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This is a Processor Editor for Procomm Plus's dialing directory.
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This is a Processor Editor for Procomm Plus’s dialing directory.
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P R O F O N E D I T P L U S (tm)

Version 1.0

The Directory Processor for PROCOMM PLUS (tm)

Copyright (c) 1988,89 Sunflower Systems and Karl Brendel.
All rights reserved

"Profonedit", "Profonedit Plus", "PFE", "PFE+", and
"The Directory Processor for PROCOMM PLUS"
are Trademarks of Sunflower Systems.

"PROCOMM PLUS" is the trademark of Datastorm Technologies, Inc.

The Profonedit family of software is the product of Karl Brendel.

____|__ | (tm)
--| | |-------------------
| ____|__ | Association of
| | |_| Shareware
|__| o | Professionals
-----| | |---------------------
|___|___| MEMBER

Number #DSB

Profonedit Plus 1.03 Registration

Profonedit Plus is $15 per copy, shipped prepaid on diskette in
the US or to Canada. Orders from other countries require an
additional $5 for shipping. Purchase orders (written) are
accepted only from government agencies and schools. (There is a
$5 surcharge for invoiced orders.) Payment must be in US dollars.
Except for bankcard orders (see next paragraph), American Express
money orders, or Canadian Postal money orders, payment must be in
cash or with instruments drawn on US institutions. (Payment in US
funds with instruments drawn on foreign institutions will not be

Profonedit Plus may be ordered from The Public (Software) Library
at (800)242-4775 (orders only) or (713)665-7017 (orders or
informa-tion), PO Box 35705, Houston, TX 77235-5705. The Public
(Software) Library accepts MasterCard and Visa.

Sunflower Systems
3301 Henderson Mill Road Apt. R1
Chamblee, GA 30341

Name & Title : ..................................................


Address I : ..................................................

Address II : ..................................................

City, ST zip : ..................................................

Telephone : ..................................................

For corporate registration, the name and title should be those of
the person to be notified of updates, etc.

Source of your copy of PFE+ : ...................................

Remarks : .......................................................



License i

I. What Profonedit Plus is, what it requires 1

II. How to run Profonedit Plus: A Quick Start 1

III. Running Profonedit Plus: In Detail 2

IV. Getting Help from Profonedit Plus 3

V. The Editor 4

VI. Profonedit Plus Commands: How They Operate 5

VII. Profonedit Plus Commands: A Summary 5

VIII. Support of Profonedit Plus 7

IX. Thanks and Miscellaneous Remarks 8

Ordering Information 10

Corporate and Quantity Purchases 11



Profonedit Plus (PFE+) is Shareware--not public domain, not free.

PFE+ is copyright (c) 1988,89 by Sunflower Systems and Karl
Brendel. All rights reserved.

If you gave money to receive PFE+ from anyone except Sunflower
Systems, you paid for a copying service, not for PFE+ itself. If
your supplier told you otherwise, it misled you, and Sunflower
Systems would very much appreciate knowing about it.

Non-registered users are granted a limited license to use PFE+ on
a trial basis for the purpose of determining whether it is
suitable for their needs. Use of PFE+, except for this limited
purpose, requires registration. Other use of unregistered copies
of PFE+ by any person, business, corporation, governmental agency
or other entity or institution is strictly forbidden.

Registration permits a user the license to use PFE+ only on a
single computer at a time; a registered user may use the program
on a different computer, but may not use the program on more than
one computer at the same time.

No user may modify PFE+ in any way, including but not limited to
decompiling, disassembling or otherwise reverse engineering the
program, without written permission from Sunflower Systems.

PFE+ is supplied as-is, with no warranties, expressed or implied,
including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability
and of fitness for any purpose. The user assumes all liability
for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the
use of PFE+. Use of PFE+ constitutes acceptance of these

All users are granted a limited license to copy PFE+ only for the
trial use of others subject to the above limitations, and also
the following:

PFE+ must be copied in unmodified form, complete with the file
containing this license information.

