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Automatic File Xfer - Unattended.
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Automatic File Xfer – Unattended.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

XChange(tm) Demo

Nochange Software, Inc.
540 Silver Pine Trail
Roswell, Georgia 30076-3323
(404)587-3815 voice
(404)641-8270 data

This archive file contains a DEMO version of Release 1.00 of XChange.
XChange is an unattended file transfer program produced and distributed by
Nochange Software. It requires an IBM PC or compatible and a Hayes modem or

This demo is fully operational except:

- it will not transfer files larger than 10,000 bytes
- it will call only one outgoing phone number per session no matter how
many are listed in the schedule (but it will call this number
multiple times to try and establish a connection)
- it cannot communicate with a production copy
- it cannot use any customized file transfers defined in the XCHANGF.BAT

In order to install this demo package on your computer, simply unarchive
XCHANGE.ARC using any of the popular unarchive utilities. You will want to
print the file XCHANGE.DOC which contains complete documentation for the
program. The disclaimer found in the documentation also holds true for this

You are free to distribute the unmodified XCHANGE.ARC file (this DEMO
VERSION ONLY) to anyone you wish. The program is NOT public domain and is not
to be modified in any way. Nochange Software reserves all rights and holds
both national and international copyrights to XChange. We encourage you to
distribute it on major networks such as CompuServe and through Bulletin Board
channels. If you know of a person or business who is looking for unattended
file transfer capabilities, please pass this demo file along to them.

If you do not have a second computer to call but would like to see
XChange in action, you may set up an event to call Nochange Software at
(404)641-8270. Brief instructions follow but you may wish to read the
XCHANGE.DOC documentation for a complete explanation. The default files
provided with this archive are already set up to perform the demo.

- Type XCHANGE at your DOS prompt to start XChange.
- Press F6 and check that the configuration parameters are correct. Correct
any which you know are invalid for your particular modem or communication
port. Set the SYSTEMPASSWORD to the word DEMO. Your screen should look

[ XChange Configuration Modification ]--------------------------------------

Parameter Value
BAUD 1200
MODEMINIT AT H0 Q0 V1 S10=100 S0=0 M0 X1


- Press F10 to return to the main XChange screen.
- Press F8 to enter in a schedule line. Enter the information from the
following screen as shown making any allowances required for your
computer to call long distance to area code 404:

[ XChange Schedule Modification Schedule Entry 1 ]------------------

Day(s) of Week 1234567 (1=Sun 2=Mon ... 7=Sat)
Action C (S=Send R=Receive C=Call)
Phone Number 4046418270
UserPassword DEMOPASS1
Time to Call 10:00
Number of Tries 500


- Press F10 to return to the main XChange screen.
- Press F5 and XChange will begin calling immediately.
- Let your computer continue to dial until a connection is made. (Our
computer is usually very busy so it may take several hours.)
- After the connection has been made you will see files being transferred to
your machine.
- After the connection is broken, press F10 to return to DOS.
- Check your disk for a directory called \FREESTUF. In that directory you
will find several FREE programs which were sent to you courtesy of
XChange and Nochange Software. We hope you can appreciate the potential
power demonstrated here. Imagine if we were to simply add events to our
schedule that would transfer complete software packages to you! You'd
have the software installed and ready to run on your machine with almost
no effort on your part. No matter what business you are in, think of the
tremendous applications for the XChange concept in your remote offices
and customer sites. It's easy to get excited about using XChange!
- If you were unable to get through try again later. You will only need to
bring XChange up and press the F5 key since you have already entered the

The production copy of XChange is a commercial package available from
Nochange Software or your dealer. If your dealer does not currently carry it,
please pass this demo or our telephone number along to them so they may order
it. For current pricing, site license, and quantity discount information
please contact Nochange Software at (404)587-3815. Calls are accepted 24
hours per day. If no one is available to answer your call immediately, we
will call you back.

We are happy to answer questions about XChange and its capabilities but
we do not provide technical telephone support for the demo version. You must
purchase a production copy to get full support benefits. If you would like to
ask our technicians questions online, they can be reached on the Nochange
Software Roundtable on the GEnie(tm) network or by sending mail to UserId
NOCHANGE on GEnie. Please contact GEnie at (800)638-9636 for more information
about joining their network. Mention that you are interested in the Nochange

Thank you for your interest in XChange. If we can be of assistance in
your Personal Computer telecommunications needs, please feel free to contact

XChange is a registered trademark of Nochange Software.

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