dialing.
This is done by using a 'T' or 'P' respectively. You may also add
a prefix after the T or P for additional dialing instructions. For
example, if you don't live in the (202) area code, you must place a
'1' after the dial type (ie. 'T1' or 'P1'). You may place any
legal modem command string after the T or P to suite your
particular system (see your modem reference manual).

Timezone The timezone enables ACCUTIME to correctly adjust the Universal
time and date to your particular region. The Timezone is specified
by the three letters which represent your zone, as given below:

EST -- Eastern Standard Time EDT -- Eastern Daylight Time
CST -- Central Standard Time CDT -- Central Daylight Time
MST -- Mountain Standard Time MDT -- Mountain Daylight Time
PST -- Pacific Standard Time EDT -- Pacific Daylight Time

Mode The mode tells ACCUTIME whether you want to just set the time and
date and hang up (SET), or continuously set and display the time
and date (CLOCK). You must specify either 'SET' or 'CLOCK'.

[REAL] An optional argument which, if specified, will cause ACCUTIME to
set your computer's real time/date clock. However, this option is

available only if your hardware has a real clock. The IBM PCAT,
PCXT-286, PC Convertible and clones of these have the real time
clock. If you specify 'REAL' and you don't have a real clock,
ACCUTIME will verify that you really want to attempt a real
time/date clock set.

[] If you don't specify arguments, ACCUTIME will look for for the
environment variable ACCUTIME for the arguments above. To set the
environment variable, simply put this line in your AUTOEXEC.BAT

SET ACCUTIME=port speed dial timezone mode [REAL]

If you don't specify arguments, or don't specify all the arguments,
ACCUTIME will give you an informative help screen. When all arguments are
set properly, ACCUTIME will run with no additional user input needed. If you
run ACCUTIME in CLOCK mode, press the key to stop the clock.


1. Suppose you live in Denver and you want to set your office's file
server PC. The PCAT is equipped with a 1200 baud modem on
communications port 1. Also, in order to dial out on the tone
system, you must first dial 9, wait for dial tone, then dial the
long distance number. To run ACCUTIME in this situation, you would
issue the following command at the DOS prompt (assume it is June):

ACCUTIME com1 1200 T9W1 mdt set REAL

2. You are conducting a laboratory experiment and you want to display
the correct time on the PCXT for a reference. Your modem is on
communications port 2, and you are in Florida (it is winter). You
are on a rotary direct-dial system. You would type:

ACCUTIME com2 1200 P1 est clock


ACCUTIME is copyrighted 1987 by Software Associates. You may make copies of
ACCUTIME for your own use, and you may make copies for others. However, you
may not make copies for sale, resale, or commercial use. In order to
maintain, and update this software, we need your support. If you find this
software useful, or would like the source code, send a check or money order
for 15$ to:

Software Associates
6220 W. Airport Blvd.
Houston, Tx. 77035

ACCUTIME is a trademark of Software Associates.
IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.
Hayes is a registered trademark of Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc.

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