The full PFE+ documentation must be included with the copy.

No fee, charge or other compensation may be accepted or
requested by any licensee for providing copies of PFE+ without
written permission from Sunflower Systems.

PFE+ may not be distributed in conjunction with any other
product without written permission from Sunflower Systems.


Operators of electronic bulletin board systems (Sysops) may post
PFE+ for downloading by their users only as long as the above
conditions are met.

Distributors of public domain or user supported software may
distribute copies of PFE+ subject to the above conditions only
after obtaining written permission from Sunflower Systems. Such
permission is usually granted; please write for details.


I. What Profonedit Plus is, what it requires

PFE+ (PFE+) is the PROCOMM PLUS dialing directory processor. You
only need PFE+ if you use PROCOMM PLUS or PROCOMM PLUS TEST
DRIVE--and if you use them, you need PFE+. PFE+ requires MS-DOS
or PC-DOS 2.0 or later, and a computer with a display compatible
with the IBM CGA or MDA (including the IBM EGA and VGA) or the
Hercules monochrome graphics adapters, and an IBM PC or AT
compatible keyboard. (Some keyboard commands described here may
work differently or not at all on an IBM PC jr.) PFE+ requires a
minimum of 200K bytes of available RAM.

PFE+ is a processor in the same way that your favorite word
processor is: it will let you edit and rearrange your PROCOMM
PLUS dialing directory ("directory") to suit yourself, without
tedious one-line-at-a-time entry and deletion.

PFE+'s benefits include: maintaining multiple directories,
eliminating uninteresting entries, rapidly sorting to suit your
changing requirements, reducing the time spent looking for and
rearranging entries, and more. PFE+ lets you work in the same
screen colors that you chose for PROCOMM PLUS: no forced "bright
yellow on black," no boring repetition of a configuration

PFE+'s features include: full on-line help for all functions, full
screen/full directory editing (using either function and cursor
keys, or control-key combinations), multiple "undos" of changes,
retention of a backup file (disk space permitting), packing,
moving and deleting entries, inserting blank entries, sorting on
up to six fields, and more. All of PFE+'s commands operate on
ranges of lines that you mark, never forcing you into working on
the whole directory to change just a few entries.

II. How to run Profonedit Plus: A Quick Start

A WARNING: If you use PROCOMM PLUS's DOS Gateway to run PFE+, do
NOT save the directory to disk when you leave PFE+! The results
are unpredictable. At this time, PROCOMM PLUS is not aware of
PFE+, and cannot be expected to suspect that you have changed the
disk file while through the gateway. (If you do run PFE+ when
using the DOS Gateway, you will be reminded of this warning
during PFE+'s startup.)

Place the files PFEPLUS.EXE and PFEPLUS.HLP in the same
subdirectory on the same disk. If you can, put them in the same
subdirectory on the same disk as the files PCPLUS.DIR and
PCPLUS.PRM, or any other PROCOMM PLUS directory files you want to


Make the PFE+ subdirectory the current one (using the dos CD
command). If you want to process PCPLUS.DIR, and it is in the
PFE+ subdirectory, then at the DOS prompt, just type:


("[Enter]" means to press the Enter or Return key. Don't press the

If the PFE+ display exhibits unacceptable "snow" (ie, if your
display looks trashy) then restart PFE+ thus:;


If you want to process a different directory, or PCPLUS.DIR is not
in the PFE+ subdirectory, then at the DOS prompt type:

PFEPLUS dr:\path\filename[Enter]

where "dr:" is the drive the directory is on (if not the same as
the one PFE+ is on), "\path\" is the "path" to that file (if not
the PFE+ subdirectory), and "filename" is the name of the file.
PFE+ forces the filename extension to be ".DIR", like PROCOMM
PLUS does. (For starters, put PFEPLUS.DIR in the PFE+
subdirectory, and command "PFEPLUS PFEPLUS" to see the sample
directory file.)

