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Zyxel's latest fax software update from Zyxel's bbs.
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Zyxel’s latest fax software update from Zyxel’s bbs.
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READ.ME 4829 1793 deflated
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VCNVT.EXE 19404 11241 deflated
ZCNVTPH.COM 1791 709 deflated
ZFAX.COM 64219 17504 deflated
ZFAX.FON 14336 3190 deflated
ZFAX.ZD1 60038 15204 deflated
ZFAX.ZD2 60038 12262 deflated
ZFAX.ZD3 60038 13476 deflated
ZFAX223.MNU 74092 16444 deflated
ZVIEW.FON 8192 1663 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

ZFAX Modem/Fax Utility V2.23
Program Diskette

Copyright (C) 1992, 1993 ZyXEL Communications Corporation
All Rights Reserved

Note for ZFAX version 2.23 :

* Fix the bug of conversion when DISK I/O ERROR will hang the PC.
* Fix the bug of line drawing alignment in chinese mode.
* Fix the bug of Extenal Editor.
* Fix the bug of Group if the group name is not end by NULL but space.
* Fix the bug of can not user escape from group sending.
* Fix the 2-D rcv RTC problem
* Fix the lost of log and header using RCVFAX.COM.
* Add the return-code and elapse time in the rcvfax.log
* make the rcvfax return code more reliable.
* Fix the bug of reader for some PCX file with 1496 pixels width.
* User can enable or disable the PCX resize feature now.
(In the Text Option of Configuration area)
* Thanks to Mr. Javier Achirica, he improves the VCNVT.C.

Note for ZFAX version 2.22 :

* Add the voice record timer to stop recording when timeout.
( Default value is 10 minutes )
* Increase the timer of printer busy timeout to 1 minute.
* Extend the Ring Counter allowed number to 99.
* Extend the Retry Counter allowed number to 99.

Note for ZFAX version 2.21 :
1. Bug Fixed :
* The print function does not work in V2.2.
* RCVFAX does not work if the /w: add in the command line.
* Bad scan lines in the 2-D fax transmission.
* Can not send group fax.
* In VCNVT.C, can not access correctly a VOC file with block length
larger than 65536.

Note for ZFAX version 2.2 :
1. Bug Fixed :
* Can not work with WordStar code.
* Command line sendfax cannot put into log.
* Group function does not work with the command line sendfax.

2. Utility update :
* Include the source code of voice file conversion.
* The ZFAX configuration is saved in the ZFAX.CFG file.
* The configuration of RCVFAX.COM can be saved in the ZFAX.CFG.
* Add the print capture feature.
Reference note in zfax22.mnu chap 3.5 & chap 5.9.
* Can read the EPSON LQ-1000 print out file.

3. Feature Note :

3.1. Print Capture,
First, Install your ZFAX with Capture ON, and select your
package's (WP, PaintBrush, ...) printer type as LQ-1000.
ZFAX captures every byte that your package sends out to the
printer port and save them into a ZCAP.??? file.
If you want to send the captured file immediately after the
printing, you can turn on the "Send Immediately" flag. The ZFAX will
popup and send the file immediately.

The rcvfax will be updated every time you reconfigure your
setup. Please DO NOT make the early version of RCVFAX.COM in the
ZFAX2.2 path, because the ZFAX2.2 setup function will damage the
earlier version of
The udpated Rcvfax 2.2 can read the ZFAX configuration file
from ZFAX path and it is not necessary to put the work path and
the COM port number in the command line argument.
The RCVFAX.COM will put the receive log in two log files

4. Remark :
For the multi-dialog-language, we thank to the following people who
tanslate the dialog menu for us.
1. Germany,
Mr. Andreas Kohlgruber
Schober EDV-Systeme
A-1160 Wien, Huttengasse 53/23
Vienna, Austria

2. Italian,
Mr. Andrea Brecevich
Breand Informatica
Via Manzoni, 4
34015 - Muggia, Italy

This diskette should contain the following files:

READ.ME - This file
ZFAX.ZD1 - The ZFAX Loadable Program
ZFAX.ZD2 - The ZFAX Loadable Program
ZFAX.ZD3 - The ZFAX Loadable Program
ZFAX.COM - The ZFAX Executable Program
ZVIEW.FON - The ZFAX viewer screen font file
ZFAX.FON - The ZFAX Font file, 16X28
RCVFAX.COM - The ZFAX receive fax utility
VCNVT.C - The source code of voice file conversion
VCNVT.EXE - The execution file of VCNVT.C
CNVTPH.COM - The phonebook convert utility

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