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CommoPNS v5.2 - Creates a FILE.LST for batch uploads. Great for use with Zmodem or HS/Link.
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CommoPNS v5.2 – Creates a FILE.LST for batch uploads. Great for use with Zmodem or HS/Link.
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Contents of the README file

By Shad Muegge & Marcos Della

COMMOPNS is an external enchancement for terminal programs. It allows you
to "point-n-shoot" files you wish to upload straight from a directory listing.

COMMPNS can also be used in conjunction with PKZIP, allowing you to pick
files from all over your hard drive to be zipped together. Also, great
if you just want to pick certain files from a single directory to zip.

COMMOPNS is shareware. A registration fee of $10.00 US is required
for continued use and should be mailed to:

Shad Muegge
P.O. Box 4251
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

The COMMOPNS package should contain the following files:

README. This read file
REGISTER.FRM A registration/order form
COMMOPNS.DOC How to get started, macro programming
COMMOPNS.EXE The executable program
COMMOPNS.MAC Macros for {COMMO}, insert in COMMO.MAC.
PNSZIP.BAT Example of how to use COMMOPNS with PKZIP.
TRIM.EXE Utility to keep log files a specific size
TRIM.DOC Documentation for TRIM

This program was written with {COMMO} (The best TERMINAL program in the
universe) in mind, but it should work fine with other terminal programs which
allow you to specify a FILE LIST with their file transfers.

I also assumed that DSZ would be used, but again any file transfer
protocol that allows you to specify a FILE LIST should work, such as

It all depends on HOW configurable the terminal program is... good luck.


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