To leave PFE+ and return to DOS, press Esc. If you made changes to
the directory while in PFE+, you will be prompted to save it to
disk. If you do, and disk space permits, the original disk file
will be saved, with the extension .BAQ (eg, PCPLUS.BAQ).

III. Running Profonedit Plus: In Detail

Please read section II, "How to run PFEPLUS: A Quick Start,"
before reading this section. Some information there is not
repeated here.

PFE+ can only find PFEPLUS.HLP if it is in the same subdirectory
with it and that ("the PFE+ subdirectory") is the current
subdirectory on the current drive. It can run without
PFEPLUS.HLP, but on-line help will not be available.

The full command for running PFE+ is:

PFEPLUS [dr:][path\][filename] [/a] [/b] [/c] [/i] [/s]


Note that the filename extension is forced to be ".DIR" and can
be omitted on the command line. Do not type the []. Any item
within [] is optional. Although all arguments are shown in lower
case, they may be in upper or mixed case. The hyphen character
(-) may be used in place of the slash character. The dr: and/or
path\ and/or filename arguments, if used, must not be separated
from each other by spaces, but must be separated from "PFEPLUS"
and any other arguments by spaces or tab characters. All other
arguments must be separated from each other and from "PFEPLUS" by
at least one space or tab character.

The arguments are:

dr: the drive where the directory is
path\ the path to the directory
filename the name of the directory
/a turn off Alarm beeps
/b use only "Black and white" (this may be
of use to "Herc" owners)
/c use default Color
/i assume IBM CGA card and suppress "snow"
on display
/s turn off Sound effects (not alarms)

If PFE+ fails to find the directory file, it looks in the DOS
"environment" for the string "PCPLUS". Finding it, PFE+ will use
its value to search for the directory. Still failing to find the
directory, PFE+ will stop with an appropriate message. (See the
PROCOMM PLUS users' manual for information on the environment and

If PFE+ finds the directory, it also looks for the file
PCPLUS.PRM, which contains information on your choice of screen
colors, sound usage, etc. If PFE+ fails to find PCPLUS.PRM it
uses assumed values for colors and sounds. Note that the "/x"
arguments allow you to force PFE+ to override both the assumed
values and those contained in PCPLUS.PRM.

IV. Getting Help from Profonedit Plus

At any time that PFE+ is displaying the directory, you can press
AltZ or function key 1 ("F1") to display a help window. ("AltZ"
means to hold the "Alt" key down while pressing "Z" or "z".) To
close the help window, press the Escape key ("Esc"). (All PFE+
windows close with Esc, or in response to a requested prompt.)

The information displayed in the initial help window depends on
PFE+'s state at the time the window opened: whether some other
window was open, or you were in the Editor, etc.



A list of related topics appears near the bottom of each help
window. One of the topics is always highlighted. The space bar
and the cursor keys move the highlighting from topic to topic.
Pressing Enter changes the display to a window about the
highlighted topic.

Selection of the topic "Editor Help" leads, unsurprisingly, to the
"Editor Help" window. From that window, by making obvious
choices, any topic in the help system can be displayed. Many of
those windows list "Editor Help" as a topic, to enable a return
to the "top" of the system.

Once you know how to use the PFE+ help system, you can put this
manual away.

V. The Editor

PFE+ works just like a text editor or word processor. Of course,
not all text editors and word processors work alike. PFE+ follows
the example of QEdit (the well-known programmers' editor by
SemWare) except where PROCOMM PLUS compatibility requires
otherwise. For a complete list of editing and cursor control
keys, open the Editor Help window and select Keys as the next

By default, PFE+ operates in "overwrite mode," meaning that when
you type a character, it replaces the character which had been at
the cursor location. Pressing Ins or ^V will change the mode from
overwrite to "insert," or back again. ("^V" means to hold the
"Ctrl" or "Control" key down while pressing "V" or "v".) In
insert mode, typing a character will cause the characters from
the cursor to the end of the field to move right one column. The
character at the right end of the field will be lost. When in
insert mode, the cursor will appear larger than when in overwrite
mode. Whichever mode is selected will stay in effect until Ins/^V
is pressed again.

