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Most powerful telecommunication software/hardware for the deaf.
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Most powerful telecommunication software/hardware for the deaf.
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Contents of the README file

What is MIC300i?
The MIC300i is a Telecommunication modem card. It is probably
the most comprehensive product on today's telecommunications
market specifically designed and dedicated to meet the needs of
the hearing impaired and those who work for and with the deaf,
without impacting in any way on its use by the hearing. It is
designed to bridge the `communication gap' between the deaf and
hearing world, in a more sophisticated way than has been possible
before; but the traffic has to be both way! It has two parts: a
modem/circuit board and a diskette. Once installed in an IBM-
compatible personal computer, the MIC300i allows you to make
phone calls either in TDD mode or in ASCII (computer to computer)
mode. You can even use the MIC300i while running another software
program on the same personal computer. The MIC300i system also
permits you to answer incoming voice calls with a voice telephone
hooked to the same MIC300i modem card.

The MIC300i is intelligent enough to recognise and adjust the
speed of transmission accordingly to the capability of the machine
at the other end.

FullTalk is a `full' feature and the most powerful telecommunication
software for the deaf.
It has the following capabilities:
(1) Autoanswer machine, (2) simple electronic mail system, (3)
send or transfer text files,

The EaseTalk has basic TDD/ASCII telecommunication software and
is very similar to the TALK MENU in the fulltalk program. It
lacks some features like autoanswer machine, editor, email, etc.
It is very useful for a background program under Carousel,
Desqview, Desqview 386, Windows 286, Windows 386, Window Version
3.00 or other similar software.

What is FASTALK?
Fastalk is a memory-resident basic TDD/ASCII telecommunication
software which allows a user to toggle (switch back and forth)
with two keystrokes between a DOS-based application on an IBM PC
clone and this communication software, in an instant.
A screen saving feature allows users to hotkey between
applications without losing either screen or the data they
contain. Two keystrokes are used to prevent accidental switching
to another application. It is designed for anyone who depends on
a personal computer for DOS applications like spreadsheets,
databases and wordprocessors, but also needs to access telecommunication
software without leaving the personal computer.

The FullTalk Demostration Software has been developed by MICROFLIP, Inc.
It is developed specifically to run the new MIC300i internal modem for
IBM PC/XT/AT/386SX/386/486.
The FullTalk, FasTalk, EaseTalk and BigRing and MIC300i modem can be ordered
from MICROFLIP, Inc for $275.00 plus $10.00 for handling/shipping.
Expected delivery is 2 to 4 weeks. Make check payable to Microflip, Inc.
MasterCharge or Visa Cards accepted.

Attn: Ken Glickman
814 Thayer Avenue - Suite 305
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
Tel.No 301-588-0965 TDD
301-588-5261 FAX

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