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Sort PROCOMM+ dialing dir.
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Sort PROCOMM+ dialing dir.
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Contents of the PCPSRTNO.DOC file

PCPSRTNO - PROCOMM+ Dialing Directory Sort by Number V1.0 (QB 4.0 source incl.)

A rework of PCPLSRT by Ed GAlle for PROCOMM PLUS.

Just run PCPSRTNO.EXE to sort PCPLUS.DIR or to enter the .DIR name to sort.
Run PCPLUSRT [d:][path\]filename.DIR to avoid the instruction screen.

filename.DIR must be a valid PROCOMM PLUS .DIR file (15050 bytes).
It DOES NOT work on PROCOMM 2.4.2 directories.

If you use it while SHELLed out from PCPLUS, be sure to Xchange DIRs twice
to load the new sorted version.

PCPSRTNO sorts by phone number in ascending order, placing blank entries at
the end. The original directory file will be renamed with the extension .OLD.
The sort field is the whole 20-byte number.

To rebuild the executable, do a stand-alone .EXE compile from the QB menu, or
see the included PCP-CMPL.BAT(NOCOM makes the .EXE about 5K shorter)

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