Dec 282017
Procomm Plus for Windows 2.0 ASPECT script to automate quoting messages on the Programmer's Corner BBS.
File PCQUOTE.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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Procomm Plus for Windows 2.0 ASPECT script to automate quoting messages on the Programmer’s Corner BBS.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
PCQUOTE.WAS 14673 3886 deflated
PCQUOTE.WAX 1963 1338 deflated
README.TXT 1026 595 deflated
UTIL.INC 2359 719 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

The enclosed files are Procomm Plus for Windows 2.0 ASPECT script files
that automate quoting messages on The Programmer's Corner BBS. The
comments in the source code file, PCQUOTE.WAS, explain the operation of
the script in detail. The file PCQUOTE.WAX is the compiled script. The
file UTIL.INC is an include file used by the script.

You should copy all three of the above-mentioned files to your ASPECT
directory. You might want to assign the script to a metakey to make it
more easily accessible.

I declare this code to be in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, and I take no responsi-
bility for its suitability, correct operation, wow factor, hair loss,
etc. I would be interested in getting feedback, however. And if you
find a bug, please notify me by leaving me a message on The Programmer's
Corner or on the net ([email protected] <-- at least for now -- it may
change in a few months). I do not promise to fix bugs in a timely manner,
or even at all, barring a suitable bribe.

Scott Houck
18 Sep 94

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