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AutoSIG's BROwse Version 3.0 -- FREEware AutoSIG's Compuserve Forum Library BROwsing Utility. Written by Vernon D. Buerg, Don W. Watkins and others. Documentation included.
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AutoSIG’s BROwse Version 3.0 — FREEware AutoSIG’s Compuserve Forum Library BROwsing Utility. Written by Vernon D. Buerg, Don W. Watkins and others. Documentation included.
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Contents of the BRO.DOC file

BRO - Browse library catalogs offline


BRO allows you to view forum library catalogs, either
complete library catalogs, "short" library catalogs or IBMNET
summary files, search for files of interest thru a variety of
means, and generate an Autosig script for fast downloading of
those files you've selected.


The library catalog file is created by capturing the output of
a CAT /DES command while online or by downloading a forum
prepared summary file. Three formats of catalog files are supported:

1) Those prepared with the CAT /DES command in "long" format
2) IBMNET format summary files such as COMSUM.ZIP, SYSSUM.ZIP, etc.
3) Those prepared with the CAT /DES command in "short" format


A file called "DL.SCR" is created if any entries are M)arked.
This file is in ATO script file format and may be invoked in
ATO to automatically download the files you've marked.

BRO data files:

Prior to starting BRO you should have a library catalog
available to you. BRO accepts catalogs in the formats noted above.
Other formats are not supported at this time.

Files are loaded by selecting menu entries 1 through 3 from
the main BRO screen.

1) Add to catalog from CAT/DES capture file. This
format is the "standard" library format used in all CIS forums.
Use this format if the format catalog is in the "long" format
(multi line descriptions).

Many forums provide this catalog in compressed form (i.e. IBMCOM.ZIP
in IBMCOM). If you're not sure be sure to ask the forum sysop.

2) Update catalog from IBMNET format summary files. IBMNET
summary files are one line entries of library files and can
be found in library 0 of most IBMNET forums (all except
PCVEN* and SHARE). The name of the summary file changes
depending on the forum but BRO /KEY=SUMMARY will always
display it.

5) Load catalog from LIB DIR /SHORT capture file. This
is the library "short" format (one line descriptions for each file)

If you're unsure of how to create a catalog there are a
number of methods available and most forums have prepared
catalogs in compressed format. However if you're interested
in the mechanics the command:


from a library prompt will give you files in non-stop mode.

Prepared catalogs are available in most IBMNET forums in
library 0

Like the summary files the names of the files change but
they are the "quick reference word" names for each forum;
that is for IBMCOM the filename is IBMCOM.ARC.

Other BRO functions:

In addition to the catalog loading options you'll find the
following functions:


(B) Browse current ATO catalog
(D) Download selected files
(S) Sort catalog by forum, DL,
(K) Delete current ATO catalog

(Q) Quit, return to DOS

Select one


The first time you use BRO you'll need to add a catalog from
a library capture (discussed above) or from a summary file.

Browsing files:

When you select the B(rowse) function you'll receive a
display of the first file in the catalog. The format is as

Browse Forum Catalog
Forum: IBMNEW DL: 1

LIB.HLP [SEL] 31-Jul-88 30290 1371


Everything you need to know in order to download from the
Libraries. Explains how to use the various protocols, the
various types of files (ARC, etc.), how to set your CIS
"defaults", how to find files of interest and some solutions
to common problems. Please leave a message for the SysOps if
you have any problems. To get this file just use the ead
command and capture to disk, a protocol DOWnload is not
necessary. [Rev. 5/88, previous count = 9947].

Enter Home End M)ark O)mit C)omments F)ind A)gain Q)uit ?

In this example the file has been M)arked and the [SEL]
"flag" to the file of the filename indicates that it has been
selected for download.

BRO keys:

The up and down arrow keys move forward or backward one file
at a time.

The home key takes you to the top of the file.

The M key marks a file for downloading.

The O key unmarks a file that has been selecting for

The C (comment) key is not implemented at this time.

The F (find) key allows you to search for a specific string.
Case is not significant.

The A (again) key allows you to repeat a find.

The Q (quit) key terminates the BRO session and returns you
to the main menu.

Generating a download script:

After marking files for download Q(uit) the current marking
session and return to the main menu and select the Download
Selected Files function. This will generate a script to
download the files. In addition to filenames and library
locations "GO" words for forums will be generated as well.
The script will be named DL.SCR.

Note: The Download function overwrites any previous DL.SCR

At the time the DL.SCR file is created the [SEL] flag on any
selected file is changed to [DOW] (so you know that you've
downloaded it!).

Executing the script:

From Autosig on-line mode hit Alt-T and reply DL to the
script name prompt. DL.SCR will log you onto the first forum
in the DL.SCR script, select the first library, download the
file(s) and continue to other libraries and other forums. BRO
automatically inserts a logoff at the end of the script. If
you wish you may edit the script and pass off DL.SCR to an
ATO auto pass. Any text editor or word processor that will
produce standard ascii files will work just fine for
modifying the script.


The actual download syntax is:


Legal and other stuff:

This program is, of course, offered as is. We can't
guarantee it will work on every permutation of equipment. We
will make an honest effort to correct and/or add any features
that you ask for. If you do have a problem please be sure
and let us know. Because of the large number of formats
supported in this version there will undoubtly be some
confusion so please don't hestiate to drop by IBMCOM and let
us know if you've run into a glitch.

Copying and sharing BRO:

This document and the BRO.EXE file comprise the BRO program
("software"). This software is copyrighted material and is
subject to limitations by the copyright holders ("authors")
as to its use and distribution.

You may use the software; make copies of the software; give
copies to anyone; and distribute it via electronic means.
There is no charge for this software, but you must include a
copy of this document file with any copies that you make.

You are specifically prohibited from charging or requesting
donations for any copies; from modifying the software; from
distributing the software with commercial products without
prior written permission; and from distributing this
software, either alone or with other material, if any fee is
charged. There are no exceptions without written permission.

There is no warranty of any kind given. The author is not
liable for damages of any kind. By using this free software,
you agree to this.

The software and documentation are:

Copyright (C) 1992 by Vernon D. Buerg and Don W. Watkins

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