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Program to show caller ID from Caller ID compatible modems.
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Program to show caller ID from Caller ID compatible modems.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

CallView Information.

CallView is a software interface that enables you to receive, with your
PC, the Caller ID information transmitted by the local phone company.
CallView will keep a log of callers with the date and time but the real
power of CallView is that it allows you to use this information by other
programs. An example of this would be a pop up data base that is
activated by CallView. In this example you could see not only the
callers phone number but also his/her name and address.

To use CallView you must subscribe to Caller ID service offered by your
local phone company and have a special Caller ID modem. CallView can
work with any type of Caller ID modem. As new Caller ID modems are
released we will be adding support for them. At the present time the
generic 202T modem and the ClassMate 10 modem are fully supported. The
Caller ID modem connects to your PC through any standard RS-232 port.
At the present time CallView is NOT a TSR program but a TSR version is
in the works. CallView is DESQview aware.

We offer both the ClassMate 10 modem and CallView software here at The

Pricing: (06/11/91....Prices subject to change without notice.)

CallView package............ $100.00

Includes: CallView software, printed user manual, on-line support, Class
Mate 10 modem. Free updates. Everything you need to get started with
Caller ID. Shipping & handling included.

CallView Software........... $35.00 (Full Support)

Includes: CallView software, printed user manual, on-line support, Free
updates. Disk and manual will be mailed to your location free of

CallView Software........... $25.00 (Limited Support)

Includes: CallView software, .DOC file, Limited Support. Free updates.
Software must be downloaded from The ASE.

ClassMate 10 Modem.......... $65.00 + $5.00 S&H (Limited Support)

Includes: ClassMate 10 modem, printed user manual, 1 year manufacturer
limited warranty.

202T Connection Drawings.... $5.00

Includes: Detailed, printed, drawings on how to connect a standard 202T
modem along with option settings and a parts list.

NOTE: All orders shipped to VA must include VA sales tax.

Order Form

Software: CallView Version: ________________

Name: _________________________________________________________________

Business name (if any): _______________________________________________

Street address: _______________________________________________________


City, State, Zip: _________________________,_______________,___________

Quantity | Product | Price | Total






Special Shipping Instructions: ----------------------

Sub Total

VA Tax


You will need to enter your phone number and name EXACTLY as you wish
them to be shown. This is necessary to unlock the advanced features.

First Name: [__] [__] [__] [__] [__] [__] [__] [__] [__] [__] [__] [__]

Last Name: [__] [__] [__] [__] [__] [__] [__] [__] [__] [__] [__] [__]

Phone: [__] [__] [__] -- [__] [__] [__] -- [__] [__] [__] [__]

I understand that CallView is NEVER to be released with a serial number
installed. CallView may be shared with friends as long as no serial
number is installed.


Make check payable to: The Arlington Software Exchange

Please send payment, in US funds, to:

The Arlington Software Exchange
PO Box 10353
Arlington, VA 22210-1353

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