In some columns, PFE+ accepts only certain characters--the same
characters that PROCOMM PLUS would accept when revising an entry.
In the "D" (Duplex) column, for example, PFE+ accepts only "F",
"f", "H", or "h".

In the Baud field, not only does PFE+ reject some characters, but
when it accepts one which lets it guess the correct baud, it
completes the entry. For example, typing "1" in the first Baud
column leads PFE+ to place "9" in the second and "2" in the
third, for a Baud of 19200. The Terminal and Protocol fields
also try to "guess" your intent.


VI. Profonedit Plus Commands: How They Operate

PFE+ commands are given by pressing Alt keys. The commands and
their Alt keys are listed in the lower portion of the Editor
screen. Each command has at least one help window, in addition to
a brief listing in one of the "Commands" help windows.

When commands are to work on a range of entries (a "block"), the
block must be "marked." To mark a block, place the cursor at the
top line in the block and press F3; then place the cursor at the
bottom line in the block and press F4. Since a block command will
always operate on the marked block, you may want to turn the
marks off between commands. F2 turns marks off, or if they are
already off, it turns them on.

If there is no marked block, some commands (Insert and Clear) will
work on the cursor line, just as if it were a one-line marked

Some commands require both a marked block and the location of the
cursor line, and will not operate if the cursor line is within
the marked block. The Move command, for example, moves the marked
block so that it is right before the cursor line.

Don't worry about messing up the directory by clearing or moving a
block when you didn't mean to. Every potentially destructive
command makes an in-RAM backup copy of the lines to be changed,
before it changes them. The Undo command allows quick recovery
from accidental changes. PFE+ keeps as many backups available as
RAM permits, disposing of the oldest ones when it needs the RAM
for something else. You can often undo the changes all the way
back to the original state of the directory.

A few commands may prompt you for a single-letter response. Such
prompts appear in the form, "Question? (Y/N)". The case of your
response doesn't matter: "Y" is as good as "y". Pressing Esc will
close the prompt window and cancel the command.

VII. Profonedit Plus: Commands: A Summary

A more complete explanation of the commands is available in the
PFE+ help system. From Editor Help, select Commands. Continue
through the Commands help windows until the command of interest
is listed. Then select that command as the next help topic.


The commands:

BackUp (AltB): saves the state of the directory and the Editor,
in RAM, for later use by Undo. (Backup on command is in
addition to the automatic backups PFE+ does.)

Clear (AltC): over a marked block, or at the cursor line if
nothing is marked, replaces the Name, Number and Script fields
with spaces, the Total and Last fields with 0s, and restores
the Baud, P, D, S and Duplex fields to default values.

Exchange (AltE): swaps the contents of a marked block with an
equal-sized block starting at the cursor line. The two blocks
cannot overlap, and there must be enough lines after the cursor
to make the exchange.

Insert (AltI): replaces the lines in a marked block, or the
cursor line, with empty lines (lines having only spaces in the
Name, Number and Script fields). The original lines are moved
down in the directory, and empty lines below them are moved
into their place. (Insert does not clear any lines, or restore
any default values.)

Move (AltM): moves a marked block to the position in front of
the cursor line. (If the cursor line is the last line in the
directory, then the block is moved to the end of the

Pack (AltP): moves the empty lines in a marked block to its

Register (AltR): displays PFE+ licensing and registration
information, and offers to print a registration form.

Sort (AltS): rearranges the lines in a marked block, based on
your selection of up to six of seven fields (Name, Number, Area
Code, Exchange, Baud, Total Calls and Last Calls) and two
directions (ascending and descending) per field.

Toggle Display (AltT): changes the displayed fields between
Number/Baud/P/D/S/D and Total/Last/Protocol/Terminal.

Undo (AltU): restores the state of the directory and the Editor
to that of a previous backup.

eXchange Dir: prompts to save the directory to disk, and loads a
new directory file from disk.

Exit (Esc): prompts to save the directory to disk, and quits
PFE+ to return to DOS.

