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Short help file for setup of PP MNP modems with Telix 3.x.
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Short help file for setup of PP MNP modems with Telix 3.x.
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Contents of the 2400MNP.TXT file

I have found that the following strings work well with Telix 3.12

when using a Practical Peripherals PM2400 MNP Internal modem:

If you use a different 2400 MNP, these strings should either work

in your modem or be at least a starting point.

First, get into Telix 3.12 or 3.11.

From the (hit ALT-O) Modem and Dialing area:

A.Init String: AT&F&W^M~~AT&C1&D2&W^M~~ATS11=30L2\Q3\V1\L1\JO^M

B.Dialing Prefix 1: ~AT^M~~AT\N0DT(use for no error detection)

C.Dialing Prefix 2: ~AT^M~~AT\N3%C0DT(use for MNP4: file transfer)

D.Dialing Prefix 3: ~AT^M~~AT\N3%C1DT(use for MNP5: text transfer)

E. Dialing Suffix: ^M(Telix default)

H.Hang Up String: ~~~+++~~~ATH0^M

I.Auto Answer String: ATS0=1\N3%C0^M(I have not tested this string)

Other Settings in Telix:

From the (hit ALT-O) Terminal Options area:

A.Baud: 9600

J.XON/XOFF is set to OFF.(software flow control)

K.CTS/RTS is set to ON.(Hardware flow control)

L.DSR/DTR is set to OFF.(Hardware flow control)

All the entries in my dialing directories are set to 9600 baud,

whether they are 9600 BBSes or not, for the maximimum CONNECT.

The only drawback to this is that the estimated times for ULs

and DLs is in terms of 9600; the time is WAY too short. Big deal!

You may want to adjust the Initialization string's \L1

to \L2 or \L3 if you want a louder dialing sound.

I set ATS11=30 so that the PPI2400 dials very fast. Use a value

HIGHER than 30 if you want slower dialing.

My thanks to Troy for helping me out totally with this!

PS: I have tried this setup with Compuserve also. If you do not

have access to a MNP node, then use Dialing Prefix #1. Also, try

the PPI forum ( GO PPIFORUM ) for more assistance with a Compuserve

specific set-up.

Good luck!

Beaver, sysop of ARBITRAGE 607-798-8027 (Telegard 2.4)

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