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Nice shell that will allow you to easily run DSZ, Puma, Lynx, Cmodem, and SuperK file transfer protocols. No need to learn syntax.
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Nice shell that will allow you to easily run DSZ, Puma, Lynx, Cmodem, and SuperK file transfer protocols. No need to learn syntax.
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Contents of the TRANMAST.DOC file

Transfer Master Version 1.60

Copyright 1990, Night Hawk Communications.


Welcome to Transfer Master, a small program designed to allow you to
take advantage of some of today's new fast file transfer protocols.
Transfer Master rose out of a need to provide BBS users with an easy
method to use some of the protocols that have been developed lately.
The biggest problem with the new protocols for most BBS callers, is
getting the command line syntax correct, setting it up in their
terminal program correctly, and finally testing it sometimes many times
until they get it right.

Transfer Master is designed to be simple in it's operation, yet fully
functional, and a handy companion to your favorite terminal program.
The future looks bright for Transfer Master, and development continues
to enhance it's functionality, and provide users with more handy
features. I am very interested in hearing from users on their likes and
dislikes, and suggestions for improvements. After all,it's you, the end
user that the program was written for. So, yes! your input is solicited
and appreciated, and the payoff will be in the form of better versions
of Transfer Master.

Transfer Master v1.60 <1>

Installing Transfer Master

What you should find in the archive:
Tranmast.exe (The Main Program)
Trconfig.exe (Configuration Utility)
Brun45.exe (Runtime Module)
Tranmast.cnf (Starting Configuration)
Tranmast.doc (You are reading it now)
Register.frm (Registration form)

First you need to un-archive the file into your directory that contains
your terminal program. Be sure that all three executable files end up
in this directory, along with a starting copy of Tranmast.cnf. Next you
should execute the configuration utility by typing Trconfig at the DOS
prompt. Trconfig will prompt you for some simple information about your
systems configuration. NOTE: when specifying the upload directory you
are limited to a single deep sub directory, e.g. C:\UPLOADS\, you CAN'T
have one like this; C:\TERMINAL\UPLOADS\. This is a limitation in an
assembly language routine used. Your download directory can be whatever
you like, up to the DOS limit.

The Registered user version will allow you to change the colors,
Also, the Registered version has a feature to select a file from your
download directory, and then unzip it to a pre-defined work directory
where it will be checked for viruses using Scan.exe from McAfee
Associates. The unziped file will then be erased from the work
directory. A rather handy addition, and a good reason to register.
When you have finished entering the required information, Trconfig will
then automatically load Transfer Master. You now can browse through the
options, and get a good look at things. You do not have to be online
in order to run Transfer Master, but obviously you do if you want to do
any file transfering. Make sure that the file BRUN45.EXE is either in
the same directory as Transfer Master, or in a directory that is listed
in your PATH statement in AUTOEXEC.BAT. If not then Transfer Master
will not run at all. NOTE: The version of BRUN45.EXE that I have
supplied, has been DTR patched for communications use.

If you have done everything correctly, then Transfer Master is now
ready for use. Now you need to make sure you have the protocols that
Transfer Master uses, and proceed to configure your terminal program so
that it will load Transfer Master when needed. The next section covers
some sample installations in two selected terminal programs. Pay
close attention there, as the main cause for failure is an improper
configuration in your terminal program.

Transfer Master v1.60 <2>

Setting up your Terminal to load Transfer Master

First a little personal bias, for those of you that are new to the
world of computer communications, I suggest Telix(tm) as a terminal
program for it's user friendliness and ease of operation. It doesn't
have all the bells and whistles that others have, but it gets the job
done without having to fumble with a zillion possible key strokes. Ok
bias aside now, let's get on with a sample installation in (of course)

Start up Telix and then press ALT O, this will bring up the
configuration editor. Select the option for "File Names & Paths", you
will now have a screen with several options. Select item H for the
external editor and simply type in Tranmast.exe without the drive and
path, since it's in the same directory as Telix. Now whenever you want
to load Transfer Master, you simply press ALT A while in Telix, simple
huh?. In the testing that I have done, Telix uses a little bit over
188K of memory to operate, and Transfer Master uses a few bytes over
50K. So, in a 640K computer with DOS 3.3 running, you should have
approximately 346K + or - a few K, to operate the selected protocols.

Installation in QModem

Installing Transfer Master in Qmodem is accomplished as follows;
Start Qmodem in terminal mode, press ALT J and you will see a screen of
possible Function Key assignments. You have the choice of normal
function keys or the Shift, Control, & ALT Function keys. Select which
set you wish to use; 1 - Normal, 2 - Shift, 3 - Ctrl, 4 -Alt
Now, all the key assignments will appear, choose the key you want to be
the Transfer Master activation key, by highlighting your selection.
Once highlighted, type: @SHELLX TRANMAST
Press F10 to save, then ESC, Transfer Master is now installed in Qmodem
and ready to use. All you need to do is press the key that you assigned
as the Transfer Master key, whenever you need to use Transfer Master.

