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A BiModem shell program for your telecommunications program.
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A BiModem shell program for your telecommunications program.
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Contents of the BIMHIST.DOC file

A version history of BIMLINK II

The original program was called LINK2BIM and was a rudimentary
companion for using BIMODEM with terminal software.

As of 2.0 it became, BIMLINK II and took on a whole new interface,
with file directory utilities.

2.01 was simply that, with some enhanced commands..

2.02 introduced the more advanced directory commands and upload
file marking.

2.03 was a first attempt at terminal support and download file
marking from a capture file.

2.04 brought all the earlier attempts together in a cohesive
package. Also introduced the self install portion of the program

2.05 added online download filename marking while in terminal mode.
and some enhancements to terminal mode.

2.06 added a Ctl-z help screen giving a list of the virtual screen
saving commands, and also an alternative color set for mono screens.
The 25th line help screen was moved to line 1 to scroll it out of
the way..

2.07 added an install option for command line parameters for Bimodem.

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