Pack and Sort may prompt "Page by page or the entire block (P/B)".
The prompt will occur only if the marked block starts at the top
of one page (a line number ending in 1) and ends at the bottom of


another page (a line number ending in 0). Answering "P" or "p"
will cause all lines effected to remain on their original pages,
as if the command had been repeated for each page individually.
Answering "B" or "b" will cause the command to operate on the
entire block as a unit. Pressing Esc will cancel the command.

Sort will open a window displaying the choice of fields and
directions. If a previous sort has been done, the previous choice
of fields and directions will appear as the default choice. To
accept the default, press F10. To cancel the sort, press Esc.

To edit the choice of fields and directions, use the cursor keys,
Enter, and the space bar to move the cursor to a desired field
and direction. Place a number from 1 through 6 at that location:
1 for the most significant field, higher numbers for less
significant fields. The number should appear beside the field
name, in the direction column. An example:

Asc Des
Name 3
Area Code 2
Total Calls
Last Call 1

would sort first: by Last Call, in descending order (i.e., most
recent calls first); then: by Area Code, in ascending order;
last: by Name, in ascending order.

Two things to note about sorts on the Number fields: You cannot
sort on Area Code or Exchange if you sort on Number (and vice
versa); and sorting on Area Code or Exchange will not be
meaningful unless your numbers are right justified, in the format
"nnnnnnn aaa xxx nnnn", where "n" and space are "I don't care
characters," "aaa" is the area code, and "xxx" is the exchange.

VIII. Support of Profonedit Plus

Sunflower Systems supports PFE+ by email on CompuServe
[73307,3101], on GEnie [K.BRENDEL], by voice telephone, and by
USPS mail. Registered users receive the author's home telephone
number, for support during evenings and weekends, and can expect
to receive prompt replies to their questions communicated by
CompuServe, GEnie or USPS.


Any user may also exchange email with Karl Brendel on the public-
access bulletin board systems listed on the first page of the

Unregistered users are invited to write to Sunflower Systems.
Because past experience has indicated that most support requests
involve matters covered in the manual or the help system, and
because support is a primary incentive for users to register, we
may not always reply to unregistered users unless it is apparent
that they have found a real problem with the program or the
manual. In any event, if an individual reply is desired,
unregistered users should provide a stamped, self-addressed
envelope. (Note: We have never failed to reply to an unregistered
user--we just don't promise a reply.)

If you find a "bug," or some other flaw, in PFE+, please report
it to Sunflower Systems. Please include a copy of your
AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files, a list of any resident
programs not named in those files, the report given by CHKDSK,
and a full description of your system, including the type of DOS
(MS or PC, and version number). If PFE+ makes a mistake it can't
recover from, it will offer to save the directory file (if
possible) and will print out an error report on the screen, with
a request to record it. We would greatly appreciate a full report
on the incident, but please do not feel that this requires a
voice call late at night. Although we will certainly want to know
soon, we can wait for email or USPS, and be sure the information

is right.

IX. Thanks and Miscellaneous Remarks

First, thanks to you, both for trying PFE+ and for reading the
manual. PFE+ exists only in the hopes of your using it. Again,

And thanks to the Datastorm Technologies people for their long
effort in developing, improving, and marketing PROCOMM and
PROCOMM PLUS. They've done a lot for computerized communications,
and a lot for the Shareware movement. And for the encouragement
they've given me, Thanks!

Thanks also to my friends, new and old, whose previous help has
improved PFE+: Sammy [QEdit II] Mitchell, John [GoodLook] Dove,
Pradeep [Turbo Development System] Arora, and Tom [Checkeroo]
Rodman. Thanks also to Jim Fouch, who not only tested, but
contributed a closed conference on his Sleepy Hollow PC Board to
make it easier to coordinate testing. Be assured that bugs or
other flaws that remain in Profonedit are my fault, not theirs,
and that much of what is good about PFE+ resulted from their


feedback. Thanks! (The terms appearing in [] above are the names
of programs, both Shareware and conventional, which those people
have authored. Look for them--they're all first-rate programs.)

