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Analyze QMODEM log files. Helpful for LD call tracking.
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Analyze QMODEM log files. Helpful for LD call tracking.
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Contents of the READ.ME! file

from the author of Qanalyst
(As of August 16, 1989)

Qanalyst v2.02 offers "current call" analysis. You can now
order Qanalyst to generate reports on a call even if you're still
online with the other computer. This works ONLY if you use the
/BL command line option.
I encourage you to use the command-line option "/T:1" (see
Qanalyst manual). This will considerably speed up the analysis
process. ... And no, I have no intentions of defaulting to /T:1
when encountering the /BL option. The reason is some people may
also use the /BS option to report on the last call to a specific
number which may not have taken place in the last 24 hours.
Qanalyst's "current call" analysis is not as powerful as it
would be under the Call Data Standard. CDS is a way for communi-
cations programs to interact with phone bill analyzers. Qmodem
v4.0 uses a proprietary call logging format which doesn't support
the CDS "single call file" methodology.
I must emphasize how important it is to close the Qmodem log
file with the ALT-0 command or the "TURNOFF LOG" SCRipt command
before dropping to DOS. Qmodem never relinquishes control of the
log file unless you order it to. You always get a bad report and
you may destroy the log file if a fight breaks out between Qmodem
and Qanalyst. (See below for some good news about Qmodem.)

One user reported that he must execute "MODE CO80" so he can
read the text on his screen after running Qanalyst. That's all I
know; I have no other information at this time. Please tell me
if you have to do similar things after running Qanalyst. I'll be
glad to fix the problem if you can give me enough details.

If you find any bugs in the program (major or minor), please
leave a message on our support BBS at (618) 398-5703. Thanx!

QANADOCS.COM has replaced QANALYST.DOC on distribution disks
to make Qanalyst fit on a 360k floppy disk. QANADOCS.COM will
create the QANALYST.DOC file when you type "QANADOCS" at the DOS
The QANALYST.DOC file is exactly 50 pages long. Please keep
this in mind if you print the Qanalyst manual.

We know of no errors in the manual that need to be mentioned
here. If you find something wrong, please leave a message about
it on our support BBS at (618) 398-5703. Thanx!

Please read the WHATSNEW.DOC file. Better yet, just print
it out it's only one page long.

No!!! Keep phone-rate records only for phone numbers which
are an EXCEPTION to the defaults. The "Helpful Hints" section of
the manual goes into detail about this. Create default area-code
records whenever you can. If that won't do, then create default
prefix records. If THAT won't do, then and only then should you
create a record for a specific number.
The Append-from-phone-log-files menu command should be used
with caution. Consult the manual before you use it.

QANALYST.PRF is a "starter" phone-rate data file containing
the 1989 AT&T holiday schedule and a default area-code record for
toll-free "800" numbers.
The SAMPLE.* files let you try Qanalyst on the spot, even if
you haven't started a log file of your own. Type "SAMPLE" at the
DOS prompt, press the ENTER key, and have fun.

John Friel and I recently talked about the fights that some-
times occur between Qmodem & Qanalyst. Qmodem doesn't relinquish
control of the log file when it exits to DOS and it's a disaster
for Qanalyst. John & I have worked on this for over a year. The
conflict is basically easy to to resolve but Qmodem would give
up some speed & efficiency. That's not cool.
John recently came up with a better solution to the problem.
The jury is still out but I believe he'll go for it. Qmodem v4.1
may finally be friendly to Qanalyst. I'll know for sure when it
hits the streets. Many thanx go to John Friel for developing an
interesting methodology for this situation.

I'm currently working on another program, "Operator", which
IS similar to Qanalyst. The big difference is that it will read
log files conforming to the powerful new Call Data Standard. CDS
dictates standard file formats for communication programs to keep
a written record of the calls they make.
John Friel is among the many who are committed to switching
to CDS. Friel recently said "we expect to switch to CDS with the
release of Qmodem 5.0."
If you think Qanalyst is a powerful program, just wait until
you see Operator. I think you'll be impressed. Qanalyst users
will receive a free registered copy of Operator when Qmodem makes
the switch to CDS.
Operator is currently in its "alpha" stages. I'm not doing
any wide testing at the moment, but registered Qanalyst users may
log onto the support board to check on it if they wish.

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