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Mail Run for Procomm for Windows. Adds great mail management and BBS management utility to Procomm.
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Mail Run for Procomm for Windows. Adds great mail management and BBS management utility to Procomm.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
MAILRUN.HLP 47224 32235 deflated
MAILRUN.WAS 22056 5326 deflated
MRUN200.H 56552 11402 deflated
MRUN200A.WAS 20609 5257 deflated
MRUN200B.WAS 9315 2824 deflated
MRUN200C.WAS 21064 4400 deflated
MRUN200D.WAS 19043 5197 deflated
MRUN200E.WAS 18760 4919 deflated
MRUN200F.WAS 10112 2587 deflated
MRUN200G.WAS 38769 8641 deflated
MRUNARC.PIF 545 150 deflated
MRUNBKG.BMP 798 97 deflated
MRUNICON.DLL 23664 6620 deflated
README.TXT 1326 758 deflated
TERMINAL.WAS 563 314 deflated

Download File MRUN200.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file

Welcome to MailRun 2.0!

MailRun is a PROCOMM PLUS for Windows ASPECT script that
automates communications with PCBoard, WildCat! and Auntie
Bulletin Board Systems. It provides a graphical user interface,
complete with an icon bar and custom menus, that allows you to
easily create a list of BBSs to call and tasks to perform on
each BBS. You can use MailRun to get and send QWK mail, upload
and download files, perform special commands, and execute your
own scripts. For BBSs that send a new file scan in their QWK
packets, MailRun will even keep a database of available files
so that you can add downloads to the list with the click of a
mouse button.

To install MailRun, just copy all files in this archive to your
PCWIN ASPECT directory. Copy the file MRUNARC.PIF to a
directory in your PATH statement. Start PCWIN and select
"Compile/Edit" from the "Script" Menu. Highlight "MAILRUN.WAS"
and click on "Compile and Run". Press F1 for help.

All documentation for this version of MailRun is contained
in the Windows Help file "MAILRUN.HLP."

MailRun is being distributed as shareware. If you find yourself
using MailRun with any regularity, please send $15 to

Jerry Sully
841 Solano Ave. #2
Albany, CA 94706

As Bartles and James say, "Thank you for your support."

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