PFE+ is written in Turbo Pascal, version 4. It uses many of the
Turbo Professional routines published by TurboPower Software.
Behind every good programmer are a good editor and a good
debugger. Despite having Borland's excellent integrated editor-
compiler environment, the editor behind PFE+ was QEdit 2, the
multifile, multiwindow macroeditor from Semware, written by Sammy
Mitchell. The debugger was TDebug+ 4, the source/assembler
debugger/animator, published by TurboPower Software, based on
David Baldwin's TDebug. Another aid to my habit of slinging
terminal quantities of mistyped code onto the disk was the Turbo
Development System 4 (TDS), a fast syntax checker which virtually
guarantees successful first-time compilation of Turbo Pascal,
published by MicroHelp, Inc., written by Pradeep Arora. Ordering
information for these products may be found in any major magazine
for MS-DOS programmers. (Contact me if you don't find the
information elsewhere.) They are all reasonably priced (indeed,
cheaply priced for conventional distribution) and to be highly
recommended. On top of all that, Thanks to the authors and
publishers for making them available!

Sunflower Systems is a member of the Association of Shareware
Professionals (ASP). ASP wants to make sure that the Shareware
principle works for you. If you are unable to resolve a
Shareware-related problem with an ASP member by contacting the
member directly, ASP may be able to help. The ASP Ombudsman can
help you resolve a dispute or problem with an ASP member, but
does not provide technical support for members' products. Please
write to the ASP Ombudsman at P.O. Box 5786, Bellevue, WA 98006
or send a CompuServe message via Easyplex to ASP Ombudsman

MS-DOS is the trademark of Microsoft. PC-DOS, PC jr, and AT are
the trademarks of IBM. Turbo Pascal is the trademark of Borland
International. Other names mentioned as the products of other
companies are the trademarks of those companies.


Ordering Information

A PFE+ registration licenses you to use the product on a regular
basis. Users need register only one version of PFE+; registration
includes licensed use of all later releases.

Registration of PFE+ costs only $15 for a single copy license. It
entitles the registrant to receive, at no further cost, one
upgrade of PFE+, on diskette, by mail. The registrant may choose
when to receive the upgrade. Note that the upgrade benefit
applies to versions of PFE+ supporting future versions of PROCOMM
PLUS, as well. In addition, the registrant will receive mailed
notification of major updates, (which can be ordered at a nominal
cost--currently $5), and support from Sunflower Systems, above
and beyond the support provided to unregistered users. See
"Support of PFE PLUS." If you have read this far, thank you!
Here's a benefit just from doing that: When you run PFE+, if you
include " /f" or " -f" (for Fast) after the name PFEPLUS, you
will not be delayed for key presses during the startup.

Please use the order form from the beginning of this manual or
from the Registration command when placing an order.

Orders from outside the US: Please send instruments drawn on US
institutions in US dollars.


Corporate and Quantity Purchases

All corporate, business, government or other commercial users of
PFE+ must be registered. We offer quantity discounts starting at
the eleventh copy. Corporate or site licensing is also

We accept purchase orders in amounts of $100 or over only. All
other orders should be prepaid.

Orders in quantities of less than 75 units are handled as quantity
purchases. Purchases of over 75 units may be handled as quantity
purchases or as corporate licensing agreements. Licensing
agreements allow duplication and distribution of specific numbers
of copies within the licensed institution. Duplication of
multiple copies (other than evaluation copies) is not allowed
except through execution of a licensing agreement. Please write
for details.

All prices and discounts are subject to change without notice.
Discounts are not cumulative; they apply to single orders of like
products only.

The quantity purchase discounts are as follows:

0- 10 copies: no discount
11- 25 copies: 15% discount
26- 50 copies: 20% discount
51-100 copies: 25% discount
101-200 copies: 30% discount
201-300 copies: 35% discount
301+ copies: 40% discount

You may not use PFE+ within your organization, beyond the
evaluation period, without a prior purchase or license

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