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Telix 3.21 Patch Update for Registed Telix 3.12 and 3.15.

Full Description of File

Patch file for REGISTERED versions of Telix
to take versions 3.12 or later to version
3.21. This patch is free and is direct from
deltaComm. It will not work on unregistered
copies. This patch file replaces the files
named T3nn-321.ZIP internally dated 12-25-93.
This file is updated from time to time. The
revisions listed are to add support for lost
versions of the version, date and size shown.
Rev. 1.1, add v3.12, 04-30-90, 284,334 bytes
Rev. 1.2, add v3.12, 12-11-89, 284,094 bytes

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Telix 3.21 Patch Update for Registed Telix 3.12 and 3.15.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILE_ID.DIZ 502 304 deflated
PATCH.DOC 3650 1268 deflated
PATCH.EXE 78129 44624 deflated
PATCH.RTP 317793 312417 deflated

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Contents of the PATCH.DOC file

deltaComm Development, Inc., PO Box 1185, Cary, NC 27512 USA

(919)-460-4556 voice, (919)-460-4531 FAX, (919)-481-9399 BBS

Telix Copyright (C) 1986-1994 by deltaComm Development, Inc.

January 18th, 1994 --

Added support for version 3.12, released on 12-11-89. The file
size of this release was 284,094 bytes, and differed from the
other release of that size (dated 12-22-89) by a mere four bytes.

January 15th, 1994 --

Added support for version 3.12, released on 04-30-90. The file
size of this release was 284,334 bytes.

January 12th, 1994 --

This incremental patch file replaces the T3nn-321.ZIP patch files
released on December 25th, 1993. If you successfully used any of
those files to update your registered copy, this patch file is
redundant and unnecessary. Please ask sysops posting this file to
delete the T3??-321.ZIP files of that date.

In line with new deltaComm policy, minor updates, such as those from
Telix 3.15 to 3.21, will no longer be charged for. This patch file
has been released to take your unbranded, registered copy of Telix
3.12 or later and convert it to an unbranded, registered copy of 3.21.

We believe that all released copies of 3.12 and later are covered by
this patch file, but some archives may have been lost in the sale of
Telix to deltaComm by Exis, Inc. If this patch file does not work on
your unbranded Telix 3.12 or later, and you are positive that you have
attempted to apply the patch to the UNBRANDED copy as per the
instructions below, please contact deltaComm Development at the above
numbers. You will be asked to upload your unbranded TELIX.EXE as
found on your distribution diskette to deltaComm Online.

To apply this patch:

1) This patch must be applied to the UNBRANDED, REGISTERED copy of
Telix. It cannot be applied to branded copies, or to the
shareware version of Telix. The unbranded TELIX.EXE file can be
found on the distribution diskette in the file TLX3nn-1.ZIP.

Executable sizes covered by this patch file include:

v3.12 -- TELIX.EXE of 284094 bytes
v3.12 -- TELIX.EXE of 284334 bytes
v3.12 -- TELIX.EXE of 284510 bytes
v3.15 -- TELIX.EXE of 255710 bytes
v3.15 -- TELIX.EXE of 256446 bytes
v3.15 -- TELIX.EXE of 256478 bytes
v3.15 -- TELIX.EXE of 255726 bytes
v3.20 -- TELIX.EXE of 273566 bytes
v3.21 -- TELIX.EXE of 274078 bytes

Again, if your file is not listed here, and you have verified
that this is the UNBRANDED version (i.e. it asks you to brand the
program when you attempt to execute the program), please contact
deltaComm Development by phone or by BBS, and be prepared to
upload your executable to the deltaComm Online BBS.

2) Place the files PATCH.EXE and PATCH.RTP in the same directory as
the unbranded TELIX.EXE, and run the program PATCH.EXE from that

3) The resultant copy of TELIX.EXE will be the latest release of v.
3.21 and may then be branded and used.

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