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TagFile - the ultimate in batch upload file management.

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Tagfile v2.00 Full Release / no delays.
The Ultimate in file tagging and batch
upload utilities. Handles SDI, DIZ and
DOZ description file formats. Compatible
with most file compression formats for
adding description files to compressed
files. Uses the multiple file transfer
protocol options of DSZ, BiModem and

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TagFile – the ultimate in batch upload file management.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DIRN.EXE 51660 27832 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 346 229 deflated
ID.BAT 602 258 deflated
REGISTER.DOC 3124 1012 deflated
TAGFILE.DOC 13491 4596 deflated
TAGFILE.EXE 60256 31052 deflated
TAGFILE.SLC 52 49 deflated
TAGFILE.SLT 832 310 deflated
TAGREADT.HIS 330 234 deflated
TFCONFIG.EXE 23369 14133 deflated
UPDATE.DOC 7804 3106 deflated

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Contents of the REGISTER.DOC file

TagFile Registration

If you like this program please consider making a contribution
to promote continued developement TAGFILE. To do so complete the
following form and return it to the author with your contribution

The introductory TAGFILE contribution is $15 US Dollars which will
give you a reduced rate on our companion tagger HSLTAG v1.10 plus
3 free months access to Church Chatters BBS. Registered users of
TAGFILE will be able to register HSLTAG for 5 additional dollars.

To recieve your registered version of TAGFILE you may download
from Church Chatters BBS after your check has cleared the bank.
Church Chatters may be reached by dialing 402-593-8863. Registered
users will recieve 3 months free access to Church Chatters. For $20
US, a 5.25 disk containing the latest release of TAGFILE. Add $2
each for 3.5" disks instead of 5.25" disks.

The following page is an order form to be included with your TAGFILE
registration fee.

TAGFILE 2.0 Registration Order Form

Qty Item US Price

___ TAGFILE Registration Only ............ @ $15 ea $________
Registered version may be downloaded from
our Support BBS at 402-593-8863 once your
check has cleared the bank.

___ Register HSLTAG and TAGFILE @ $20 $________
TAGFILE (HSLTAG performs the same functions
as TAGFILE but is specificly designed for
HS/Link (C) Samual P. Smith.)

___ Registration & disk .................. @ $20 ea $________
(includes single user license and the latest
latest version of TAGFILE with registration
5.25" disk)

___ Registration & disk TAFILE & HSLTAG @ $25 ea $________

Add $2 each for 3.5" disks instead of 5.25" disks... $________

Corporate Registration TAGFILE of 20 or more
@10 dollars each. $________

Subtotal $________

- Discount $(______)

TOTAL $________

Remit To: Thomas P. Hansen
c/o Church Chatters BBS
702 Shannon Rd
Papillion, NE 68046 U.S.A.

Name _________________________________________________________

Company _________________________________________________________
or BBS

Address _________________________________________________________



Phone BBS________________________ VOICE_______________________

Comments _________________________________________________________

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