Operating Transfer Master

Operating Transfer Master is a snap, you simply point and shoot at
whatever option you wish to use. Users can make selections using either
the item number and then pressing return, or by moving to the item with
the mouse and clicking twice on a numbered item. For file selections
you use your cursor keys to move from file to file, once you find the
file you are looking for, highlight it, then press return. Mouse users
can use the up/down pointers to scroll, highlight the file, and press
the right button to select. Care has been taken to make the whole
operation smooth, easy and fast!.

Transfer Master v1.60 <3>

Keys Used
Up & Down Arrow Keys to scroll
Left Mouse button to Tag
Right Mouse button to Enter
INS key to Tag Note: Most Menus will give
DEL key to UnTag key information.
Enter key to Activate
ESC to abort a menu

The protocols

This version of Transfer Master is designed to execute the following
1) Lynx (as of version 2.20)

2) MPT (as of version 1.10)

3) Jmodem (as of version 1.21)

3) Bimodem (as of version 1.22)

4) (Registered) DSZ (as of version 06-26-90)

You will need to obtain all of these protocols separately if you wish
to use them with Transfer Master. I won't go into details on the
protocols, as the authors have already done that for you.

Changes Made to Transfer Master v1.60

This version of Transfer Master is mainly a maintenance upgrade.
Below is a listing of changes that have been made:

1) A problem with some of the protocols locking up has been fixed. *

2) Internal Stack space has been increased. *

3) The Puma Protocol has been changed to MPT protocol, as the Author
has changed the program name, due to a name conflict.

4) Modified the Documentation to reflect MPT protocol, instead of Puma.

5) TrConfig has been changed so if it does not find the configuration
file, it will create a blank one that you can then enter all the
configuration info in. *

* The Registered version (v1.50) Had these changes prior to it's
recent release to registrants. Registered users should follow
the procedures provided to them, to obtain their registered copy
of version 1.60 with the MPT changes.

Transfer Master v1.60 <4>

Fair Is Fair
Transfer Master relies on the work of others for it to accomplish it's
tasks. The Authors of the various protocols have spent countless hours
in developing their works. In all fairness to them you should register
your copies of their programs, which will ensure continued work and
support from the Authors. Transfer Master has been designed to utilize
DSZ in it's registered form, and as such, if you are not a registered
user of DSZ then you will be missing out on some important features.
Registration of these programs is easy and painless, so please support
the shareware concept by registering with the authors of these
fine programs.

Legal notice

Transfer Master is not public domain, nor is it FreeWare. You are
granted a fifteen day license in which to evaluate this program and
determine it's usefulness to you. If after the fifteen day trial period
you decide to continue using Transfer Master, you are required to
register your copy by sending the meager sum of $10.00 to the Author.
Registered users can then either download the registered version of
Transfer Master from my BBS, or if specified in the registration form,
I will send the registered version to you via U.S. Mail.

Please complete and mail the registration form along with check or
money order for $10.00. Registration is a one time requirement and
will extend your license to future versions of Transfer Master as they
become available. Due to the medium by which Transfer Master is
distributed, their is NO WARRANTY either implied or expressed. In
short, if it breaks, you own all the pieces & the Author is not liable
for any damages either directly or indirectly.


Lynx is copyright 1989, by Matthew P. Thomas
MPT is copyright 1990, by Matthew P. Thomas
Jmodem is compliments of Richard B. Johnson
Bimodem is copyright 1989, 1990, by Erik Labs
DSZ is copyright 1990, by Omen Technology
PKZIP/PKUNZIP is copyright 1990, by PKWare Inc.
Scan is copyright 1990, by McAfee Associates.
Telix is copyright 1989, by Exis Inc.
Qmodem is copyright 1990, by The Forbin Project

Thank you for these fine products.

Transfer Master v1.60 <5>

Suggestions & Bug reports

I have taken great care to work out any bugs that I could find myself,
should you find one please try and let me know, so that it can be fixed
in a future release. Please send bug reports or suggestions directly
to me, at the address provided in the registration form.
I hope that you will enjoy using Transfer Master, and it provides you
with a smooth link to todays inovative computer software.

Happy Modeming & Enjoy Transfer Master!

Ted F. Fox, Author

SIGnet (26:1904/8.0)
BBS: The Night Hawk, (904) 651-8001

Transfer Master v1.50 <6>

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