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PopUp Utility w/ CompuServe Access #'s for Laptop Travellers.
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PopUp Utility w/ CompuServe Access #’s for Laptop Travellers.
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Contents of the README.1ST file


There is only one current version of CIS. The programs are updated
from time to time, however. You will receive the latest version when
you register.

The files included in this demo include:

CIS.EXE The executable program
CISPHN.DBF The database of current CIS access numbers
for 2400 cps access.
README.1st This file
CIS.DOC Instructions on how best to use this program.

User support is available from the author on CompuServe via
70414,732. Your questions will be answered within 48 hours, usually
much quicker. If you do not have access to CompuServe, please write
to Barron Associates software at the address on the order form below with questions
or comments about the programs.


ASP approved shareware distributors / disk vendors have approval to
distribute this product. User groups have approval as long as the
disk containing CIS is sold for less than $10, or distributed without
charge, and you agree to the terms below for non-approved shareware

Other shareware distributors may distribute CIS under the following
1.) The CIS archive must be distributed in complete, unmodified form,
with all files including this information file.It is permissible
to re-archive the files under another format.
2.) The disk your firm or user group sells containing CIS must be sold
for $10 or less.
3.) Our copyright for the entire distribution must be respected.
4.) Persons purchasing a disk from your firm or user group must be
educated in the shareware concept (by your literature or catalogs)
and encouraged to register shareware if they use it.
5.) You agree to promptly update your inventory when a new version of
CIS becomes available, and in any case to stop distribution of
older versions.

If you send a copy of your catalog or literature indicating an
address, we will send you periodic updates of CIS. If you want
written permission to distribute CIS, you must send a catalog. ASP
approved firms in the U.S. and Canada receive updates automatically.


The registration fee for one copy of CIS is $15 (U.S.).
There is a $5 shipping & handling charge for overseas orders.
The space for company name is optional. Please do not staple your
check to this form. Mail this completed form to:

Barron Associates-USA, Inc.
2 Commerce Sq, Suite 160
Cleveland, OH 44122

You will receive the latest version of the program on 3.5" disk.
Please indicate clearly here____ if you prefer 5.25."



Street Address:________________________________


Number of copies___ x $15 $_____.___

Total enclosed: $_____.___


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