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External Protocol Menu Driver V 2/88.
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External Protocol Menu Driver V 2/88.
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Contents of the XFI.DOC file

XFI - Transfer Interface

This program was written to compliment terminal programs not utilizing
protocols available via DSZ, Clink, & PCkermit. It was written by the
author of MINIHOST, to enable file transfers between MINIHOST and programs
such as Procomm (2.42) and Simpc, (with emphasis on the latter) and only
those protocols used within MINIHOST are implemented. The protocols supported
include Xmodem Checksum/CRC, Ymodem batch, Zmodem batch, SEAlink batch, and
(PC)kermit batch.

To call XFI from Simpc type ALT F8, and at the Simpc> prompt type:

From Procomm, you can call it from ALT A, if you have informed Procomm it is
your editor during setup. Or you can call call it from the DOS prompt after
typing ALT F4. Type exit from DOS to return to Procomm.

Menus can be driven by using the arrow keys, a (Microsoft) mouse, or by
typing the first (significant) character(s).

XFI does not set the communications port, but passes the necessary parameters
to the programs it spawns. Since it doesn't know these parameters, you must
inform it. You can do it from the 'Configuration setup', or via the

To use the environment, type SET XFIPORT=2, or SET XFISPEED=1200 from the
dos command line, supplying the necessary information specific to your

XFI requires that following public domain / shareware programs be included
in the DOS path: DSZ, Clink, PCkermit, & DR. Many thanks go to these authors
whom provide such quality programs to the rest of us. DR is provided in the
archive XFI.ARC, and DSZ, Clink, & PCkermit are bundled in the file XFRDOOR
obtained from the MINIHOST support BBS. The MINIHOST support BBS number is

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