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Extract Darwin USBBS list to Procomm Plus directory - allows selectivity.
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Extract Darwin USBBS list to Procomm Plus directory – allows selectivity.
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Contents of the US2PCP.DOC file

For syntax instructions, just enter US2PCP and a brief one screen message
will appear.

Why this program?? Now that Procomm Plus supports up to 200 entries and
multiple directories, I wanted to be able to easily import the vast listing
of BBS numbers right into my directories. It seems that Darwin's (PL.Olympia)
list is by far the most accepted and comprehensive list and so I tailored
my program to their listing.

Version 1.0 Allowed users to convert the entire list to DIR files

Version 1.1 Added capability to specify up to 5 area codes to limit the
extraction process to.

The only remaining thing I need to tell you is the conventions used here:

o The BBS list must be accessible by either being in the current
directory or in a directory which can be reached by a path enhancer
such as DPATH.

o The BBS filename must be specified with filename and extension, no
drive or path-names are supported (yet!).

o The DIR files created will be put in the current directory and will
be named USBBSxx where 'x' is a number representing the DIR files
creation sequence (ie - first 200 entries will be in USBBS1, etc.).

o Entering an invalid filename will prompt you to correct it, while
an invalid area-code parameter will show you an error message.

o On screen status of the number of extracted entries and DIR files
is provided.

o I have taken the liberty of adding an automatic A dialing code to
each entry. This was on the assumption at, since the area code is
present, many users will want to call long-distance and will need
the 'A' for your codes.

o The baud-rate is that which is in the BBS listing. I determined that
this was the easiest way to start.

o Default emulation is ANSI, set-up is 8-1-N FULL and XMODEM

What's in store??

o Allowing default baud-rate, terminal emulation, and transfer protocol
in either a setup file or command line parameter.

o If specifying area codes, insert these as dialing codes B, C, etc. and
replace the area code with the matching dialing code. This will help
areas like Wash DC which can call 3 different area codes locally.

o Sorting during extract.

o Merging with current DIR files.

Just leave me a message on DARWIN BBS (301) 251-9206 or any of these
YOUR PLACE (703) 978-6360
DATA BIT (703) 370-9832
MARYLAND GATEWAY (301) 730-5624
FOLKEMER MINIHOST(301) 465-8316***

Thanks for trying and using US2PCP...

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