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Flackware ZMODEM protocol driver, an alternative to GSZ.
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Flackware ZMODEM protocol driver, an alternative to GSZ.
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Flackware ZMODEM 1.0

(c) 1992 John Flack

Distribution Files
FWZMODEM.EXE - Flackware ZMODEM protocol driver
FWZMODEM.DOC - This documentation file

Why another ZMODEM replacement?

As a former sysop and computer user, my primary need for the
ZMODEM protocol has been as a way to ensure robust and error-free
file transfers to and from IBM PC bulletin boards. Since its
introduction, ZMODEM has proven to be the standard. Flackware ZMODEM
was developed to provide an extension of the information that is
available to ZMODEM during a transfer.

- Transfer information is logically grouped into windows:
Current file status window
Batch information window
Transfer messages and transfer mode window
Communications settings window
- Files that exist when receiving are dealt with interactively
- Dynamic recalculation of transfer time estimates for files sent or
- Dynamic recalculation of total batch transfer time
- Avergage CPS calculation
- File and batch progress bars
- Efficiency calculation
- Date and time

To receive file(s):
Fwzodem rz [switches]

To send file(s):
Fwzmodem sz pathname [pathname_2] [...] [pathname_n] [switches]

Must specify rz or sz! Parameter order after rz or sz is not
significant or case sensitive.

Pathnames may be the full pathname and may include wildcards.

Switches (Must have a space between)
-Px Specify the port using -Px where x is the port number.
COM1 = 0x3F8 Hex
COM2 = 0x2F8 Hex
COM3 = 0x3E8 Hex
COM4 = 0x2E8 Hex

-Sx Specify the baud rate using -Sx, where x is the baud rate
If the baud rate is omitted, the current speed on the port
will be used. Rates may be 110 to 115200 baud.

Note: If the port and baud rate are omitted, COM1 at current
baud is assumed.

-H Enable hardware flow control. Use this if you are sending
files at rates above 19200 baud.

-CD Enable carrier detect checking. Default is off.

-Dx Place downloaded files into directory x. Where x may the
full pathname.
-M Force monochrome color set. The program uses some of the
EGA pallete colors, so if you have CGA or a laptop, use this

Fwzmodem rz -Dc:\download Receive file(s), place in
Fwzmodem sz a:\*.txt file2.exe *.tx? Send files,using COM1,
at current baud.
Fwzmodem sz -P2 -s38400 -H Send, COM2,
38400 baud, enable hardware
flow control.
Fwzmodem rz -CD Receive file(s), enable
carrier detect.

Flackware ZMODEM is released as shareware. If you decide
to use Flackware ZMODEM you are obligated to pay a per computer
licensing fee of $10 dollars. Because the program is not crippled
in any way, and because of the nominal fee, I hope you are encouraged
to register.

Please a check for $10 to: John Flack
5942 Cove Landing Road #203
Burke, VA 22015

Sorry, but I can not accept credit cards.

Please send any comments or suggestions to the above address with
a self-addressed stamped envelope. I welcome your thoughts.

Revision History
Version 1.0 08/01/92 - First Release

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