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Auto log-on: Telix/PCBoard.
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Auto log-on: Telix/PCBoard.
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Sept 24,1988

The accompanying file is a Telix 3.00 script for auto-loging onto PCBoards,
including versions 10.0 - 14.0 Beta's. The script assumes that you have defined
Zmodem as the default protocol on the PCBoard's that you call default protocols on PCBoard by typing (at the main board prompt) T Z>. The
reason for this script is that many PCBoard Sysops use different doors for PCB
Prodoor and I can never remember where it is on each individual's board. The
script attempts to find "Zmodem" or "DOOR" in any text before the main board
prompt. At present, the script will open ProDoor if it resides in door 1 or
door 2.

The script is in .SLT form, all you need to do is copy PCB_ALL.SLT to
your Telix directory, enter your name in the 'User Name' string at the top of
the script file, and type CS PCB_ALL to compile the script have CS.EXE in your Telix directory>. Now run Telix and define PCB_ALL as the
script to use when you log onto a PCBoard. That's
about all there is to do, just make sure that you have a password defined for
the board you are calling. The script defaults are NO graphics, YES to check
messages, and open the PCB ProDoor if it resides in door 1 or door 2, otherwise
the script terminates at the 'Main Board Command?' prompt. This script appears
to work well. I have used it for about a week, pissing off the local Sysops a
bit, I'm sure from logging on a couple of times a day.

I have made some minor modifications to the script. First of all, I have
cut the number of variables tracked, down to 12, which allows you to use the
remaining 4 for other desired board functions. I moved two of the variables out
of the main loop. I have noticed that some PCBoards have Zmodem defined as a
protocol WITHIN PCBoard, i.e. no ProDoor. In this case, the script attempts to
open ProDoor one time, if it fails, the script neatly terminates. A couple of
times when I logged on with the old script it would endlessly attempt to open a
door. I have also noticed that some PCBoards don't prompt for graphics when you
first log on. The script waits 10 seconds for the 'first name' prompt if 'Do
you want graphics (Enter)=no?' is not encountered. It appears to be enough time
for 25 lines to scroll by at 1200 bps. If you are communicating at less than
1200 bps, or the script fails to recognize the prompt '(Enter) =no?' when you
first log on, all you need to do is make the value in the script > 10. The line
containing the value is preceeded by '***'.

I have sucessfully logged on to every PCBoard I have called with the value
set at 10. There is one case in which the script fails, that is when the Sysop
cannot allocate enough memory for the caller to define an external protocol in
PCBoard. If you have tried 'T Z' from the main board prompt, enter 'V' and see
if Zmodem appears in the last line. If 'none' appears on the Tr/Protocol line,
you must define a seperate script for that particular board.

Any comments, suggestions, amplifications leave a message on The HUB,
NAVWESA or any of the Washington DC Area Netmail Boards.

Evan Wagner

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