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TAPDOC documentation archive for TAPCIS v. 5.41.
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TAPDOC documentation archive for TAPCIS v. 5.41.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

TAPCIS(R) Documentation README.DOC 9/11/92

Copyright (c) 1992, Support Group, Inc.
Lake Technology Park, McHenry, MD 21541 Phone 800-USA-GROUP, 301-387-4500
CompuServe 74020,10 (GO CIS:TAPCIS)

Thank you for trying TAPCIS, The Access Program for the CompuServe
Information Service. The TAPCIS documentation is extensive. We've not held
anything back. There are 155 pages in this electronic version of the printed
documentation. This version lacks only Appendix D: CompuServe Phone List
(found in PHONES.EXE).

The screen shot figures referenced in the documentation can be viewed by
running the TAPFIGS program.

Because of the amount of documentation, many customers find it easier to
simply register the program under our exceptional 90-day money back
guarantee. You save the time and paper to print the documentation, as well
as getting toll free support to help you get online. Please understand that
telephone support is only available to Registered Users. If you need help
getting online beyond what is found in the manual, you will need to register
TAPCIS. We guarantee that we can get it working for you, or you get your
full money back.

As an alternative, you can use the TAPCIS Forum to get help as well, whether
you are a registered user or not.

Documentation Format

We've broken the documentation down into sections. Each section is named
TAPDOC.n where n is the section number. The title page is in TAPDOC.TTL,
the Table of Contents is in TAPDOC.TOC, the appendixes are in TAPDOC.APX
and the index is in TAPDOC.IDX.

If you read nothing else, please read sections 1 and 3.

There are formfeeds separating the pages with footers at the bottom of each
page giving the section name and page number. Since the TAPCIS documentation
is cross referenced, those page footers are necessary.

You can print the documentation using the DOS PRINT program, although we use
PPRINT or 4PRINT (especially on laser printers where you can get two pages
on one sheet of paper). Both are available in the TAPCIS Forum Library 2.

You can consolidate all the documentation into one file called TAPCIS.DOC
by removing the file TAPDOC.EXE from the directory, run the batch file
TAPDOC.BAT, and then deleting all the individual files by typing DEL TAPDOC.*
(which leaves a single TAPCIS.DOC containing all the documentation).

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