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VT220 emulator with file transfer (2 of 3).
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VT220 emulator with file transfer (2 of 3).
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Contents of the README file


In addition to VTERM/220 this diskette contains files
relating to the file transfer capabilities of VTERM.
There are several documentation files as well as source
code files for the host side of our proprietary VTRANS
protocol that can be compiled and used on VAX VMS and
on UNIX host systems.

In order to make maximum use of distribution diskette
space we have included these files in a compressed, archived
format. Before you can use the files you must expand them
back to their normal format. A batch file, "EXPAND.BAT"
has been provided to help you do the expansion.

The usage of the EXPAND batch file is as follows:

1) Change your current drive to the one with this diskette in it.
For example, if this diskette is in drive A:, at the DOS
prompt type "A:" and the ENTER key.

2) At the DOS prompt enter "EXPAND pathname" where pathname is
the drive and directory where you want the expanded files
to be put. For example, if you want the files to be placed
in the root directory of drive C, type the command
"EXPAND C:\" followed by the ENTER key.

Below is a list of the files contained in the archive:

The following files give details about the file transfer facilities
of VTERM/220. These files are slightly modified versions of the
actual VTERM/220 manual.

INTRO.DOC introduces file transfer and explains, in
general, how to transfer a file.

ASCTEXT.DOC describes how to send and receive text files
using ASCII (protocol-free) text file transfer.

XMODEM.DOC tells how to send and receive files using
XMODEM protocol.

VTRANS.DOC tells how to install Coefficient's own VTRANS
software on your host computer and how to send
and receive files using VTRANS protocols for
transferring files between a host and your PC
and between your PC and another PC.

KERMIT.DOC tells how to use the Kermit file transfer
protocol while

KERCOM.DOC gives full information about Kermit commands.

The following files are VTRANS source code files for VMS
and UNIX. (In the full VTERM/220 package we also include
source code for RSTS and RSX operating systems.)

C7MAKE.FIL A "make" file for the C version of VTRANS7 for UNIX.
C7UNIX.C C source for UNIX VTRANS7.
C7UNIX.H An include file for UNIX VTRANS7.

C8MAKE.FIL A "make" file for the C version of VTRANS8 for UNIX.
C8UNIX.C C source for UNIX VTRANS8.
C8UNIX.H An include file for UNIX VTRANS8.

F7VMS.DEC A header file for the FORTRAN version of VTRANS7 for VAX VMS.
F7VMS.FOR FORTRAN source code for VTRANS7 for VAX VMS.

F8VMS.DEC A header file for the FORTRAN version of VTRANS8 for VAX VMS.
F8VMS.FOR FORTRAN source code for VTRANS8 for VAX VMS.

The following files make up the shareware archiving software that was
used to compress the files on this diskette.

PKARC.COM The archiving utility.
PKXARC.COM The dearchiving utility.
PKARC.DOC Documentation for the above.

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