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Kills program with loss of carrier, very good.
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Kills program with loss of carrier, very good.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Carrier Detect Monitor
by Keith P. Graham
July 4, 1987

WATCHKAT is a program loader and monitor which can be
used in a communications environment to detect loss of carrier
and kill the currently running job. This is useful for Bulletin
Board "Doors" and similar applications. It is similar in concept
to the WATCHDOG programs which monitor carrier detect and reboot
the system. WATCHKAT kills only the currently running program
and does not cause the system to reboot.

WATCHKAT is a loader program which will load and
execute a .COM or .EXE file. It will not execute .BAT files and
should not be used to execute a second COMMAND.COM. It is small,
adding very little in the way of memory usage and is resident
only while the application is running. WATCHKAT unloads itself
from memory when it is completed. WATCHKAT restores all used
memory and all interrupt vectors to their original values after
killing a program and sets ERRORLEVEL return codes according to
what action WATCHKAT had to take.

More information can be obtained from README.COM.

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