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Bytebrothers Powernode Version "I" - Now supports PUMA and YMODEM-G protocols. You will need DSZ.COM to operate this excellent program. It just keeps getting better and better.
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Bytebrothers Powernode Version “I” – Now supports PUMA and YMODEM-G protocols. You will need DSZ.COM to operate this excellent program. It just keeps getting better and better.
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Contents of the DRUNKCUT.DOC file

DRUNKCUT by Elliott Jackson
Powernode Support Module
to the "Drunkman Download System"
[ A Lazy Man's Bimodem Helper ]


Bimodem is an awesome file transfer protocol. At 2400 baud
we're talking around 230 cps for files heading in both
directions, plus the ability to 'chat' with the guy on the
other end while the file transfer is taking place. It is very
nice for exchanging files to and from a BBS.

It does take a little setup, however. POWERNODE will handle
most of the setup for you automatically, with no real thought
required. You scroll through your own file directories,
tagging files for upload. You can also scroll through lists of
files from the other BBS and select files for download. This
information is saved for use by BIMODEM in the file BIMODEM.PTH.

But what if you are online, scrolling through a list of files
and you see one you just can't live without? What if you are
completely drunk, and can't type a filename to save your life?
Enter the DRUNKCUTter!

DRUNKCUT is a TSR that you load prior to firing up your
communications program. It allows you to pop up a little
window on the active screen at any time, which you then scroll
around to cut filenames from the screen. DRUNKCUT was written
using Turbo C 2.0 and the TeSseRract (TESS) library for memory
resident routines. It will consume approximately 27k of RAM.


DRUNKCUT is loaded by typing the command "DRUNKCUT".
DRUNKCUT will then check to insure it is not already loaded
and that another TESS-aware TSR program is not already using
its hotkey. It will then go resident, with ALT-TAB as the
default key to pop up the routine.

DRUNKCUT can be unloaded by including the /u or -u switch with
the command line as follows:


If DRUNKCUT is the last TSR loaded, it will unload itself from
memory. If it is not the last, it will be deactivated but
will wait to unload itself until it is the last TSR in

DRUNKCUT.DOC Saturday, November 18, 1989 6:12 pm Page 2

The default hotkey is ALT-TAB. This can be customized with
the use of the /k or -k command line switch. To change the
hotkey, use the command line sequence as follows:

DRUNKCUT /k shiftcode keycode

The shiftcode and keycode parameters are simply base-10
integers representing the desired hotkey combination. These
codes are the standard scan codes published in many
references. A complete list follows:

Shift Codes:

No Shift 0
Right Shift 1 (Note that these codes can be added together
Left Shift 2 to indicate that more than one "shift" key
Control 4 is required to pop up DRUNKCUT)
Alt 8

Key Codes:

A 30
B 48
C 46
D 32
E 18
F 33
G 34
H 35
I 23
J 36
K 37
L 38
M 50
N 49
O 24
P 25
Q 16
R 19
S 31
T 20
U 22
V 47
W 17
X 45
Y 21
Z 44
Top 0 11
Top 1 2
Top 2 3
Top 3 4
Top 4 5
Top 5 6
Top 6 7
Top 7 8

DRUNKCUT.DOC Saturday, November 18, 1989 6:12 pm Page 3

Top 8 9
Top 9 10
F1 59
F2 60
F3 61
F4 62
F5 63
F6 64
F7 65
F8 66
F9 67
F10 68
Top Minus 12
Top Equals 13
Backspace 14
Tab 15
[ 26
] 27
Enter 28
; 39
" 40
~ 41
| 43
, 51
. 52
PrtSc 55
Space 57
Home 71
Up 72
PgUp 73
Left 75
KeyPad 5 76
Right 77
KeyPad Minus 74
KeyPad Plus 78
End 79
Down 80
PgDn 81
Insert 82
Delete 83
F11 87 (Only on enhanced keyboards)
F12 88 (Only on enhanced keyboards)

As an example, to set DRUNKCUT to use LeftShift-Alt-D as a
hotkey, use the command line:

DRUNKCUT /k 10 32


Before you start your communications software, install
DRUNKCUT. Now fire up Qmodem, Procomm, Boyan, Commo, or

DRUNKCUT.DOC Saturday, November 18, 1989 6:12 pm Page 4

whatever. Use POWERNODE to set up a Bimodem session, and
program your uploads.

Now call your BBS that supports Bimodem. Have a look through
the files section. See a file you need? Hit the hotkey for
DRUNKCUT (default = Alt-Tab). The screen will immediately
change color to red on black, and a small blue window will
appear on-screen, just the right size for scrolling around and
selecting a filename. You can move the window around using
the arrow keys, Tab, Home and End keys.

Move the file selection window to the desired filename and hit
Enter. A small menu will pop up giving you three options:

ESC Abort this process and return to your communications

Enter Append this filename onto the current BIMODEM.PTH.
This will not affect any other choices you have
previously selected for Bimodem transfer.

'N' Begin a new BIMODEM.PTH. This will clear any
previous files you might have selected for Bimodem

And that's all there is to it! When you begin your bimodem
transfer with Powernode, the new filename you cut from the
screen will be included in the file transfer session.

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