Dec 312017
PC-TALK III pd good comm package.
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PC-TALK III pd good comm package.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
COPYTALK.BAT 1152 569 deflated
PC-TALK.BAS 34449 15604 deflated
PC-TALK.DEF 640 321 deflated
PC-TALK.DIR 8192 112 deflated
PC-TALK.DOC 119424 28179 deflated
PC-TALK.EXE 82048 41858 deflated
PC-TALK.KEY 5248 53 deflated
PCTKREM.MRG 3584 1583 deflated
README.DOC 384 224 deflated
TALK128.BAT 10 10 stored
TALK64.BAT 23 23 stored

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Contents of the README.DOC file

=== PC-TALK III ===

To run PC-TALK III ...

-- If you have 128K or more of memory type 'TALK128'

-- If you have 64K of memory type 'TALK64'
(BASIC.COM must be copied onto this disk from your DOS disk)

-- To print the PC-TALK III User's Guide, place the disk marked
PC-TALK.DOC in drive A and type 'PRINTDOC'

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